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  1. Only time I saw this was when screw was loose.
  2. EEH

    Brass Question

    Looks like military to me yes
  3. EEH

    We need everything

    Thought you’d like that.
  4. I see one of donnyglock’s gun shoot about twice a month, a lot of machine work, If I were to have one built he would do it.
  5. Member here ( donnyglock ) now venom custom ,, buddy of mine shoots one of his guns, runs great.
  6. Everything has a purpose.
  7. I love that hard chrome one
  8. I shot a match last week that had a full retreat stage, I mean you started all the way on back fault line. I like trying to figure a way to get to front take longer shots or move down range. Everyone on my squad shot it fine with several different ways to shoot it. I’ve no problem with them.
  9. Did you see I only need 7 more post to have 3000.
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