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  1. Add a bit of length to your swage rod to be sure any primer pocket crimps are being swaged out. Also check that the priming station retaining tab is correctly adjusted.
  2. Not a huge amount. 5.56 chamber headspace is larger than 223 Remington by .0005-.0006. The big difference is how far the bullet travels before it engages the rifling.
  3. That sucks. Vic was good people.
  4. They are awesome and worth every penny. I have one for my 8 shot 38 Special, 6 shot 45 ACP and 6 shot 38 Special.
  5. I agree with Kurt. Up until the DQ you earned points. The total of those points in the end is DQ, but you still earned points on the stages you completed. I am guessing the scoring software would freak out. I know some matches just delete shooter entirely which isnt right either.
  6. It is fun. Two matches for $20. Belly match in the morning and PRS at noon. Close target 50 meters and far target 200 meters. Movers, spinners, KYL, Hostage, ect. You should come up.
  7. Sandpaper to the sides of the mag. Works every time.
  8. Thunderbolt is crap. And that is insulting to crap.
  9. I tried a couple different ones and settled on this one. Stupid solid. http://soar.reallyrightstuff.com/TA-3-LC-SOAR-Series-3-Leveling-Base-with-Clamp
  10. I have been shooting revos in USPSA and ICORE for not quite 20 years, but close. I dont think the division is broken. Its just plain hard, and your average dude doesent like hard. You pretty much turn every stage into a Virginia count stage. Keeping that front sight steady while trying to pull the trigger fast is nowhere as easy as a decent autoloader. The 8 round deal helped, but nowhere near as much as I had thought it would. I dont think allowing optics will gain us much. I say leave it alone.
  11. I need to go back and check my notes, but I didn't see much variation at all. Same lot of brass annealed between each firing with .002 tension and Bn coated 300gn Bergers. I am also shooting at much larger targets than a half minute X-ring. That stuff is hard.
  12. Tactical Udder from Bison Tactical or a GameChanger from Armageddon.
  13. All on the same pass. Even out past 2,000 yards I didn't see a difference to make me choose one way over the other. Hopefully the quarterly ELR match in Raton will start up again. Targets from 700-2200 yards. The Prometheus takes a while to get dialed in to the exact powder charge. For load development and small batch stuff it will be easier and faster.
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