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  1. I didn’t .. but that suv didn’t stay with me long after that.
  2. Couple years ago I bought new suv, less than 500 miles transmission went out. Cost a lot more than new open gun. anything can will and sometimes breaks. Like sarge said I’ve bought guns and then said to myself I don’t like this thing,back for sale. No I’ve never owned a CK but have seen lots on the range they all shot.
  3. At 9.6 you must be loading 115 gr bullets, in my gun I load 8.2 with 124 gr. I still have some of the same but looks less than your pict.
  4. What I was thinking 9.9.3
  5. You never said it was new,, if that’s the case send it back, or try a new spring .
  6. I had one no problems with it.
  7. I have a buddy that’s has to carry one of those epi pen, that would have been a bad day .
  8. A smith 625 with 200 gr coated
  9. Slow moving heavy bullets
  10. Never trusted 200 in my Glock . then I know a master shooter that’s been shooting a glock with lead and coated bullets for years. but that was just me,
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