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  1. That horse left the barn a long time ago. I do miss those days.
  2. have shot 38s/sc since forever. i am curious why 9major guns need inserts, say for early STI mags. if the loads are OAL almost as long as 38s/sc, why the need for inserts? have always wondered...
  3. Pretty much every year at Superstition
  4. dude-yer still a beast...and those dudes are getting older.
  5. nationals prize tables probably some of the worst you will ever see. head out early, unless you want a camp shovel.
  6. mic the rim-there i a difference...
  7. after many, many years of 38SC, am now having my gun rebarreled to 9. i'm liking the idea of just shooting and letting it lay.
  8. well, i got a couple of the first chip mccormick frames and the serial numbers were SS 021 & SS 022.
  9. never had issue #1, but the lyman "M" die is what takes care of #2.
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