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  1. Traditionally, full day format. Shoot four stages per day all three days. Hurley
  2. Does a competitor have to be a 3GN member and classified to shoot and be eligible for the prize table? Hurley
  3. Have you looked at a Bravo Company Mod 0? It is not a competition compensator, it is more of a flash hider with a baffle. I shot one on a 16" carbine and was very impressed by how effective that it was. Hurley
  4. I shoot Heavy Metal-He Man sometimes. I really enjoy the extra planning that limited mag capacity forces on you as well as the added challenge of hitting things with an iron sighted rifle. I don't even mind shooting a pump shotgun. I don't shoot HM much locally as I can't afford to loose that much .45 brass (no one picks up brass behind shooters around here anymore. You can stay after matches, but after setting up and tearing down, I am ready to leave) and usually, I would be the only one. It does cost a bit more to shoot HM at BRM3g, but I have done it when there were enough shooters to make a division. I think a lot of people won't buy a AR10 and dedicate it to iron sights or just a red dot, they usually want a scope on it. Most people around here don't like shooting shotguns, (so we have more 2 gun matches), so they definately aren't going to buy a pump set up for the game. And, like was mentioned earlier, I don't think most of the newer shooters have .45s, and if they do, don't have 7-8 mags for them. Just my 2 cents Hurley
  5. I just went out to the garage and measured a few different brands of ammo. All of it is factory loaded, I measured two of each type. The min and max lengths are below. Wolf 62 fmj. 2.245-2.249 PMC bronze 55 fmj 2.249-2.2495 Aquila 55 fmj. 2.21-2.231 Privi M193 55 fmj. 2.255-2.255 LC M855. 2.248-2.248 WMA MK311 frangible 2.244-2.245 Fiocchi 77SMK 2.242-2.245 I had some Wolf laquer cased, but don't know if it is 55 or 62gr, but it was only a couple of thou shorter than the poly 62s that are at the top. I hope this helps Hurley
  6. I have 3/8 drive and 1/2" drive Snap-on torque wrenches that I have had for many years (1/2 was made in 1969, 3/8 in 1998). I have had them checked and both are still within tolerance. At the steel mill, we use Proto torque wrenches and have not had any issues with them. The ratchet heads are smaller on the Snap-on and can get into a tighter place, not a big deal at the mill, but may come into play on cars. I have seen some interesting tests on YouTube with the new Harbor Freight Icon brand of torque wrench, and they look like the quality is good, but I have no experience with them. Hurley
  7. I would check the mag over for a spine crack, and maybe measure the feed lips. If that doesn't show anything, I would just relegate that mag to a practice mag. If it proves reliable in practice, then maybe take it back to a match. I wouldn't put a whole lot of thought into one misfire that had a dimple in the primer. Hurley
  8. Another vote for Wiebad Tac Pad. It is light and durable, can be attached to hand guard or clipped on your pants. Hurley
  9. I own two JP CTR-02 rifles. At one time, I said that there was nothing anyone could do to an AR to make it worth what a JP cost. I was wrong, after having a loaner JP (from a friend)for a couple of months, I went and bought my first CTR-02. Five years later, a man had a brand new CTR-02 for sale in the classifieds here. It was a twin to my first one and $500 cheaper than I paid for mine, so I bought it. I have JP parts in other rifles that I have built also. Bottom line, if you like the way a JP feels and can deal with not having the lightest rifle available, buy a JP, I don't think you will be disappointed. Hurley
  10. Ford F-150 Supercrew. Hauls all of my gear and has room to put another shooters cart on the back. Hurley
  11. In the photo, you can see the screw to the left of the pivot pin in the sight. The plastic cap to protect the thin front sight post from getting bent while in the bag of taking the carbine out of the bag. Hurley
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