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  1. echotango

    cone comps

  2. I agree. I didn't feel like arguing/fighting it and let it go on the specific stage I am sure you are talking about. The RO was incorrect.
  3. echotango

    Mag hitting underside of barrel ramp

    All my MBX used to hit the ramp. File them down and you are good to go.
  4. echotango

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    The racer cut gogun does not work for me as it is too vertical. However, I got the extreme and it has a much better angle(approx 45'). I still changed the angle a little.
  5. echotango

    McLearn 13-5 comp

    I am very happy with mine. Had a cheely before and it is softer and flatter.
  6. echotango

    weight of ambi safety?

    A full length guide rod is 1.5oz and a tungsten is 3oz. It will put you over.
  7. echotango

    increase width of 2011 trigger guard

    Should be easy with epoxy/acraglass gel. but I would assume it will no longer fit your holster without mods.
  8. echotango

    New Atlas Open 2011

    10oz is a huge difference in an open gun. Example, a steel guide rod is 1.5oz and a tungsten is 3oz. Decent difference on how the gun feels/handles and that is only 1.5oz. Maybe some can't tell the difference as some also can't tell the difference shooting a 115 vs 124. Nothing wrong with that, just some can tell the slightest differences and some can't. But 10oz is big.
  9. echotango

    New Atlas Open 2011

    I agree.
  10. echotango

    using HS 6 to make major PF

    WAC was flatter and a lot less dot noise. I will try it again some day.
  11. echotango

    using HS 6 to make major PF

    8.4gr 115MG 1.165" 3x 3/16 holes 171pf I have since switched back to WAC.
  12. https://practiscore.com/2019-western-states-revolver-championship/register