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  1. we have a package for the vr80 that will allow you to shoot 1 1/8 oz shot @ 1145 fps and includes porting that takes the muzzle rise and torque to the right out, call for info TSS@ 361/241/1091
  2. finally have a VR80 being shipped , ordered 3 but only one in stock
  3. The SPS 38 super version works excellent too
  4. we have built several and came out great, only don't have the rubber insert in stock
  5. we have done over 300 benelli's with lightened bolts and reguraly use 2 3/4 dram, 1 1/8 oz shot with total reliabilty
  6. Slide to frame fit is 2nd to a good barrel fit. Have had several colt 45's that had a loose slide but a match barrel fitted tight and shot great. As long as slide, barrel & sights are all fitted right, it will shoot. The bullet is long gone before slide or anything moves.
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