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  1. Ok! My tiny little hands and I will certainly keep that in mind.
  2. Haha. I only said it has worked well for me. Not that I'm any good. It certainly is not the glasses or the Infinity's that are holding be back!
  3. This is exactly what I did many years ago and it has worked very well for me. Takes about 15-20 minutes for my eyes to adjust to the glasses when I first put them on.
  4. One reason is because of case capacity. Not able to get enough slower powder in the 9mm case or if you are able it is very full and messy to reload.
  5. Rumor has it that SOF made that rule to eliminate the JP recoil eliminator comp from their competition.
  6. Not sure if this applies to all 3 gun matches but the most common max comp size is 1" diameter and 3" long.
  7. Don_B

    .356 in 9 Major

    This may not be true for all barrels but I bet you will find that most 38 Super barrels are.355, same as the 9mm.
  8. Don_B

    Feed Ramp Jam

    Are the feed lips on the mags parallel and around .350?
  9. Rich, I am among many others that are praying for a miracle. Best of luck.
  10. I should clarify my statement about sometimes not turning the red dot on. Sometimes I will use the bead for birdshot targets, steel or clays.
  11. Don_B

    Zero distance

    15 yds and at 50 I have to hold at the bottom of a 8" plate.
  12. I mounted my RL1050 flush with the bench and then cut a grove for the handle so it would be able to make a complete stroke.
  13. Been using a red dot on the shotgun for many years. I mainly want it for slugs at distance, much more accurate than a bead. A lot of times I will not even turn my red dot on, just use the fiber optic bead. For flyers you have to be careful and not "aim" at the clay but instead use the red dot as a bead, if that makes sense. Aiming will usually result in aiming directly at the clay. But with a little practice you can shoot fliers just as well as using the bead.
  14. Another thing you can do is put dryer sheets or strips of paper towel in while you are tumbling. They will capture a lot of the dirt.
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