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  1. I switched to XL's from rts2's. Not even a comparison in my opinion. I have sold all my rts2's and now have 4 XL's. MUCH brighter dot, better buttons, longer battery life, larger glass, etc. Also don't buy from Sig. You can find them in the low $500's if you look. I got mine for $475-$525.
  2. I use Windex as it takes all off the glass. The diode can't be any worse. I use qtips, but some have purchased those.
  3. You can get these off amazon. I just pull the ball off a reg q-tip and clean it.
  4. I check mine every couple months. Below 3v, I chuck it. And a new one before a major.
  5. I have 3 from Atlas. Can't go wrong with any of them.
  6. Yes, toss all stepped brass. I load the rest.
  7. Load them til they crack or you lose them.
  8. I have 3 and they were easy to fit onto EVO's.
  9. or a gucci glock open minor shooter...
  10. Nothing I would want to shave off a $500 optic. just buy a new mount.
  11. Pic of how much longer the XL is over an RTS2.
  12. Went from 8moa rts2 to a r3 xl 6moa and it is bright enough that the difference is no biggie.
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