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  1. We had the match in Jan and the Feb match is the 13th...9:30 hammer down at Coyote Arms range in Edinburg.
  2. Trace if you make to the Valley sometime let me know...We shoot runNgun during the week and every other weekend. https://www.facebook.com/groups/142207869321238 Repete: The IDPA club is brand new and the first shoot will be in Jan! Yes it's the VALLEY IDPA and it's run by Ricardo Quiroga from Brownsville, tx. By the way pull up coyote on practiscore and you can see what all we shoot.
  3. I know this is old thread, but a guy is starting IDPA in Edinburg tx out at Coyote Arms Range...every 2nd sat of the month
  4. You are correct the edc 9 pro does but it's little brother the EDC X9 series does not.
  5. Does not matter what anyone thinks, the ok has already been give by HQ if a 2011 from the factory has only a beaver tail then the gun is legal! If HQ would have not deemed it legal than the wilson XDC 9 series 1911/2011ish pistol would not be legal! So Repete it does look like he has found a 1908!
  6. I love the fact I can order a cheely 2011 that has a non-functional beavertail but I can't put it on my 2011. I am guessing this fits under the same rule that the wilson edc 9 series does not have a functional beavertail. But it still built around a 1911 concept. I am glad SVI has a 2011 with a non-functional beavertail also from the factory.
  7. But you now can order a pistol from cheely custom with a non functioning grip safety and that's legal because their new grips don't have it!
  8. Oh man, Max was a great guy! He was a winter Texan with us down in South Texas for number of years. He will be missed! God's Speed Max!
  9. Just got back into Open after years of shooting SS..Man I was lucky, a guy that I reload for had the most awesome safe Queen. Had the gun built and before it got here began shooting another brand gun..I have been the only person to fire the gun since he got in 2014, 25 rounds for load development....LOL He put back in the safe and in Sept of 2016 my wife's Open went down and he loaned it to her for a local shoot. The next day it was ours, I stole it from her to start shooting Open...Man that thing is a dream to drive! I have found one thing My big ass thumb rides the slide! BCG thumb Guard or
  10. non of the stages are 24 rounds at our weekly match...28 and 32 rounds. It was so nice reloading in the same spot all the Limited guys were reloading!
  11. I have been telling people for a couple years. But all I hear, I will do it by hand, I bought the same thing for 30.00 and it works sometimes or I will just get an RF100. I love my Pal Filler and have loaded over 100k in primers without any problems.
  12. Eric, I broke an ear off mine. Dillon just sent me a new and the one big thing I noticed was the relief groove was missing on the bottom of the main shaft for clearance. Did your new shaft have it?
  13. Tuesday night was the first time i felt competitive in a long time! Like I said first time out with my buddy's gun and I had loads of fun..
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