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  1. I saw Billy on live tv, one time he told that story. RIP. Dusty.
  2. I’ve used them for years, out of the box run perfect factory spring ,follower in 40 and 9mm .
  3. Doesn’t Dillon have a case feeder for the 550 ?
  4. Here in South Carolina they are most worthless, never again.
  5. I think it was at Memphis revolver match where I met Roger , only once but he was a funny guy, good to be around. I think you were there also Chris. RIP friend. Im sure you will miss him.
  6. Sounds like a lot of great memories. RIP.. Ronnie
  7. EEH

    Sharp shooter

    Going to order a case .
  8. Can’t say a lot about powder, but my first open gun was Sti Trubor, in 9mm. I use HS 6 powder 8.3 gr with precision delta bullets. I had two holes put in my barrel and with video it recoiled less, and I felt less recoil.
  9. Look out sarge he’s in your space now .
  10. Chills, I’ve never read that before. Great read. Thanks guys for all comments, It never gets any easier. solong little boy.
  11. Last time I wrote about this little dog was almost 10 years ago, he left us today with congestive heart failure. He was found in a ditch, maybe it was meant to be. He was such a loving little boy. Now he can cross that Rainbow Bridge to be with his playmate Princess who I lost 5 years ago. His name was Buddy, we miss You little boy.
  12. I’ve been using his products ever since I started shooting and that’s been a long time, not often you can walk into a crowd of people and call someone’s name and almost everyone says I know him. He will be missed by a lot of people including ones that never met him . Rest In Peace .
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