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  1. Springs I think will be fine but need new followers, old followers are a little shorter.
  2. New Sti mags don’t need spacers .
  3. According to their web site they have already closed
  4. 101 and counting
  5. 8 # my gun is also wet with oil, wet
  6. One of the best picks. congrats. DR Martin
  7. Doc. Martin, Looks like you may be planning your Retirement 🛠
  8. My dog sitting in the floor growling at me because he wants to go outside.
  9. At one time I had a full ride from H&H Enterprises he paid everything. me
  10. Every time I called any company to get sponsor for a match for prize table, they remind how many people are looking for freebies .
  11. EEH

    Cancer Free

    I know how that feels.. congratulations and remember who cured U .
  12. EEH

    Nickel Brass

    NO,, I’ve loaded it in 9,38,357,9major.45 acp. when I shot my 625, I used it all the time. It will split sometime, but I usually loose it before then.
  13. EEH


    Carry optics’s may be a choice !
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