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  1. great idea, but the Beard will never let that happen. he likes 50 divisions so he can tout a classification in each.
  2. they are out in the wild, just have to be vigilant. #brownell's,#discord
  3. was the aforementioned sub-squad summarily beaten after the match? asking for a friend...
  4. scored 5K cci SRP from brownell's yesterday.
  5. The recession is now starting as a result of ammo. Shotgun shells are the new unicorn.
  6. western states match in reno, back in like 1990. match hotel, guys in room next to me dry firing. one guy (a pistolsmith whose name i will not disclose) lit one off in the room. into the headboard of the bed. propped up pillows the next day.
  7. ray was one of a kind-pioneered the upside down c-more. tragic death to this day.
  8. slide is DLC black, gas piston ring in tiAn.
  9. had slides, comps, bolts done-all great.
  10. lots have changed. look at the distances of outer limits and speed option, back in my day.
  11. kinda what i used to do many moons ago when i actually practiced the match. made a graphic layout of the stages at the time (1999), laid out the marked rope and would place a stage down, shoot it for score, then reset to the next stage. would shoot the match cold, twice each day. 98S_C Layout.pdf
  12. https://www.pvdamerica.com/gun-coating/ these guys are great and turnaround is like 3 days. bit pricy, but worth it.
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