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  1. I have yet to have any issues feeding or extracting. The gun just runs. Same with 2 friends that also have SF's. Model Gun: Q5 SF Bullet Weight:  145gr Acme Power Factor: 128 Encountering Issues: None Recoil Spring: 13#
  2. Practice and matches with the same ammo, 1 load. I'm at 169-170pf regardless if it is a steel match or uspsa. I use range brass for everything but majors. Load it til lost or split. I use 1x fired I got from the local PD range.
  3. tons of threads on 38 vs 9. Search is your friend.
  4. My experience was opposite of sandbaggers. MG's were faster in both my barrels, but not by much.
  5. 99.999% ammo and mags. Tune the mags, dial in your ammo and done.
  6. If you want to try a Limcat steel grip (small version) you are more than welcome to come by Rio sat or sun during the morning match. It is only fitted to the frame(with beavertail, trigger, etc) as I am in the middle of building it for my wife.
  7. Yes and 1 V5. The dot dies. they will strobe with no battery issues and turn off. They seem to last about a year with barrel holes. Not sure if it has anything to do with it or not. I have had outstanding customer service with c-more and the turnaround time is not long. 1 is slide mounted and have not had any issues thus far.
  8. They all die even on frame mounts for one reason or another. I play musical chairs all the time with the warranty dept.
  9. I actually had 3 on order and have cancelled my order. Sticking with RTS2's. There are videos on YT showing issues. I know only a few known issues but with only a handful out there, I'll wait a while.
  10. Never have had any issues with Walther magazines w/TTI ext or otherwise.
  11. That's what I was told. No big deal, selling it anyway. Wife switching to open.
  12. Non-hybrid 5.4 also?
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