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  1. For factory ammo that isnt bad at all.
  2. Absolutely. My home range only goes out to 600. Without much effort, 12 inch plates at 1,000 yards are very hittable. Going 5 for 5 on a full size IPSC at 1,000 yards is common. Past 1,200 yards the bullet starts to go subsonic and it gets dicey.
  3. I have a couple AR-10s in various calibers like 308, 260 and 22-250. They recoil a lot due to the heavy bolt and carrier. This makes spotting hits/misses more difficult than a AR-15 based caliber. I did some load work ups on my 6 Grendel last month and settled on H4895 instead of Varget. Here is what a 105 Hybrid can do at 600 yards with a 16X scope. Thats 5 shots inside about 4 inches.
  4. I have shot my 6 Grendel out past 1100. The 105 gn bullet goes subsonic a little past 1,200. Smacking 1-1.5 MOA steel wasnt hard.
  5. I almost always leave powder in the hopper. But we dont have much humidity in Colorado. If I thought powder clumping could be an issue, I would empty it each time.
  6. I am very happy with my Ckye-pod. It was more of a jump than going from a Harris to an Atlas.
  7. I went through my first RO class in the mid to late 90s. Saying the S word, as in Slide, was considered a bad thing and not in the rulebooks.
  8. We would have come over but we took our plane and MAFFS system to Oshkosh.
  9. For my 929s. I am using TG and jacketed 147 RN or plated 165 RN. I could not get decent accuracy with Clays in 9x19. I clean under the ejector star maybe every couple thousand rounds or so. Maybe pull the sideplate and add some lube but thats about it. For my 625s. I use Clays under 230s and clean about the same.
  10. Forster for sure. Whidden makes good stuff and is an incredible shooter, but he still needs to work the bugs out of his dies.
  11. Trying to get in touch with Currahee1911. If anyone bumps into him at the range, please ask him to contact me.
  12. Sent you a PM.

  13. I am using TG under plated 165s and jacketed 147s. Cases eject fine.
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