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  1. Follow the guidelines about base access and speed limits, make sure that your vehicle insurance card and tag are up to date (at my first Ft. Benning match, the guy I was riding with didn't have the current tag receipt, but had the correct year tag on his truck, they almost didn't let us have a vehicle pass) . Read the match rules. Approach the shooting as you would at any other match. Enjoy the match and have fun! Hurley
  2. HRider

    Limited Irons Build Help

    A photo of the front sight on the JP. Hurley
  3. HRider

    Limited Irons Build Help

    The Middle rifle in the first photo is a JP CTR-02 18" light contour with a Yankee Hill Machine front sight. The bottom rifle is an Armalite AR10 20", JP 15.5" handguard and Armalite front sight. Second photo is of an AR10, 20" with JP handguard and Yankee Hill Machine front sight. If you zoom in, you can see the screw that I installed on the YHM front sights just below where the folding post meets the base. Hurley
  4. HRider

    Limited Irons Build Help

    I will see if I can post a few pictures. Hurley
  5. HRider

    Limited Irons Build Help

    I use Yankee Hill Machine front sight gas blocks for my iron sight guns. It is a folding front sight, but I drill and tap a hole through the side and use a screw to lock it into the up position. They are sturdy as they come, the screw just adds an extra measure of confidence that it isn't going to move. It also uses standard A2 front sight posts. I position the YHM sight right behind the comp and use 15.5" hand guards on my rifles. I have three with 20" barrels (my preference) and one 18". The 18 is a JP CTR-02 light contour. It works well and is an 18 only because John doesn't like building 20" light contour barrels Hurley
  6. HRider

    Rifle Build Help

    As stated above, gas tube could be the problem, I would try a different one. I have also seen gas leakage between the gas key and carrier cause short stroking. If you have another bolt and or bolt/carrier assembly (or a friend with some parts), start changing only one thing at the time until you find the problem. It sounds as though you are not getting enough gas to the bolt to properly operate the mechanism. If you have a mil-spec buffer spring, test it in place of the JP spring also. I have never known of an AR10 spring being packaged as an AR15 spring, but I suppose anything is possible. I have two rifles set up similar to yours and they are very reliable. I also have an AR10 with a Criterion barrel and a Seekins adjustable gas block that works. I believe that you will find a part that is out of spec on your build. Good luck and let us know what you find out. Hurley
  7. HRider

    Rifle Build Help

    You mentioned that you checked gas tube and block alignment, are you sure the port in the gas block is centered over the barrel gas port (front to back)? The mil-spec dimensions allow for the hand guard retainer at the gas block, most gas blocks are also machined so they will work with old style hand guards so you must leave a space between the barrel shoulder and gas block for proper alignment. Hurley
  8. HRider

    Magnetic Front Sights

    I have one on my Benelli M1. I still have the factory sight and just slide the magnetic one up against it. Mine has been on the gun for eight or nine years and hasn't ever came off. It will push the factory fiber out of the original sight after a while, I just tap it back to center once in a while. I use the one that Walmart sells and have a spare one in my bag. Hurley
  9. HRider

    Excessive wear M2 receiver

    My M1 has a mark there, but no discernible gouge. It has had several thousand rounds of Walmart Federal bulk packs and several thousand AAs through it. Based on comments that others have made before, I wonder if some receivers are softer than others. The shell rim has no choice but to contact the left side of the receiver due to the bolt catch (not sure if that is correct terminology for that part). Hurley
  10. HRider

    carbine muzzle movment

    If the barrel has opposite twist, it will torque the opposite way. For every action, there is an opposite reaction. Try going to the range and placing your rifle hand guard in the lower right corner of a window on a sturdy barricade. Hold the hand guard tight into the corner and put 5 rounds on a paper target at 12-15 yards as fast as you can pull the trigger. Notice your hits. Do the same thing from the left corner of the window and notice your hits. Most people will have hits closer together from the right corner because the barricade is keeping the rifle from pushing. This has been my experience anyway. Think about it, your shotgun probably doesn't push to one side or the other. Hurley
  11. HRider

    carbine muzzle movment

    Having a small amount of torque to the right is not necessarily a bad thing. Use it to your advantage, when engaging steel, shoot left to right and let the torque help you transition from one target to another. When shooting paper, shoot right to left swinging through, letting the torque momentarily stop the barrel and putting nice pairs on the target. Of course, you can't do this in all situations, but it can be used when possible. Torque is a product of barrel twist, it can be counteracted with body mechanics and/or gas vectoring. Hurley
  12. HRider

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Rifles have personalities, you have to find what each one of them likes. Hurley
  13. HRider

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Usually around $ 0.75 per round, I have caught it on sale for $ 0.60 per round. I have bought it from Ammo to go and Freedom Munitions. A quick check didn't show any in stock at either place, but Ammoseek is showing several places listing it at $ 0.75 per round. Hurley
  14. HRider

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Try some 77 gr SMK. My 1st JP CTR-02 does not like Hornady 75s, but will shoot Fiochhi 77SMKs really good (5 shots completely under a dime at 100). I bought several different factory loads and went to the range. I set up a large piece of cardboard with ten plasters on it, fired 15 rounds of ball to warm up my barrel and then shot five shot groups with each factory load, chronoing as I shot groups. The Fiochhi performed the best out of my rifle, so I bought a lot of it and use it for long range targets Hurley
  15. I have room for 20 rounds on my belt (old school weak hand caddies). That will get me through 90% of all shotgun stages, even when slugs are mixed in. On the big shotgun stages (like some of the 40-50 target stages at HeMan, woo hoo!), I add more caddies or a chest rig to have enough ammo. Usually, the mega shotgun stages are either all shotgun or only two gun stages, so you can move gear around on your belt to add shotgun capacity Hurley