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  1. Yep that used to be an issue years ago until they figured out to make firing pins the proper diameter for the firing pin hole. It could have been that the firing pin was stuck in the slide but if that was the case it would do it when you unload and show clear. Basically anytime you dry fire it. More that likely it stuck in the flash hole of your dummy round.
  2. What head stamp is your once fired 40 cal.?

    1. Don_B



  3. This is what I do also. Works good. Just know that that if you get a very sharp focus on either the sights or target the other one will be lacking. I found a happy medium that I like.
  4. They are lighter and also the wind will not effect them as much.
  5. That E6000 is a pretty amazing adhesive! Glad it worked.
  6. If you pull the bullets you can take the decapping pin out of the sizing die then resize the cases.
  7. I don't think you want to use epoxy as it dries in a hard almost brittle state. I have used E6000 adhesive for a lot of projects and am amazed at its strength and it stays flexible. I don't know about the different surfaces you have but I have not found anything it will not stick to.
  8. I have a VR80 that I use for competition and am very happy with it. I have it set up for lighter loads, 3 dram. They do have a 3" chamber but I have never fired any out of mine so can't say how they function. Might be be worth checking it out.
  9. Yeah I live in New Mexico. If you plan to be out this way I will sure trade you!
  10. That is a good question about the barrel nut and I don't know that answer. But I installed a RIA comp on mine with a long handguard. I took the barrel shroud and cut it to length so the comp would tighten up against it when installed. I then use a set screw on the comp also. I put a small piece of copper under the set screw so it will not damage the threads. Works good.
  11. Check to see if the firing pin is the correct size for the firing pin hole. This was a big problem years ago then firing pin holes and firing pins were standardized with firing pins that fit snug in the hole.
  12. The plated bullets may or may not shoot well in your gun. But if you overcrimp them they most definitely will not shoot well. To test your crimp pull a bullet and see if there is a ring where the case was crimped. You want as little sign of a crimp on the bullet as possible. I just crimp the case until the flare is gone. I use plated bullets to practice and while they are not as accurate as MG billets they are certainly accurate enough for most USPSA type matches.
  13. I think the bolt hit the rim and for whatever reason that ignited the round. The powder would not all burn with it being open like that. Probably a once in 100 million chance of that happening. If you discover a different reason please share it.
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