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  1. Thank you Doug My daughter made a post for me too https://www.facebook.com/jamie.foote.75 something I found out today is, it is so very painful to hear the question " How Are You"
  2. I think the biggest thing is the Sales guys are supposed to read them too. A good sales man will help a person find what fits there needs the best, and still get close to the budget. I think its not good sales to leave out what the next best step in quality.
  3. IF you thought that the Razor lacked any thing in the 1X eye box it would be in how you focused it to your eye. The 1-6 Razor has a eye box that "when set for your vision" is very Clear- Sharp- and a True 1X setting. Setting the eye box Ocular ring to your what ever correction your eye requires is not a quick set "close enough" job. Just like at the eye Dr. sets lenses for best vision for you , The Eye box on the 1-6 needs to be fine set for you vision. When its not right your eye , or at least a young persons eye will flex and reset to make up for it being Off. when the eye box is wrong, and depending on how good your eyes are that may take 0.25 seconds or like me it will take 1.5 seconds and only hold nice and clear until my eyes get tired with the scopes eye box set wrong. With the eye box set for my vision = I can spend hrs looking through my scope setting the gun up for small shots with very little eye strain. When the eye box is set rite a shooter can see at 100 yards much better at 1X than with the naked eye. for someone like me being almost 57 years old = I can see even at 30 - 50 to 100 yards better trough the scope at 1X than with my naked eye. Let me know if I helped you out, or just confused you more. Jamie
  4. This is an explanation of why you wont see me at an event for a while. I am a very Luck Man. Please do not post in and express any sorrow for me. I am Lucky to have so many friends I will miss at shooting events. Luck to have Sponsor like Vortex Optics and JP rifles. But most of all Luck to have a live Wife that can talk and laugh and loves me. Just a few weeks back that was something that not such a sure thing. Linda is into her 4th week of Radiation treatment for Brain Cancer, after having a tumor the size of lemon removed from her brain. She is getting Chemo every day, and will continue to get Chemo for one year. Her recovery is the only thing that is my focus. As she recovers this next few months, I will adjust my focus to Building her retirement home on our land in Colorado. So I am taking a leave from the 3 gun events for at least one year. My good friend Doug Johnson will be picking up my Vortex Colors at the events. my friends at Vortex said I would stay a part of the Vortex family and I will remain very proud to represent them in any way that I can. Linda is doing very good and staying strong with the Heart and Determination of Hercules. I am going to de every thing I can to help her reach her dreams. Jamie
  5. Cool Pat , The only problem with the 1-6 Razor is ....we cant blame a low finish on the gun. 1st is cool. How many guys lined up to see the scope?
  6. Life happens when your making other plans. Draw the one you love closer.
  7. The ring is stiff even after a year. But I don't notice it as a problem any more. I have the MGM lever clocked with the leaver at the * O clock position for 1X . I catch it open handed in the web between my thumb and finger to push it up and over for 6X. I roll the gun just a bit to the left with my right hand as I push the throw ring over with my open left hand. The 3 Gun Stuff ring is fine if you like to hook it with just your finger or thrumb
  8. I did a search and did not find a hit on 60 Round surefire mags for Tac Optics class. I saw the rules said "Traditional stager mags"
  9. I was on my way to Colorado about 120 miles from San Antonio = the front wheel bearing dumped out in my truck. I was towing my 5th wheel camper and had many tools in the truck to do repairs for my step mother. Had to find a place that would let me store my camper and get a tow truck for my Dodge. a good friend loaned me his truck after I got my tools unloaded for safe keeping. This Disappointing set back put me 13 hrs too late to my Dads death bed. But my Step Mom had a friend with her. Its going to make it real hard to have sympathy when a squad buddy starts to complain about a jamb on a stage.
  10. First "pleas do Not post in and say your sorry" I am a lucky man I had the joy to know a great man, that I can honestly say was the wisest man I have ever known. some things he could teach me and others he could not, but he taught me to search for something better in my self. My Father was not perfect. I will never be as intelligent as he was. BUT I am learning to be a better Man than he was, even if it take the rest of my life Love to all my friends Jamie Please don't post in and say your sorry, I am a very lucky man "Congratulations are closer to whats in order" And no he did not know how to teach me to spell
  11. I will be missing this one and friends I had hoped to see. But Life duties call for me, to be with the greatest man I know.
  12. Dang , ...Dry and Hot , IF you could just provide some humidity I would be just like home. Dry ground & Wet air
  13. I run one in a Rifle stock with the included spacer Its very good
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