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  1. echotango

    9 major

    Pretty broad brush there, I would have to disagree. I have not tried 3n38 as I load w/ a Mark7 and don't feel like cleaning powder, but the other 2 are ok. HS6 has serious dot noise vs WAC and WAC was also a flatter for me. Did not feel any softer. I really don't chase softness as all I really care about is that the dot comes back exactly where is was as fast as it can(I know it is more than powder choice). AA7 was ok, but way too dirty for me. Did not make enough difference for me to stick with it. It works for some and that is great. Have not tried lovex or silo yet. I have tried CFE and it is very similar to WAC.
  2. echotango


    I went the other direction and it worked for me. I went fast and the accuracy came later. I hear the same thing and I think it is easier to make someone accurate vs making someone fast.
  3. No preference except the JB plastic bond might not stick as well as the others. It is urethane and sometimes doesn't play well with others. I am a fan of acraglas gel/reg.
  4. Try something else. I have used acraglas gel, reg epoxy and jb plastic bond (urethane) with zero issues. you can remove it all and start over.
  5. This should give you a little more insight. Great deal on a "T-shirt" at the end of the comments. FB post
  6. My mistake. I missed the wolff part and automatically thought ismi.
  7. Running ammo down to 120pf with no issues. Running an 11# spring. The stock spring is way too strong.
  8. I prefer a 6. I have gone back and forth from an 8 several times and have stuck with a 6.
  9. I prefer wac. It tracked better for me vs hs6 and AA7. Also aa7 was really dirty. I have 3 3/16" holes and the 2 port binary comp and am very happy with the way it runs.
  10. echotango

    9 major

    I prefer WAC. You'll end up around 6.8gr @ 1.165" with WAC depending on brl and holes.
  11. I called around and nobody has any current plans on making a grip. So I modified my wife's and it was pretty easy. I filled the hollow part with acraglas as I went way past stock size of the grip.
  12. An m&p striker spring fits. Stock m&p is 5#. I believe the stock walther is 6.5-7#. Test fired it today with WSP and it worked fine. And it took care of the loose slop when cocked.
  13. A stock M&P spring fits, but I think it is too soft. Have not fired it yet.
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