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  1. yer about to get 50 different answers, so i'll go first. CMC single stage has been absolutely solid on 2 guns for about 4 yrs now...price point is great.
  2. mounted both case feeder and bullet feeder to pipes. rock solid.
  3. Gen 1 mags built like trucks-been running just fine since chip mccormick sold them in 1992.
  4. how about the new rule 10.4.8-if it's a pcc at a pistol match, it's a DQ, period.
  5. by required, you mean what? there are major matches that are NOT allowing any refunds regardless.
  6. meanwhile everybody touches the tape, paint, plates, nooks, etc.
  7. Here’s what we got from SMM3Gun- SMM3G/COVID-19 No, COVID-19 is not the match theme this year (though we wish we'd thought of it). However, with the news media infected with pandemic-fever and the store shelves devoid of TP, we wanted to send you an update: ▪ We are 3-gunners - nothing as small as a virus is going to intimidate us. The match is going ahead as planned. ▪ As of today, there are only 3 confirmed cases in Maricopa county (1 recovered, 2 active) out of a population of 4.4M. ▪ We recommend you follow CDC guidelines by washing your hands often (with water and soap for at least 20 seconds), not touching your face, and avoiding sick people. We have ordered extra hand washing stations. If you can find hand sanitizer, feel free to use it. ▪ Please avoid unnecessary interpersonal contact. Obviously, many of us are old friends that only meet a few times a year, but normal greetings (hugging, shaking hands etc.) do present a significantly heightened risk. Fist-bumping is safer than hand-shaking, but the latest recommendation is to maintain a distance of 6-feet and avoid physical contact altogether. ▪ If you think you may have been exposed (e.g. recently visited a hot-spot, been in contact with an infected person etc.), or if you are suffering symptoms (fever, cough etc.), please contact us before traveling to the match. If you have any specific concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Best regards The SMM3G Team ©2020 SMM3gun | SMM3G Like Tweet Web Version Forward Unsubscribe Powered by GoDaddy Email Marketing ®
  8. there are so few signed up for the MG nats, they could whack that match and no one would notice.
  9. outerlimits


    no-4.4.1 sez min caliber is 9x19
  10. That’s nothing. Mine are drilled to .132
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