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  1. Dan Sierpina

    Best .308 AR10 barrel?

    They have a .5 moa guarantee, it might be worth trying for the 6.5 CM.
  2. Dan Sierpina

    Slick Buttplate Anyone try Flex Seal?

    I've used this in the past on XP-100's https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/metal-prep-coloring/paint-finishes/extra-grip/grit-filled-paints/spray-grit-prod1140.aspx
  3. Dan Sierpina

    Best .308 AR10 barrel?

    It may not be chosen for a precision rifle rather than a 3 gun rifle.
  4. Dan Sierpina

    new Newhampshireite

    I'm sorry for causing any issues.
  5. Dan Sierpina

    new Newhampshireite

    What items are you looking for specifically? 3 gunners have a tendency to try the latest and greatest gear.
  6. Dan Sierpina

    new Newhampshireite

    Probably the most cost effective semi auto shotgun right now is a Stoeger M3000. They make a 3 gun version which, while not optimal will get you started in that area of the game. Where about are you in N.H.?
  7. Dan Sierpina

    new Newhampshireite

    So, he can purchase from them? Selling is different then.
  8. Dan Sierpina

    new Newhampshireite

    Welcome Rod. Deals on used equipment can be found in the classifieds, although you can't access them till you have 50 posts, if I'm not mistaken. Often, people are looking to change things at the end of the season, which in New England is pretty much the end of October. What are you needing? Forum members are very good with sharing knowledge, which can include used equipment.
  9. Here you go Mark. https://rm3gworld.webs.com/Results for web.pdf
  10. Dan Sierpina

    Carpal Tunnel and shooting

    After paying attention to numbness in my right hand / fingers for several months, I had it checked. I had moderate carpal tunnel according to the neurologist. I scheduled the surgery to be after my September 3 gun match (FNH). About 30 minutes in the O.R. for the surgeon, 4 weeks out of work, which was before snow removal time in New England. I was given some exercises by the doctor, didn't go to P.T. because I didn't abuse it. My personal experience was positive, and I wouldn't hesitate to go through it again if needed. My incision can't be seen, and I know where it was. Put it off for too long, then your hand gets messed up far more than taking care of it early. Think of it as preventative maintenance.
  11. Dan Sierpina

    STI slide

    A smooth mill file to draw file the raised parts, the 1" abrasive cloth in probably 220 grit to "shoe shine the rest smooth.
  12. Dan Sierpina

    How to remove M2 front sight?

    I've always used a small adjustable wrench to unscrew shotgun front sights.
  13. Dan Sierpina

    .224 Valkyrie brass forming

    Can't you run it through the Valkyrie sizing die, then fire form it in the proper chamber? That's what I've done with Ackley Improved rounds.
  14. Dan Sierpina

    Hello fellow shooters, greetings from NH new guy

    It's about time you joined Dave!