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  1. I've gotten the Noslers from Wideners and the Hornadys from Mid South Shooter's Supply. Check for sales at both. Sierra bullets I have bought from O.K. Weber, although, I recently saw that Otto had passed.:(
  2. Don't waste your time or money on targets out to only 350. I've been using Nosler Ballistic Tip and Hornady V-Max out to 550 at Rocky Mountain 3 Gun for several years. The only reason for more than 55 grain bullets are the matches that have a love of spinners.
  3. Nosler Ballistic Tips and Hornady VMax will give match bullet accuracy with less drag. I'm sure Sierra Blitz King are in the same league. I've only seen the VMax in boxes of 250, ZMax if you can find them are in boxes of 500. Same bullet, different color tip. You didn't mention the intended purpose of your loads. Matches, varmints or something else?
  4. It's a bit annoying that the newer target is the "classic" where the older is not.
  5. A couple years ago, a mutual friend of 1Chota and I, tossed the idea of the Garand at me for us to shoot HeMan. A Model 97 or Model 12 in trench gun configuration for the shotgun part would be one fun time. We'd both wind up shooting Benellis, rather than go nuts and broke on either of the Winchesters.
  6. I have both versions. All the plastic ones run, most of the metal ones do.
  7. I do hope the match is able to come back. I shot it in 2009 and had a great time.
  8. They are made for Glocks, not a dedicated PCC mag, even if that is the targeted market.
  9. It's not crazy. Dillon used to sell a coupler to put 2 30 round Pmags together. I made a coupler that works with 2 27 round 9mm Pmags together, holds 51 rounds, and runs.
  10. Couple 2 of them base to base, probably will get around 70 rounds in it easily.
  11. The barrel is the biggest weight reduction possiblity. You don't mention the brand or contour.
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