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  1. Rowdy, I had a great time. Shot the L10 ok, but screwed up the SS. But, regardless I had a good time, went to the awards, etc. Got to see some friends I had not seen for a long time. Will probably stay closer to home from now on and will shoot as long as I can. Started in 1979 and I am 70, but still have several good years left. Thanks to everyone that responded to my OP. Ron
  2. Thanks Hi-Power Jack. Great advise, always try to get there early, please pray for dry weather and more points can be lost at Chrono than at any other stage. Will do on Sebring.......
  3. Thank you very much. I have not received anything. I just checked Practiscore and I was on Sqd 221 and now I am on Sqd 203 (with same shooters). But, it still says PM/AM/PM and no times listed. No problem, will check tomorrow, when I sign up for L10. Thank You again for the information.......
  4. First time shooting at the Frost Proof Range; does anyone have any advise? I am staying in Sebring and shooting back to back for the first time. L10 then SS with same pistol. Bringing an identical gun as back up and plenty of ammo along with wagon (w/rain cover), rain gear, water, Gatorade, snacks, etc. Have shot several Area matches over the years, but this is my first Nationals. Shooting PM/AM/PM in both matches. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks.......
  5. This is great news. Will be in Mesa for Feb and its less than a 6 hr drive. Hoping to get a buddy of mine that will also be in Mesa to come with; either way I think I am going. Love shooting Single Stack. Takes me back to my roots, started shooting Comp in 1979.......
  6. That is a nice looking pistol. Thinking about it, I believe my buddy did the EGW ignition change as well.......
  7. Please don’t stop reading the “FREE STUFF” posts. I have given away many things to Junior Shooters and when I say FREE that means FREE; shipping included. Don’t judge all givers by a few bad ones.......
  8. Thanks for the info. I'd love to have a single digit lead level. Doing what my Dr told me to do and will let everyone know how it goes. Great job getting your level down. I really do not miss shooting indoors that much. Being retired I can shoot outdoors more. Thanks again!
  9. I had signed up for the SS match, pd and squadded. However, I received an email today that my match fee was being refunded and the match was cancelled. Still trying to find out what happened. Hoping they can get it worked out and still have the match???
  10. Rusty, Not sure what you are asking? We haven't shot the 2019 SS Nationals yet. I looked on the USPSA match page and do not see a listing for 2020 SS Nationals? Just looked on Practiscore and could not find any info on the 2020 SS Nationals? Give us a little more info. Thanks, Ron
  11. Chris, Sorry to hear about your breech face problems. Hope you get this taken care of soon. Years ago I almost bought a 40sw LTD pistol until I saw pitting on the breech face, very similar to your LB. I have not seen another one since that, but have heard of primer blow back and breech faces being damaged. I'd give LB an opportunity to fix the problem. Hopefully he'd replace the side on his dime. If not Clark Custom sounds like they have done this before. Ron
  12. Wow, we are going to have to "agree to disagree".......Be Safe Brother!
  13. Hey Chris, It was good to hear from you the other day. I know you are a Doctor and I would appreciate any advise you can give me (anyone else here reading these posts). I do not touch the banana or granola bars I eat at the range. I wash hands, if I can't then I wipe them with a D-Lead wipe. And I do not sweep up brass. I do run the clock too much, but since I am no longer shooting indoors, that will stop. My lead was 33.5 in Feb. Stopped shooting indoors and did things my Dr suggested I do. Had it checked again in Aug and it had dropped to 24.9. Going to keep up with the stuff I am doing (no indoor, wear gloves when reloading, using coated bullets, using a mask when dumping my tumbled brass, changing shoes even from outdoor shooting and cleaning my hands with D-Lead wipes). Will have my yearly physical in March with blood work and hoping for the lead lever to go down again. On a side note a Shooting Buddy of mine who is 76 (I'm 70) got his lead level checked and his results were 16. He sweeps up the brass in the indoor range we shoot at? Another BE member who may be a Doctor said that the drop I had was no bad as lead leaves our system slowly. Thanks, Ron
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