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  1. Problem is you aren't clear enough of the grip by then. I had seen a banana mag or two before looking into the engineering and deciding to pick lower-hanging fruit. The NRA Museum has a crazy 40-round single-stack 1911 .45 mag in their collection from WW1 pilots-shooting-at-each-other-with-pistols days that curves once it gets out of the grip. GSG makes a curved MP5 22 mag that holds 25 in a single stack. Kel-tec does a bunch of interesting stuff with 22 mags. There are some straight-to-curved hicap Marlin .22 mags out there. Ram-line made fragile plastic 12-rounders for the Ruger using a constant-force roll spring 40 years ago. It's doable, no question, but doing it in the existing Ruger 22 envelope reliably and cost-effectively is a different engineering challenge.
  2. ... Also using major match results is probably undercounting the shooters that have difficulty with one stage or another. The people that don't shoot majors are the ones that don't like Pendulum IME. They're also 70% or more of the club match attendees. I think its the extended frustration of many hard plates versus one or two on the others.
  3. RFRO is not a great choice for a comparison of 'difficult' shots. Do you have numbers for centerfire pistol categories? Anecdotally by far the most bellyaching hereabouts is around Pendulum. Of course we can't fit OL and SO on the range or maybe they'd pick up some of the slack.
  4. Casual steel shooters already dislike Pendulum for the difficulty. I don't think anything harder or even similarly-difficult will be popular. I think a bigger problem classification-wise is people that only occasionally shoot OL and SO can have stale scores holding them back.
  5. Couple random thoughts from reading the last week or so of posts. IME steel shooters can be broken down into a couple groups "SCSA shooters" and "generic steel shooters", for lack of better terms. SCSA shooters care about classifications and what their times are over time and generally don't like or want outlaw stages. Generic steel shooters are fine with outlaw stages and don't care much about classifications. But a pretty good chunk of them like the repeated nature of stages so they can see how they did versus 'last time'. We have weeknight 5-stage steel matches, probably 2 to 1 'steel' to 'SCSA' shooters. I suspect the majority would welcome a couple additional regular stages that fit rather than "is it going to be Accelerator or Pendulum or outlaw this week?". IDPA has what, three classifiers? Lots of people hate on IDPA, but it's rarely because of the number of classifiers.
  6. In the five-ish years I shot Steel Challenge in Piru (many years ago) they changed Flying M to Pendulum and added Accelerator. I vaguely recall they ditched the Option bonus on Speed Option around then too. Five to ten years before that the match had a whole lot of different stages in it. Double Trouble, Zig Zag, etc. Find some of the old SC videos on Youtube and see how they ran. Plate sizes and distances also varied over time. Some change is not bad or unexpected in SC. Some changes were done by the Mikes to make the match run better and scoring be more accurate and some for other reasons. Stage sizes were dictated by the available bays in the canyon.
  7. The Dawson Mo Lo Pro had a button area about the size of a nickel. The idea was you'd grind it down to the shape you wanted. IDK if they still make it but there might be some around.
  8. Yeah, I suggested that to him as well as a couple others, but if there's not a match relatively close, a stale score could remain for a long time, so that's something USPSA should address as well if stages are rarely shot by a person. Personally I like the Foote Loose stage a lot, but it is more complicated for the infirm and entry-level shooters that are a big target of SCSA. For widespread use, a new stage would have to be not more than ~20 yards deep and avoid plates low to the ground (which kicks out zig-zag, another good outlaw stage). Based on the amount of grousing and wasted ammo Pendulum generates at local matches, it should probably be somewhat less difficult than that.
  9. Steel Challenge stages changed throughout the years as the Mikes added and deleted them. This century Accelerator was added and Flying M was replaced by Pendulum. Prior to that all kinds of stages like Double Trouble and Zig Zag and such were used. There's dozens to hundreds of already designed and tested steel stages out there that could easily be adopted if somebody had the motivation to do so. The only reason to make reduced-plates versions of the existing stages is so people that rarely shoot them due to range limitations can get recent times on them for classification. I had a guy ask me the other night where he could find a club shooting (and sending in) Speed Option since the one on his record was old and was holding back his classification.
  10. I haven't had enough shooters shoot them both to do a good comparison. I think they are equivalent for me within the margin of error on any given day, but an extra 30 feet downrange does change the 'look' and maybe how some people's eyes focus and index. You also get a slightly faster 'dink' coming back if that matters, although it shouldn't for top times now that nobody uses impact stop plates. If USPSA wanted to try it, they could invest the $200 or so in shipping a set to Grant and a few other top shooters. I'd suggest making them a "level 1 only" kind of thing at least until more data is gathered.
