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  1. It is considered a take down lever.
  2. Have only ran sig mags. No issues.
  3. Have only shot Blues thru 6 of mine(125's). And I still have 85k in the garage... No issues. Fella is wrong.
  4. I wouldn't even consider going.
  5. I use epoxy at the ends on 2 DAA and 1 CR speed belt.
  6. Completely disagree. It is very useful. I have 3 belts with ratchets and 8 friends that have also converted and couldn't be happier. It allows you to tighten it up a lot more than trying to get it tight with just the outer velcro. Also can loosen it while not shooting. And no worries about it coming loose and losing belt keepers.
  7. http://www.carbonarms.us/Belt-Gear/Belt-Ratchet-Kit.html
  8. Yes. It is considered a take down lever.
  9. @rowdybshould/might know.
  10. For future breakage, cut a flat on the end. Then you can take it out with a screw driver.
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