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  1. HRider

    carbine muzzle movment

    If the barrel has opposite twist, it will torque the opposite way. For every action, there is an opposite reaction. Try going to the range and placing your rifle hand guard in the lower right corner of a window on a sturdy barricade. Hold the hand guard tight into the corner and put 5 rounds on a paper target at 12-15 yards as fast as you can pull the trigger. Notice your hits. Do the same thing from the left corner of the window and notice your hits. Most people will have hits closer together from the right corner because the barricade is keeping the rifle from pushing. This has been my experience anyway. Think about it, your shotgun probably doesn't push to one side or the other. Hurley
  2. HRider

    carbine muzzle movment

    Having a small amount of torque to the right is not necessarily a bad thing. Use it to your advantage, when engaging steel, shoot left to right and let the torque help you transition from one target to another. When shooting paper, shoot right to left swinging through, letting the torque momentarily stop the barrel and putting nice pairs on the target. Of course, you can't do this in all situations, but it can be used when possible. Torque is a product of barrel twist, it can be counteracted with body mechanics and/or gas vectoring. Hurley
  3. HRider

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Rifles have personalities, you have to find what each one of them likes. Hurley
  4. HRider

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Usually around $ 0.75 per round, I have caught it on sale for $ 0.60 per round. I have bought it from Ammo to go and Freedom Munitions. A quick check didn't show any in stock at either place, but Ammoseek is showing several places listing it at $ 0.75 per round. Hurley
  5. HRider

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Try some 77 gr SMK. My 1st JP CTR-02 does not like Hornady 75s, but will shoot Fiochhi 77SMKs really good (5 shots completely under a dime at 100). I bought several different factory loads and went to the range. I set up a large piece of cardboard with ten plasters on it, fired 15 rounds of ball to warm up my barrel and then shot five shot groups with each factory load, chronoing as I shot groups. The Fiochhi performed the best out of my rifle, so I bought a lot of it and use it for long range targets Hurley
  6. I have room for 20 rounds on my belt (old school weak hand caddies). That will get me through 90% of all shotgun stages, even when slugs are mixed in. On the big shotgun stages (like some of the 40-50 target stages at HeMan, woo hoo!), I add more caddies or a chest rig to have enough ammo. Usually, the mega shotgun stages are either all shotgun or only two gun stages, so you can move gear around on your belt to add shotgun capacity Hurley
  7. Back during the first Fort Benning matches (2005-2010), they filled up in .25 second! At least you have a chance at getting in now. I am looking forward to another fun filled Fort Benning match! Hurley
  8. HRider

    AR15 upper receiver types and accuracy

    I have owned many different ARs built by different companies. A mil- spec upper is capable of sub MOA. There are a few manufacturers that have proprietary barrel attachment systems and they may be better, I can't comment on that because I have not used any of them. I do have rifles made by JP, Armalite, Colt and Rock River that have printed groups much smaller than one inch with regular barrel attaching methods. I believe that most any AR with a quality barrel and ammunition should achieve sub MOA. if there is something that you like from one of the companies that use proprietary barrel attachment methods, go for it. Hurley
  9. HRider

    switching ammo in shotgun stage

    If you can start with the slugs, shoot them first and do not deviate from your plan, if you must use the slugs in the middle of the stage, save one birdshot target and load the slugs, shoot the bird target and then shoot slugs. As others have mentioned, use different color slugs and place them in a different place on your vest/belt. I usually place slugs so that I have to reach for them, not in the first place my hand would go for shells, unless it is an all slug stage. Hurley
  10. Thanks, I have looked at the Daniel Defense sight, it should work great for a PCC and even a match rifle, it just doesn't have the ability to dial up. The LMT is one of the others that I was referring to, it is fine, just the nut is not in the ideal location. I was able to buy a used DPMS rear from another iron shooter for my new build. I wish that I would have known that they were going to stop production, I would have bought up a few for the future. Hurley
  11. As a devoted iron sight shooter, I have read and appreciated this thread several times. Sadly, I learned earlier this year that the DPMS detachable A2 rear sight is now out of production when I tried to buy one for a new build. There are still a few standalone rear sights out there, but they are either the A1 type or have the mounting nuts on the left side of the rifle (the DPMS sight has mounting nuts on the right, out of the way of a right handed shooter's access to the charging handle). I use the DPMS A2 with two marks on the drum, one for 200 yards and another mark for 300 yards. Anything beyond 300, I just hold over. Hurley
  12. HRider

    JP "Machine Finish" picture?

    I have two CTR-02 rifles. I believe that they either have the light polish or machine finish barrels. The bolt carrier in the newer one is highly polished and noticeably smoother than the barrel. I just checked both box labels and neither mentions barrel finish, so I am not completely sure. The picture that you reference looks like a bead blasted barrel, they have done a few barrels like that. PM me if you wish and I can send a picture of my barrel, but again, I am not sure which finish that I have. Hurley
  13. I had a great time visiting with old acquaintances and making new ones. Squad 6 was awesome! The stages were fun and challenging. I want to thank all who were involved in setting up and running the match, the ROs really have to work hard at these matches! Thanks to the Boy Scouts who came out to reset targets, they worked hard also. A big Thank You to the sponsors as well, I will be sending my thank you cards in. I look forward to coming out again. Hurley
  14. I was reading over the rules and saw where supporting devices are allowed, are equal length coupled mags ok or still a no no? Hurley
  15. I am building another Large frame rifle. It will be primarily used for HeMan Iron, but will be a flat top, so I can mount a scope on it and shoot other matches. I am looking at a Critierion 20" stainless rifle gas barrel. They call it a hybrid profile, it has a .750 gas journal an is 1/11.25 I believe. I have looked at other barrels also. I have an old Armalite AR10 that has a 1/11.25 barrel and is very accurate. Besides having more torque, what should I expect out of a 1/10? What am I giving up now if anything? Thanks, Hurley editbto add: It will be 7.62x51