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  1. I like w231. A lot softer than tg. I'll never use tg again. I load a 125gr blue with 3.9gr w231 for 130pf.
  2. I typically don't. Like I said above, nothing to worry about. Just an observation.
  3. I had 3 legions and now have 3 max's. Of all 6, 1 legion did that regardless of recoil spring(I run 12's). Never really figured out why but never looked into it. Never had a problem with life fire. Only if I racked it slowly by hand. Don't worry about it.
  4. I had 3 and none of them did.
  5. I believe it's the change from the last time you shot that classifier.
  6. I prefer the 17rnd with the TTI +5. They feel better in my hand/palm on reloads. I sold all 12 21rnds that came with the max guns. I already had the 17's, so I kept them. Starting over, I would use whatever came with the gun and buy more of those.
  7. This. It was less than 2.5yrs for me in open. I didn't try, it just happened. Took it serious after about the first year of shooting.
  8. I have never had that happen or heard of that issue. I would send it back.
  9. I have sent back 5. I have one arriving Tues that was received 2.5 weeks ago.
  10. Typically once received, it's mailed out within 2 weeks. I had one that was sent out the day it was received.
  11. I have 5 XL's. 4 were frame mounted on major open guns. Now 3 are on CO slides and 1 on a 22/45. 5th is a spare while one is at Sig. The buttons have been the weakest point. They stop working correctly. Personally I would not switch them for any other sight.
  12. We have stage sponsorship from Shooters Connection, JP Rifles, Ruger, Hunters HD Gold, Dillon, Tandemkross and Volquartsen. They will be supplying prizes for the raffle.
  13. echotango

    AXG Grip?

    Because I found they wear fast. Sprinco is a much better quality spring as is ISMI. And the 12# sig spring is not 12#.
  14. echotango

    AXG Grip?

    I did some testing of several recoil springs to find which have the same lockup tension as the orange 12# sig spring. My spring tester shows in battery length and recoiled(can't think of correct name at the moment) length. I've found that the 1911 12# sprinco actually gave 1/2# more and the wolff was 1# less. I use a 12# Sprinco in 3 legions and 3 Max's(same as legion).
  15. I have 3 p320 Max's and the trigger is the same as in the 2020 legions. Already swapped it out to GG w/AC trigger.
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