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  1. So I am going on my memory which is admittedly rather lacking. Some research can probably verify this info. So so a lot of years ago SVI designed the sight tracker pistol that is basically an limited gun with a ribbed barrel. This had the advantages of a lighter slide because of the cutout for the rib and the front sight basically did not move as when mounted on the slide. Once all the criteria was was met USPSA approved this limited pistol. STI's answer to this innovation was their pistol with the sight block. I will I'll not ge
  2. Try cleaning the front of the diode, it gets dirty and will not be as bright.
  3. Check the sides of the barrel hood and make sure it is not binding on the slide. I have seen this cause the same malfunction.
  4. Telling my age but Clinton taught me to stock up!!!
  5. Hmmmm. I have been running the same SV mags since 1995 and can honestly say that I have never polished them. If needed they were tuned then have never had an issue with them.
  6. Sounds like you need to adjust your sizing die. Run the tool head all the way down then adjust the die.
  7. Have you looked at the barrel? I wonder if you will see a mark where the extractor is hitting it. Probably is a Sig issue instead of EGW.
  8. I would think that dent was already there. There is not much way to hit the breechface hard enough to cause that. If the pistol is 100% reliable then just enjoy it!
  9. That doesn't look like erosion to me if you are referring to the intention right next to the firing pin. Leaking gases would cut around the edges of the primer. Looks more like a soft spot in the metal and it is collapsing. You can see that the firing pin hole is not round anymore. Slide may be too soft.
  10. No apparently I am missing something. I tried to give the original poster some information about sighting in red dots and have found out that I am doing everything wrong. So I will withdraw from this conversation so you can share your wisdom. Adios.
  11. An open gun with a vertical Cmore mount is 2" offset. So it doesn't matter if it is sighted in at 10 or 15 yards it is still going to be low at 3 yards. If your setup works for you that is great. Mine works for me so we are all good.
  12. With my open gun sighted in at 15 yards the only hold over I worry about is on a very close target, 3-5 yards with a no shoot right below the head. At that distance your poi will be low because of the height the red dot is above your bore. Of course the type of red dot and mount will determine how much that is. That is why you need to know what the holds are for your gun. The key to this is not to think about it, Just know that on the close targets you will hold at the top of the head
  13. Those hammers are interchangeable. The Brazos half cock notch is built like that so if the hammer falls to half cock it will not beat up the sear where the hammer hooks contact it.
  14. Don't over think it! Where you zero is not as important as knowing where your holds are at different distances. For over 20 years I have zeroed my open guns at 15 yards. I have no issues hitting plates at 50 yards just by knowing where to hold, anything closer I just hold on. Except for a very close target with a no-shoot or hard cover, then I hold high because of the offset from the bore.
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