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  1. I was kind of skeptical for a while. I talked to Mark at RM3G last year about it, then had a certificate on the prize tray. I like it a lot. I'll probably get another ratchet set to convert my old Safariland ELS belt as a spare. I don't think you'll regret getting it.
  2. You haven't shot Rocky Mountain or He Man Nationals, have you? 1 A is good with rifle or pistol, or 2 anywhere for those matches.
  3. Not all matches allow "1 anywhere", in fact darn few still do. Cost may be the biggest issue for most people. Some rule sets require a pump and a .45ACP, not many people want to add those to the gun safe, it seems. How many matches are not in bays? That's a factor too, heavy guns beg for natural terrain. At least the .308 does.
  4. I don't know about the CR Speed, but the Bladetech should be good. Hole spacing on ELS works with Techlok spacing.
  5. The world is a sadder place with the loss of Cheryl. Loosing Rod was hard enough, but the sudden loss of Cheryl left me speechless. Rest in Peace, Cheryl.
  6. Can you change to Manchester, New Hampshire? It would save a lot of worry.
  7. https://www.practiscore.com/results/new/78162 Here you go, Don.
  8. I just finished rebuilding an old Springfield Armory 1911. This has a Caspian slide and Kart ramped barrel. I'm using Metalform and Brownells 9mm mags. First match is planned for Saturday, and the rounds that have been through it so far feed fine. Just another opinion, and we know what opinions are. Another point, like HDGUN, my old reworked Metalform 38 Super mags work too.
  9. 1X, I think the center dot is 2 MOA. Being an etched reticle it allows more precise aiming, at least it does for me. Most of the time I use it with the illumination turned off.
  10. I like it! Maybe a Spitfire would help on the 200 yard plate rack.
  11. Finish the statement. Stealth in the matches that are using the correct rule set. (Sorry, I'm forgetting all the abbreviations for the "Outlaw" matches)
  12. No springs, gravity does it. Hold the gun in a vertical orientation when you make a reload. If that's not helping, look to see where the magazine tube is dragging in the frame.
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