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  1. Signed up - just need to get paid and squadded. Lots of great memories at Sill and look forward to making some new friends in SEP.
  2. Very interested in this match. Always loved WY and looking for a reason to visit again - this is a pretty good one. Shoot Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning - correct? Given the timing (2.5 days for 8 stages), is it safe to assume the stages will be fairly complex / time consuming? How negotiable, if at all, is the shooters meeting Thursday afternoon? This potentially adds an extra day of travel / time-off for those travelling over 1K miles one way.
  3. As an old-school Redleg, Sill is like my second home - really glad to see the leadership there allowing this event to take place. Unfortunately, it's scheduled the same weekend as Wild West MG or I'd be there for sure. Best of luck with your inaugural match and hope to join you next year!
  4. Sounds like a fun match! I checked the link and still have a few questions: Full-day or half-day format? Trying to wrap my head around the logistics required to run up to 300 shooters through 14 stages over 2 days - 20 man squads? Bay-style, Natural Terrain, or both? If both, how many of eacht? How many long range stages and max target distances? If LR stages are in play, any special provisions for PCC competitors? Safe to assume prize table by order of finish for all non-top 3 shooters? Separate tables for each Division or a single table with shooters walking by percentage within division (RM3G style)? $230 fee for a single-gun match isn't cheap, especially for what seems to be a brand-new match. I suspect many potential competitors, especially out-of-state guys and those not familiar with your club, would appreciate more info / discussion than is currently available on Practice-Score.
  5. Thanks for the info Mike - very helpful. I'm going to try and make this one; sounds like a great way to kick off the new 3 Gun season by narrowing the focus to just one gun. Looking forward to updates and registration info as it comes available.
  6. For those of us who've never shot IPSC Rifle before, what we can expect in terms of stages? 3GN / hoser-type stages, or more long-range, or maybe a mix of the two? Any special IPSC rules; specifically anything that would prevent a standard US Tact Optics rifle from being legal? Just trying to get a feel for the flavor of the match.
  7. Not a fan of coaching either (for adults), but their match / their rules so I'll abide. Great group of folks running and supporting this match - haven't had an opportunity to shoot with this crew in about a year but look forward to seeing everyone again.
  8. Heck yeah - been wanting to shoot this match since it founded and looks like 2017 will be the year! May even give it a run in Heavy Optics.
  9. Signed up and looking forward to this match; heard great things about the last one and anxious to compete. Happy to see some of the money will go to a great cause - just icing on the cake. See everyone in April!
  10. Resurgence 2016 was one of the most enjoyable matches I've shot in a long time. I went into it not knowing what to expect, aside from being humbled. We all met at the range Wednesday afternoon; we checked in and got a stapled match brief that contained basic stage instructions and a rough drawing of each stage. Jimmy and his team then gave us a taste of old-school SOF Match Brief where each RO briefed his own stages. Each stage brief was followed by a short Q&A period where we all learned that there IS such a thing as a "Stupid Question" - refreshing in this era of safe-spaces and trigger words. The stages were a mix of Semi-Surprise stages and Standards stages. Most of the semi-surprise stages involved moving over uneven ground, locating targets on the fly, and engaging them. I got a huge shot of adrenaline on all these stages since we just waded into them without knowing where the targets were located or what sort of problems you'd have to solve in-stride. Honestly, I didn't think I'd like the Standards stages but ended up really enjoying them since they were very good tests of skill with both rifle and pistol and clearly identified areas that need work. Really liked the time and distance pressure in the pistol standards and the rifle standards exposed flaws in both accuracy and speed. Aside from one stage, we only used one gun on all other stages - which made shooter prep and clearing guns after the run quick and efficient. This, coupled with no on-site briefs made for some very quick stages and my squad was done shooting most afternoons well before 1500. Round counts were relatively low (by design) and in keeping with the spirit of SOF 3-Gun; no 40 round shotgun hoser stages and that was pretty cool. Penalties for missed shots were severe and several stages had limited round count for each target - get your hits!! Thanks to Curtis B, Mike G, and Jon C. for inviting me to join them in the Team Shoot. We did OK and ended up winning against some very tough competition. Nothing like going last after seeing some exceptionally talented teams lay down solid runs and that awesome feeling when it all works out and your team just flat-out executes! Strong shooting Gents and I'm honored to be a part of the team! Big thanks to Jimmy, Zac, Kurt, Eric, JJ, Denise, Scott, Alan, and the rest of the staff who put on a fantastic match! Special thanks to Title Sponsor John Paul who gave birth to Resurgence, was exceptionally generous with prize table cash and merchandise, and provided an outstanding place for us all to run and gun - now that I've finally visited Blue Steel Ranch I'm looking for another reason to go back soon!! Final thanks to my great sponsors whose ongoing friendship and support allows me to focus on shooting without having to worry about my gear: JP Enterprises, Vortex Optics, and Carbon Arms. Truly shooters taking care of shooters! See everyone next year at Resurgence 2017!!
  11. For those of us showing up without a 4 man team, will there be an opportunity to pull together a scratch team prior to the team shoot on the last day? Aside from the guy I'm riding with, not sure who all else is shooting this match so kind of hard to form a team when we're the only two from our local group coming to play. I'd hate to miss out on the extra team shooting. See everyone in a few days!
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