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  1. Oh man, Max was a great guy! He was a winter Texan with us down in South Texas for number of years. He will be missed! God's Speed Max!
  2. Ok I have a chain drive 1050 that I use for resizing and depriming 9mm and 38 comp only. I notice that I still have nicks on the rim of mainly the 9mm. If I want I can sell the 1050 and get a case pro! Just not sure it it would make that much of a difference. I run the chain drive at 2400 rounds an hr!
  3. Just got back into Open after years of shooting SS..Man I was lucky, a guy that I reload for had the most awesome safe Queen. Had the gun built and before it got here began shooting another brand gun..I have been the only person to fire the gun since he got in 2014, 25 rounds for load development....LOL He put back in the safe and in Sept of 2016 my wife's Open went down and he loaned it to her for a local shoot. The next day it was ours, I stole it from her to start shooting Open...Man that thing is a dream to drive! I have found one thing My big ass thumb rides the slide! BCG thumb Guard ordered this morning.
  4. I will give it shot! Slow is no problem just punching paper.
  5. Just got 1k of 40gr noslers free, looking for a good hoser load on paper targets 50 yards and under for our carbine matches...I have a bunch of BLC-2 and 8208. Anyone have a starting point?
  6. The Dillon 1050 of the shotgun world...That is the "Buy Once Cry Once" Spolar Gold 12ga reloader! Trust me 200k plus reloades and Every other Shotshell loader is playing for 2nd place!...LOL
  7. I bought 2 of the tables from Sams and i love them
  8. Ok I use my mr bullet feeder and fill pvc pipe just like filling a primer tube. flip it and pull the pin! Works awesome and I do almost 100 at a time.
  9. South Texas group will make our 12hr trip! Best match of the year!
  10. A7 is Super fine and very dense powder, not my powder of choice for 9mm major but I have run it! 10.0gr is pretty common and safe load for 115gr major. My choice is HS6 or SP2 for 9 major! This was my 38 super load for years 11.8 grains of AA 7 under a 115 Zero HP
  11. Kevin I have a box of 5 cmores leaving the today for repair. I was told yesterday it's a 1 to 1 1/2 week turn around. Just include a note and tell them problems.
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