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  1. both factory first 115 gn. with 150PF out of an MPX 2nd 124 gn at 148PF at 20 yards... target = 15cm square... actually I am pretty happy with 1st card! 20 shots and most within 2 inch...
  2. yes, but it says a lot about your gun set-up compare underneath at 20 yards...
  3. 2 questions: your ammo is quite 'hot' for the standard buffer 5007... no problems then? (it survives it?) the A5 buffer tube is a bit longer then the carbine buffer, do you use anything to 'fill it up', or only the 5007+the weight spacer??? THANKS!!
  4. Using slower powder with 124's until I found out that hot factory 124's made it faster and flatter shooting. Will test 115's with N320 (4,4gn) tomorrow.
  5. Don't care so much about recoil but more about sight recovery. And indeed an MPX is hell to clean
  6. JP Quality. MPX recoil (or better). May dreams come true!
  7. Then I have to believe the JP5 is softer... That would be amazing!
  8. I would first go back to the original TRS then see what it does. It should increase SA a bit.
  9. Tnx Rowdy! Eagerly awaiting real reviews!
  10. We all hope so nobody knows at this stage... Let's see.
  11. It's expensive but looking at the current commodity pricing in Europe (and World) inflation is here. Then it is not so bad. In Europe you can do the US price times 2 by the way.... and we have to wait one more year most probably. Still they will sell shiploads since it is the new toy to have. And we like toys. I do and will buy with confidence when available in Europe!
  12. Appreciated if somebody can tell me the difference (in shooting/dot movement) between the standard buffer (5007), the HD buffer and the 5020SS... Now using the 5007 with spacer/weight in front and JP carbine spring. Tnx! Henk
  13. or will it just never come... bit strange for a company not doing any communication / PR for new model launches even if it is bad news...
  14. Finally been able to shoot again (thank you not covid) and installed the riser. Amazing what a small increase in height can bring. Much more comfortable and seems faster to me (on a JP). This and a new Bravo systems stock changed the 'feel' completely. Only want to try a SRO... once... Tnx!
  15. Holosun.eu has them but if you're in the USA then Holosun.com. It's listed under accessories. B.t.w., I mounted it 2 weeks ago and feels much better now on a JP...
  16. not worth the effort for the occasional FTF.... what do you win 0,2 seconds?
  17. To put this thread on top again, wonder if someone has new information on the performance of the Brekke custom set-up?
  18. and then a bad lever makes sense!!
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