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  1. You guys make me feel like I missed out on a great guy. Have talked to him here. RIP.
  2. Well I’m not a moderator but I can see it coming. Forest Gump said that’s all I got to say about that .
  3. A few years ago people picking up brass would step over 9mm, and look for 40, or 45, now you can’t find enough 40 to load and shoot a match. But Shoot what you like.
  4. While I tend to agree with you, these #’s are from NC . state match This past weekend. co—88 open — 56 pcc — 44 just saying they not going away .
  5. I’ve got some of my Dad’s , still in box .
  6. That’s what he said, still funny.
  7. That’s like I told a new shooter one time to shoot the bottom plate on a Texas star first it’s the way we all do it. Lesson learned. just so you know from past post, clean load and shoot .
  8. I shoot two matches that has that round count almost every month .
  9. I used it, it’s Loud. Why don’t know.
  10. Old dogs, children and watermelon wine. Great music story teller legend,, Tom T. Hall has passed away. always loved his music.
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