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  1. I called them and they said they take Winchester style Chokes. Guys with Saigas or Dissident arms also have the same magazine issues in barrel dumps? I also wonder how to add a compensator
  2. Has anyone tried one of these? Seems like a fantastic platform for Open, especially if you can add a compensator. Are they reliable? I think it was just released this last November. https://www.blackacestactical.com/bullpup I cant find any reviews on the interwebz
  3. So roughly the same weight as a S&B 5-25PM2 or NF ATACR scopes. Was hoping it would be closer to a vortex AMG. Undoubtedly the glass is better, but wondering how it compares with S&B or Tangent Theta
  4. I have an 8 year old set of ESP Elite classics that are currently at ESP getting the electronics completely replaced. The left side went out 3 years ago and I lived with just the right side working. The right side stopped working last year and I lived with using my MSA's for a year until headphones were just too cumbersome to hunt with this past season. The repair costs $300 so make sure that you factor reliability into your decision. I cant say whether 8 years is long lasting or not long enough. But I do feel that $800+ ear pro should last at least as long as my MSA's which are still going after 10+ years.
  5. What are you using for optics for rimfire matches? Ive been shooting PRS since its inception, but have never been to a rimfire match. Trying to re-configure my 22LR as a trainer but wondering if a 6-24 vortex diamondback is too much zoom, after all the bottom end zoom of that optic is the top end of what many many 3G carbine competitors use for zoom
  6. any info on weight? We are all running heavy rifles, but I like to have similar optics across all my rifles. Having a 2.5lb scope on a hunting rifle is painful.
  7. Mine is a cheeley DP mount. Works perfectly and is in the exact same spot as the RTS2. Only difference is that it doesn't have a blast shield on the DP Pro. After 300 rounds, it didn't need it.
  8. The lens has a VERY VERY sliiiiight hint of blue to it, but it is clear. Compared with the RTS2 its completely clear.
  9. Its probably been out for 4-6 months. The first delta point was extraordinarily reliable. I can't imagine that this would be any worse. Leupold is known for reliability as a key portion of their tactical market is LE and Military. When is the last time you saw a LE/Military weapon with a C-More product? not saying they are bad, but its really not their market.
  10. All and all, the Deltapoint Pro is a MUCH better scope than both the previous Deltapoint and the RTS2. The scope appears to be much more robust. It has a spring steel impact shield and is made for a tactical LE/Miltiary environment. Moreover my RTS 2 has already been in service once (as many others have had theirs in service). The DP Pro stays on with motion and allegedly has a 6+ month battery life staying on all the time (if it was bouncing around in the back of a patrol car). The 3.5MOA dot is on the DP Pro is actually brighter than the RTS2 on its brightest setting and is just as visible. The quality of the glass on the Leopold seems significantly better from what I can tell. The dot also point in nearly exactly the same spot as the RTS2 (you won't have to retrain yourself). The glass is roughly the same height and appears to be wider. The new DP Pro is taller than the old one in both the height of the glass as well as the body. So even though the legacy Deltapoint may have been lower, the newer unit allows for brightness control, and replacing the battery without removal of the scope. Kinda pricey at ~$600 but not bad. Wonder how many others will make the switch.
  11. Yes Racemaster, How is the SV steel insert different than the insert for an STI Polymer? Not sure as I don't have the standard polymer STI insert.Different dimensions. I was able to file and sand a poly STI block to fit my CK steel grip. It worked but the SV steel grip insert is right on. Thanks. I just got a new racemaster in with the STI insert. It works and seems to fit both my poly grip the same as my CK grip. I just wonder if the SV steel grip insert holds it more tightly. Seems to wobble in there a little. Wont come out, but it "jiggles".
  12. I have a deltapoint pro mounted on a new open pistol that I just picked up today. Dot looks good in the day on the two brightest settings and the window is relatively the same size as my RTS2. I have the smaller dot as I had the original Deltapoint before and thought that the 7.5moa triangle was too big.
  13. I also had a bad experience with a mbx having tha mag catch in ththe wrong spot. Wouldn't catch on either mag catch of either of my open pistols.
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