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  1. Fixed it. Nothing a little hammer couldn't fix. Thx
  2. They are 17 with the +5 TTI's.
  3. Same as most above. 147 feel real sluggish. Prefer 124's.
  4. Anyone's tti's not fit the gauge? None of mine do.
  5. Same. Amazes me who thought of that. I bought 3 plates to mount XL's.
  6. Grams spring and follower and problem solved. MBX fanboys will disagree and say they all run 100%. The follower is a horrible design imo.
  7. I've shot both. XL hands down for me.
  8. I believe cheely, double tap(2 sided-rts2 w/no blast shield) and limcat make one also.
  9. Or just put grams in and all issues go away.
  10. Here is a pic of the evo with a double undercut. One out in the trigger guard and 1 at the grip.
  11. I have this one coming https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/yardmax-16-cu-ft-concrete-mixer-with-18hp-electric-motor-ym0046
  12. PT does offer double under cut if you ask. Easy fix to do yourself if that is the only drawback.
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