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  1. take a fine file and break all the inside edges of the mag lips, then polish them with a cratex tip in a dremel. you'll be amazed at how easy shells come off the mags.
  2. someone has to make something to change chokes on this thing. unscrewing the comp in a match and then "timing" it after swapping chokes is gonna suck.
  3. mine worked without any mods. some mag wells may not allow it without trimming the well or the upper part of the drum.
  4. doing it from hands above shoulders is a whole other game...
  5. 19 rd mags are in-get em while you can!
  6. had mine for almost a month and it really sucks to shoot. it came with 2 heavy load gas rings and no light one. so it's a single shot shotgun unless i run hot stuff. but it's also a single shot cause they failed to ship it with a mag release spring. so i can't even seat a mag. tried putting a spring into it but the ar version is too light and the mag comes out on recoil. have called and emailed ria for the parts but have yet to get any response. so it just sits in the safe.
  7. this is the best sturdy mount for the hero 7. it is far and away there most stable. https://www.shapeways.com/product/QERAH3XE8/hat-mount-gopro-hero-5-6-7
  8. i believe he was porting the barrel...i'm talking about opening the gas ports.
  9. toying with the idea of opening up one of the gas ports a little. used to be the only way to get gas guns to do light loads.
  10. it was time to move from vegas, but frostproof is a s&$thole for 3 gun. attendance definitely down. dunno where else they could go.
  11. Our friends at Magpul could make a killing on these. And first company out of the gate with a trigger is gonna make a fortune.
  12. mds are the same-mine is a MKIV.
  13. went thru this last year-most likely mag related. try this with a mag and see if it does the trick. i ended up doing all my mags this way. problem solved.
  14. I’ll take the comp

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