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  1. I agree with Chalee. Mainly has to do with the slide hitting the rear and grip also plays a part. I have played with tons of FPS, main and recoil spring combo. It is endless.....
  2. I have 3x 3/16" holes and a BE 3 port comp. I switched from a BE 2 port and could def feel the difference. It felt much softer that the 2 port.
  3. I have 3 Limcat magwells. All have held up well and no issues on any of the mags. I can not see anyone wearing out the steel insert.
  4. I put a new spring in the rear and move the rear to the front. But always run 2 springs.
  5. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/daa-adjustable-standard-thumb-rest or http://www.evil-hand.com/ Ipsc alex I think also makes one. You need to drill the frame to do it properly.
  6. 100%. 80 Energizers for $1.99 shipped on ebay should be a red flag. Even amazon.
  7. or you could see 50 posts in a row saying "yes", " I agree", etc.......
  8. The bullet striking the comp has nothing to do if it was hand racked or not. I call BS on that one. It either has baffle strikes or it doesn't. IF it really did have baffle strikes, then the comp was loose (which should have been found during the $250 "tune-up") or was not reamed properly if at all.
  9. But is much worse than the max and xl.
  10. The original springs and followers are junk in my opinion. Yes, some work but issues go away once you replace the springs/followers. You can also buy just the tubes and build your own.
  11. Yes. I had 1 155 and tested between the 2 and the 155 was a lot more consistent for me. As stated above, it is a little further from the magwell but without being as long as a 170. It is the perfect size. I have 5 of them.
  12. They hold 3 less than a 170 and 3 more than a 140(23/26/29). I got rid of all my 140's as the 155 reloads are much easier and faster for me. Plus when replacing mag springs in 11 mags, it is easier to order all 170 springs.
  13. Sorry to hear. Sounds like a sham.
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