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  1. The 6” gun I had, had the reverse plug in it used standard springs .
  2. Ashley may not be the fastest on the range but when all the dust settles she in usually on top. Im like radar Tech I shot at her range a lot and she beat my behind nearly every match. All minor. Really great shooter,
  3. Hated to miss this one but my back just wouldn’t let me. good shooting , this one’s never easy.
  4. Still don’t see how to delete them
  5. Under my name EEH click and manage attachment is there
  6. Send me the money for safe keeping and shoot the canik .
  7. 6”or new 4 1/4” love colt
  8. Well it’s like this, when I was young and entered a room or field of people I always wondered how many were going to like me. Now I wonder how many of you people I’m going to like. But back to the complaint I’m like zzt, must be shooting with a special crowd. just finished the South Carolina state match, although my match was cut short by twisted ankle again this year like last year I met and talked to some nice people.. find another sport.
  9. Yes,, the company makes two different kind of primers, I don’t think they could just put that label on them.
  10. That’s exactly the answer I would have expected.
  11. If you don’t mind me saying,, you’ve already made it to GM level. Loosing 80 pounds is much harder than some pistol game.. Congratulations
  12. Well I just finished up the last 30,000 and not one single dud. Now I have a buddy that has had a few bad ones.
  13. That makes all those Sti guns antiques now And Antique are worth a lot.
  14. Everyone on board or drown.
  15. Call or e mail lee, they’ll send you new one. Or they did me.
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