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  1. been doing this since 1985 and i still dump mine in 100 round boxes. easy way to check primers and such.
  2. had a guy have his entire 3gun rig fall off during a stage...with a hot pistol in it. there's a video somewhere up on youtube. long story short, trip tp dairy queen.
  3. Sweeping only applies when the gun is in the hand. In a bag is not in the hand. That's why you should be verifying orientation before removing the gun i understand the rules just fine- i still don't enjoy people pointing gun bags (read ppc) at me.
  4. do you have any idea how many people sweep themselves when un bagging while the gun is in a bag? i know, it's in a bag so it can't go bang.
  5. all of the above. also, do the magazine hack on tandemkross' site before you have to.
  6. The one I pre-ordered states 4-4.5 lbs. you guys make another?
  7. i especially liked the end where he and the asian dude were rolling around a ton of broken glass and neither got a cut.
  8. Lots of face shooting. Lots and lots.
  9. since no one makes and extended safety, it ain't pretty, but a little JB weld later...
  10. don't do loctite if you plan on changing chokes. anti-seize works wonders though.
  11. did u encounter random lite hits?  so you cut 4 and it helped??

  12. i have light strikes with the factory springs. thinking about trimming the firing pin spring-it's pretty stout.
  13. take a fine file and break all the inside edges of the mag lips, then polish them with a cratex tip in a dremel. you'll be amazed at how easy shells come off the mags.
  14. Shoot enuf 3 gun and you will see.
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