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  1. Couple/few matches every week at Hansen - look at the calendar for schedule... http://www.swfps.com
  2. We at Mark 7 are aware of the issues with the original Optical Decapping center and have developed a 2nd generation Decapping Sensor. This 2nd Gen version will be WAY better than the original and we will replace when ready.
  3. If the SwageSense rod is adjusted properly it sounds like the Micro switch is activated. There may be too much engagement of the switch. You should be able to make an adjustment so that it is not active by backing off the screw.
  4. Yes - the BulletSense Sensors have started shipping this week. We are shipping as fast as we can test them. As noted above if you have any specific questions feel free to PM me here or call the office. Thanks again for your continued support and interest in Mark 7 Reloading products. Attached is a preview of the finished product.
  5. Mark 7 Reloading takes great care in producing our products and if they don't meet our expectations we work hard on them until the product to meets our expectations. Their was an issue with PowderSense working with BullletSense for a short period - but our Engineers worked quickly and came up with a great solution and it now is compatible. Unfortunately sometimes this can be in imprecise process when it comes to timelines but we are confident that we are going to have these sensors out very shortly. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me here or call the office. Thanks for your continued support and interest in Mark 7 Reloading products.
  6. what is .223 brass shipped to 28390 going for? 

    1. pmd


      Sorry I don't have 223 brass for sale right now.

  7. BulletSense is still scheduled to start shipping at the end of the March.
  8. Mark7 has not marketed the BulletSense to anyone EXCEPT our existing customers with a pinned post in the Mark7 User Group on Facebook. If you have any questions please let me know.
  9. I have a few setup and really like them. Like Itchy recommends - good clean ammo is key. The last few major matches mine have run close to 100%
  10. Here are the differences: Hardware 7 inch vs 9 or 10 inch , tablet and motor with medium torque The software on the system is basic machine control Digital clutch has 3 settings only h/m/l Index is on or off . Off is regular shell plate movement . On slows to the equivalent of 4/5 There is no step by step digital jog There are no software monitors - where u can pre program the machine To stop after a certain amount of round produced, e.g. Outside of those this has all the hallmark features of the Mark7 system, like downloads and updates, circuitry and so forth ..
  11. Shmella, The Mark7 1050 LTE is being introduced today at the introductory price. The Mark7 Team is currently working on the site and Announcement..
  12. I ended up using a pallet racks that I installed doors to for locking with a padlock and hasp. Pretty simple to do.
  13. I feel shooting two guns - any platform (pistol, pistol or pistol, rifle or rifle, rifle or? in a row is an advantage. I also feel that if a person is shooting two guns and others are only shooting one gun the shooter shooting two guns should hustle and paint more. BTW - I am usually the guy shooting two guns..
  14. Is the side match one division or two (Open and Iron)?
  15. Heights are well described in the Rules - Appendix E2: "All round targets, except for the Pendulum are 5′ high to the top of the target and all rectangles are 5′6″ to the top of the target. Pendulum has two round targets that are 6’ to the top of the target."
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