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  1. Are they sized, de-primed and cleaned?
  2. Im glad you like it. I feel like I lost a child! lol Enjoy!
  3. I work with lead everyday and have for 35 years. My level is 18 and I have it tested yearly. I dont remember if I have been forgetting things or not. lol. But seriously, take precaution and wash your hands, and run the exaughst when ever possible.
  4. And when I dont miss, I feel great!
  5. I practice shooting faster than I accurately can and expect some misses. It definitely helps and will get your eyes to track faster if you practice it consistently..
  6. Where did you purchase it?
  7. Check out Limcat.com for race holster. very nice
  8. Check out LIMCATS newest grip and Magwell. Real nice!
  9. Thanks fort the info. Interesting.
  10. If you have any luck finding who makes something like this, let me know. thanks
  11. I run the Vortex Razor on both major and minor 9mm open builds by Limcat and love them. Switched from the RTS2
  12. Im at about 3000 rounds on my Razor on my Limcat 9mm major open build with no issues. there no BS warranty is a great closer for me.
  13. I bought 6 MBX 10 round mags for my 9mm. Getting that tenth round in is not always easy. Not a fan of the ten rounders but stuck with them here in CT
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