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  1. Had a major jam at a match this weekend. Blue 125 TC at 1.130. They had been running just fine in practice and a few smaller indoor matches. The OAL was determined by my CZ S2, trying to keep from making separate loads if I can. Question: Which Blue Bullet have you found to run best in MPX, and what OAL? 125 RN, TC, 135 RN, TC ? I plan on using same load for my CZ/CO. The OAL for the MPX only really matters for feeding, as the lands are way past the gas port. So doing a plunk test on an MPX is useless.
  2. Ive read some of those same posts. I put it on some time ago when I was playin around with it. Now that Im all in on PCC this year, I thought I would put the stock buffer back. Just in case.
  3. Took the Taccom buffer out, put stock back in. Just ran 200 rnds thru it, all brisk double taps. No issues. Fingers crossed.
  4. Anyone running the SSI Extractor in their MPX Gen II? Having the occasional FTExtract which really jams things up. Empty case stuck with new round underneath. Mag springs, etc. good. I replace the extractor springs every 1K rounds or so. Rounds are mixed head stamp, 125 TC blue @ 1.130 3.7gr Clean Shot = 140 PF. The gun usually runs like a swiss watch, just occassionally get this FTE. I put a SSI Extractor in along with ILWT extra power extractor springs.
  5. Put your stock plate back on, if no more problems, you know what the issue was. Try a TNT shell plate. Much less wobble than stock plate, and only occasionally a case doesnt want to go in, probably boogered up case lip.
  6. Thought I would share my recent Clean Shot load data. I recently switched from Sport Pistol, and really like CS, meters like water, and is very consistent with low SDs. Chrono'd my CZ S2 and Sig MPX Carbine. Chrono: Caldwell G2 Bullets: Blue Bullets 125gr TC @1.130 Powder: Shooters World Clean Shot Brass: Mixed Primers: Federal SP Created: 02/01/20 12:03 PMDescription: CZ S2 CONotes 1: 3.7 gr Clean Shot, Fed PrimersNotes 2: Blue Bullet 125 TC @ 1.130, mixed HSDistance to Chrono(FT): 10.00Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000Bullet Weight(gr): 125.00Temp: 42 °FBP: 1014.00 inHgAltitude: 0.00# FPS FT-LBS PF10 1052 307.23 131.50 9 1052 307.23 131.50 8 1050 306.06 131.25 7 1047 304.31 130.88 6 1041 300.83 130.12 5 1046 303.73 130.75 4 1041 300.83 130.12 3 1048 304.89 131.00 2 1043 301.99 130.38 1 1034 296.80 129.25 Average: 1045.4 FPSSD: 5.7 FPSMin: 1034 FPSMax: 1052 FPSSpread: 18 FPSShot/sec: 0.3True MV: 1046 FPSGroup Size (in): 0.00 Created: 02/01/20 12:05 PMDescription: Sig MPX PCCNotes 1: 3.7 gr Clean Shot, Fed PrimersNotes 2: Blue Bullet 125 TC @ 1.130, mixed HSDistance to Chrono(FT): 10.00Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000Bullet Weight(gr): 125.00Temp: 42 °FBP: 1014.00 inHgAltitude: 0.00# FPS FT-LBS PF10 1109 341.42 138.62 9 1123 350.09 140.38 8 1111 342.65 138.88 7 1114 344.51 139.25 6 1125 351.34 140.62 5 1116 345.74 139.50 4 1115 345.12 139.38 3 1114 344.51 139.25 2 1105 338.96 138.12 1 1091 330.43 136.38 Average: 1112.3 FPSSD: 9.6 FPSMin: 1091 FPSMax: 1125 FPSSpread: 34 FPSShot/sec: 0.2True MV: 1113 FPSGroup Size (in): 0.00
  7. Just got a new iMac for the wife, and in the process of switching from Windoze. iMovie so far has been working ok for me, using a Hero Session.
  8. Yes, just as a precaution in case an un-processed piece slips in. When I process my brass (AB driven 1050) I run them through a Dillion sizing die then an EGW-U die. I poke along at 2K rounds per hour loading 9MM Minor, can go higher but everything seems smoother at this pace. I process about 3K per hour.
  9. I switched from SP to Shooters World Clean Shot. Very compatible and cheaper.
  10. GregJ

    DPP Screws

    Problem I found using standard HW store screws, the holes in the DPP are too small and need to be reamed out. As already pointed out, get replacement screws from battlewerx.com
  11. Welcome to the area. There are a lot of great USPSA matches within 2 hr drive. Just bring the gear you have to get started. When you get to a match start asking your squad mates, everyone will be friendly and help you out. See ya at a match.
