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  1. So gl shock stock and a limbsaver? That must be very cushy.
  2. As an additional opinion I run this in open 3 gun and absolutely love it. Secure when I need it, so smooth when I think pistol it's in my hand.
  3. Does it ever double or just fail to reset? You said same problems on 2 identical trigger units? If yes what kind of bolt are you using?
  4. The pt frame mount does not interfere with the pt slide stop thumb rest.
  5. There is some good advice here but don't rush. If you want to keep this simple buy everything from JP, barrel, carrier, captured spring, a jp comp is also effective but not as much as some more modern designs with angled baffles. If your on a budget there are some totally acceptable light carriers & adjustable gas blocks from places like brownells and midway house brands. Also keep in mind making the barrel (or the whole gun) heavier doest help as much as you may think, if you have a very light reciprocating mass with a very agressive comp and gas tuned carefully reward recoil is almost non existent. Also like it or not the lighter the carrier gets the lighter the recoil gets if you can tune for it. So for example an aluminum JP carrier produces noticeably less recoil than a lightened (but not as light) steel JP carrier. Some of us spend absurd $ getting race rifles down to the least recoil possible and there is always a price in money or reliability or both so its really just how hard you want to go.
  6. For shotgun mags, I saw some ingenious folks come up with the idea of attaching a clip for whatever configurable belt setup you use directly to the mag. Lots of people use ELS I use TMMS but the concept is the same, grind whatever retention tab on the male clip off then attach it to the mag and it will drop right into the female on your belt. I already had home made kydex hooks on my mags so I just drilled and attached the modified tmms tabs to what was on there it it is a complete game changer. You have to position it right etc. but once you do its money. For holsters I spent a lot of time on this issue, I only shoot 3 gun and I shoot a LOT of 3 gun of all types. Here's the deal and I have posted this in other threads, the prevailing wisdom is you need a traditional holster to protect the gun and provide retention, but here is the reality. 1. If your shooting open a kydex holster protects the gun but does nothing to protect the dot on the slide or on the frame. When your doing physical stuff its the optic that's going to get borked not really the gun. Going to a race holster gives you unlimited options with something like a honcho which has a lot of potential configurations for which you don't have to change holsters if your running a race holster. If you have to go prone with the pistol you will have to get creative, but any open pistol faces same issue due to the optic. 2. Retention, I run an everglades race holster its not the only option but all the good ones offer what I think is pretty infallible retention if you do your job. DAA, Safari, Everglades probably best. If i dont want my gun to come out its not possible, when I want it its instantly in my hand once you perfect the lever flip and grab in dry fire. I am sure at some point I will be wrong but I have a kydex holster that I hacked up to fit my gun in its current config that I keep in the truck for when I need it. I have now shot a full season of matches and it has not come out yet. Just something to consider.
  7. This is pretty good stuff above Find a good way to carry/load shotgun mags 45 offset dot on the rifle and learn how and when to use it and where to zero it I really prefer a frame mounted dot vs. slide mounted, yes a lot of top guys use a slide ride but I concluded that the open pistol shooters are right, it is much better not moving even shooting minor Test your gear, its not a myth keeping them running is somewhat harder especially in bad weather low temps, ammo shortages etc.
  8. These guys are made in usa and have done some sponsorships for matches https://www.americanmountainsupply.com/
  9. I shoot a lot of heavy metal with a pretty light ar 10 and I have tried several of the high end comps. I am currently running the hypertap. The only other design that performed similarly without being huge and heavy was an APA the gen 3 but one size up from the answer I think its called little b or something like that. Any other port design though effective will not be as effective as these new generation of 3d angled baffle comps.
  10. If you have a Honcho all that info is in the honcho society forum
  11. I use a tiny long allen or other small diamater tool to help hold it and pry it in there. Also this helped my extraction with 9 minor, fitting and installing a 9mm aftec with both springs helped even more, shhhh don't tell Tiffany
  12. I discovered this in the parking lot an hour before a night match when I tried to slap the light on. The file on my Leatherman solved the problem in 5 min. I bet you could do better with a better file and not in the dark in the back of the car. Widen the slot just a touch.
  13. I think about it this way, the conventional wisdom is you need kydex to protect the gun, but if your prone its the optic that's going to get wrecked first and a kydex open holster gives zero help here. Also people talk about retention but the best race holsters have very strong retention with a little lever to free the gun. I'm not sure what it would take to remove my gun without my releasing it, but it probably requires power tools. I shot like 8 majors last year and had to fully prone on a bad surface only once. Good stage designers aren't really doing it anymore. When I must I just shift it back on the belt and leave the cover on the dot. I can draw, load, slap the cover off and be on target in a few strides running and I have always had more time than that.
  14. I spent a lot of time debating this, shoot a lot of 3 gun and switch divisions between open and tac with the honcho. In the end I decided on a race holster and didn't regret it last season. I use the everglades holster and it's money. I had to go prone once with the pistol last season (unloaded) and was kind of pissed but just slid it back on my hip so it couldn't touch the ground, worked out fine since I had a long distance to draw and load. After 20+ 3 gun matches with a race holster I don't think I will ever go back.
  15. Limbsaver makes a pad that replaces the one on your magpul stock. I would try that makes a big difference on my open shotguns that have ar stocks.
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