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  1. I tumble all my loaded rounds(no media, yes it is loud) for 3min. Any loose primer pockets will drop the primer. I load on a M7 Evo so I can't feel anything.
  2. Weekend matches and weekly steel match we just move on. As said above, prob why you don't see them at majors.
  3. In my Legions, black TC 125's can be loaded to 1.125 max. Blue RN 125's can be loaded to 1.155 max. Both feed well with no issues. Might take oal into consideration.
  4. I also have the Hornady and use is all the time for 9mm. I have it on a single stage on its own bench.
  5. I have BBI and Blues. The BBI smoke a bit, while the blues do not. Using W231.
  6. Home Depot sells Post Screws. You can get the length you need and shorten them if needed easily as they aluminum.
  7. I don't see a reason ever. Maybe in 3 gun. Not like I'm hanging upside down.
  8. The DAA would not go low enough for me and the hanger dug into me.
  9. Same. 3 X5 Legions and 11 mags. Has never happened.
  10. Yes. Not enough? Ok, I'll order more.
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