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  1. I’ll chime in whatever my opinion is worth. I’m a STI fan/collector with a lot of their guns or guns based off their frames. I would still take the Atlas over the JW3 gun. You’re going to get a lot more gun for your money. I do like the JW3 gun and I’m sure at some point (once prices go down) one will end up in my collection but if I had to get one that’s going to see some use then there’d be no doubt it’d be the Atlas. STI does build some great guns but remember you’re paying royalties to the John Wick franchise, Taran Tactical and profit to a company much larger than Atlas.
  2. I have 4 STI Tacticals. 2 of the 4.15” barreled Tacticals in 9mm, one of the older models that now sports an Alma Cole worked over Silica Carbide grip and a 2018+ model with the Extreme Shooters grip and DLC coating. What do do you want to know about them? I don’t carry either of them as I have a bunch of other STI carry guns but they are my most shot guns at the range.
  3. Well. I know what I’m getting my buddy for Christmas now!
  4. So if I’m not mistaken from reading the above posts, the Gen 2 has done issues and if I’m looking or an MPX I should be looking for a Gen 3.
  5. I’ve always heard that the transition of force is lessened when going through 2 different materials thus the design of the 2011 metal frame and plastic grip. When you use a metal grip you are in essence making it a monolithic frame and more recoil (force) will be felt. Im neither a GM or an engineer but that’s the word on the street.
  6. You might be getting a little anal about keeping the comp looking like new. As long as the chambers do not have significant build up you’ll be fine. That said youd you’d have to do a lot to hurt that TiN finish do clean away. I’ll let others that are more experienced chime in but have you considered a heated ultrasonic cleaner?
  7. Also I don’t know if you’re aware but they brought back Dave Dawson into the company as the executive in charge of quality control. They are producing less guns per day now but are focusing on putting the best product available. I was was lucky enough to get a private factory tour earlier this year. They have invested a ridiculous amount of money on new machinery. They’ve temporarily closed their custom shop and moved those smith’s to the production line.
  8. Just curious, what was wrong with your DVC Open?
  9. Everything SVI makes is of the highest quality. The interchangeable breach face commands a premium as well.
  10. I’ll disagree with this. I have over 40 STI’s. Only 3 have been back to STI for issues. One was a pawn shop buy and the other two were the same model and one of the first ones out of the factory of that model. STI had them back to me in 2 weeks running 100%. The only STI’s I’ve seen that have problems with are guns that shooters have tinkered with or who start messing with the mags.
  11. I always recommend STI’s. Great undervalued guns to begin with. You won’t really need any mods to start but it’s a solid base if you decide to do any upgrades. It of course has a lifetime warranty wether you are the 1st or 10th owner. You can can get a Dawson Tuned Trojan in your price range and you’ll be competition ready!
  12. Get with Tom over at SST Manufacturing. He can sell you a case it he can work with one you already have. He CNC routes foam for your individual specific needs. Great guy to work with. https://www.sstmanufacturing.com/
  13. I’ll be another vote for the Brazos Pro ignition parts. Bob knows his triggers.
  14. STI Holster thread https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=916354
  15. I'm assuming your doing all this because you have small hands. Before you goninto buying all that stuff send your grip off to Jason at Extreme Shooters LLC. His company does the grips for STI's Costa and DVC lines. You can send in your grip in lieu of buying a new one to save a bunch of cash. Get thr trigger guard double undercut and ask them to remove as much material on the transition from front strap to side panels as safely possible. If indeed you have small hands get the "maximum reduction" option. As far as which stipple job to get I like both, the Costa and the DVC. The grip service completely changes feel and your hold on the gun. It's going to be the best money you will spend and should be the first thing you do. Ohh and the DVC Limited is hard chromes steel. As far as I know STI doesn't currently make a stainless frame, only steel and AL "alloy".
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