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  1. I have left the lifter alone on my Vinci. It has not been an issue like the M2 lifters were before. I think with the quads and load 2 methods being most popular now, the welded lifter is less essential than it was when everyone was weak hand loading.
  2. I have been running a Vinci 24" speedbolt with a X-Rail magazine for a year and my shotgun work has improved quite a bit. It loads easy once you open up the port and the recoil is straight back. I have a 1301 and a M2 that don't shoot as well for me as the Vinci. Now that the safety extensions are available, it will be a perfect setup for me.
  3. I don't think you can buy the Kahles in the US, so I would lean towards the Z6i. I have 2 of them and they are hands down the biggest game changer of any equipment I have purchased.
  4. Got hung up on a work project and didn't sign up until 10:30pm. I guess I will miss my first Pro Am in 4 years.
  5. I grease my choke threads every time I change them or clean the gun. I keep a tube of bacon grease from the shooting chef in my case for application of the grease. You also get a nice bacon smell after 10 rounds of ammo heating the barrel.
  6. I saw the movie last Sunday and it was extremely well done. I read the book and the movie followed the book as close as possible to keep it under 2 hours. You will not be disappointed when the movie is fully released.
  7. I just built this one with a QC10 lower. It has a BHO feature that works with the Glock magazines. It has a 5.5" barrel and a JP bolt.
  8. I have an extra DMW from my M2 I can pass on. It's like new so PM me if you like.
  9. The Swaro BRT reticle is the easiest reticle I have ever used. I know where all of my holds are up to 600 yards, and the glass is incredible. I handled a USO and it was pretty heavy. The Z6i doesn't add much weight to my rifles. I love the Swaro so much that I have one for my other backup JP rifle.
  10. This was my 3rd Pro Am, and I had a great time shooting with friends and catching up with other shooters I haven't seen in a while. I appreciate the work from Linda, Gary, RO's, and the entire Rock Castle staff. I didn't shoot my best match, but that's on me, so I know what I need to practice for next year. I will say that was one of the hottest and most humid conditions I have ever shot in, so hats off to the RO staff that had to bear those conditions all weekend. The cold cave was a great place to cool off between stages, as well as a place to sit on the wall in the evening for adult beverages and cigars. I want to thank all the sponsors and vendors that gave their time and products for the prize table. I only hope that someday the Rock Castle lodge can upgrade the air conditioner so I can get my room below 80 degrees. That was a little rough, but I fought through and made the best of it. See you guys at FNH next month!
  11. I have a full set of Briley chokes, including the diffusion. The Beretta uses the Optima HP like GunCat stated.
  12. I had no problems what so ever knocking down heavy poppers with Federal FC 00 ammo with an IC choke this weekend at practice. The popper was set heavy enough that it took 3-4 9mm hits at 40 yards to put it down. The Remington ammo one of my friends had took a couple of hits because it spread pretty fast. The Federal FC ammo had 6 pellets on the big part of the popper.
  13. You don't need the clamp Tina. Just run the shotgun without it.
  14. Blade tech WRS 6" from the shooters source is what I use with my 5.4" SV.
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