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  1. The codes above appear to be accurate. I had years marked on some that matched and the ones I bought end of 19 started with P.
  2. Same here, I have 120k. I found this for their ammo. Might/should be the same? For ammo the years are (note A, I, J, O, Q, and Z are skipped):B - 1948 1968 1988 2008C - 1949 1969 1989 2009D - 1950 1970 1990 2010E - 1951 1971 1991 2011F - 1952 1972 1992 2012G - 1953 1973 1993 2013H - 1954 1974 1994 (2014)K - 1955 1975 1995 (2015)L - 1956 1976 1996 (2016M - 1957 1977 1997 (2017)N - 1958 1978 1998 (2018)P - 1959 1979 1999 (2019)R - 1960 1980 2000S - 1961 1981 2001T - 1962 1982 2002U - 1963 1983 2003V - 1964 1984 2004W - 1965 1985 2005X - 1966 1986 2006Y - 1967 1987 2007
  3. They are email/message only at the moment. I sent a message. Not sure if I'll hear back.
  4. Anyone know how to read the manufacture date code on Winchester primers? My google-fu came up with very old versions. Thanks Here is what I have: HBL049G KGL105G NML592G NMLD312 NDL493G NEL545G PDL631G PCL616G
  5. I never said it was good or bad. Just wondering how you compress a load of HS6 and a 124. With a 115 it is nowhere near compression. At least at 1.167".
  6. How short do you load them? I used it with 115's and it is nowhere close to compressed.
  7. I would be more upset at the store/co that sold you the "new" gun. Have you contacted them? What did they say? Glad they are taking care of it.
  8. I ran 5.4gr wac w/115 MG and a 7# in my minor gun. 6 sometimes doesn't strip the next round. Too slow of powder and it won't burn all the way and is messy as you experienced.
  9. First thing. Wrong powder. Even for steel challenge. Comps do work in minor. I would also say wrong bullet but coated fanboys will chime in. I'd switch to a jacketed bullet. Otherwise just shoot a SS with an optic. Try wac, hs6, etc.
  10. Or get a significant discount. Price of a used gun.
  11. Not a new gun. Unless it was spray painted, it should not have that wear like that on the inside yet. Lug edges look rolled (fitting issue).
  12. Yes, there were no refunds and he got it back thru his cc co. The MD was going to return what he could to the ones who withdrew. But now they got less since this guy stole his money back. The MD didn't need to return anything to start with.
  13. I am not bashing anyone. This is a generic response. I am glad he has tons of business. I have tried to contact builders and co's in the past with no response. I understand people are busy. you can post on your website or have an automatic email stating not accepting new business. I get lots of my business from people who do not respond, so it works for me.
  14. Then put on your website "not accepting any new builds at this time". this doesn't waste people time and keeps the builder from looking bad.
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