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  1. Glad to know that y'all's are working good. Mine just arrived this morning, I installed it and it feels really good! I am anxious to get to the range and really try it out. Hurley
  2. I have a RA140 in a 5.56 carbine. I had trouble at first with reset. Mainly while hand cycling. I contacted Rise and they sent a sketch of where they wanted me to file on the disconnector. They said it would not affect the warranty. I filed like they said and have not had any issues since (3-4K rounds since). It is definately better than mil-spec, but not as good as a JP from JP or Hyperfire, in my opinion. Hurley
  3. If it is like the one that I had, the ported part is just the choke, you can unscrew the choke and screw in a regular IC or LM and be good to go. After the match, put your breacher choke back in if you want. Hurley
  4. I would post about my shotgun's reliability, but you know what they say about bragging on dogs, guns and youngins, as soon as you do they will let you down. Hurley
  5. I am not a big adjustable stock guy, I like a plain old A2 or Magpul rifle stock. A lot is going to depend on your body structure and your personal preference. I did build a carbine for my wife and daughter, an adjustable stock was a necessity on it and weight was a factor. I put a Mission First Tactical stock on it and I like it (thankfully, the girls like it too). It locks up tight with no play at all. Hurley
  6. I suppose that it can, but I have shot several in other people's rifles and only one came close to feeling like the factory ones. It was put in by a do it yourself guy that followed the instructions and said he had many hours of time fitting it. Hurley
  7. I have or have had Giessle, Hyperfire 3 gun, AR Gold, Wilson Combat 3 gun, polished up mil spec with JP springs, JP triggers done by JP and a Timney in an AR10. Of all the ones mentioned, the JP triggers in my CTR-02s are my preference. The break is very crisp and the reset is short. The one that I liked the least was the AR Gold. I just didn't like the way it felt. I like the feel of the Timney in the AR10, but I just put it in (prize table pickup from Blueridge, took the Wilson out of the AR10 and put it in a carbine for my daughter) and don't have enough rounds to know if it will be reliable yet. Hurley
  8. I like jam nuts. I like to remove the comp and clean the crown periodically, with a jam nut, I can use witness marks to put the comp and nut back in the same place with the same tension. Jam nuts are not as pretty as a crush washer or a timed comp. Hurley
  9. I like 20" government profile barrels with a 15" hand guard. My JP CTR-02s both have light contour 18" barrels (because a JP 20"light contour is a custom profile, he only does them occasionally and one person buys them all). I have never been in a situation where I thought my rifle was too long. I have also had my butt kicked in a shoot house by an old man with a full length M14, so it really is what you prefer and get used to. Hurley
  10. I have used a Blackhawk Serpa that I modified the release on for the last 12 years. I had to do a little grinding and fitting with a heat gun to get my STI Eagle to fit in it properly. Now it works with my 1911 and 2011. I have crawled through pipes, hung upside down on ropes at BRM3g, got into and out of vehicles, used it with slung long guns and many other challenges in some very physical matches. Never had a problem or even worried about losing my pistol. Hurley
  11. If you are willing to try a couple more rounds, chrono it and see how fast it is. I don't know that I would push my luck though. If you have a bunch of it, you could pull the bullets and reload with a reduced powder charge. Hurley
  12. Some major matches impose a different time value on FTE based on distance. For example, a 10 second penalty if the target is <100yds, 15 seconds from 100 to <200 and 20 or 30 seconds for targets 200 or farther. That has worked well at many matches. Hurley
  13. Rifle length gas, shoots soft, easier on parts and reliable. Agree with Caspian Guy on 16" guns, for broader operating window, I would go with a midlength gas. Hurley
  14. The trend around my area is to avoid all of the different divisions and just have Open matches. It is run what you brung, trophies for 1-3 or 1-5, depending on the match, and high mil, high leo, high junior and high lady. That is much simpler for a match director to manage and score. It has not really been an equipment race either. Some people use their open pistols, but a lot have carry optic pistols and regular limited minor pistols. I have not seen a tank brake on a rifle yet, but several use bags or bipods. Most matches are 2 gun, (carbine and pistol), but there will be a 3 gun every now and then. Hurley
  15. Troy makes a set of offset folding sights. I have a brand new set that I picked up in a prize table bag that I don't need. PM me if you are interested, I would make a deal on them. Hurley
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