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  1. I think about it this way, the conventional wisdom is you need kydex to protect the gun, but if your prone its the optic that's going to get wrecked first and a kydex open holster gives zero help here. Also people talk about retention but the best race holsters have very strong retention with a little lever to free the gun. I'm not sure what it would take to remove my gun without my releasing it, but it probably requires power tools. I shot like 8 majors last year and had to fully prone on a bad surface only once. Good stage designers aren't really doing it anymore. When I must I just shift it
  2. I spent a lot of time debating this, shoot a lot of 3 gun and switch divisions between open and tac with the honcho. In the end I decided on a race holster and didn't regret it last season. I use the everglades holster and it's money. I had to go prone once with the pistol last season (unloaded) and was kind of pissed but just slid it back on my hip so it couldn't touch the ground, worked out fine since I had a long distance to draw and load. After 20+ 3 gun matches with a race holster I don't think I will ever go back.
  3. Limbsaver makes a pad that replaces the one on your magpul stock. I would try that makes a big difference on my open shotguns that have ar stocks.
  4. Keep in mind this scope and its predecessor have very long eye relief so I have to use what most would call a more extended cantilever mount than most of my 3gun scopes require. Please get advice from people that use this scope in competition not just people that have a scope mount they like. I use the Vortex branded precision mou t which is made by Seekins and allows a lot of forward adjustment so your not too close prone. The other mount that works well is the JP extended model. I think Geisele also offers a pretty long mount. It depends on your cheek weld but make sure your aware of that ch
  5. I shoot proof exclusively for very high volume 3 gun. I buy them and rotate in 1 new one each season and last years goes to backup/local upper. I probably shoot 6-7k per year on them. Just the other day I tested my 3 year old one with probably close to 15k down the pipe and though its about 80fps slower than a brand new one and the throat is moving, it still shots tiny groups. If you having problems its more likely something else, mount, optic, ammo etc. I have spent aot of time chasing accuracy gremlins over the years and never really had a real bad barrel from a reputable company, though it
  6. I run these at 35 pretty successfully. I think this mount is an advantage in open once your used to the index. Your dot and reticle are exact same height. Bigger window dots help as well. Very innovative I think.
  7. You may not see the advantage but the top tier of 3 gun shooters very clearly do.
  8. I concur when I switched to the grams springs and followers problems dropped to zero. I had some issues with czc spring and follower.
  9. Tim at Taccom has the only short throw for the VR right now. With his lever it works fine.
  10. This also increases hammer travel and energy transfer to the firing pin and for some people has reduced light strikes.
  11. Remove bolt stop, replace trigger with aftermarket ELF or T&N.
  12. Timney makes a 2 stage pcc trigger I believe. Their customer service is fantastic I bet you can work something out with them. The timney DH trigger is also 2stage ish and works well in my MPXs but may not quite be what your describing. Trigger tech working on a similar mpx design but its not ready yet.
  13. The PT fits well and is nice and slim.
  14. A light bolt carrier combined with adjustable gas and an agressive brake dramatically reduces recoil, sight picture recovery, shot and hit calling etc. Like everything in the sport it depends how serious you are about going fast. I have a titanium 308 bolt carrier which is significantly lighter than the JP lightened one and recoil is completely different than a full weight 308 but you need to tune it all together and load your ammo appropriately for your setup. If that sounds like a lot of work im sure traditional setups will be just fine for most non competitive heavy 3 gun shooters, which is
  15. I am going to give you different advice than the concensus here. "Its only 3 gun" or "its only minor". My answer is it depends how serious you are about the sport. If you aren't super competitive by all means the CZ will give you an inexpensive way to get going with a dot. That said an open 2011 setup for minor is going to be faster period. I run a single port comp and a frame mounted dot and yes the comp works and yes the non reciprocating dot is better. Throw in 170mm mags and if you want to finish well in open 3 gun take every advantage that division offers. Get the dot on the cz start shoo
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