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  1. The two on the left are in 38 super, one ie special edition.
  2. Yes welcome, and we need new video in YouTube
  3. Wow what a Smile, I’m sure he’ll be missed. Sounds like a great Man, sorry for you loosing a friend,
  4. Shot that match plenty of time, always a great match . I have seen at least 50 pcs of steel.hope to shoot it next month.
  5. They wouldn’t want my shirt, good to know some people still have values more than &.
  6. What did you mortgage to buy all them ?
  7. Wow if that is an original. R R. It could be worth a lot of primers ! and you’ll put your eye out with that thing .
  8. Now you can’t even open web site .
  9. I drive on average 2 to 2 1/2 hrs to go to matches, if round count goes down like it did before,I won’t be going. This is just me of course. To durn hot now any way.
  10. At $1.00 each For primers,You could just buy ammo.
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