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  1. Any of the regular sizing dies will work. Hornady, RCBS , lee etc. They are available thru several of the distributers. Example..https://www.midwayusa.com/product/101110519?pid=719704 https://www.amazon.com/s?k=lee+u+die+9mm&crid=15LN4LW3SFM02&sprefix=lee+u+die%2Caps%2C160&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_3_9
  2. OK. Try this. Start with new brass. Just flare slightly and seat the bullet. Check for set back. If ok then the sizing die is fine. Crimp and check again. If OK, than it's most likely the crappy range brass.
  3. Set back is usually a result of poor sizing. Just because the die is new doesn't mean that it is correct. Do you have a different sizing die? Adding crimp won't change the set back problem. Over crimping has it's own problems. Taper crimp does not "hold" the bullet.
  4. C4West. Your symptoms sound more like what I would expect from an infection. I highly recommend that you see a doctor to get checked out. I'm PMing you as well.
  5. Welcome. Lot's of info on the 45ACP. We look forward to you sharing all of your experience. Tell your brother congrats on hitting the CMP lottery. What did he get?
  6. Take it apart and watch to see if the bar's throw adjustment is going the full range. If it's stuck you won't get the max throw. Also make sure that the linkage is not loose.
  7. If you had to start from scratch, tighten the screws until a medium amount of finger pressure on the plate causes the clutch to slip. You can check it with a half full feeder of cases but it should be fine. Remember that these case feeders were not designed to run with the hopper completely full.
  8. I have a 650 and load mostly 9mm, 45acp and 38spl. I keep the speed slow and I don't have any problems. I have never adjusted the cuff. Perhaps I might need to if I load rifle. Your clutch is working fine. If the motor stopped, the center hub would have stopped as well. Any clutch puts pressure on a motor and slows it down. The idea is to not burn out the motor because it's jammed. If it slipped so much that it didn't slow the motor, the case feeder wouldn't work.
  9. And these are the cream of the crop that went back to work. Wait till the rest of the herd stampedes back.
  10. This will stop the deer. Get some seeds.
  11. Sorry but no. Every press is different. You have to readjust your dies each time you use a different press. Even the same model.
  12. Winchester 231 , titgroup, cfe pistol, and others now in stock.
  13. Sorry to hear it brother. You're just used to the Rangers. Everything is bigger. Must be a bunch of midgets driving mini coopers in the sheriff's dept.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Your son is lucky to have you as his father. The best times are where you both had a great experience. I'll bet he shoots better than you.
  15. I need more info. How old are you? Do you have an eyeglass RX? How far away are your sights when you hold your gun? No matter what your eye dominance is, you will never be able to get a clear image of the front and rear sight at the same time. Which of your eyes sees the target? You really should have an eye exam by someone who is a shooter. They can answer all of your questions. Everyone's eye movements vary and it's difficult to answer your question on a forum.
  16. Short stroke, sticky powder bar? Fine powder can leak and cause the bar to stick sometimes. What powder are you using? Have you tried cleaning the powder measure setup?
  17. They have some Clays, h110 and other powders for sale as of now.
  18. Small and large pistol. small rifle and large rifle. Some vihiavuori powders including n320. 1000 primers were around $74. The price jumps because of shipping but still way less than those gonifs on Gunbroker.
  19. Midway has had many times recently when primers and powder are available. I have scored both. I haven't seen anything on the powder valley web site. Worthwhile checking out.
  20. Sometimes it's just a feeling that something is wrong. Sometimes the RO will catch it. Sometimes you see an empty case being ejected and ask yourself why would you have loaded an empty case. Sometimes(if you're lucky) the next rd won't chamber because the squib is stuck too close to allow another bullet in the barrel. As far as going fast in competition, there is such a thing as going too fast. Being nervous about a squib is good. It should motivate you to be very careful when loading. Stay safe.
  21. Tap Rack Bang drills. Sometimes the mag is not fully inserted or you have a light strike etc. Slap the mag on the bottom to check that it's seated then rack the slide to clear the chamber and reset a new bullet. Fire. Just be careful to listen for a squib. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35fz5j9LiX0
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