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  1. EEH

    People that suck giving me suggestions

    once had a friend tell me how to improve my bowling. Couldn’t do it himself but if you followed his instructions you could and would improve. He just had this thing about reading the lanes,where they broke and how fast.. so take the advice it don’t cost anything.
  2. EEH

    9mm brass cost

    Don’t know him .. this is the best I’ve seen.. Have a buddy that shoot his 40 s&w loves it.
  3. EEH


    And you really don’t expect to get answers to this do you ?
  4. EEH

    9 major

    I remember two years ago, I was wondering the same thing . began reading open gun post and pm’ed a couple people. Made my decision on what I read, tried two powders and liked one . Made up some loads haven’t looked back. you can find a lot of information in reloading for open gun post .
  5. EEH

    Backup guns

    When I was shooting limited, I always took two guns and in the South Carolina state once my gun broke. Went to bag got backup finished the match with it. Thats the only time out of several years. But it did happen.two identical Sti edges both hard chrome.
  6. EEH

    Road to USPSA nationals!

    Sarge is right correct is wrong in correct is Right.. that is my way, the way I was taught and it works much better. but then there is the occasional guy that does it and likes it.
  7. EEH

    140 or 170 mags and transitions

    When possible I reload to a 140 seems faster to me. Easer to handle, don’t have one of those 155.
  8. EEH

    June 2018 MOM recipient

    Congratulations,, well deserved.
  9. EEH

    What would you ask a pro?

    And that IS ?
  10. Ok so it’s almost 4 th of July so who’s cooking .. real BBQ,, three to four even five hour cooks Some say the sauce is where it’s at . Hey hot dogs and hamburgers quality to
  11. EEH

    New 929 Hammer

    Once upon a time,,there was this man who did magic to revolvers,, all over the country. Trigger hammer well you know just about the best trigger on revolvers anywhere. Then all at once he just quit, thing called life work, and to many revolvers. tru name Mike Carmony. aks carmonize