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  1. With the short OAL, a swing and a miss.
  2. If the lower is out of spec, ask the manufacturer to destroy the defective lower and replace it with a new one with the same serial number.
  3. 13-17 business days has been the norm for the last couple months. I am guessing you got caught in the "Everyone is taking time off for Christmas and Thanksgiving glitch."
  4. Exactly. Excellent sight picture, beefy, painless to instal and nowhere near as fragile. Sometimes throwing what seems like too much money at something is the right answer.
  5. The form 1 process is painless and fast. Submit all your info online and then mail fingerprint cards. 2-3 weeks later your approved.
  6. It was minimal work. Using a Dillon trimmer and a CH4D die, it went fast. The bullet I was using at the time, Montana Gold 142 FMJ, didnt get along with Short Colt brass. So I shortened Long Colt brass as much as I could before the base of the bullet wouldnt bulge the case.
  7. I cut down starline 38 Long Colt down to 38 Super length. Works awesome.
  8. I load 338 Lapua on my 550. Pretty easy stuff. I settled on Retumbo at my powder. H-1000 worked pretty good, but I got better accuracy past 1,000 (lower ES/SD) with Retumbo. I am also shooting Berger 300s. When I use up this lot of bullets, I will try Hornady 285s. If I can keep them supersonic past 2,200 yards with good accuracy I will shoot them. We have a ELR Match in New Mexico with targets from 800-2200. Good times. http:// http://
  9. I have tried them all and Bowens are the best for my eyes.
  10. Had a local gunsmith take care of it for me. Not sure how he worked his magic.
  11. You need some friction to hold on to the case while the cutter does its work. That said, I did hone my 308 and 223 die a couple thou to ease things up a bit.
  12. Yes. Jonathan Elrod converts them to repeaters to use Vudoo mags. PM sent on details.
  13. Thanks to Jason at EuroOptic for finding me a CW 5-45 for my funny brain (CCW knobs and I dont get along) and Andy at Hawkins Precision for making a kick ass mount, my Vudoo has a new scope. I relaxed at the range today with some friends plinking out to 300 yards. Now to get on the stick and make a decent scope lever for this and my 5-20s. http://https://i.imgur.com/WZoYfSV.jpg https://i.imgur.com/17t9g4h.jpg
  14. Bad plan. Unless you are going to process thousands of them *and* then want to chamfer and deburr by hand. Get a Giraud.
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