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  1. I kinda agree and disagree with this.. Yes several Junior and 20 something shooters are currently dominating the RImfire and PCC divisions... I understand many of them have devoted many, many hours practicing which is awesome... overall times are getting lower and lower and they seem to be pushing others to get there too. Several non Juniors made it into the top 10 in most divisions.. I have not looked at the statistics from this past WSSC but feel more Senior and Super Seniors are shooting now than Juniors. I think this has to do with Rimfire Rifles and PCCs being easier to shoot. I know at my local club - many Seniors/Super Seniors are shooting weekly that would not be be shooting if it was mostly a center fire holster only match. With that said I truly miss the Original Steel Challenge match at Piru where Rimfire pistol was just a side event - however I think USPSA has gotten a lot more shooters into the shooting sport with the current 13 Divisions. It is not the same match and continues to evolve...
  2. Will do.. Only trying to delete as I got an automated message saying I was over my limit and needed to manage attachments. Thanks
  3. ima45dv8, Here's a screen shot from page page 4 of "My attachments" which one can find by clicking the down arrow next to their name at top right - I circled it here. On this page I cannot find a way to delete any of the attachments.. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know how to delete your old Attachments? Trying to post a WTS - but says I have reached my quota and need to "Manage Attachments to free up space" I have pictures going back to 2010 and they are no longer needed and will be happy to free up space.. Thanks in advance
  5. Couple/few matches every week at Hansen - look at the calendar for schedule... http://www.swfps.com
  6. Yes - the BulletSense Sensors have started shipping this week. We are shipping as fast as we can test them. As noted above if you have any specific questions feel free to PM me here or call the office. Thanks again for your continued support and interest in Mark 7 Reloading products. Attached is a preview of the finished product.
  7. Mark 7 Reloading takes great care in producing our products and if they don't meet our expectations we work hard on them until the product to meets our expectations. Their was an issue with PowderSense working with BullletSense for a short period - but our Engineers worked quickly and came up with a great solution and it now is compatible. Unfortunately sometimes this can be in imprecise process when it comes to timelines but we are confident that we are going to have these sensors out very shortly. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me here or call the office. Thanks for your continued support and interest in Mark 7 Reloading products.
  8. what is .223 brass shipped to 28390 going for? 

    1. pmd


      Sorry I don't have 223 brass for sale right now.

  9. BulletSense is still scheduled to start shipping at the end of the March.
  10. Mark7 has not marketed the BulletSense to anyone EXCEPT our existing customers with a pinned post in the Mark7 User Group on Facebook. If you have any questions please let me know.
  11. Call me 480-235-8864  or e-mail rick@mrbulletfeeder.biz

    1. bigstick0000


      I have the newer lower with  bearings in it. 38sc. When I pull the handle 2 bullets drop instead of one. Ideas?. Thank you

  12. pmd, what is still available?   am confused on the measurements?   Mine measure at .8125-175    that sound correct to you?    I have a standard dust cover, frame is a Enterprise Arms frame.  



    1. pmd


      I was measuring the thickness where the site mounts to the frame.

      Standard click Overall thickness of sight = 1.25" - .173 - .173 + .904"

      Click switch Overall thickness of sight = 1.25" - .215" -.215" = .820"


  13. Have you looked at or changed out the plastic end of the Primer Magazine tube? Also check the Slide Roll Pin sleeve - if it's the rubber type and worn that can cause problems.
  14. This is being discussed in the Showdown topic right now. Rather than discuss there thought i'd start a new thread.. I personally think the start position should be a point (marker, disc, spot of paint, etc.) on the ground - not 2 feet in the air. It makes setup easier and more consistent from range to range. From the SCSA website: Section 5 - 2.3 In the Rimfire Match, there will be an aiming point (flag or sign) centered downrange directly in front of each shooters box approximately 10’ away and 2’ high. Where multiple boxes are on a stage such as in Outer Limits, the flag will be placed in the center of the array. The competitor while waiting for the start signal, must be pointing/aiming their gun at the flag/sign with the finger off the trigger.
  15. Congrats to NINJA HAULER: 2005 Nissan Xterra - $12900 (Ronan / Lake County). Best add in years!!!


    Buena Vista

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