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  1. The real question is was the RO 6’ away from the shooter...
  2. years ago i was reloading on my 550 and right at down stroke there is a huge bang. same thing, check fingers, check drawers, deaf, etc. turns out it was my double garage door spring deciding to break. great timing.
  3. shannon should have used all half sized targets, after all, those were rifles!
  4. had this happen on the last stage of a major...single shot AR. couldn't figure it out on the 4 hr drive home. next day went to clean the gun, split it in half and happen to look into the lower and staring me in the face was a spent primer that had lodged itself under the rear of the trigger. bizarre.
  5. lemme get this straight, you shot a rifle at a rifle match and expected it to be a pistol match?
  6. shout out to Todd-his brass arrived and it was perfect! it's a ton of brass, all shiny. just gotta spend a day depriming.
  7. i've flown to the 3 gun nationals with 400 rds of pistol and 400 rds of rifle in one suitcase. southwest never cares.
  8. Easy to mod-little file work and polish eliminates the problem entirely.
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