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  1. The DOC/BIS final rule was published on Thursday (1/23). The text is at 85 FR 4136.
  2. I can't speak for corny. If he finds it offensive It would up to him to PM you and discuss it. It's not quarreling to ask for a clarification of information. It makes a big difference if a person is talking from personal experience or is making an assumption. In this case, corny is one of the people who bought and tried the unit.
  3. Last warning. I've had to shut down several non productive posts. I, along with other members, would like to see this primer collator succeed. If you have constructive input and first hand experience we would love to hear it. I'm sure Saul at DAA takes this seriously. I would not like to close this thread, but I will if certain members continue with their bad attitudes. Please reacquaint yourselves with the Forum guidelines. AttitudePlease be polite. Or if not polite, at least respectful.No bickering. Regardless of the subject matter.Antagonistic, offensive, or quarrelsome tones are not acceptable. If you wish to complain or vent, please do it in an E mail to DAA. If you have productive input, we would love to hear it. As I said, LAST WARNING
  4. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism of a product. Working together, the members have helped improve many products over the years including Dillon products. The responses however, are starting to get personal and attacking. If this continues the thread will be closed.
  5. Youngeyes


    I'm going to hate 2020. I'm an eye doctor. An entire year of bad 2020 jokes.
  6. This is a picture of moving the camera closer. Hope this help you Sigarmsp226.
  7. Welcome Kool. Ask any questions you would like. There is also a search function that will give you a ton of information. Good luck with CO.
  8. Base price is $199 without shipping. It only does small primers. MAYBE they will make a large primer version. That's two large machines to load primers VS my PAL filler. That machine takes up a lot of room on a bench. I'll stay with what I have for now. but will be very interested in hearing reviews here when you guys get the Pro.
  9. Youngeyes

    BE Blog

    The "can I fix it filter". I like that.
  10. It's brisk this morning. What the hell does it mean that it's 18 but it feels like 8? If it feels like 8, then it bloody well is 8.
  11. Thank you to all veterans for your service. You keep all Americans safe and free, regardless of race,color,creed, national origin,religion or gender.
  12. Not again. It's that time of year again. The clocks change and the temperatures changes. To make it worse, the snide piece of junk tells you that you "might" want your coat today.
  13. Just a reminder to keep the attitudes out of this thread . Now back to your regularly scheduled thread, already in progress.
  14. Anything for sale must be listed in the Classified Forum.
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