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  1. EEH


    I got around $15.00 but I had a bunch of other copper. Wouldn’t do it just for primers, but right on road to town.
  2. EEH


    I just took 32 lbs to scrap yard.
  3. All this dearness talk about DQ,, last stage 81 shooters shoot 6 rounds reload ,,,,, BANG 3rd time well let’s just say in a loooooonnnng. time.
  4. Didn’t even know the rules, but if that was his decision, I would have stayed and watched. After all I had a new nylon holster. went to RO school and I would recommend it to anyone who plays this game.
  5. When I first started in fact my first match. I was shooting revolver with speed loaders, well I was going to cowboy the first shot. When the buzzer went off, I grabbed my 686 cocked the hammer out of my nylon holster touched the trigger and bang about half way to target which was close. RO (ranger master ) unload show clear, go set down take a breath reload your speed loader I’ll call you in a few minutes. Then he went over a couple things, and I finished the match. I went probably 10 years before it happened again. That did me more good than just telling me To go home . We both still shoot.
  6. EEH


    I was just in bass pro, and they don’t even have a reloading section anymore, had 8 boxes of shotgun shells on rolling cart. That’s all I saw.
  7. I’m a little over 3000,, that’s a lot of talking!
  8. I can find plenty of primers,, for my 50 cal black powder rifle..
  9. Looking at prices I’ve thought about selling primers, it getting ridiculous
  10. I was just on their website and they show cci primers in stock along with 9 mm ammo, at 17 bucks a box. Have you bought from them before ? primers 59$99 per 1000
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