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  1. STI Holster thread https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=916354
  2. I'm assuming your doing all this because you have small hands. Before you goninto buying all that stuff send your grip off to Jason at Extreme Shooters LLC. His company does the grips for STI's Costa and DVC lines. You can send in your grip in lieu of buying a new one to save a bunch of cash. Get thr trigger guard double undercut and ask them to remove as much material on the transition from front strap to side panels as safely possible. If indeed you have small hands get the "maximum reduction" option. As far as which stipple job to get I like both, the Costa and the DVC. The grip service completely changes feel and your hold on the gun. It's going to be the best money you will spend and should be the first thing you do. Ohh and the DVC Limited is hard chromes steel. As far as I know STI doesn't currently make a stainless frame, only steel and AL "alloy".
  3. I stand corrected thank you. Good info to know.
  4. Tungsten although more brittle than steel it an extremely durable metal. Many quality cutting tools are made from tungsten.
  5. I collect STI's. I'd be interested in it if the price was right. I'd like to know the build details.
  6. I'd go for a used police trade in Remington 870. The old Remington's are great guns and can be had for a song.
  7. I have quite a few grips that have been worked over by Jason and the crew at Extreme. They reduce, recontour/reshape, double cut the trigger guard and texture the grips. It is definitely worth the $$$ they charge. You can also send in your existing grip to have it worked over. 2011 grips are modular and usually require no fotting by professionals.
  8. I thought about that. I haven't had an issue with clothing sticking to grips so far with aggressive stippling or portions of grip tape.
  9. I'm getting ready to put a new concealed carry gun together. I've really wanted to use the SVI 113mm carry grip on something and I think this will be the gun. I LOVE grippy grips. I have quite a few guns with the Costa and DVC stippling on it but my favorites are either skate taped or have 36 grit Silica Carbide applied. I have good sized hands that aren't sensitive (I have rough'ish palms from work). Ive never handled the SVI aggressive texture grips and the Tactical only once but I don't remember being impressed with the grippyness of them. Any recommendations/pluses/minuses would be appreciated.
  10. Bob and Ingi at 1911store.com (Brazos Custom Gunworks) are great to deal with.
  11. I carry a STI in one form of another every day. I can't say I've ever got a mag dusty, dirty, wet or sandy. That said I'm a civilian but I do often work on construction sites.
  12. Even better you could go this route. http://www.1911store.com/stitruborbarrelcomp-withthundercompsxstylecomp.aspx Bob and Ingi are great to deal with.
  13. Cone comp and drill the frame for an optics mount and it sounds like you are in business.
  14. If there's anything you don't see on their site just give them a call. I believe they're still one of STI's top dealers.
  15. https://dawsonprecision.com/ Dave Dawson was a long term employee of STI back in the Employee owned company days.
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