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  1. Another thing, on a 1911 style pistol with a standard extractor you should never, never put a round in the chamber and close the slide on it. The gun is designed to feed the round up and under the extractor. That is at least part of the cause of your extractor being loose.
  2. Go with the McFadden. You will love it!
  3. This was a great PCC match! Fun stages and A LOT of challenging shots. Which I believe is what a PCC match should be. Plenty of options also. Thanks a a lot to Matt and all the staff. They worked their butts off.
  4. Very true! You might want to break the stage down into 3-4 sections. This usually make it easier to memorize the stage.
  5. Matt. I have been contemplating driving out to shoot the match even though it is over a thousand miles. The only problem for me is that I am reluctant to sign up for the match and then not be able to attend because of issues beyond my control. I understand the reason for the policy on refunds of match fees but these are very different times right now. As it gets closer I will see about entering. I would love to shoot this match!
  6. Many years ago several gunsmiths tried putting a 9mm barrel in a 40 slide. It was hit and miss, mostly miss! I think just about everyone decided it was not a good option. Regular 38 super case rim is much closer to the 40 dimension so that conversion would work.
  7. 2-10 round and 2-19round should take care of almost any stage.
  8. Don_B

    9mm major

    Silhouette. Probably around 6.0-6.2 but work up your load.
  9. Can't really understand the negativity on this topic. Like he just said some like them light and some like them heavy. Use what you prefer but don't knock the other guy because he wants something different.
  10. Don_B


    Let's see. Clinton assault weapons ban, Obama's election, Sandy Hook and now corona virus. Some call it hoarding and some call it being prepared. I went through it with the Assault Weapons ban and decided I preferred to be prepared.
  11. No need to apologize. It happened only in a preload area with a RO right there. Once you were loaded and ready you had to stay at the preload area. No one was allowed to walk around with loaded firearms until the RO called you up to the stage.
  12. All firearms were loaded to capacity with a round in the chamber, safety on. Then we went to the line and were ready to go. Very safe and as far as I know there were no issues with this process.
  13. The only place I know of where we got to shoot an entire stage in a cave. Unbelievable!!
  14. Used shock buffs many years ago and experienced some jams saw many more caused by the buffs. Haven't had a shock buff in my guns for over 20 years.
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