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  1. I have the shorter one, more than long enough unless you have very long arms. They add a little weight so no reason to go longer than necessary. In competitive 3 gun I try to keep the handguards completely empty but can't imagine anything having more slots than those things. One important note T&N doesn't really mention and is hard to describe but is a big deal is how the retaining method allows some degree of float to the system which I can say in my experience is really great for slug accuracy.
  2. I have a couple of these handguards and am very happy with them. Solves the heat problems and makes it easier to mount stuff if your in to that sort of thing.
  3. Looking for advice on anyone that has experience with full race holsters for round trigger guard 1911s. Yes I know that's not single stack legal, I shoot multigun. I think this may be a thing in IPSC though. I use a everglades for my 2011 but it's no go for round trigger guard. I see ghost makes one, anyone tried this or another?
  4. Any chance you can describe or show what you did to the ejector? I am having issues we believe are ejector related in a different Turkish box fed and looking for ideas.
  5. Check with Robert at in lead we trust for feasabity he will know.
  6. Fair enough but my rattler is the same size as my mpx, more reliable, and can't be that much louder with 220 subs. And is significantly smaller than the smallest ar because it folds.
  7. Yeah I had to do it for my new holosun 512 too. How hard can it be to use the correct dimensions. I am constantly reminded how poorly made these guns are were trying to use for racing. Someone needs to make a quality box fed gun that doesn't need a couple grand of work to be competitive.
  8. Sig rattler in 300 is the answer you seek.
  9. The relaunch of cobalt looks promising but I have not shot or handled the new rifles. I'm sure they are very nice but at their top of the line race rifles price you may have reached the point of diminishing returns. I will just tell you what I have told others. When I wanted to get serious I purchased a full jp build and that gun got me to the level where I no longer pay for my rifles, though I am not supported by JP. I now build very nice rifles using some pretty exotic parts and know what I need but that's many rears into the journey. People will tell you this and that build your own to save money, but competitive 3gun is not a money saving endeavor. If I didn't know exactly every part I wanted to maximize my performance I would just buy the JP and run 30k through it by then you will know if you want other options.
  10. Owning half a dozen high end ARs for 3 gun including JPs, get whichever one is lighter for a given barrel length and contour. Probably JP15 with 16" light but not the pencil profile. You could go to top tier of the sport without the rifle limiting you.
  11. For the heck of it I tired to put a new Holosun 5112c I got in on one of my VRs today and it was a no go. The 510c works fine, the difference is the 512 has 2 full lugs and as expected the non standard rail spacing on the VR was a no go. So not just for the scalar but any mount with full width lugs you may run into trouble if you dont want to modify the rail or the mount.
  12. Makes sense, all of the mounts I have tried on VRs worked but I haven't tried a scalar you may just have to see. I also see they make 3 heights of that so you have options.
  13. 3 things, the top rail may or may not be a little out if spec on your vr 80. Most mounts work but you may have to try on your gun to find out. Also you probably don't want to be that high for the dot on a VR, the ergos aren't quite the same as an AR. If you don't know what I mean or don't have a preffered optic height just think ahead you may want to stay a little lower on a vr so you don't end up to high. Some would call it an absolute cowitness vs lower. Also an ampoint with a scalarworks is possibly worth more than that gun. Put a holosun 510 on it and call it a day.
  14. Longshot is going to produce a very different recoil impulse than TG. Load a few to keep shooting but keep an eye out for almost any faster powder for that application.
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