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  1. I do hope the match is able to come back. I shot it in 2009 and had a great time.
  2. They are made for Glocks, not a dedicated PCC mag, even if that is the targeted market.
  3. It's not crazy. Dillon used to sell a coupler to put 2 30 round Pmags together. I made a coupler that works with 2 27 round 9mm Pmags together, holds 51 rounds, and runs.
  4. Couple 2 of them base to base, probably will get around 70 rounds in it easily.
  5. The barrel is the biggest weight reduction possiblity. You don't mention the brand or contour.
  6. Welcome Eric! Do you realize all 3 of us were on the same squad at Harvard's carbine match?
  7. It will work with Glock mags, but not ETS or Magpul. Looks slick and can give a fast presentation.
  8. The Gen 3 Magpul mags have "limiter" projections on the rear corners of the magazines. They don't seat in my older Noveske lower either. Just file them down till everything seats and locks in properly.
  9. Dave, Send Troy an email. He responds pretty quickly. That will end any speculation.
  10. It doesn't look like metal, probably from the new powder.
  11. Les, I started with the .45 in 1980, and still shoot Single Stack from time to time. Messing with things is not new to me, I've been an R&D machinist for 45+ years, gunsmithed for a total of 12 years. Built guns for the Masters, including converting a Remington 572 to being box mag fed instead of the tube. Following some of you that already went down the RDB road will just make it easier, I think.
  12. I'm following this, as I have the CMMG barrel and bolt group in hand. A Leadstar Arms upper and lower are at the FFL, waiting to be picked up.
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