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  1. i see mike shoot every gun imaginable, and very well i might add.
  2. and who knows...maybe the new prez will push to go back to having a 3gun nationals, not ppc/rifle games.
  3. if u have been in the bush, you would know that is a ridiculous question.
  4. same thing out here on the left coast. unless you shoot 28 gauge, forget shotgun ammo. there are more primers than shot shells.
  5. my take has been uspsa saw the SC as a cash cow of pure numbers, which is why it grabbed the organization. in truth, the core could care less as the crossover is small. i can see the argument for a separate BOD, but it makes little sense at this point. a spin off would justify it, but not as a piece of the org.
  6. you should shoot with a super squad once in awhile...
  7. ron-just get a Boss hanger and attach it to an els fork. i did that with a kydex holster for 3 gun.
  8. vvn320 is perfect for 40 major and widely used.
  9. firing pin/spring, barrel, o ring, stuff that wears out.
  10. they never ever have the parts you need.
  11. not a gunsmith, but there's this thing called a breech face.
  12. don't egg him on, he'll be campaigning for rimfire next, which would add another 4 divisions like the steel challenge,
  13. he used to have a couple different logins at doodie till he got caught.
  14. best post in this thread...
  15. dude, stay in yer lane and shoot production.
  16. yep-do the same. brass goes into walnut hulls tumbler to clean up. then is deprimed and resized in a single stage press (lee challenger with the quick change breech lock system. rifle brass also then gets primer pocket swaged and trimmed to length. finally, it all goes into a wet tumbler. end result is all brass is ready to load later on a 650. piece of cake at that point. plus, you can also use the M die for the rifle brass if yer using a mister bullet feeder.
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