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  1. If the frame is a Commander frame, get a Commander slide. The frame is different than a Government model. The vertical surface where the slide impacts is farther back than a Government frame. Talk to your chosen gunsmith prior to purchasing any more parts.
  2. Wolff has Commander length springs down to pretty light weights. What is the configuration you are working with?
  3. This is very true, mostly. It's a pain in the ass, but, shotshells are becoming available in some local stores, 1 or 2 box a day limit. They are easier to find than primers.
  4. Why do you want a 16" barrel if the 18 you have is working for you? Changing your handguard may be a more cost effective path. Change the barrel, you may wind up with a good shooter, or not.
  5. Peter, if things were normal, it was a consideration to come out, shoot, visit family and friends. Normal? It may not exist for a while.
  6. Who have you shot against in the matches that you have shot? Are there any high finishers in large matches. How are you with a shotgun? Since PCC has not been in previous matches, disregard that, since it's not a USPSA match. Your pistol classification may be the best indicator. Oh, what division are you going to shoot?
  7. This was announced a couple weeks ago.
  8. If you're shooting Tactical, guess where you may finish with Greg Jordan as 100 percent. You can't break out of your chosen percentage. There are some very good shooters there, even if Greg should mess up.
  9. It's a great match. I'm on the other side of the country now, and will miss it.
  10. https://practiscore.com/york-2021-mid-atlantic-multi-gun-championship/register
  11. I’ve never crimped .308 and have no problems with set back. I’ve been shooting a .308 AR for 8 years in heavy divisions.
  12. Metalform or the Brownells mags. They are the same with the Brownells having a coating on them, as well as having 3 pack pricing.
  13. The Blue Bullets also has a USPSA discount.
  14. I haven't seen Sport Pistol available for a while. 231 and HP-38 are the same powder, if you can find only one.
  15. Brian, No Titegroup? What powder have you been using?
  16. A2 is in just a few weeks now. The PCC match at Rio was a good challenge, the farthest targets were out to 190 yards. We are enjoying the weather, with considerably less heat than down in the Valley.
  17. Brian, A2 is being held at the Prescott range. It will be cooler than down in Mesa. The PCC match was a good time, much better than a pistol match with a carbine.
  18. There is no single answer for all the variations we encounter in a match. Sounds like your choices are very sound.
  19. I would look at the lubricity of the two, oh, if the extensions need a bit of tweeking to match your individual mag for smooth feeding, I'll take Delrin every day.
  20. Delrin is a very tough plastic. Maybe if you dropped a loaded mag from a 2nd story onto concrete, it may.
  21. As someone that has used Delrin on parts for several decades, I will go with Taccom's extensions.
  22. Differences in barrel harmonics. One of my AR's will shoot 55 Nosler Ballistic Tip 1 inch different in windage than Hornady 55 V Max bullets. Same powder and charge.
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