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  1. When I still shot my 625, I mainly used the stamped moons from Brownells and Wilson. I am guessing they were made by Ranch and repackaged. Before the 8 shot minor became a thing I had switched over to 45 GAP to keep from having to deal with large and small primers. Turns out the rim of the ACP and GAP are different. So I bought a ton of TK GAP moons. Absolutely incredible quality.
  2. Regular old 223 case that was shot in a oversize chamber and then run through a small base die.
  3. A barrel change is not a permanent change unless you can not get back to the config on your form 1. Put whatever barrel on it that you want, but keep the 10.5 unless you want to notify the BATFE of a change.
  4. Keep that dead 10.5 around. Replace it with whatever length you want because you still have the 10.5 on hand to take it back to the original length on your form 1. But, 7.5s kinda suck because the recoil is harsh and they are really loud. 11.5 -12.5 is about the best all around 223 SBR length for me. I only have a 7.5 for full-auto fireball fun.
  5. Gauges are fine, but keep in mind that they are not an exact clone of your chamber. Your picture looks like there is a rub mark where the shoulder and body meet. I would guess you are not bumping the shoulder back enough when you FL resize.
  6. Maybe you need a little more crimp. The case could be acting like a scraper going into a dirty chamber. Just guessing.
  7. Try Federal primers. CCI are the worst for striker fired pistols.
  8. I just used already chambered Keiger and White Oak barrels for my 223 Ackleys. H4895 and 105 Hybrids are what you seek in the 6 Grendel. I tried Varget and accuracy was awesome, but I had to be at max pressure to get that accuracy.
  9. Yup. A couple actually. Lots of free velocity for zero work. I also have a 223 AI bolt-gun built on a Terminus action.
  10. Which is exactly why I say that there is ton of good info there, you just have to avoid some posters. Hell, I might be one of the guys to avoid. I dont know.
  11. Snipershide is ok, you just have to know who is full of crap and who isnt. The same with every forum known to man. There is a ton of technical knowledge there.
  12. I have some time behind them. The material that they are made of makes them feel different when shooting. Kinda like when switching from a wood stock to a chassis. Some people have described it as a lifeless feel. I have been shooting AI rifles and chassis for so long traditional stocks feel weird for me. The stocks are heavy, but very good quality.
  13. Crap. That rules that out.
  14. If your reloading, be sure you seat your ammo a little on the short side to be 100% sure they are not dragging on the inside of the EndoMag insert. I had the same problem and seating 5 thou deeper fixed it.
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