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  1. Great changes. Functionally it allows shooters to bring their EDC gear and run it as is without having to register in open. It'll allow Carry optics to really live up to its namesake. Though I do sort of wish they kept the mag pouch restriction for production, at least. It added a little more challenge.
  2. I’ve been using the DAA racer mag pouches in open for a few years now and they’ve been really good. However, I recently borrowed another shooter’s rig and found that the mag pouches have such little retention that mags practically fly out. Meanwhile, the DAA pouches grip onto 2011 mags pretty hard, even with the spacer backed out all the way. I can actually hold up my entire belt rig (sans gun) by holding onto the magazine itself! I know it seems like a minor inconvenience, but is there a way to loosen the racers even more? Or at least loosen the hold they have on the mags?
  3. So they say that it's not "set up" for 9 major. Does that mean you could conceivably get it setup for major? If that's the case and you don't mind replacing your dots fairly often, you could probably give it a go. I shoot open, and think that it's the most fun division out there. But it can also be frustrating since you need to spend almost as much time tinkering and fiddling with your gun and gear as you do actually practicing. That said, you'd probably be better served by getting a dedicated open gun from a reputable builder. But if you want the XC, get the XC. It looks cool and if yo
  4. Hey man, keep up the quality posts! Only 48 to go until you can use the classifieds!
  5. I’ve always been pretty bad at recoil management. My biggest problem was that I really didn’t know how much grip pressure to use. Well, back in December I took some training from a local GM which showed me just how poor my grip was. Too much firing hand tension and not enough in the support hand. Today it paid off! I was finally able to hit my first sub-2 second bill drill ever, which had been a goal of mine for a long time. I hit a 1.88, with a .95 first shot Some small caveats apply, though: this wasn’t my first run of the day, and I was shooting an open gun. Bu
  6. I really like Steve Anderson’s Refinement and Repetition book. It’s made for shooters who don’t want to think (which is totally me) and just want to put in work. It seems to work pretty well. I also really like that it’s spiral bound so it’s easy to manage
  7. That seems so quaint compared to some of the stories here
  8. I've been stuck in B class hell for two years now, and it recently occurred to me that this just MIGHT be due to lack of practice. Since December I've been dry firing 6 days a week, sometimes with a morning and an afternoon session if I feel like I'm losing focus. That's equating to almost an hour of training per day. Unfortunately I can only get to the range about once a week so I try to maximize that time. While I still haven't escaped B yet, I'm within 2% of doing so AND I've been winning matches against shooters who should be better on paper. Additionally, my confidence and
  9. Hey all. Green Ops is putting on another iteration of their one-day USPSA focused competition skills class next month. The class is 8 hours of focused and tight skill development, with the assumption that you have some good marksmanship fundamentals and at least a little competitive experience. I've taken this course before and I guarantee that you won't feel held back by the pace of instruction. And at only $240, you get more than your money's worth of instruction. You can find more info here: https://www.green-ops.com/practical-pistolcompetition-skills-class-8-hrs
  10. Really seems like no point in doing it unless you have severely restricted function in your index finger, or don't have an index finger at all.
  11. Smoke & Hope is easily my worst stage. On all of the other stages, with the small exception of Roundabout, I can relax a little and focus on good fundamentals and good transitions. But on S&H all of that goes out the window and I get tense and throw complete trash fires for stage times. Like, I have yet to crack 13 seconds in OPEN on S&H. I'm actually faster in Showdown and almost as fast in Speed Option! In fact, I've only cracked a 3 second individual string time once in close to 2 years of shooting SC. I took the advice of the thread early on and shot it 1-2-4-3
  12. While not advisable, I don’t believe that hand forward (not in front) of the muzzle is DQable. Rule 10.5.5 only stipulates that unsafe gun handling occurs if the muzzle points at any part of a person’s body during COF, with the exception of sweeping the lowering extremities during drawing or re-holstering.
  13. In talking with some shooters recently, I came to the realization that many of us "got away" with stuff that should have resulted in a DQ. Whether rightly or wrongly, a rule infraction happened that either went unnoticed, or an RO decided to let it slip by. I thought it would be good to have a thread to share our "Shoulda-been" DQs. I'll start: I've only been shooting for three years and have never taken a trip to Dairy Queen, but there are three distinct instances that I can remember where I should have. The first one was at my very first match. The match was at an
  14. Quantico Shooting Club has a pretty clever solution for this: they take a length of braided steel cable that's about the distance from the shooting box to the back target, and that serves as a reference distance for the rear of the stage. Then they mark off cross-sections at the distances indicated in the stage diagram for the targets that are off the centerline, and attach cables of appropriate distance there. When it's done, they just roll up the cable and throw it in a box, and it makes for easy and accurate stage measurements every single time. For example: on Smoke and Hop
  15. Had a quick look over at the site, and the technology seems really cool. JV: to your knowledge, can the specialty S3 dies be used with regular brass? I didn't see that addressed anywhere
  16. Wow, GoShoot works quick! I put in my order this morning and just received a USPS tracking number. That's fast work!
  17. I ordered one back in December but got tired of waiting. Saw in another thread that GoShoot.com has them in stock so I just ordered from there and canceled the order from AMG.
  18. I would buy an 8-round Rhino in a heartbeat!
  19. Anyone know what kind of screws the breech block uses?
  20. Looks pretty cool! And glad to hear that it balances well because it sure as heck LOOKS front heavy
  21. Sheer madness has unlocked this thread after almost five years! Anyway, I'm going to be shooting this classifier in an upcoming match. I've been practicing in dry fire a few different ways to shoot it, but the quickest method I've come up with is kind of a quick transition from target 1-2, regular cadence for 3-5, then another quick transition for 6-7. If you shoot Steel Challenge, it's kinda like the transition you have on the first two targets of Roundabout. Sort of like BapBap Bap Bap Bap BapBap When I do this my times are significantly faster, but it seems like t
  22. There's a particular classifier I'm interested in asking some questions about (CM 03-08 "Madness), but there's already an archived thread in the forum. Because it's archived I can't post to it. Is it okay to just post a new thread? Thanks!
  23. Like a lot of guys I rise 3 mag pouches with a magnet up front. The magnet really helps to center my belt and put it in the right position. Im pretty sure I’ve only needed to use all three mag pouches exactly one time, and it was during a classifier. The rest of the time, that third mag pouch just holds a roll of pasters.
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