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  1. I am running the new pt, the location/angle is correct for my grip, which I could tell from the design, location is highly personal. I did have to mill a dimple and radius a corner to prevent constant lockback, <10 min. if you know what your doing.
  2. This is 100% the answer, I have seen several 1301, including mine, with sharp chamber edge, it takes very little to break that edge i do it to all new competition shotguns when I get them.
  3. Did you ever figure out if other barrels work on the reciever?
  4. If you know what powder and bullet your major load is built with just step a notch faster in that brand of powder and a notch lighter in that brand of bullet and it will be as close as your going to get for feel. So say its n350 and 124 fmj just roll n330 and a 115 fmj.
  5. THe sig has a thiner bezel and a great looking dot. For the honcho just stuck it up and get both slide and frame mounts and see what works best for you and retain the ability to change your mind, thats kinda the point of a honcho. Also the term "soon" is relative in discussion of the honcho so you will have plenty of time to decide this and catch a sale on the dot before the pistol is done. PT sells the mounts separately so you can put that decision off until you can hopefully see some dots at matches to decide what you like.
  6. I have an xl and a max, I also have a slide mount and a frame mount (honcho). The xl on the frame mount is the superior setup if you can run a race holster. I do like the roundness of the max after many years of shooting round dots my eye finds the center more intuitively but the xl glass is so big its very forgiving on transitions.
  7. Its a money choice but not the price difference between the pistols, its the price difference between multiple pistols if you dont already have them. For 9 minor open the Erebus is overall a nicer built gun, but its more expensive and you need a second whole gun to shoot iron sight divisions. You know your situation if you shoot more than open minor 3 gun the honcho has a lot of flexibility going for it. For example after some testing I have settled on running the single port 9mm comp barrel (I also have 3 port 9mm but only shoot minor) but I have decided to run the dot on the frame mount not on the slide. My honcho is setup to do both but in testing I was a bit faster with non reciprocating dot. Not an experiment you can do easy with other guns.
  8. I own the honcho and some other 2011s not an Athena. My buddy has the Erebus. In my opinion the Athena is a gun without a lot of uses. In 3gun open why not run a comp? People say you don't need a comp, those people usually don't own both type of guns. In uspsa I'm not sure what the point is. So vs. The Erebus the honcho is a great value, the design is a cool idea but execution is not as refined. I have had pleasant service from both companies.
  9. Change springs before changing the load
  10. I am still trying to kill a proof ar barrel, already have another upper built and in rotation, but its still grouping way past 10k and thats full on 3gun abuse. I'm sure someone has done it but I take my own advice since I pay for my barrels.
  11. I know it has been stated but a lot of people recommend the 1 holster they have/tried but I can't find anyone that tried the everglades and didn't prefer it to what they had previously. I know a couple have sold in classifieds so I guess someone didn't love them but I can't imagine going back. Its somehow solid and invisible on the draw at the same time.
  12. Fair enough, from you. But there are people who understand these things that weren't shooting 10 years ago.
  13. Looking at this old thread was funny the problems these folks were having 10 years ago, we seem to have a much better understanding of these guns today than they did then. Also yes the SCS just floats in there, bolt carrier keeps it in place when assembled. Hope your spring and detent didn't end up in your reciever somewhere.
  14. Literally, every time I pick up my old mro glock I'm like where the hell is the dot, oh its way up there...
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