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  1. Home. No problems just lot of rain. lot of water coming down the rivers in the next few days. County is looking for lots of flooding from all the rain.
  2. The latest is the storm gets bigger but a .ittle weaker,good for everyone. Looks like it going north a little, better for us. Will have more info later this week, when I call neighbor . Lots of praying .
  3. You do realize that’s like 13 hours sleep. you only need 8
  4. Took care of that. Left a case of bottle water in freezer so may help keep it cold
  5. Very well said Trace. One job I never wanted !
  6. Yes when he does that, he has to go to bed at 6 pm.
  7. I may just go visit Jack, in Florida..
  8. Florence may be like Hugo in 1989 go away
  9. EEH

    August 2018 MOM Recipient

    I’d bet he never eat the funny side of it. it was cool to read posting while he sat in waiting room. congrats. And good luck with the foot.
  10. EEH

    You know you're a Super Senior when....

    When you look like this after one cup
  11. Don’t want to be a cop, never will be a cop, but I do shoot with some just about every week, and I wouldn’t want them shooting at me.
  12. EEH


    Well that makes sense, guess you need to get rid of that gas somewhere.