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  1. converting to 9 from 38sc with gen 1 str mags. got spacers and grams guts for them. with 4-7mm pads, the spacers slide up and down. no way to have the spacer go below the length of the mag or you can't get the base pad off. loading mags means the spacer moves up & down. would rather not glue them, but any other secret i'm missing?
  2. there is non-stop from eugene to ft lauderdale.
  3. c'man guys-it's embarrassing enuf to get caught shooting a rifle at a pistol match.
  4. wow-glad yer ok. another reason for collet pullers.
  5. dillon recommends shell plate #3 for 223, not #5.
  6. i sure miss 3 gun, and by that i don't mean multi-gun. 3 shotgun, 3 rifle and 3 pistol stages had a winner in each weapon. aggregate and it was for overall. yes, that's the way it used to be for you young folks.
  7. my $.02 worth- i shoot a lot of 3 gun and some majors are a joke. i can tell you one that i won't return to had mini targets covered with no-shoots so you were shooting head only off hand at 50-60 yds and that was a sh%tload of targets. add to that 110 yd rifle spinners, 80 yd slug spinners, etc. basically match directors have gone ape trying to make a match worthy by having a million shots, all 3 guns on every stage, multi bay stages, etc. not saying those are bad, but all together in every stage is dumb. there are only a few majors worth shooting any more, and they still sell out in hours. the rest can go to die.
  8. the book is $43. i have never paid $43 for any book, ever.
  9. That horse left the barn a long time ago. I do miss those days.
  10. have shot 38s/sc since forever. i am curious why 9major guns need inserts, say for early STI mags. if the loads are OAL almost as long as 38s/sc, why the need for inserts? have always wondered...
  11. Pretty much every year at Superstition
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