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  1. yep-start with 600 grit, all the way to 2000 grit. little finish buffing and they are mirror like.
  2. been a while, but i think if there are two pieces of glass, that would be 2 optics.
  3. lemme guess, you are a D class production shooter that never learned to reload.
  4. these were .223 NBT's going about 2970fps...
  5. Not to mention the amazing groups you can shoot while doing so...
  6. this is genius-let's just go back to when we started this game. and while we're at it, dump the kids, cops, seniors, non-binary categories. run what ya brung!
  7. Agreed...but rap is worse.
  8. “I would dq *all* rifle shooters.“ LMAO!
  9. The real question is was the RO 6’ away from the shooter...
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