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RIP - Mrs Linda Foote (AKA Mrs AlamoShooter)


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It saddens my heart to announce the passing of Mrs Linda Foote, beloved wife of my good friend Jamie Foote (AKA AlamoShooter). I spoke with Jamie this evening, and he asked me to inform his shooting family that Linda passed away earlier this weekend following a brief but heroic battle with cancer. For those lucky enough to know Linda personally, you will remember her warm smile, upbeat personality, and incredibly positive outlook on life--traits that endured even as her illness progressed. She was truly an angel who walked on earth.

Jamie wants everyone to know how fortunate he is to have been blessed with such a fantastic wife and partner; he doesn't want any sorrow or pity from his shooting family.

Jamie and his family will host a "Celebration of Life" on Saturday in San Antonio in lieu of a traditional funeral service. Knowing that many from his shooting family will be unable to attend the celebration due to time and distance, he has asked that everyone take time on Saturday to simply "Give a part of himself to friends and family: pull loved ones close, give them a hug, and let them know that they are loved."

Doug Johnson

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I had the good fortune to Shoot with Jaime, Linda, and Doug at the Steel Challenge several times, and treasure the shooting memories with them and her.

She always had a warm smile and enjoyed herself, and it was nice to see her and Jamie be so happy together sharing the shooting passion together.

Prayers sent for the family with warmest regards.....


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It is shock and sorrow that I felt when I stumbled across this post yesterday. I just didn't know how to respond.

It is ironic that I am here in Piru this week, the very place that I first met Jamie & Linda. The Steel Challenge didn't go into full swing until you guys pulled into the practice range after driving non-stop from TX.

It was always a joy to see your smiling faces and catch up on each other's lives. Those memories will always be fresh in my mind and in my heart.

Today on the range, I looked to the hills and up to the sky and felt both the joy of her presence and the sadness of her passing.

Jamie, my brother, we all share in your loss and your sorrow and for the blessing of having Linda come into our lives.


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