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  1. Since JP only sells the alternative spring rates for SCS in the kits I find myself needing to buy a full kit to get the 1 spring I run. I figure there may be other people in the same situation, but they may not use all use the same spring. This may be a great or terrible idea, but figured I would give it a shot. I am looking for small frame WHITE springs. I would trade 1-1 for any other color, they are all brand new. PM for trades? Mods, if this needs to go elsewhere or not allowed my apologies please let me know or move it.
  2. My mistake only large frame apparently, stupid Colorado hippies no clue about these rifles!
  3. Um or, and I know this is a crazy idea, you shouldn't shoot coated bullets through a mpx, cause it's a gas gun with a gas port in the barrel.
  4. inertia

    TSO Magazines

    The most reliable combination I have found, and I have tried more than one, is cz custom basepads with grams springs and followers.
  5. Or your still shooting coated bullets through a gas gun. At some point you will find enough powder to overcome this by powering the coating through the gas system but that's not a real solution. My gen 2 runs 100% with 3.5g of n320 which is sub minor but a 125g jacketed bullet, my 3rd gen will run with even less. Try a different powder yes but you dont need open gun gas to run this gun. I got 3.1 of n310 to run but didn't like the pressure signs so stuck with 320.
  6. Lap and shim good for accuracy, piston system opposite effect. I would look elsewhere like quality factory built rifle.
  7. Jp now offers proof barrels as an option, it could be a factory gun.
  8. Sorry I was implying a new version of the splice not the extension, I already have the new extension, it's in the picture above in this thread.
  9. PT has one now too
  10. Try jacketed ammo, it's a gas gun with a gas port.
  11. New Delrin version? Happy to test it out, fully respect the decision the new designs are more elegant, but I'm dreading the day I finally break this one.
  12. The splice is terribly unwieldly, thus unavailable and the big extensions are the current trend. I will admit there is at least 1 stage at most majors where I want to go to the line with 60 and dont have anything I think I will run it into. It's a 3gun specific thing where the pcc would be taking the place of pistol and shotgun thus giving you enough targets in a row without an ideal reloading transition.
  13. Please picture of gun in holster with nitrofin, I want to try this
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