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  1. yes, you can back off the latch arm, but only couple turns. but do polish the upper side of the latch that contacts the slot in the mag.
  2. great design-now all you need to do is make those gas components 2 piece so we can take them off the barrel & clean them.
  3. could not find any video regarding that.
  4. Thanx, Tim. I assume the comp still has to come off every time you wanna clean the gas system?
  5. necessarily there goes the threads...
  6. shot open, basically, since mid 80's. had a limited gun built a few years ago and find it a hoot to shoot, even with aging eyes. so i do both now.
  7. The Briley Choke tube wrench works perfectly.
  8. ordered 2 months ago-it has never shipped. starting to wonder now.
  9. there is a way to remove the barrel without removing the comp, but you would not be able to get to the gas system unless you did. i wish someone would make a larger handguard that would slide over the comp.
  10. credit craig outzen for this. its zeo toxon insulation wrap.
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