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  1. Try the same and go up .1 at a time. I went to 3x 3/16 holes from 3 1/8 and did not need that much.
  2. Wife's V5 dies after about a month.
  3. Local place in AZ. I took 3, 2 black and 1 purple. It was done as a favor as they have a lot min.
  4. I just had them done so they will get there soon...
  5. They came silver. They anodized very nicely. I have two black and the wife's is purple.
  6. A little needed to be removed on the sides.
  7. Switched from the GG to the Akai and it is awesome. No comparison, but everyone is different.
  8. No issues with one on a Walther SF(v5). I have 5 more on open guns.
  9. I had one years ago and I believe it was 5.4gr w/124 and 5.7gr w/115 for 135pf. Both at 1.165". Or are you shooting major?
  10. Therefore no. If I have an rts2 mount, I can not mount a dpp. And vice versa.
  11. That is a lot. I'm at 7.1gr/121 w/3 3/16" holes. 171pf.
  12. echotango

    Racker ?

    Put the entire portion with the detent in a vise. Heat it up and hit it with a rubber mallet. Done.
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