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  1. It being 9 or 38 is not the point. That gun is nowhere even close to flat. My CO and SS have less muzzle flip than that without a comp. Same as MM said above. And my open guns, well.... I assume you can feel the difference because before you put the comp on you were shooting minor with no comp. But by no means is that gun "flat". Not trying to bust your balls, just making an obvious point from watching the starting of the video. The gun coming back on target has nothing to do with if it's flat or not. That is great that it comes back on target. Problem is it looks like it takes forever to come back for a second shot.
  2. I've seen advertised for $569 & $579 without looking hard.
  3. Different comps do different things. I tested quite a few and they were all different with each having their own traits. I am currently running the binary eng cfd 2 port on 3 open guns with wac. Tried hs6 and aa7 and keep going back to wac. It will be different for everyone. Some will like comp abc with aa7 and other will like comp 123 with hs6. Then throw in 115 or 121 or 124 or 135, etc. Only way to know is to shoot them.
  4. Wish the XL or r3 Max came in 8moa.
  5. echotango

    9 Major

    You can get them to work. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard and sometimes it just doesn't want to work. Easiest way is to just move to a micro dot and not worry about it.
  6. The 1/8" holes barely did anything. The went straight to 3/16" and definitely noticed the difference. Just finished #3 this week, not coated yet.
  7. Easy fix. I'm assuming you have the original slide ride and mount.
  8. For me the holes made an awesome difference. I'm running 3x 3/16" holes on 3 open guns. Buddy just got 2x 3/16" on his hybrid. Neither of us are running 3n38 though. Hard to say which is better, 2 vs 3, as they are set up differently and mine have steel grips. Also comes down to personal preference.
  9. Just had my 3rd gun done by Gans. Send him the slide/barrel/frame to get lightened and fitted and do the rest yourself. Crazy fast turnaround. Last one was 1 week. All his pricing is a la carte and on his site.
  10. I just removed some material from the back of the hammer. It was making marks in the beavertail.
  11. Have you changed the grip safety/grip lately? I had this issue when I bought 2 EVO's and chased it forever. Finally found that the cut in the beavertail was not deep enough.
  12. Should be close. I get 170pf with 8.2gr of hs6 and a 121gr w/3x 3/16" holes. But I don't use that load (powder).
  13. teros was talking about some yahoo who posted their services 4 or 5x. The posts have been removed.
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