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  1. 1X, I think the center dot is 2 MOA. Being an etched reticle it allows more precise aiming, at least it does for me. Most of the time I use it with the illumination turned off.
  2. I like it! Maybe a Spitfire would help on the 200 yard plate rack.
  3. Finish the statement. Stealth in the matches that are using the correct rule set. (Sorry, I'm forgetting all the abbreviations for the "Outlaw" matches)
  4. No springs, gravity does it. Hold the gun in a vertical orientation when you make a reload. If that's not helping, look to see where the magazine tube is dragging in the frame.
  5. For what you describe, at Meopta 1-4X if you can find one used will fit your bill. Wide field of view, brightness is as good as you will ever need, unless the target is in the front of a search light. Otherwise take a good look at a Vortex Spitfire.
  6. I'm old and set in my ways, LSA gets used.
  7. Hello guys,good day to you having some issues with my (tanfoglio match) magazine,I've noticed that during an IPSC stage my magazine falls out while shooting and has happened several times after that.any idea why this happens and No I do not touch the mag release 

  8. It may shoot out! The plunger spring should have a bend in it to minimize the launching of the plungers and spring.
  9. With the matches I usually shoot, (not so much bay stages) I zero my Vortex Spitfire at 200 yards. My Razors get zero'd at 300 yards using the proper mark on the JM-1 reticle. There are many differing opinions for this.
  10. I've been seriously thinking of this to put on one of my practice uppers. https://cameralandny.com/shop/brands/athlon-optics/Athlon-Optics-Midas-BTR-1-6x24-ATSR1-SFP-IR-MOA/68e4b190-9b1e-0135-02e9-00163ecd2826?variation=1614616
  11. Dillon will not ship them to some states.
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