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  1. Patrick, I think that is a great story, even if it is 15 years old. Cops are not taught safety (40 year retired cop/30 years Range Master) like we are in USPSA. Years ago I introduced USPSA style shooting to my Officers. Most loved it, because it was cool to run from one location to another shooting at something besides a B-29 target. But, prior to my joining their dept they all shot just the required amount of rds and their pistols went to slide lock. I put a stop to that, but it's hard to get that out of their minds. During a stage the Officers had to reload twice. One of the Officers upon reloading a pistol that had a round in the chamber would rack the live round out. When we got done; I asked why he did that and he said, did what. I told him and he said, no way. So we went back to the two areas where reloads were needed and on the ground at each one was a live round. He swore that was not his ammo, until other Officers told him; he still had trouble believing it. That's why USPSA type training is important in LE. I also had a Lt say; I just got used to the last type of shooting (all in line, shooting at static targets) and now you are changing it. Gotta love em....... Ron
  2. I love to travel; I use drugs (have insomnia) to get to sleep and use a CPAP (have sleep apnea) to sleep. So I am at home no matter where I am. And I like Diversity. Hey Jack, I love the saying under your name; can I use it? Sparky
  3. Dalealb, What caliber? Sounds like the Chamber needs to be reamed out to the proper depth. You can look up gunsmiths that work on Tanfoglio's and contact one of them or you could send a message to Ben Stoeger who has shot them in Competition for years.......
  4. I have used many different oils & lubes over the past 40 years of Competition. I think starting with Hoppes and then to Break Free for many years. Then going to what I still use today; Mobil 1 0w-20, Kellube M12 and Weapons Shield. And last but not least Brian's Slide Glide Lite. I remember seeing a Youtube video made by the inventor of Weapons Shield, showing the lubricity of his product against a couple of other popular oils. It's good watching and looks as if it's a fair comparison (Frog Lube was one of the oils).......
  5. Paherne, Can't help myself, I looked up Police Duty Holsters and wow have they changed since I retired in late 2011. Especially since the intro of Optic Sights into LE. I looked at both Safariland and Blackhawk, we mainly used Safariland. Some crazy looking holsters out there. You mentioned Long Shadow and I looked them up and liked what I saw. The Crestone L2 looks like a good choice for Optics Carry, etc. Good luck with your choice and I really like your approach to carrying a different platform than you are accustomed to.
  6. Wasn't being serious about it and do not know Todd, I have never owned a gun I did not shoot!
  7. Those look great, but one problem, they are too pretty to shoot! Great job on finishing the job started by Caspian and adding your special touches........
  8. I have a shooting buddy that has a Sig 1911 Max and he had the same issue with a 1911 holster. So he tried the Sig in his Kydex holster for his STI LDC 40sw Limited Pistol. It works great, might give that a try.......
  9. I load my 40sw Minor loads to 1.147 and they work fine in Tripp Cobra mags. I load them to that length so I can also shoot them in my two Glock 35's (SNS 200gr RN Coated bullets). When I shot Limited in 40sw I had two set ups for my Dillon 550 and loaded my Major loads to 1.200.......
  10. Peterf, Just yesterday I saw a Youtube video of Jerry Miculek shooting a S&W 929 at a Balloon at 1000 yards. It just took him 2 shots to hit it (may have practiced a few shots first off camera). He was using a dot sight. It was quite impressive, won't give you any more info; look it up on Youtube.......
  11. Have never seen this happen in 40 years of competitive shooting, but it's a good point to put the barrels rim down. Getting to the original post about not using barrels on stages. I'm not 100% sure, but I think we have had non-metal barrels used in competition as barriers at Tri County Gun Club in Polo, IL since I started shooting. Like someone else posted, if the barrels get shot up, then we cut them in half and use them as trash barrels.......
  12. I've been shooting USPSA since 1979 and I had this happen to me for the first time on a stage at Pasa Park last weekend. I almost stopped to listen, but didn't. After I finished the stage my squad mates asked if I had heard the bullet spinning around inside the barrel, they were all amused as well.......
  13. When I got my Range Officers card back in the early 80's (still have it), we were told by our instructor (don't remember name), that Stages should not be an Athletic Event, Mission Impossible or so Physically Demanding that a shooter could get hurt. Remember back in those days with had Cooper Tunnels. I am now 70 and both the stages shown would be very difficult for me to shoot. So my question is "why make a low wall like those"? The stages could have been set up with couple of Ports just a little higher than the bottom of the walls and add a block so that both Ports had to be used. The stages would have been just as good and more fun to shoot and would have eliminated the fault line questions. Just speaking from a Super Senior view.......
  14. What everyone has said here is good info. Yes, the Variable Rate RS are better for Open Guns than for Limited. You should not have to run that heavy of a RS in an Open gun. If you are having ejection problems, give your gunsmith a call and run it past him/her. Most Open shooters I have shot with use around an 8# RS, some use Variable Rate and some use a Standard Spring........
  15. I had a Limited 40sw a few years back that ran like yours. So I took the Aftec out compressed both springs using my dial calipers and that did not work either. So I then decided to run only one spring instead of two. I do not remember which one worked, but by using only one spring it ran great. I would suggest you try using one spring and see how that works. I'm just guessing, but I think I put the one spring in the front hole. It's the only gun that I've ever had that would only run with one spring....... One other issue with an Aftec is the hook end sometimes hits the barrel; but you can tell that by checking the back end of the barrel or by having the gun together and use a good flashlight and look at the hook end and barrel and see if the hook is touching the barrel.......
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