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  1. Will prob be deleted like the last 2 posts.
  2. Pretty similar. I had legions prior. It does feel a tad different(better imo), assuming from the weight distribution of the slide. Does not have the holes in top of the slide, however the same weight.
  3. I have 3 of them and 3 unused magwells sitting on a shelf.... Just wait. They will become legal some day.
  4. 3 3/16" holes in all my 9 open guns. Would not build more without holes. It makes a difference. If I remember correctly, I lost 2-3pf.
  5. Open: Romeo 3XL CO: Romeo 3XL
  6. Not the txg. About $200.
  7. Just build it up. I added there jb and shaped it sort like a cz backstrap. Then jb and SC as usual.
  8. It is easy to do yourself. Here is a pic of one of mine next to my wife's grip. Hard to tell the front but you can see on the backstrap. I took a ton off all around and made it fit her hand. You'll prob never see the TXG in small.
  9. I have done quite a few and have always used JB plastic bonder(black) with great success. It is softer that the reg jb and has never chipped or peeled. Also easy to add in places that need it such as the backstrap.
  10. "lunches, award meal, random prizes, etc" There is no lunch, award meal or random prizes. There is a prize table, a good one, in order of finish.
  11. Comes with the std metal weight.
  12. I agree, in the scheme of things it is not much. I have always won more than the entry fee also, even more than double. But I think it stops some from signing up.
  13. Would not be legal in CO or Prod.
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