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Once you buy a bunch, problem solved! I will say the mags work well, aftermarket support for various extensions has really taken off. And, small detail but the mag catch area is metal reinforced so they arent "disposable" like glock mags can be as the plastic catch area wears. Only real pain is not a lot of pouch options but I try not to reload whenever possible.

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other than cost, the MPX mag is a superior design. Two position feed, designed as a subgun mag, not a pistol mag like the glock. Thril Manufacturing is coming out with a MPX mag that will sell for 10 bucks less, if that is important. Far less issues with extended base pads too. I have had to go through 5-6 glock 33 rounders to find one that will work with extensions.

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+1 on what Inertia stated.  I am still running a gen II and have no real complaints other than the stock trigger which I changed to a Hiperfire.  If I ever get truly serious about it I will also replace the hand guard with a smaller lighter one.  I have the early mag-pouches made by blade tech for sig with tech-locks which so far have worked well.

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I have a new MPX-PCC. I have 5 mags, 4 of them with the Taran +10 extensions. They’ve all worked great no matter what round I’ve put through them.  I’ve read the gun likes heavier and faster rounds but it’s run great with the 1000 or so I’ve put through it in 115gr.  No malfunction as of yet. 

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The worst thing about the MPX (due to their proprietary nature) is possibly having to deal with Sig if you're unlucky enough to have something turn up or go south that requires involving them. It's not like they're jerks or their CS is bad, it's not. It's just that they're a big company that sells A LOT of guns to unseasoned shooters, therefore they're very much one of the "you'll have to send it in" type of companies to deal with, and they don't exactly have their "hand on the pulse" as far as aftermarket parts and how the MPX is being dialed for competition use, so you'll have to return it to fairly "stock" before you send it in or they're likely to blame your setup/components... lots of the bigger companies are like that though honestly.

That said, besides their cost ($50 if you're lucky), the MPX magazines are one of the best things about the platform. They're made by Lancer and actually rock as far as magazines go (even with +10/11 extensions like most of us around here run them). In the end they're really only about $15-20 more than Glock OEM 33rd mags, but they do actually run better and are less hit or miss than those (particularly with extensions).

And, I guess expensive magazine is a relative term, because I've seen plenty of $130+ 2011 mags not seem to be able to make it through a stage hahaha!

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I’m sure this not a surprise but I shot an mpx two weeks ago after buying a stock PSA AR9 and it’s definitely worth spending the little extra on magazines. Don’t get me wrong, my AR9 PSA runs great and it was only 498$ but I’ll probably get an mpx PCC soon. From what I hear it’ll run any factory ammo too very reliably. 

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The only caution to filing the follower down is that if you screw up the follower going nuts with the dremel you can not just buy a new follower.  You have to buy a whole new mag.  Sig only sells the complete mag and as part of their agreement with Sig, Lancer will not sell mags or components directly.  

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57 minutes ago, Neomet said:

The only caution to filing the follower down is that if you screw up the follower going nuts with the dremel you can not just buy a new follower.  You have to buy a whole new mag.  Sig only sells the complete mag and as part of their agreement with Sig, Lancer will not sell mags or components directly.  

It’s the mag limiter at the bottom of the magazine that needs to be cut down to allow more rounds into the magazine. You’re not going to cut the follower. 

It’s hard to mess this up. If you happen to mess it up, then just buy one of those extended base pads from TTI or TF since you have to remove this limiter for the installation of the extended base pad anyway. You only do this if you don’t want to buy those extended base pads.


Here’s a picture of one of my mag limiter cut down just above the hole where the mag spring goes into compared to a stock/uncut limiter for comparison.


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3 hours ago, Neomet said:

Helps if I actually read the post accurately before I comment, 'eh??  Right you are.  Can you show a closeup of what level you are cutting at?  

Here’s a closeup pic. It’s side by side with a stock base plate for comparison. I cut the limiter about 1/4” from its base so as not to mess up the hole where the mag spring end goes into.



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I’ve had zero problems with the sig mags. I’ve got them in 30 and 10rd varieties, they’ve all fed any factory ammo I’ve loaded, they all taken drops on asphalt, they load easily, and now with the TF Goliaths that are out now for them no worries about capacity. I’m using Weber Tactical mpx pouches which are very nice (also costly) but I’ve got friends that bought pouches off amazon for like $20 that are doing the job just fine. If you like how the gun shoots - don’t stress the cost of the mags. They are reliable, and so far durable. 

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A little warning... I sold my MPX after shooting it in a match where I was winning and then had a malfunction.   I had another one on the next stage too. Afterwards, I literally threw it in my bag and said "I'm done." 


I came to find out that I'm wasn't the only one who has had issues and frustrations. 

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