  11. I had 3 scaled gongs made up that are the same MOA at 25 yards as the regulation gongs are at 35 to shoot Speed Option and Outer Limits on a 25 yard bay. I put it all into CAD and you can get a perfect match for Speed Option and a 25-for-35 plate, but there's no way to get perfect alignment on OL due to the movement. It's close, but not perfect. Everything else is the regular plates. USPSA could easily get those two 'reduced' stages and make them alternates for small ranges. Bonus is the 25-for-35 gongs are a lot easier to tote around.
  12. I just ran across a picture of me from the 2004 Steel Challenge. I'm shooting the same Dawson open guns there as I do now (I got a pair way back when). Of course they're both on it's their 2nd slides and maybe 3rd barrel each. Those usually need replacing every 70K or so.
  13. The basic problem with hicap rimfire mags is unless you double-stack them, after 10-15 rounds, the rounds start to nose-dive due to the rim so even though you could make a bigger one, getting it to run is problematic. I designed the +1, +2 and +3 basepads for the GSG mags and after that and a +3 follower, reliability took a major hit. Ruger makes things more annoying because they fold the bottom mag lips in rather than out, which also provides a blocking mechanism.
  14. One more thing is you can also get different-height mag catches for some guns that hold the mags slightly higher or lower than stock which will change how rounds feed as well.
  15. Broadly, from the wrists back is where flip is controlled as long as the gun isn't sliding around in your hands when you fire (try some Pro Grip or grip tape if so) Even Broader wisdom: grip more weak hand, grip less strong hand.
  16. Amanov is knocking off the Hundo patent owned by some USPSA shooters. You can decide how much that matters to you. The Shockbottle 9mm 100-round gauge also fits nicely sideways across the top of Dillon-size Akrobins although with some OALs you'll need to lift the gauge to check the last row. Comes in handy if you load with an autodrive, you can check ammo hot off the press. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop has nice combination flip trays / stands.
  17. I got my G in Limited at 48 or so. After 50 I've shot classifiers above 95%, but have been bouncing around divisions and not put a focus on making GM.
  18. Recent nationals results show there's no real reason not to allow SS guns to shoot in Production (Minor only scoring, natch), but the Major guns that were the original backbone of the sport don't really have a good place to go. L10 is a bit problematic, and equally moribund.
  19. Probably shooters that have little interest in competing. IIRC CZ sells more Shadow 2s in a year than there are USPSA members total, but there are no floods of new shooters toting shiny new Shadow 2s with the price tags still on them. A visit to SHOT will show just how tiny a backwater USPSA is in the vast ocean of shooting.
  20. Cooper's major founding principle to create what became IPSC was "All pistols compete together equally so we can find out what works best (btw: it's the 1911 in .45 ACP)". Times have changed. Pretty soon we'll have a dozen fishponds.
  21. The joke was that if they could figure out a way to disadvantage the .40 1911s, they'd do that too. I shot that match in minor because I blew up my major gun the day before I left for it. At least I can say more recent USPSA SS Nats have been less heavily biased towards major, but it's still an easy call to pick Major for nats because you won't be able to pick up enough time with the odd saved reload or makeup shot to offset the points difference.
  22. Winchester 115 FMJ WB and USA Ready and USA Forged so on are listed at 136.8 PF on their website Winchester 124 GR WB is listed at 141 PF. Winchester 147 GR WB is listed at 145 PF. If it any random lot actually makes that in your gun? YMMV.
  23. 125 PF was based on Factory .38 Special. That's as dead as Modified Division for matches. Most cheap (in normal times) factory 9x19 ammo is above 135 PF. IPSC has different PFs for different divisions if we really want that.
  24. Major PF has always been about power on the target, not recoil to the shooter. see: Open Div, any early rulebooks. These days, the thought among people that do that sort of thing for reals is "good" 9mm loads are as "effective' as" .40 loads with comparably decent shot placement. "Good" 9mm loads are not 125 PF. D's are not good shot placement. Want to even out 9 and 40 in limited? 20 rounds max in a mag, 140+ PF scores 5-4-1. Major & minor scoring still available if you really want. Annoys everybody, so good to go
  25. FWIW, IPSC rule is 9 or less scoring hits per position/view, but IME it's very rare for that to make a difference because they (at least not at the IPSC matches I've been to) don't do janky 9-9-9 stages. Major SS usually wins in IPSC matches too.
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