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  1. I also use a 650 but kept my 550. I have a need to load different calibers that I don't need bulk amounts. I shoot a 50 AE eagle and load 100 rds at a time. The same with 44 magnum. I do some rifle as well. I find that it's relaxing to go back to loading on a more manual machine. My 650 has a casefeeder and a MBF. I enjoy reloading but sometimes cranking out 500 rds or more at a time is almost boring. When I load on the 550 it reminds me of the fun and pride I have in loading a quality load. Unless you need the money, hold onto the 550 for now. You'll use it.
  2. Nothing works as well as watching each load by eye.
  3. Try pulling the bullet just after seating and before the crimp. If you still have a setback check the sizing die. you can also be having a problem because the ogive on that bullet is different from the other bullets. If it's the ogive, than you'll need to adjust your OAL. I use 147 Montana without issues. My OAL is 1.10. I'm betting that the sizing die is off.
  4. I'm proud of you Trace. You and your fellow officers risk your lives to stop the bad guys.Thank you for your service. Stay safe brother.
  5. Wow..that's....that's ...Just wow!
  6. Welcome to the party. Looking forward to reading your posts about your shooting experiences. Lots of great people here.
  7. Welcome to the Forums. We look forward to hearing about your shooting and reloading experiences.
  8. Darn.Ya got me. Now I have to go directly to jail and can't pass GO and can't collect $200.
  9. It's been a while since we've had a new Member of the Month. The April 2019 MOM is a very special member. He has had a career in medicine as a surgeon and recently started a custom gun making business and is a new Forum vendor. He has been a contributing member( remember Brian's Prime directive of contribute ?) since 2003. He started the " Are you 50 years old?" thread over 11 years ago. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/59354-are-you-50-years-old/ I've no doubt that there have been lives saved by this thread. He has been a competitor in USPSA and IDPA. He also posted one of my favorite quotes in the motivational thread...We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. – George Bernard Shaw. Please join Brian and the Moderators in congratulating the April 2019 MOM award recipient.....CSEMARTIN
  10. You'll need more than 10 rounds to get a good sampling. I also agree with everyone else. If you are reloading then you need your own chrono.
  11. Wait........We're supposed to get better?
  12. THIS^^^^^ It just happened to me.
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