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  1. Neomet

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    IMHO Lena would have won regardless of which platform she shot. No knock on the MPX but her results are not a function of the MPX. Doesn't mean ya still can't think the MPX is "best".
  2. Neomet

    Am I too old?

    I will be 64 in a few months and this is my sport of choice. It is what I enjoy doing. The thing to remember is that this is a hobby and to have fun no matter how competitive we are. Fun is not defined by how well you do. I have seen 80 year old guys shooting 1911s they have had since Vietnam, taking more time to run a stage than it probably took to build it, having way more fun than some top dog melting down because that mike they threw will cost them one position on the leaderboard at some level 1 weekend match. Shoot what you think you will like. If you like it keep at it. If you don't, find something that you do.
  3. Neomet

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    Most often, but not always the issues surface when short stroking.
  4. Neomet

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    Were you running the weight/SS spacer with the 5015hd?
  5. Quick answer as I didn't read everything posted so far. Gotta run... First make sure your pivot pin has not walked out. If it does it will give these exact symptoms. If nothing there send it back to Hiperfire. I wore out a sear at @ 15K. They refurbed the whole trigger and had it back to me post haste.
  6. Neomet

    Hearing protection PCC

    Depending on your plan, they may be simply be considered as hearing aids. Some plans have a set limit on how much they will pay, or how many hearing aids they will pay for within a certain time period. For instance if you just bought a pair of HAs for the rest of the world you may have to wait a year or so for them to consider another pair. One other thing for those that are wearing muffs over their regular HAs. Be careful as many manufacturers warn you not to wear HAs at shooting ranges as the loud sounds there can damage the units.
  7. Keep an eye on the wave springs in the Taccom3 units. I know of instances with three different shooters where the spring actually broke. One had under 1K rounds on it, the other two I do not know.
  8. Nope, not even manually.
  9. Neomet

    45acp in PCC

    I vote for the Thompson. If I could figure out a way to operate the righty controls (I'm a lefty) I would seriously consider it just for the cool/fun factor and because dad fought with one in WWII. I'm not going to be winning anything even if I show up with a Dillon minigun so why not?? ?
  10. Neomet

    2 optics on PCC?

    Go Lefties!!!
  11. Neomet

    New Sig MPX ?

    Of course it only happened under match conditions! isn't that a rule or something about malfs??? ?
  12. Neomet

    JP GMR 13 Broken firing pin

    Badish news is that GMRs have a proclivity for breaking firing pins. Goodish news is that because of their design you will almost never know it until you pull it for cleaning. They still work. That said, the goodish rule has exception 102.5.1 which states in part "Goodish rules will not apply during big matches and less so on ones you pay big money to go to." I treat them like I used to with CZ slide stops. Run one for practice/weekend matches and have a match one that I only put in for big matches. After a while that also becomes a practice FP. Plus I still carry a spare to majors.
  13. Neomet

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    Ya. Dat is da truth.