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  1. same here... Blitzkrieg in my JP, 308 JP Carbine spring (or Spring Red spring) and call it a day! It works and works and much faster dot recovery then with whatever Tungsten combo I tried with JP buffer...
  2. I run it and I love it. Groups are smaller, rifle feels softer all very reliable so far!
  3. Fasthenk65

    CZ TS 2

    At CZUB website you see it comes in .40 and 9mm... Nevertheless in Europe nobody buys a .40 anyway, the caliber is dying soon. I understand why since .40 is a difficult brass to prepare and expensive. 9mm makes more fun and sense (hello IPSC wake up). I see one new class for 9mm arising.... More logical...
  4. Fasthenk65

    CZ TS 2

    Standard, Green with thumb rest , Bronze with polished barrel and adjustable thumb rest... Looks bigger Shadow 2. Nice!
  5. In Europe some retailers finally got some...
  6. clear! I already send Sven an email it looks super. What is the red dot??
  7. hmmm now changing my (loved) holosun 510 c for the C-more (4 moa) again. Riser for holosun arrived last week. Just need a bit more 'headroom' maybe riser will bring it
  8. Congratulations! Nice. Regards to Sven from 3gsports Considering to buy this one indeed! Super that you are replying! So in German: "danke schon" ! Question: you're shooting factory ammo?? regards, Henk
  9. Dear all, Shooting with Jp with great pleasure (14,5, blitzkrieg, short stroked) looking for same performance but lighter to fasten transitions. Underneath we can buy in Europe (already special); What do you think? Tnx in advance!!!! 3G® PCC - TeamConfig 9MM 14.5" barrel w/ Tenifer QPQ Finish JP 3-port Compensator stainless AR-15 9MM Blowback Bolt w/ variable Mass Quarter Circle10 Pistol Buffer Assembly w/ variable Mass SPRINCO Red Buffer Spring HIPERFIRE™ Competition 24C Trigger HERA MPSS Safety Selecto
  10. I went from C more 4moa to holosun 510c on a JP. Just for fun I switched them and found out the C more is just a bit higher and more comfortable / faster for me. Going C more again.
  11. same here Blitz buffer makes the difference in my 14,5 JP
  12. we don't have that in Europe.... sorry for my answer
  13. if they make 2 inch group at 50 yard they're all ' accurate' ... it's PCC
  14. And I cannot recognize yr optic. Which one is it?
  15. Fasthenk65

    S2 Hammer Spring

    this, ignites all.
  16. My CGW bushing is in it for 40.000 rounds and it improved accuracy a bit... Like it. All helps.
  17. The thermal doesn't do anything on 9mm in my opinion, but it increases weight and reduces recoil. I run the standard JP trigger and love it. Tried all JP buffer settings (not all, many...) and finally settled on Blitzkrieg with the red Spring spring, short stroked. This with 124 plated RN bullets and RS12 powder (just a bit slower then VV N 320..) gives me least dot bounce off all I tried and the fastest splits. I love my JP!!
  18. Don't agree. Lead-times of material / parts can be long, very long. It's normal to announce / market a gun and have it available x Months later (in motorcycle business even a year is normal). Where I agree is no more information since the first pictures. An estimate of availability should be possible by now...
  19. Though nowhere checked in Europe it's still not allowed to polish etc. so then extreme makes some sense. Otherwise... regular and do the upgrades. Or you must like the design color scheme of the Xtreme models (which I did) and improve from there. I owned both, both great! I preferred the Stock 2 due to weight balance but all is a matter of training / shooting. Success!
  20. I ordered one, not installed yet. Looks lot shorter then the minimalist stock I have now?
  21. Oh, maybe the FS comes loose, that's what might need repair.
  22. In 3 years I never changed anything at a match.... just ensure gun is clean and springs fresh that's it. It's extremely reliable.
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