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  1. Dan Sierpina

    Best 223 die for Dillon XL 650

    Dillon makes carbide rifle dies for longevity. You still have to lube bottle neck cases. Not lubing can still result in stuck cases. This was told to me by a Dillon rep years ago. Pistol carbide dies don't require lube because they only use a short ring to size the case body.
  2. Dan Sierpina

    Hello from Connecicut

    Welcome! What are your interests and where do you shoot now?
  3. Dan Sierpina

    AR magwells

    GB is the only other one I"m familiar with. I think Shooters Source carries them.
  4. Dan Sierpina

    STI Hammer Not Locking Back

    Check that the screws that hold the grip on are tight. Put Loctite 242 on the screws.
  5. As one that doesn't really trust technology, I checked Practiscore in advance. I got my reply at 5:48 AM for my team.
  6. I got rid of the foam, then wrapped bicycle handle bar wrap over strips of the same material. I built it up 3/8' inch or so.
  7. Dan Sierpina

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    I hope so too. I shot it in 2009.
  8. Dan Sierpina

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    Western States Single Stack at Rio Salado.
  9. Dan Sierpina

    New revo shooter

    Welcome! I don't shoot revolver, but, there are some very good shooters in that game on the forum.
  10. Dan Sierpina

    What slugs for Dissident?

    Dillon Precision carries B&P slugs by the box of 25. They are very accurate. I'd get a box and try them.
  11. Dan Sierpina

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    Bruce Piatt posted this method years ago.
  12. Dan Sierpina

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    I zero my scope at 300 yards with the 300 yard mark, since that's as far as I have available. If I had a 400 yard range, I'd zero it the same way. The longer the distance you can zero at, the better.
  13. Dan Sierpina

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    With a 9 inch twist, the 68 or 69 grain bullets will work, Hornady 75 BTHP might work. I've been shooting either 55 VMax or 55 Nosler Ballistic Tips at Rocky Mountain 3 Gun since 2011, out to 550 yards.
  14. Dan Sierpina

    2011 - 38SC to 9mm Conversion

    No, the 38 Super is longer than the 9MM. The shoulder for the case mouth to locate on will not be cut with the reamer.