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  1. I have a new MPX-PCC. I have 5 mags, 4 of them with the Taran +10 extensions. They’ve all worked great no matter what round I’ve put through them. I’ve read the gun likes heavier and faster rounds but it’s run great with the 1000 or so I’ve put through it in 115gr. No malfunction as of yet.
  2. Looking for a carry build with a 3.5”-ish barrel with integral 1 port compensator. 113mm infinity grip, etc.
  3. It can probably be laser welded fairly easily.
  4. I’m glad to hear you still have all of your fingers any eyes after that. I’m pretty sure I’d $h!t my pants if that blew up in my hands.
  5. On an officers sized Gun? The comp will be longer than the barrel.
  6. I’m not a smith but I would assume if it’s a bit long you could trim the cone down and laser weld it to the barrel. Then recontour if necessary.
  7. Low coefficient of friction and rust resistance. Remember Stainless can rust too.
  8. I’m not going to lie. My carry build after talking to a SVI gunsmith was over $8k which I was fine with. Now after reading this thread I most likely will go with another maker for less cash. Money isn’t an object, it’s the support that comes with it that matters to me. That’s why I’ve been such a big proponent of STI and their lifetime warranty. I want the work of art that the SVI is but if there’s nothing to back it up I’m out. Atlas or another host of smiths will be able to help me.
  9. This will help you in your search. https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=916354
  10. You will not be able to focus both eyes on the sight, use your dominant eye only. Try training your eyes to only sight with your right eye while both eyes open. A trick that I learned here was to put a very small piece of painters tape over the left lens of my shooting glasses. Put it over the spot where you would normally see the sight, that way you keep your peripheral vision but can not see the sight. You will eventually train your eyes to pick up the sight with your right eye.
  11. Howdy from downtown Houston.
  12. Also is Don Golembieski of Kodak still doing gunsmith work?
  13. Trace, anyone getting tired of their Texas Ranger gun yet?
  14. I understand there might be a difference between optional work and repair work. My issue is if you are spending top dollar with a builder you want that to come with a certain amount of support. What if my tastes change and after 5 years I want a caliber change? Also as stated these guns have a lot of retained value on the secondary market. Now I don’t buy guns as an investment BUT I don’t want to take a bath on anything I buy. If I ever decide to sell it I don’t want the value to greatly diminish because the prospective buyer will have no support.
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