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  1. Not missing is always a good plan. I prefer to shoot the double TX Star with a shotgun, but I'm a 3-Gunner so. . .
  2. Is scope #1 still available

  3. Sheldon - you ROCKED IT at the LaRue Match my friend!! Very nice shooting against some of the best in the Nation.


  4. Just watched the Arkansas section video of you. Nice shooting!!!

  5. Here's the vid of you shooting the AR Champ.

    Nice shooting!


  6. Way to tear it up in Arkansas Jesse - great shooting! Enjoyed your stage compilation video too.

  7. Nice shooting at the OCT BOTW Multi-gun match! Great videos.

  8. Caleb - just wanted to say you were a class act on Top Shots.

  9. Nice shooting at TSCC Doug!

  10. OK - a REALLY Old one. There'll be Smoke on the Water, on the land and the sea, When our Army and our Navy overtakes the enemy, There'll be smoke on the mountains where the heathen Gods stay, And the sun that is rising will go down on that day. For there is a great destroyer made of fire and flesh and steel, Rolling toward the foes of freedom, they'll go down beneath it's wheel, They'll be nothing left but vultures to inhabit all that land, When our modern ships and bombers make a graveyard of Japan Hint - it spent 13 weeks at the top of the charts in 1944
  11. Nice Blaster, Paul!! Maybe you'll let me give her a "test drive" this weekend at Waco?? Doug
  12. Shot this one today: Freestyle - 6.69 (Horrible reload - trouble seating the mag; took at least a second longer than it should have) Strong Hand - 3.15 (Smooth, fast run; focused on getting a good, high grip before shooting) Weak Hand - 4.39 (Good transition to weak hand but slow splits; found myself achieving a "too perfect" sight picture) Total Time - 14.23 12 As 11 Cs 1 D Total Points - 106 HF = 7.449 (Not gonna help in my quest for M) Got to work on my reloads and trusting a more rapid sight picture with weak-hand.
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