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  1. Any thoughts on where to fly into? Providence isn't far - just not sure how easy/hard it is to fly in or out of Providence, RI with a firearm. I could fly into Manchester, but that's a heck of a drive down to Dartmouth...
  2. Yeah, I'd seen that - was hoping to find some in stock somewhere. They're out of stock at all the usual places...
  3. Anyone have a line on them? Could use about 3...
  4. I have no idea how it works for a World Shoot, man. In the US, they'd pay the organizing body for the match - for USPSA Nationals, that's USPSA. USPSA then has a contract with the venue and with whomever is match director, etc. For the World Shoot, it's likely that all slot payments go to IPSC, and they've contracted w/ Frank in similar fashion.
  5. Thanks, Chuck - sounds like we got shorted a little bit. He'd thought we were supposed to get 75 originally.
  6. Anyone heard anything about the distribution of the other 23 slots, yet? My emails to USPSA HQ are going unanswered, at this point... Not finding anything on a search here, either.
  7. Jamie, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there, brother. Dave
  8. This should be obvious, and I apologize for the stupid question... (hey, I worked 440+ hours last month, so I'm a little tired ) The match is a single day format, right? I'm squadded on a squad that indicates Sunday at 9am, so that means I shoot the whole match on Sunday? Just double checking before I book a flight! What a rookie question...
  9. I've seen this some on my iPad once I updated to iOS 6, as well. Seems to be a bug in Safari... Chrome doesn't do it...
  10. On the 25y sprints, so far it's about .5 to .75 seconds. (roughly 15%) On the sprawl shuttle, it averages about 3-4 seconds. (roughly 18%) On the Container drill, it averages about 1.5 seconds. (roughly 8%) I've still got data coming from a few folks - once I have that, I'll post some final numbers and analysis. The Container drill is perhaps most like our typical physical challenge level (albeit, longer duration than we usually encounter), and is definitely more technical than the other two.
  11. There's a solid argument, though, Matt, that if you push yourself to the point of puking, you've actually crossed a line in intensity - especially if it's mid-workout (because you just destroyed your power output by stopping to puke). A lot of people wear that as a badge of toughness - I'm not so sure it's not a badge of stupidity Finding that line and riding it can be hard to do, though. Ex-wrestlers always seem to be habitual line-steppers, so...
  12. We've been gathering some data this week. The tests we're running (3 different physical tests, repeated 2-4 times each) are, at best, approximations of things that we encounter in shooting this game. This is not scientific study, obviously. I could shoot all kinds of holes in it. Nonetheless, the data is interesting, so far. Once we're done, I'll post it up here in full (along with some video - in fact, if you want, go check out http://www.youtube.com/davere1 and you can see the three tests in action - and yes, it really sucks ass trying to get off the ground when you weigh 265!... thank God I could lose 45# in a big hurry after that hell) Anyone who thinks that you can be super fit and step out on the range and excel against everyone else out there without having very sharp shooting skills is missing the point - as are the people who think that fitness level makes no difference. What the data I'm gathering seems to be showing is that exactly how much difference actually depends upon how technical the movement is vs. how all out physical it is (and how much movement there is vs. the shooting). So far, we see less difference in times between unweighted and weighted efforts if the movement is more technical (the "Container" drill being the most technical movement, and possibly the drill that best approximates our game's typical challenge). However - so far, there's always a difference.
  13. That is EXACTLY why I specifically called your attention to this thread via PM, you cross-fit training animal!!! I knew you couldn't resist the challenge. Heh... more like, I'm intrigued to find out what the differences would be... and I can probably drag a few fools volunteers in to provide additional data points, too... It would be interesting to see what they come up with, too...
  14. Snatch grip deadlift. Grab a couple 45 (plates, not 1911s) in your finger tips and farmer carry them. Lots of stuff to play with. Fat bars suck... LOL...
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