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  1. Cancel account and remove me from blog.


  2. So where are we on payment of pistol.



    1. GrumpyOne
    2. Ken_Bird


      Payment was finally received and pistol shipped to his FFL.

  3. Here is the gun photo from the camera.




  4. I have a STI open gun in 9MM i might trade with you. The value is very close to the same. Ken
  5. This post is NOT designed to become a political beating post. What I am looking for is a honest opinion you have on whom you feel is the best candidate for President. Hillary or Trump Personally I am neither Democrat or Republican . I vote strictly by who I feel will do the best job. Since the news media has so many different takes on this subject and I wonder at the reason they have for them, I decided to ask those in the sport I have chosen,. I feel fellow shooters will have a honest feeling of whom they want and why. Will you share with me. To keep this question in perspective here are some simple thought for your comments. Pick one of the candidates Clinton or Trump In three (3) brief bullet points tell me why. Its not your thoughts are not important, but this could get way out of hand. Please cooperate and make this an informative opinion poll. This election can be one of our countries greatest blessing, or spell disaster for the US I personally want to do it right. Help all be informed. Thanks
  6. I also have this issue, so I wait to hear your results. Thanks
  7. Old re-loader saying ! Why step in shit when you can walk around it. Have seen 100 primers go boom once, I think I will just walk around 200. Thanks for sharing, Hope it works out for you.
  8. So, OP are you in or out. Personally, if you can swing the bucks, get in the water. Well worth it. Makes every one else look like a kids toy.
  9. where can you buy PD for 352.00 5K best I have found is 448.00
  10. Plunk is the best, being lazy though someone else may have invented the wheel already. If no one has then I will tear it down and pull the barrel and go PLUNK
  11. Better correct this type O 124 grain 9 mm MG
  12. My experience is the screw should function best just finger snug. Note the word snug.
  13. Any one have in the best OAL of a 9mm with 124 JRN to be shoot in Sig 320.
  14. They will not work right. Ask Gary at Dillon. They are for the 650 only. If you use them anyway, let us know how that works out for you.
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