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  1. Trace,, can’t find powder valley article?
  2. Grumpy old men ! Red Skelton going way back. Amos and Andy
  3. I wouldn’t try major in the 929,
  4. Watching your videos, I love the way you toss or throw your mags all over the range. To funny
  5. Not to worry after you popped for one of these most can’t afford gas for it anyway.
  6. Bowling.. it’s all you. kart racing you talk about money, it’s like a hole in your back yard that you try to fill with $100.00 dollar bills.
  7. Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has passed away. really enjoyed the show.. RNP
  8. My last treadmill, stress test. makes you feel good
  9. He was great, also liked him in untouchables . 007 the best.
  10. Saw some of maxamundi video,, what gun was he shooting ?
  11. Not to get political but election could prolong it .
  12. I want to see the video with times. although Whoops is no slouch , may be good challenge.
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