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  1. Tom Freeman

    Largest cartridge?

    I need to go back and check my notes, but I didn't see much variation at all. Same lot of brass annealed between each firing with .002 tension and Bn coated 300gn Bergers. I am also shooting at much larger targets than a half minute X-ring. That stuff is hard.
  2. Tom Freeman

    Shooting bags

    Tactical Udder from Bison Tactical or a GameChanger from Armageddon.
  3. Tom Freeman

    Largest cartridge?

    All on the same pass. Even out past 2,000 yards I didn't see a difference to make me choose one way over the other. Hopefully the quarterly ELR match in Raton will start up again. Targets from 700-2200 yards. The Prometheus takes a while to get dialed in to the exact powder charge. For load development and small batch stuff it will be easier and faster.
  4. Tom Freeman

    Largest cartridge?

    AMP Annealer.
  5. Tom Freeman

    Largest cartridge?

    Redding bushing die in station one, powder die in two, Forster BR seat die in 3. I am using a Prometheus powder dispenser and a 6 inch powder drop tube to get all that Retumbo in there. I do have a FX120i with Area419 do-dads on my list though. To seat the 300 Bergers you have to start the bullet in the die and then put it in the case. Its not even a deal.
  6. Tom Freeman

    Largest cartridge?

    338 Lapua and 510 Whisper on my 550. Very happy.
  7. Tom Freeman


    Reflex type cans add a lot of weight and don't cut down the noise very much. I like Thunderbeast and Shark. Thunderbeast heavily supports the shooting sports and is owned and operated by actual shooters.
  8. Tom Freeman

    Powder Measure

    I am using the same. Money well spent.
  9. Tom Freeman

    Manual Rifle

    Not sure why this thread popped back up to the top. I had forgotten all about it. As luck would have it, I am the caretaker of Eddie Rhodes Tubb2000 in 308. I added a S&B 5-25 scope and a Thunderbeast Ultra 7 suppressor. Everything else is still the same. It still shoots awesome, just quieter now.
  10. Tom Freeman

    300 caliber suppressor

    Thunderbeast Ultra 7 is an excellent choice. I have one on my 300 SBR and am very happy. Hearing safe with subs and the front end of the rifle isn't muzzle heavy. I also have 30 cal cans from Shark, SiCo and SF. My Thunderbeast cans see most all my shooting now days.
  11. Tom Freeman

    Shell Case Lubing for Pistols

    Hornady One Shot will change your life.
  12. Tom Freeman

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    55 Hornadys for everything out to 600 or so unless you need the oomph to knock something over at distance.
  13. Tom Freeman

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    I guess I am lucky. I have two 929s and both have run excellent. The factory trigger was terrible, but other than that, flawless.
  14. Tom Freeman

    Enos members helping Enos Members

    I have known Kurt for 15-20 years. He and his leftie brother are good people.
  15. Tom Freeman

    929 Moon Clips

    I bought 50 from TK and am very happy. They suck with REM brass, but I don't use it for my revo ammo anymore. Problem solved.