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  1. And prob take 6 mos to do it.....
  2. echotango

    Arredondo Pistol Mount

    Got it. I read it as other options meaning you would get another sight. Missed the "later".
  3. echotango

    New akai open 38sc mags

    I agree. While they now work flawlessly, they took a lot of work to get running in all my guns.
  4. echotango

    Arredondo Pistol Mount

    You can almost get 2 Everglades for the price of 1 arredondo. It also only has 3 holes and no blast shield.
  5. echotango

    9mm Major Compensator

    I have used Cheely comps (ti and steel). They worked great. Tested a Matt McClearn 13-5 and put them on both guns. Awesome comp.
  6. echotango

    Single stack weight

    Mine is at 42.8oz with my lightest mag.
  7. echotango

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    It was the Universal. It may be slick, but it was slow. I am happy with M1 and done trying other oils. The lucas extreme is not bad in the summer when it is 117'.
  8. echotango

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    I felt that the lucas extreme slowed the slide down too much even in warm temps. Also tried wilson combat and it was way too thick. Still using Mobil1 and sticking with it.
  9. echotango

    CMORE RTS 2 dot flickers when the hammer drops ???

    Pull the battery tray out and put it back in. If your dot stays on it's a V4.
  10. echotango

    CMORE RTS 2 dot flickers when the hammer drops ???

    Try bending the contacts to touch the battery a little stronger.
  11. echotango

    9mm Major Overtakes 38SC--Optics Nats Equipment Survey

    Here you go. AA7 on the left, HS6 on the right. I was at 10.6 with a 115 when I tried it and it was not compressed.
  12. echotango

    Nationals Survey

    I prefer 115's as they feel softer. I have tried several powders and use wac. No spillage on a Mark7.
  13. echotango

    Thumb rest on open guns, experiences....

    I hate shooting without one. I have tried many and am currently using a modified GG Opp Extreme.
  14. echotango

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    You can also get nylon spacers at Home Depot for $0.65. I am running 3 of them with a 5015hd and Orange spring in a 14.5" brl.
  15. echotango

    Fitting an EVO grip to an STI frame

    Then it is not all the way on. Mark it with a black marker and see where it is still keeping it from going on all the way. There should not be a gap. The front grip screw hole will also line up.