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  1. And that my friend, IS what it's all about...
  2. As I have been discovering, the slippery slope keeps getting steeper. No matter how hard you fight, strength, speed, endurance, eyesight, mindset & motivation all degrade with time & age. No matter how good you are, there's one other competitor who'll ALWAYS end up winning. His name is "Father Time"... You put aside all of life's distractions and continue on with the same focus that you had when you first started: do the best you can and have fun because you truly love it. Fight for that $10 medal because you'll always have the memories of that title and the journey you to
  3. At the Briley West Coast Steel Championships, as well as the traditional age categories, we recognized & had an award for our "Sub-Senior" 50-55 year old category. Not intended to be "Everybody wins, participation awards", age category & gender awards are extra incentive & motivation to enter, prepare, train & compete at the best level they possibly can, both against the clock and others in their category. I hope that SCSA would consider establishing "Sub-Senior" (50-55), "Distinguished Senior" (70-75) and "Distinguished Super Senior" (75+) categories. A
  4. No worries, best of luck with your search. Jim
  5. I probably have over 10-15k rounds through this particular sight. On some of my MIcros, I have over 100k without any failures. I have NEVER had an issue in an ACTUAL shooting situation where I have experienced a multiple reflected/refracted dot sight picture. That being said, I can INTENTIONALLY create an extreme case and point it toward & into the sun and induce ghost dots. As mentioned, I have never experienced conditions where this has actually happened during practice or a match.
  6. Like all of the Aimpoint products, I have had nothing but great luck with the ACRO sight, both with the optical quality of the dot and with the overall longevity & reliability of the sight. After using 20, 15 and 10 MOA dots for many years, I actually prefer the size of the 3.5 MOA ACRO and 4 MOA Micro dots. For me, they are just as easy to acquire from the draw & during transitions. The smaller dot makes the plates look bigger & gives more precision for accurate shots. Jim
  7. If you're evaluating lightweight 10/22 barrels, you may want to take a look at the new Briley "Raptor" barrel: https://www.briley.com/p-63729-briley-raptor-165-ultra-lightweight-1022-rifle-barrel.aspx Designed specifically for Steel Challenge shooting, it weighs just over 10 oz., has a hardened stainless steel breech face tendon & muzzle threads, and a proprietary chamber reamed both for accuracy AND reliability. From the very beginning, I was involved in the concept, design, prototyping & testing- in both Briley & OEM Ruger receivers. I, and everyone
  8. And tomorrow was to be "Open" day for me at the Steel Challenge... The good news is that you now have plenty of time to turn that mover score into a GREAT one!
  9. Guy- It is with great sadness that I receive this news. You have my condolences & deepest sympathy. Loren was an incredible giver and one who made our sport a true family affair. I first met Loren when she was the "Grim Reaper" at the Bianchi Cup- the scorekeeper on the mover. As bad as you did, it wasn't so bad after you saw her smile. I will always remember Loren as the perennial range officer on Roundabout at the Steel Challenges in Piru. Every year she & Tammy would greet us, renew friendships and make us feel relaxed and at home.
  10. Jim,


       Just saw your interview with John Scouten and I am glad to finally see your face.  I first heard of you from Vera over 15 years ago at the Bianchi Cup as being one of her mentors in the shooting sports.  In getting to know her better, she opened up on how you had helped her become the champion shooter that she became. 

       She favored me with the gift of a signed copy of her book as a Christmas present as a "thank you" for our friendship soon after it was published.  It seems that you were instrumental, along with Mickey Fowler, in getting her involved in the shooting sports and for that, I personally thank you!  It's good to be able to put a face to the name of Jim O'Young after all this time.

       I competed in one of the Steel Nationals in Florida a few years ago but none since.  I have been running a Regional NRA Action match in VA for 20 years and she was a constant competitor here until she retired from the shooting sports a couple of years ago, always donating money for the  range helpers.  You taught her well and again, I thank you for helping get her involved in our sport and promoting shooting in general!


    Alan Strawn, Bedford Rifle & Revolver Club, Inc.

    1. Jim O'Young

      Jim O'Young

      Hello Alan!


      I just saw your message. For some reason, I didn't receive it when you sent it and I apologize for my VERY late reply.


      Thank you so very much for your kind words. Yes, Vera is an incredible person and it has been a joy to be her friend for the past 30 years.


      These days, Vera is promoting her book, working on another edition, involved with the Women of the NRA and learning how to shoot sporting clays. For a person in her 70's, she is not slowing down- but that is what you would expect from Vera.


      I'll be sure to say hello to her the next time we speak. Unfortunately, we are not able to get together very often due to this pandemic.


      Thank you for all of your efforts in keeping Bianchi shooting alive & strong and please stay safe & healthy.


      Best regards,



  11. For those of you who would like to know a little more about the origin and history of the Steel Challenge, here's an interview I did with John Scoutten of Shooting USA last week at the CMP in Talladega: I hope you find it interesting & informative. Jim
  12. Great video! Congratulations on your INCREDIBLE shooting performance, Christian. You just keep getting better & better! Jim
  13. Wow, what a shocker... Our sport and our industry would not be where it is today without Mike's vision, innovation & contributions. Rest in peace, Mike. Congratulations on a life well lived; one most of us can only dream about. Off to fire up the 1050 and crank out a few in your honor.
  14. Guy- My heart goes out to the entire Neill family. Please say hello to Loren and give her my best wishes. My fondest Steel Challenge memories include her smile & relaxing sense of humor every year on Roundabout. I also recall her making a not so stellar performance on the Mover at the Bianchi Cup a little less painful. She will be on my mind with positive thoughts, energy & hope that she can defeat this wrenched enemy and make a full recovery. Never give up; stay strong & keep fighting! Jim
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