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  1. shot the razor 1x6 for many years. wanted a bit more magnification as some of the matches have 500+. jumped on the 1x10 razor when it was released and really like it. the reticle (EBR-9), although a bit busy compared to the JM-1, is an improvement. having hash marks at 50yd increments AND windage hashes is the sh%t. YMMV, but at 66, i needed a little more magnification. having said that, 10x kills the eye box and gives me a halo in the edges. but i do luv 7&8x.
  2. 51 years ago-miss this guy.
  3. i see mike shoot every gun imaginable, and very well i might add.
  4. and who knows...maybe the new prez will push to go back to having a 3gun nationals, not ppc/rifle games.
  5. if u have been in the bush, you would know that is a ridiculous question.
  6. same thing out here on the left coast. unless you shoot 28 gauge, forget shotgun ammo. there are more primers than shot shells.
  7. my take has been uspsa saw the SC as a cash cow of pure numbers, which is why it grabbed the organization. in truth, the core could care less as the crossover is small. i can see the argument for a separate BOD, but it makes little sense at this point. a spin off would justify it, but not as a piece of the org.
  8. you should shoot with a super squad once in awhile...
  9. ron-just get a Boss hanger and attach it to an els fork. i did that with a kydex holster for 3 gun.
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