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  1. I have used a Blackhawk Serpa that I modified the release on for the last 12 years. I had to do a little grinding and fitting with a heat gun to get my STI Eagle to fit in it properly. Now it works with my 1911 and 2011. I have crawled through pipes, hung upside down on ropes at BRM3g, got into and out of vehicles, used it with slung long guns and many other challenges in some very physical matches. Never had a problem or even worried about losing my pistol. Hurley
  2. If you are willing to try a couple more rounds, chrono it and see how fast it is. I don't know that I would push my luck though. If you have a bunch of it, you could pull the bullets and reload with a reduced powder charge. Hurley
  3. Some major matches impose a different time value on FTE based on distance. For example, a 10 second penalty if the target is <100yds, 15 seconds from 100 to <200 and 20 or 30 seconds for targets 200 or farther. That has worked well at many matches. Hurley
  4. Rifle length gas, shoots soft, easier on parts and reliable. Agree with Caspian Guy on 16" guns, for broader operating window, I would go with a midlength gas. Hurley
  5. The trend around my area is to avoid all of the different divisions and just have Open matches. It is run what you brung, trophies for 1-3 or 1-5, depending on the match, and high mil, high leo, high junior and high lady. That is much simpler for a match director to manage and score. It has not really been an equipment race either. Some people use their open pistols, but a lot have carry optic pistols and regular limited minor pistols. I have not seen a tank brake on a rifle yet, but several use bags or bipods. Most matches are 2 gun, (carbine and pistol), but there will be a 3 gun every now and then. Hurley
  6. Troy makes a set of offset folding sights. I have a brand new set that I picked up in a prize table bag that I don't need. PM me if you are interested, I would make a deal on them. Hurley
  7. A few years back I was having slide stop issues on my Wilson CQB. With Wilson 10 rd magazines, on the last round the slide would hit the top of the magazine follower and it would be precisely when the slide stop was in line with the take down notch. The slide stop was just big enough on the back side that the mag follower would touch it and send it out through the take down notch and it would hang outside of the gun. Due to follower design, this would not happen with 8 round magazines. I called Wilson asking to buy a new slide stop in grey to match my frame (I purchased the gun used). The guy at Wilson was really nice and asked why I needed to replace the slide stop, so I told him what was going on. He insisted that I send the gun back, I argued that it only needed a new slide stop. He said that Wilson was embarrassed that I was having a problem and they needed the gun back to fix it and make sure nothing else was wrong. They paid shipping both ways, had the gun back to me in less than two weeks and threw 3 new mags in with it when they sent it back. It has not had that problem since. They really stand behind their products, I wish more people did business like many gun and shooting companies do. Hurley
  8. Good points for sure. I would love to see IPSC rifle come to the states, maybe we could get more than 5 or 6 people interested in shooting iron sights again. BTW, congratulations on your teams performance at IPSC rifle world shoot a couple of months ago! Hurley
  9. I have ran a 24" Nova since 2010. It is stock except for an additional fiber bead, some small smoothing of the loading port, chamfering of the mag tube entrance and a +5 Nordic tube. I also stoned the action bars and drilled a hole in the stock to allow a Proctor sling to be attached. It has been flawless in operation and is considerably easier for me to load than a Remington 870 (I grew up hunting with an 870 and still have three of them, but like the Nova much more for 3 gun). Hurley
  10. I have toyed with the idea on making an extended tube for a '97 and using one for fun in 3 gun. They are much easier to load than a Model 12. I would have to buy another one though, my '97 has a 32" full choke barrel, and I wouldn't dare cut it off. It still patterns really good, I use it for turkey shoots now. Hurley
  11. That would be fun. There used to be a rifle match in Birmingham that would allow Garands to just put one on paper to neutralize. With the CMP close by, they usually had a few guys shooting Garands. Man, will they rock an MGM flasher! Hurley
  12. My first experience with UML rules is this years Ft. Benning match that will take place next week. They sent the rules out to the competitors a couple of weeks ago. Back when we signed up for the match, they announced that they would recognize Open, Tac Optics Limited and Heavy. When UML rules were forwarded, Heavy is actually Tac Heavy (9mm or larger pistol, Auto shotgun and .308 or larger rifle which can have one optic). UML has traditional heavy (45 pistol 10rd limit, 12 ga pump and .308 rifle with 20rd limit) Tac heavy and I think Heavy Optic, which is another configuration. The match is supposed to declare which one of the Heavy divisions they will recognize ahead of time. The UML rules for Open, Tac Optics and Limited look like what I am used to seeing from most everyone else (Blueridge differing only by requiring all shotguns other than Open be plugged to only allow 8 rds in the magazine tube). Most of the local two and three gun stuff around me just recognizes Open, so you just run what you brung. Hurley
  13. The unified set of rules (UML) is the set that has so many variations of "heavy". You sure have to be sure which variation of heavy the match that you plan to attend is using or you will be at a disadvantage. Hurley
  14. I have been following this thread and thinking on it. In my area, 2 gun has grown quite a bit in the last three years. We tried a 3 gun series three years ago and had good attendance. At the end of the year, the majority of shooters in the area over ruled the 3 gun people and voted to make the series a 2 gun. I respect their decision, but prefer to shoot 3 gun (Multigun). I have been around awhile, stated shooting USPSA pistol in 2002, shot my first carbine match in 2004, first Multigun match in 2008 and my first international match in 2008. I was hooked on Multigun from the first match! It is more than just about the shooting to me, it is a combination of gear management, stage planning, meeting new people (some of the nicest people I have met in the world were through 3gun), helping fellow competitors out, using the proper tool in the toolbox, etc. Match shooting is really an exercise in efficiency. I really like shooting big, natural terrain stages like you will find at Rocky Mountain, HeMan and Blue Ridge. One thing that I think deters people from shooting 3 gun is the shotgun. Everywhere you look, people are telling you that you "have" to buy a gun and have it built into a competition gun by whoever is the hot shotgun smith at the time. While there are great gunsmiths out there that can build a fine shotgun for you, it is not a necessity for competing, especially for a new shooter. A quality shotgun with a tube on it will serve you well and can be purchased new for less than $1k. I do wish we would go back to a maximum of 9 rounds in the gun for everything except open. As far as UML helping grow the sport, there is some validity to the standardization mindset. I have enjoyed the individual flavor of the various matches that I have had the privilege to traveling to. Sure, you need to read the rules before going, but such is the same when traveling to foreign places. Hurley
  15. Bob, if you PM me, I will forward the email to you. Hurley
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