  12. Yep, mine looks like that too. Every year I drop a new one in for matches, and use the old one for practice. They will break, so keeping a new one in is cheap insurance.
  13. A number of issues, my right elbow was starting to ache after a reloading session, I was moving from 45ACP on my LNL to shoot a lot more 9mm (SS initially, then CO and PCC), wanted to be able to quickly change calibers. As a side benefit, Mark/Immortobot lives 20 min from me, so I know not only could I get a killer price on a full auto rig (S1050 with Rev 2 AB), but I would also get great support.
  14. Sorry used the wrong abbreviation (effect of too much googlin). it is an MPX specific mag release. I got it from Springer Precision. https://shop.springerprecision.com/Odin-Works-Sig-MPX-Mag-Release-MPX-MR-MPX-MR.htm It does seem to be breaking in and working better.
  15. Just ran 300 Blues 125 TC @1.135 with no issues. May try 1.125 next.
  16. Switching to Blue Bullets 125 TC for my CZ S2 CO and MPX. The CZ will run a TC at 1.100, but this seems too short for the MPX (Gen II), as I get the occasional FTF jam. It has been rock solid with Zero 124 RN at 1.100. I have some BB 125 TC loaded up at 1.135 and will test those in both guns today. Just wondering what others have found to work in their MPX?
  17. Cool, thanks. First I have heard of the shoe being a problem. Will have to look at mine closer tonight.
  18. Running the Hyperfire Competition trigger (formerly 24C) in my MPX, probably 6K rounds so far, no issues with the firing pin. @Chillywig Can not run the trigger shoe due to rules? Must have missed that one. Reference please?
  19. Just put an Odin Extended Mag Release on my Gen II MPX. I'm still kinda iffy on it, though I have only dry fired a little bit with it so far. The fitment has me a little puzzled. I had to back the mag release screw out 2-3 turns from flush from the button top in order to get the mag to release. Any further in and the right side paddle interferes with the lower and will not drop the mag. If the paddle were angled away from the lower (like the left side paddle) instead of into the lower, it might help with this. With it backed out so that the mag freely drops, it feels like the button may be out too far and may not have enough support from the lower. I lubed it wet, and that seemed to help some. Maybe need more break in/dry fire/etc. Anyone else run into this? I plan on contacting Odin today and see what they say.
  20. For my CZs (S2 and 75) I load them to 1.100. This is with Zero 124 RN, BBI 125 TC and Blue Bullets 125 TC. This is mostly to ensure they will fit in the EGW gauge, however CZs are known for a short throat. As stated above, you need to do the plunk test for your barrel to see what your gun likes. Keep in mind, start with an OAL that plunks and feeds well, then start with a low powder charge and work your way up. A chrono is a must have.
  21. I ran into same thing using same EGW gauge, using Zero 124 RN and BBI 124 TC bullets. Loaded to 1.100 resolved that. They would plunk just fine in my CZ S2/75 barrel, but not the EGW gauge. If you dont believe it, do the magic marker test.
  22. S1050 with a Rev2 Ammo Bot, loading 9mm Minor. Some thoughts below, given my transition from LNL to S1050 and the AB: - Suggest you set your press up and run it manually first to fine tune it, work all the kinks out, etc. If you run it automated from the get-go you will have all kinds of issues. - I have been very happy with the Dillon dies. I like the fact you just pull a pin and the inside (seat stem or crimp) falls out for cleaning, clearing obstruction, etc. I have tried Hornady, RCBS, Forester, etc. Dillons work for me. - Loading 40 you wont have to worry about large/small primers like 45, so not sure how much a primer probe sensor will help you, assuming you do not process your brass first. - However, loading automated with processed brass (at minimum decapped) will make the process sooooooo much smoother. I strongly recommend processing your brass first, for many reasons. Besides smoothing the loading process, it is a great time to weed out the odd piece of brass, or rubber crap that might get stuck in a case and never comes out when tumbling. I process all my brass first, using the primer pocket probe (detect primer pull backs), and The Judge die with sensor (I LOVE this die, it works GREAT!!!). - If you process your brass, you will want a separate tool head. Swapping tool heads just takes a few minutes. Also suggest after processing your brass to do a deep cleaning/greasing/lube of the press, as it gets really nasty. Loading processed brass, not so bad. - I have been using the stock Dillon shell plate to process and load, with no issues. I did recently pick up a TNT plate from a member here, but have not loaded on it yet - will very soon. - Sensors, parts, etc, are avail from http://immortobot.com. I load with the DBOS and SSCD sensors from Mark/Immortobot, they work great! That's it off the top of my head. Fell free to DM me if you have any questions.
  23. I asked a buddy of mine that does a LOT of RDS training, same question a few months ago. Duracell, then Sony. Energizer QC is crap.
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