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  1. So how many of you going to rush out to buy one ?
  2. Funny thing happened at last match. Shooter is very hard of hearing, so I taped his shoulder to start cof. About the 8th shot he stops unloads and says who yelled stop. People sometimes hear noise but not talking when right next to them. rest of the story, so he turns all the way around to get his ticket to DQ. back to your question drones don’t bother me.
  3. EEH

    Snuggle Time

    Nice congrats. on a life time friend..
  4. EEH

    Snuggle Time

    I want pictures I want pictures
  5. They call him the last American hero.. race car driver Junior Johnson passed away today. Great driver,always went all out.
  6. If I could only wear out my 650 I would buy the new 1100 ..
  7. EEH

    sti edge

    We seem to have forgotten that! I have a buddy that just bought a nice one for 1600
  8. EEH

    sti edge

    As someone who has owned a few of them, I’ve never sold one that cheap.
  9. Better hurry or you won’t be first on your block to own one
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