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  1. Happy to say , I just had one.. All good. always thought about this thread. Maybe we should call him the good Doctor. Dr, Martin thanks.
  2. EEH

    Next Level GM

    I have seen a couple of your videos,, you move pretty darn good , to be as you say 350 ?
  3. There are two videos about Jerry. In the second one MD decided since He never fired a shot , HE got reshoot.
  4. EEH

    9mm Brass

    Sent you a pm..
  5. EEH

    Anyone care ?

    Nothing will ever replace your Brother, all we can do is remember the good times. I lost mine and still think of him. Sorry for your loss. Yes we all care ! God speed my brother.
  6. Four years later and I’m still the pit master— at least at my house — turkey in February
  7. Just replace the link, look for any problems and keep shooting.
  8. That’s a lottttta brass!
  9. EEH

    SVI old mags

    At one time old Sv mags brought a premium price, not so much anymore. with mbx,and Sti now working out of the box. Things change equipment gets better, still Sv in my opinion are a cut above most others.
  10. When I process 9 mm brass, I put the lee U die in station 1 and a hornady die in station 3 and run all brass thru that, then clean and then load with no lube, the car polish in my cleaner gives it just enough to aid in loading. I still run the U die just in case I miss one along the way.
  11. Don’t shoot 40 anymore, can’t say the same thing now I’m shooting 9 major. Hundo gauge and all.
  12. Out of the last 10 to 20,000 rounds I shot in three different Sti guns, I rolled ( 0 ) none, can’t remember having a bad bullet. maybe I’m lucky.
  13. I’ve got some old Dawson +2 base pads with 11 coil spring, don’t know which is longer but they work.
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