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  1. Any particular headstamp not chambering? What bullets are you using? What is the OAL of the brass?
  2. I changed the shape of my firing pin tips from round to a more pointed tip. Worked for me.
  3. The Sierra 142 is a easy bullet to load and it has a pretty good BC. Yes, H4350 is the tectbook solution for the 6.5 Creed. Forster and Redding are the most commonly used and are an excellent value. I like/use the micrometer seat dies.
  4. Not toxic at all. It is just a really expensive game to play. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Thanks guys. I will order a bunch from SC.
  6. My club is running a little low on brown tape. So I went to Target Barns site and it looks like they dont sell rolls of tape anymore, only pasters. The last time I ventured away from Target Barn I ended up with really dark brown and not very sticky, tape. Does anyone have any suggestions for a source of good quality tape?
  7. It isnt very often that I shoot a handgun other than a revolver for the past several years. When I do switch it up I normally grab a PCC so I dont unlearn my revo stuff. I am hoping to make the 2021 Regional ICORE Match. It just depends on if I am out fighting forest fires. The past couple years have been rough on my summer shooting schedule.
  8. I have a few trimmers and the brushes are starting to go south. One of them wore out brushes in short order. Maybe after 7-10K of trimming 223 brass. Does anyone know of a source for new brushes?
  9. If the ammo went in the gauge but not the chamber that means your gauge is not as tight as your chamber. Most likely he didnt have the shoulder bumped back far enough. The ammo that didnt work, check the headstamp. Lots of non-US headstamp brass will produce 300 Whisper/Blackout necks that are too think.
  10. Krieger. They will run you $350 before your gunsmith touches it.
  11. I am using TG under 165 plated and 147 jacketed. Accuracy with Clays in 9mm has always been garbage.
  12. Exactly. I tell people it is the 6 PPC of gas guns.
  13. I do not have any type of compelling reason for you to help with the match much-less give any of your time for free. Best option is to contact match staff and tell them exactly how valuable your time is to you. Politely explain to them that if they want you to help, you will require a discount. I am sure they will be more than happy to adjust your match fee once they realize how important you are.
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