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  1. Most level 2 matches are supported by all the shooters that almost never win anything. They supply most of the money that is given away to the top few winners. Without the loosers they would not be a match at all. I shoot for fun not driven to win,all I want is to shoot a good match,meaning not a lot of Mike’s,no shoots.most of the RO are just there to shoot for free. Me I don’t care about a free shirt, usually the foods not very good. I’d like a chance to win a free gun through a random drawing, But the top winners in each group can’t be forgotten. All you people that decide to put on one of these matches be — MD — need a md.
  2. When will he reach his peak at what age ?
  3. I think I can I think I can I think I can.
  4. All you have to do is win all area matches plus national’s they may give you one to shoot for their squad.
  5. In 1965 I received a letter from a special uncle, said I need U.Well after going to ft. Jackson in Columbia sc. He decided he didn’t really want me.I had a lot of friends to go and never return, good or bad I’m glad I didn’t have to go but thankful for those that did. Special thanks was a rough time.
  6. The RMR bullets look like the Zero bullets to me. They must have the same machine. Also good bullets. and I like plain vanilla ice cream also.
  7. Precision delta at $85.00 per 1000 delivered great bullets. All I use
  8. That’s $9.50 per box of 50 You can load them at about 6 bucks, if you pick up free brass .
  9. Problem is if you use different Springs they may not fit the follower. I’ve gust always bought the kit, and used them for a year or two.
  10. Even then 147 gr.bullets work better in 9 minor for recoil and gun control.
  11. Oh I thought they started on Saturday ! dumb me
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