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  1. I let my wet tumbled brass sit for a week before I reload it.
  2. Are the bullets vertical in the case before they are seated? I had an issue where the bullet got gouged on one side during seating. It was counterintuitive but less bell fixed my problems. The bullet should fit snuggly and vertically in the case before seating. It they were loose or leaning I had issues.
  3. I ended up with a batch from another manufacturer that tumbled. The were .399 in diameter and the manufacturer told me that was in spec. I stay away from plated now.
  4. You can do this by hand with a 40/10 case. It’s slow, but I did it while watching tv.
  5. The DLC gun is much smoother, racking the slide, than the blued one. I am curious if I can tell a difference when shooting.
  6. I received my DLC gun last week. Around a 16 month wait.
  7. I start with a 170 and reload to a 140. I have two 140’s on my belt mainly in case I screw up a reload. I have one 155 that I am trying out. So far I like the 155.
  8. I also use the Kobalt mixer. I have water and soap spillage but I modified the paddles to agitate the brass. The 1/2 hp motor is more than enough power to start the drum with a 5 gallon bucket load of brass and water. It isn’t as loud as a steel drum mixer, but still loud. With the garage doors closed you can hear it but it’s not disturbingly loud. I’d like to see a picture of how you seal the mixer.
  9. How difficult would it be to extend to rib on the SV magazine body? Probably not feasible but thought I’d ask.
  10. Same results for me with SV tubes: 29 works great, 30 goes below the rib on the magazine body. Mbx rib runs runs all the way to the bottom. What is preventing 30 in a mbx?
  11. I find that the gun tracks differently with these different case volumes.
  12. I would agree with everyone else, sell, trade or return them to Wilson. Does you gun work with other magazines? Are the feed lips in spec? Are the magazine springs strong? Do the followers move easily in the magazine bodies?
  13. What issues are you having with the magazines?
  14. Is it possible to get 30 in the new style? If so, how?
  15. Is it easier to get 30 in any of the magazine bodies?
  16. Super comp cases are slightly smaller in diameter than 9mm.
  17. I am fairly certain it has crimped primer pockets.
  18. I have mine set up so I can stand or sit on a bar stool. I like this setup because I can get tired of sitting or standing while doing a longer reloading session.
  19. I bought two 170’s off their website a few years back, before going to nationals. I didn’t have time to test them before but I thought new SV magazines would run in my SV. I loaded them up and found out that they only held 26-27 rounds. Ok, I’ll use them on the shorter stages or where I am going to reload early. They both had FTF issues the first time I used them. I set them aside and didn’t use them for the rest of the match. When I got home I figured out that the springs were too weak. Grams springs and followers fixed that. Also when I put them in a magazine gauge, I had a few MM to spare so I went with a larger base pad. They now hold 29, reloadable. I would recommend that you build your own 170’s or buy MBX magazines. If you do buy from SV, make sure they know what you want: maximum capacity that is reliable that barely fits into the gauge.
  20. Matt, you need more time behind the gun. Some dry fire and one match isn’t enough. Also, you can learn a lot from the dot. It will more than likely help you with iron sights as well.
  21. More photos, this time with better lighting.
  22. Do you think it’s your gun or the primers causing this? If you drop the hammer a second time, do they go off?
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