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  1. Another thing to check is that the decapping pin is centered. Leave the decapping stem slightly loose, deprive a case and then tighten everything up with the decapper still in the flash hole. This will make sure it is lined up.
  2. This load data is provided with all appropriate disclaimers. 44 grains of H335 will not only make noise but at dusk you will also have an amazing light show! This is not a max load either.
  3. Just realized I wasn't very clear on that response. I had to file the sides on the mag bodies where they were dragging on the magwell.
  4. I also had to remove some metal on a couple of mine.
  5. You can remove the tab on back of the follower that locks the bolt back. Or you can shortening the tab so it does not apply as much pressure but this can be tricky getting the mag to drop but still lock the bolt back.
  6. Safety is.supposed to be on after make ready and can be taken off after the start signal. Some clubs/matches will allow taking the safety off after stand by. Once you get used to it you will not be any slower by taking the safety off after the start signal. Get in the habit of putting it back on after you are finished shooting and you will avoid bad things from happening.
  7. That's a very good idea! I'm 12 years away from that mark.
  8. It works very well in 9mm. Just not for 9 major as it requires almost a full case to get the needed velocity. If we lived closer I would offer to trade rifle powder for the 7625. This was one of my favorite powders then they quit making it.
  9. So I am going on my memory which is admittedly rather lacking. Some research can probably verify this info. So so a lot of years ago SVI designed the sight tracker pistol that is basically an limited gun with a ribbed barrel. This had the advantages of a lighter slide because of the cutout for the rib and the front sight basically did not move as when mounted on the slide. Once all the criteria was was met USPSA approved this limited pistol. STI's answer to this innovation was their pistol with the sight block. I will I'll not ge
  10. Try cleaning the front of the diode, it gets dirty and will not be as bright.
  11. Check the sides of the barrel hood and make sure it is not binding on the slide. I have seen this cause the same malfunction.
  12. Telling my age but Clinton taught me to stock up!!!
  13. Hmmmm. I have been running the same SV mags since 1995 and can honestly say that I have never polished them. If needed they were tuned then have never had an issue with them.
  14. Sounds like you need to adjust your sizing die. Run the tool head all the way down then adjust the die.
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