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  1. Neomet

    45acp in PCC

    I vote for the Thompson. If I could figure out a way to operate the righty controls (I'm a lefty) I would seriously consider it just for the cool/fun factor and because dad fought with one in WWII. I'm not going to be winning anything even if I show up with a Dillon minigun so why not??
  2. Neomet

    2 optics on PCC?

    Go Lefties!!!
  3. Neomet

    New Sig MPX ?

    Of course it only happened under match conditions! isn't that a rule or something about malfs??? ?
  4. Neomet

    JP GMR 13 Broken firing pin

    Badish news is that GMRs have a proclivity for breaking firing pins. Goodish news is that because of their design you will almost never know it until you pull it for cleaning. They still work. That said, the goodish rule has exception 102.5.1 which states in part "Goodish rules will not apply during big matches and less so on ones you pay big money to go to." I treat them like I used to with CZ slide stops. Run one for practice/weekend matches and have a match one that I only put in for big matches. After a while that also becomes a practice FP. Plus I still carry a spare to majors.
  5. Neomet

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    Ya. Dat is da truth.
  6. FWIW no AR needs the buffer pin. I pull all of mine. Saw a buddy break one off and jam his trigger up. You just need to hold the buffer with a finger when you are either breaking down or reassembling the upper.
  7. Neomet

    Ruger PCC - any add-ons needed?

    Actually looks like an opener for a can of paint to me.....
  8. Neomet

    45 degree offset optic

    If you can actually see the laser. Bright desert sun, old eyes..... not so much. ?
  9. Neomet

    Glock Mag TUBE failure

    I'm not so sure the OAL is the issue if it ran 800 or so rounds with them without burping and I agree 1.125 is where it should be. Not to just sound like a simpleton parts changer diagnostician but if you take the follower, spring and BP and swap them into a new mag body and it runs I would be inclined to think it is something with the mag body. Beyond that I am not much help other than to see if you picked up the bullets when the mag puked and checked them out for variances. I'm grasping at straws though.
  10. Neomet

    Max won the Lucas Oil PCC match !

    OOOOooooooooohhhhhhh...... Nobody told me that part!! Okay, I'm in!
  11. Neomet

    Max won the Lucas Oil PCC match !

    Are you guys actually going to make me learn how to use IG???? Sigh............ ?
  12. Neomet

    Max won the Lucas Oil PCC match !

    Preferred optics of 3 out of 4 Storm Troopers!
  13. Neomet

    MPX Gen 2 Load Data

    Listen to Mr. Williamson. He is wise.
  14. Neomet

    Long range pcc

    Poorly by my experience!
  15. Neomet

    Long range pcc

    ^^^^ That is a nice load.