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  1. Arlin,


    Send me your phone # and I will text you a photo of one on

    one of my mags.   I have both Ed Brn  & Chip McCormick.

    I had one break and only need one or two (if possible) to

    replace it.  My #815-757-0737.



  2. Sparky

    You know you're a Super Senior when....

    That was a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started shooting whatever it was called back then in 1979. Everything was leather and we all shot 1911's, mostly Colt with H&G 68 bullets (200 gr SWC, they did make great holes) with Win 231 Powder and 18 1/2 # recoil springs. Most of us made our own Bullets, using Plumbers Lead, Wheel Weights and Line-O-Type. Had our own formula and sources for the stuff. The test was if you could not score the bullet with your thumbnail it was hard enough to shoot. God only knows what our Lead Levels were back then. But it was fun............
  3. Hotel California..............................
  4. Sparky

    My Brother-in-Law

    May God hold you in his Loving hands during this time of great loss for you and your family. Sounds like you had a great friend and shooting Buddy as well as Brother-In-Law.
  5. Sparky

    Glock Factory Trigger going almost full auto

    Just polishing for me and that's what the Tech guys at said at Glock.....................
  6. I was at the range shooting and my Glock 35 w/factory trigger started to malfunction. It first shot a couple of doubles, then a triple and finally a quad and I stopped. Switched out the trigger with another factory trigger and it ran fine. When I got home I called Glock and they would not let me send it to them. It had to go through a Glock Armorer. They said there is a part in the trigger they cannot send to a private citizen? I asked are you not interested in inspecting this trigger to see what went wrong (other than a polish job, nothing had been adjusted). They were not and said that a polish job sometimes can cause the trigger to malfunction. So I have found a Glock Armorer and he is dealing with Glock for me? Anyone else have this experience?
  7. Sparky

    New Canik TP9SFx......

    We had three shooters on my squad using the TP9SFX. One was shooting Production and the other two CO. The pistols looked and shot great. If I ever need another Production gun or CO I would certainly look at this pistol. Wish I would have asked one of them if I could shoot their pistol. Maybe they will show up at our next match. As far as your question, I would say a big pile of ammo:).
  8. Sparky

    My Father-In-Law Died Today

    Thanks Stick for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated....................Ron
  9. Sparky

    My Father-In-Law Died Today

    Thanks again to all that have responded and PM'ed. We had his Celebration of Life today. It was cool to have the local VFW Honor Guard to do the 21 Gun Salute and play Taps on a horn instead of a recording. They gave us the fired brass to give to family members and put 3 of them in his Flag..............................
  10. Sparky

    My Father-In-Law Died Today

    I want to thank everyone that responded, he was truly a great man...................................
  11. Sparky

    My Father

    Grump, I feel your pain my Brother. Thanks for the comments on me losing my Father-In-Law yesterday. He was a WW2 Infantry Veteran. I love the picture, looks like your Dad has got the girl:). May your memories be many and your tears be tears of joy. God Bless.
  12. My Father-In-Law (David Collins) Died today at the age of 92. He taught me to re-load and made me a better hunter and shooter. He was my Father-In-Law for almost 48 years and I always called him "Dad". I will miss him more than I can express. He was a WW 2 Infantry Veteran. RIP DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sparky

    Welcome to the Slide-Glide Forum

    Jack, I've never used the Reg SG on a 2011 pistol and I've never used SG Lite on a Glock pistol. I live in Northern Illinois. We have an great Indoor Range. So temperatures are really not a major factor. However, I can see that temp can be a factor in the heat of summer. But, I really do like Slide Glide, it seems to stay in place better than oil. Ron
  14. Sparky

    Welcome to the Slide-Glide Forum

    I have been using it for years. Use the SG Lite on 2011 style pistols and Reg SG for my Glock pistols...............................
  15. Sparky

    Blue Bullets for Glock 17,35

    I shoot 200gr bullets in my Glock 35's. I shoot both major and minor. Jim from SNS Casting advised me to not shoot Titegroup as it is a very hot burning powder and can deform the base of his bullets. My OAL for G35 is 1.145 and they work perfectly. I use WST and VV N320.