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  1. Don_B

    Help with 9mm major

    My response is assuming you have a 1911 style pistol that was built to handle 9 major loads, it needs to have a fully supported chamber. If you are shooting something different as in a Glock, etc please disregard the following. I have been loading 9 major for well over 10 years and have tried a lot of different loads. Your length is correct at 1.170. That may vary some depending on the bullet profile but it will be close. HS6 is a good powder for 9 major and I have used many pounds of it. The load for my Infinity 9 major pistol is a little past 8.4 grs with a 124 jacketed bullet. With a plated bullet you will not need that much powder. I would guess you will end up around 7.8 grs but you absolutely must start low and work up to it. Chrono every load. Barrel length, barrel ports, etc will all have effect on your loads. Maybe you you can post a pic of the primers that you think are showing signs of pressure.
  2. Don_B

    Barrel leading

    Try a Lewis Lead Remover. Basically it is an attachment for the cleaning rod that has a brass patch on it that you pull through the barrel. Gets the heavy stuff out pretty quickly.
  3. Don_B

    Brazos pro trigger/sear tuning

    If you have a Brazos hammer and sear I would not mess with the sear or hammer engagement surfaces. They should be right and changing that will more than likely damage them. Much of the pull weight can be changed by tuning the sear spring. If you're not positive on how to do that I would strongly suggest getting help. Doing any of this wrong can create a dangerous situation.
  4. This is very good information and advice. No one has to heed it but that is just like saying. "I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and nothing happens". Sooner or later you will have to pay the price. It it is not very difficult to hold the slide and ease it forward.
  5. Exactly! Depending on the velocity it will drop about 3-4 inches at 60 yds. And now that "windage" needs to be corrected by holding to the magazine side of the target.
  6. It doesn't matter where you are sighted in once you turn the carbine 90 degrees. At that point you are basically zeroed at the muzzle and the bullet will just drop from there on out. If I was a betting man I would make a wager that if you hold low you will not hit the plates. ? Just my .02 worth.
  7. If you have to shoot with a rifle or carbine canted you will shoot low and to the left or right whichever way it is canted. Just remember to aim high and to the side the magazine is on. So if you cant the carbine so the ejection port is up the magazine will be to the right. You want to hold high and to the right of the plate. How much depends on the trajectory of the bullet, where it is sighted in etc. I haven't tried it with my PCC but at 60 yds I think I would hold a couple inches high and a couple inches right. Good luck!
  8. That helps a lot. Thank you sir!
  9. Looking forward to the match, I have no doubt it will be awesome. I was wondering if if you could give an estimate on the distance to the longest targets?
  10. Don_B

    Can recoil buffer cause FTE?

    I agree.
  11. That sounds just like the political BS we get from Washington all the time.
  12. Don_B

    bipod placement

    That is true but the further back it is the further you can pivot to transition to targets without moving the bipod. Ineill attach mine in either place depending on the target array.
  13. I suspect the sear was not worn as you thought. It is common practice to slightly round the point between the primary and secondary angle. It does not require much, just break the sharp angle and it will improve the trigger pull. So so you could well be correct that the sear spring just needed adjusted.
  14. Don_B

    Solution for slugs hitting high

    A rear sight will do nothing unless you also install a higher front sight/bead.