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  1. in my case, i always preferred to run the entire match, all stages, cold. but i ran them twice b4 changing the stage. if i had an issue with a stage, when i was done shooting the match, i would practice on that age till i ran out of ammo.
  2. guitar world lost a big man today. listening to Mountain right now-RIP Lesie.
  3. yep. once you reach 50 posts, we'll send you a link.
  4. did that and never get notifications. gotta look manually.
  5. Right handed. 1-2-3-4-S. That rectangle is way easier to hit coming into the next box. Worth the transition from 4 to stop plate.
  6. all my primers go below flush on all calibers i load on my 650. you should check that your stem is fully seated. i know from doing primer changes back and forth from small to large that it is possible to not fully seat that stem.
  7. how is full metal jacket anything other than a comedy? oh yea, you were in the army.
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