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  1. You need to cut it. I wrap the outer around me then mark it with about 1 1/2-2" gap. Then install the buckle. This gives room for the inner belt to get smaller as it will bunch in the gap. Hopefully that makes sense.
  2. It is considered a take down lever.
  3. Have only ran sig mags. No issues.
  4. Have only shot Blues thru 6 of mine(125's). And I still have 85k in the garage... No issues. Fella is wrong.
  5. I wouldn't even consider going.
  6. I use epoxy at the ends on 2 DAA and 1 CR speed belt.
  7. Completely disagree. It is very useful. I have 3 belts with ratchets and 8 friends that have also converted and couldn't be happier. It allows you to tighten it up a lot more than trying to get it tight with just the outer velcro. Also can loosen it while not shooting. And no worries about it coming loose and losing belt keepers.
  8. http://www.carbonarms.us/Belt-Gear/Belt-Ratchet-Kit.html
  9. Yes. It is considered a take down lever.
  10. @rowdybshould/might know.
  11. For future breakage, cut a flat on the end. Then you can take it out with a screw driver.
  12. I use 17+5. 22 reloadable w/factory follower and 23 with TTI spring and grams follower.
  13. Same. I use UA softball/baseball cleats and shoot in hard dirt and gravel/rocks in AZ. They are cheap, work great and last a while. I tried speedcross 3's and they wore out in 2mos.
  14. They changed the name. It is available. https://sigparts.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1469495&CAT=13135
  15. Here is the reach difference you can get out of reduction on a stock grip by reducing the backstrap.
  16. With an AC or keres trigger you can reduce the take up quite a bit. You can also reduce the grip. My wife has the hands of a 4yr old. I reduced her grip a lot and the semi curved AC Tigger is a tad shorter than their flat. She has no issue.
  17. Wonder how they compare to the GG kit. Not thrilled on the mushy-ness
  18. On a 17+5/6 combo I could not get the grams springs to work at all. I use grams followers and tti springs to get 23+1.
  19. Muzzle dip. 12# is HEAVY for an open gun. Typically 8 works. 9 is the highest I've ever tried and always go back to an 8.
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