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  1. Your thoughts, looks like U did OK.
  2. Also seen mag thrown and miss activator, then have to step on it . Funny’s
  3. Canik tp9sfx, not really expensive good gun shoots great, will need some upgrades to recoil spring maybe trigger.
  4. But they do have them.. I hope that’s not what the future holds.
  5. Google is your friend!
  6. Never said I hate it, I’d shoot it till it sweats.
  7. If I remember right the 9mm is tapered and the super is straight. Could be wrong.
  8. U didn’t actually buy that did you ? For real money ?
  9. Coco, when I first started shooting open and 9 major, I read a lot of your post and liked all the information you put out. It helped me to not make a lot of mistakes and wast a lot of supplies although I do like hs6, it is a little dirty but I can handle that. Just send me the extra you have and I’ll burn it up for you. Thanks.
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