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  1. Dan Sierpina

    Where are NH matches????

    There may be some overlap if you only shoot in N.H. You can shoot in Maine too, but, depending on your location, it will be more than 90 minutes drive.
  2. Dan Sierpina

    Where are NH matches????

    The OP was looking for non-restricted states to shoot in. Vermont is good for now, but, look at it's two senators, and tell me that the general population hasn't become left leaning.
  3. Dan Sierpina

    Where are NH matches????

    Welcome to New England! In New Hampshire, there are 4 clubs running USPSA matches. Piscataqua, which is near Portsmouth, Chester, Rod and Gun, I think, Pelham Fish and Game, and Pioneer which is close to Concord. Not all the clubs post on the USPSA sight. Some post on the Area 7 group on Facebook. I think Chester only has it on the club calendar, or on www.northeastshooters.com
  4. Dan Sierpina

    223 loaded with Titegroup

    They most likely won't stabilize without a 6 1/2" twist.
  5. I never attend one of Denise and JJ's matches without a sling for rifle and shotgun.
  6. Wynn is having delusions of IDPA. 😂
  7. Dan Sierpina

    Nova/SuperNova loading port

    The area around the loading port is part of the trigger housing. You can't hack into it like the aluminum receiver semi autos. The port is for 3 1/2" shells and doesn't need a lot of work.
  8. Dan Sierpina

    Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Do not use pistol primers in .223 ammo! People may use rifle primers in major 9MM in their pistols, not the other way around.
  9. Dan Sierpina

    Hornady load data for 223 with 75gr BTHP & AR-Comp

    Factory ammo often uses non-canister powders, which you can not buy. It results in velocities that will exceed what a handloader can achieve without very high pressure levels.
  10. I'm happy to be shooting this year, as you should be as well. It's not like we'll be beating the likes of Jared, or other youngsters.
  11. Get that shoulder all healed up Don.
  12. We can only count to 20, then we have to reload.😜
  13. Dan Sierpina

    Shortest rifle length gas barrel?

    Unless it's got a pinned and welded brake on it.