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  1. Hmm, never thought about that but I'll check
  2. This is what I thought too. That's why I went there.
  3. I was following the Ben Stoeger site as they seem to be admired by many for the Tangfolio I agree, I might go to 15-16 All my 1911/2011 are 17lb
  4. Primers are 5-8 thousands in. Same press setting for my open loads Same rounds fire every time in other guns (glock, xd and open) You can actually see the light strike. It's just not deep or hard enough hit It's less now with new springs and pin but still a few What other springs could affect?
  5. I have replaced the firing pin and spring for extended, replaced hammer spring for 14lb but still getting a few light strikes Winchester primers Any more ideas?
  6. Always remember it is a volunteer sport. We are all volunteers and each one is as important as the next, regardless of job.
  7. If it's a local match, think local. Smaller prizes always go well in smaller matches. Prize thoughts....Entry fee to the next match, nice dinner or local food gift certificates, sporting goods store certificates, a nice set of shoes/cleats, etc. Buy some shirts from the sponsors. They are the best advertising for the sponsor because people will wear them for years. In the end, it's more about a good match with good friends.
  8. Plus for the Vibra prime. Had a couple of the RF100. They always gave a few upside down primers. Vibra prime gives zero. Not bad to preload 5-10 tubes
  9. Been looking for the rubber ring that goes around the locator pins but haven't found them Anyone know where to get them?
  10. With so many new grips available now for the 2011 frame, I'd like to hear about your favorite. Pics would be nice also.
  11. Since a running gun is absolutely necessary to win, Customer service is 80% of the purchase for me. I need to know the builder will stand behind it and fix it when it needs anything.
  12. Looking to try AA7 powder Anyone have a starter load for 9mm 115 and 124 JHP?
  13. Yep, take a look at the picture. It was towards the bottom of the 8lb bottle Assuming the 'debris' is heavier than the powder, it makes sense it would be at the bottom Also, I tested with new powder. Did not change the press. When I ran new powder, the charge went down .2 grains in weight Meaning.... the other material is obviously heavier. Adjusted charge back to 7.7 with new powder and all went well for 1000 rounds Shot 1k and no debris
  14. I looked back into the WAC bottle (8lb), poured some out into a plate Here is what it looked like. It is a flake powder. It should not have the cylinder type material. It looks like an extruded powder. It was towards to bottom of the bottle (last lb) I opened a new bottle and it was clean.
  15. In the end, I found it was contaminated powder.
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