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  1. What George said. This is not a lube or mag issue. Get ahold of Sig.
  2. Nope, as a former DI he was quite clear it was dependent on his definition of dirty! LOL
  3. Actually an excellent and very applicable point my friend. I had not thought about that. Thank you!
  4. Rounding this back to my original question about non-pocket ways to carry my flag here is the answer du jour. I first tried the belt magnet from my Open rig but I forgot how strong that dang thing is. After I had my wife and a friend pry me off of the refrigerator I got stuck to I went to a 1.25" rare earth magnet with a predrilled hole. Drilled my belt, bolted it on and I think I have a winner. As long as that ring is touching the magnet at all it isn't coming off without some intent. Thanks for the help gents.
  5. I had a pretty good routine using a dedicated pocket. The grunge issue was pointed out to me by the chief de-grunger in the household. Not only do I recognize I am batting way out of my league with her in the first place but she is a dedicated Open shooter. Keeping a treasure like that happy is certainly a worthwhile endeavour.
  6. Agree the RO bit is faster but frankly I have seen a variance in responses from handing a flag to the RO which seems to correlate closely to how they feel about PCC as a division and I just don't feel like dealing with it. Never an issue at 3-gun matches though.
  7. Sorry, since I wasn't actually issuing a range command I thought lamr would serve the purpose here. Best laid plans of mice and men.... Totally like the split key ring idea. Kevin, I've thought about your setup and I do have a dump bag. That might do the trick as well. I
  8. I know, I know, trivial stuff but I am who I am. Where are you putting your chamber flag while you are shooting a stage? I have been putting them in a convenient pocket but they are leaving all kinds of oil/filth/carbon on my pants that either won't come out or at best is a pita to get out. Yes, I run the flag down the magwell to minimize what gets on the flag. I don't want to have to give it to a RO and I don't want to have to spend 30 seconds retrieving it while my squadmates heckle me for how PCCs are slowing the match down. Before I attempt to reinvent the wheel with racer tape and baling wire I thought I would see what others are doing.
  9. Funny, I actually reload way better with my big stick. Go figure. 20s are good as first mags to drop in the dirt on classifiers but more so for rooftops.
  10. Ahhh, the joys of anticipation!
  11. Henk, I would consider the PCC version significantly enough different to not look at issues with prior versions. Not saying everything is peaches and cream yet as round counts are still relatively low but I have seen no posts here or elsewhere discussing the typical MPX feeding/ejection issues on the PCC model. Just my observation.
  12. Oh, I totally, totally agree. I will also confess that more times than not I have done exactly the same thing. Racked the bolt and gave myself death jams that are almost impossible to clear without tools. Quick way to ruin a whole day at the range with friends.
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