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  1. And a holster from RHT would also be nice see other topic
  2. Shot a Phoenix Redback in Poland, absolutely loved it. Shot one today and found a lot of pre-travel... (really lot's) question: can pretravel be adjusted on the Redback?? Further DA bit hard but will improve as I found in Poland with standard gun. SA amazing. Love this gun, wonder about the pre-travel issue,,, hope someone can help TNX!
  3. Hoping for more reviews, there is one in recoil magazine but quite 'generic' I would like to know: - is it really faster / better then a tuned (blitz etc.) JP15GMR? - How does it compare to a MPX? - can we shoot factory 9mm ammo? We can order now in Europe but it is so expensive I like to now before I buy
  4. they are fine, use loctite!
  5. Fasthenk65

    That new TS2

    Not to heat the discussion but in Europe no gun dealer wants to trade in a .40.... they also don't stock .40's anymore. Mostly old people shoot .40 in standard (IPSC). It is dying. If we are smart we should make new and understandable classes. What is production with all that is allowed now (Alien etc), why not make one big 9mm class? Or just stop major scoring so that people who really want to shoot .40 still can shoot it? Many small classes confuse all and is not good for the sport. I would make few (and bigger) classes: - Standard (all 9mm guns) current standard (limited) rules only 9mm or minor only - Optics (all guns only minor) - PCC - Revolver until they die.. Ok, don't shoot the messenger...
  6. perfectly explained, hard to execute especially on the move
  7. not yet I will contact them now we need a gun over there at RHT
  8. So now we have a few, anyone else?? We are close
  9. Fasthenk65

    That new TS2

    In Europe .40 is dying (fast). Same problem with open. Market for 9mm much bigger. People want to shoot 9's and 9's with dots. And PCC's since they are so much fun to shoot. Probably 'standard' class goes to 9mm in the near future?
  10. Your post makes me happy. Mine arrives December in Europe. Can you shoot (hot) factory ammo with it (like the MPX) or do you need 130PF ammo like a straight blowback likes it??
  11. Maybe the barrel of a JP15 is very slow? I need 4,4 to come close to 130... (Lovex D032 which is the same as cleanshot)
  12. then for sure you have to chrono guess you are at 123 PF or so now
  13. Tnx let me guess 4,4 grain with 115's to achieve PF135?
  14. Lots of interest from Europe now the gun get;'s widely available
  15. Then it's 3, local distributor in my country needs also a few so we are at roughly 6 already...
  16. Robert from RHT is willing to make an holster for this gun (!!). Anybody interested? If we have a bunch of guys it will be less expensive... Hope to hear from you. BR Henk
  17. Talked to Robert from Red Hill Tactical by mail, if someone can borrow him a gun in the US he will make a holster... Anyone?? (please...) BR Henk
  18. was able to shoot it at the EEO Poland (thank you M=Arms!) and it is marvelous!!! Fit and finish, the grip, the recoil I love it. Called from Poland to my gun store and ordered one (steel/steel optics ready).
  19. Think I know who to call tnx
  20. Whole Europe is also waiting, dealers placed orders, nobody knows anything.
  21. both factory first 115 gn. with 150PF out of an MPX 2nd 124 gn at 148PF at 20 yards... target = 15cm square... actually I am pretty happy with 1st card! 20 shots and most within 2 inch...
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