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  1. I had good luck with the Blitz and a 308 spring. Seems to be personal preference.
  2. "Practical" left the party a long time ago with 32 round comped red dot Open pistols. This isn't like the only other division is Single Stack. I shoot multi-gun as well and do not use 30 rounders. Personally I love seeing guys use 60 round big sticks. Pretty decent chance the mag will s#!t itself and leave me gloating over my unearned stage triumph. LOL
  3. Here is his direct email. Nick@secretweapontraining.com
  4. I personally know Nick and have both shot with and been trained by him. He is not only a stunningly good shooter (eight division GM), but more importantly he has great teaching skills. Not every GM does. Doesn't hurt that you won't find a nicer guy at the range. Absolutely train with him if you can.
  5. My pleasure. That is a good price by the way.
  6. I have both. Get the new version. Definitely. Sig appears to have really addressed the reliability issues through a multitude of changes in this model.
  7. My bad, I was just watching Max L's vid from last year's event! I am sure I am not alone in mourning that the Sterling won't be coming out to play. Always fun to watch you shoot it. To the OP: Optics are very much personal taste. I shoot with guys who run everything from a 1 moa to an 8 moa from micro dots to UH1s. All do great and will swear by what they have. Try to look through as many optics as you can at the range and see what appeals to you.
  8. This from the guy who will be shooting irons at targets far past 100Y at the JP match in Sept!
  9. Like the title says, does anyone know what size screws are used to mount the optic?? Can't find anything on Cmore's site. Figured I would check before I start messing up threads trying different sizes. Thxs!
  10. What George said. This is not a lube or mag issue. Get ahold of Sig.
  11. Nope, as a former DI he was quite clear it was dependent on his definition of dirty! LOL
  12. "Never put away a dirty gun." My dad
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