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  1. Agreed. I would not consider the use by a top shooter as proof that one brand or design is better than another. Max L crushed us all with his Frankengun. Max L crushes all of his with his Limcat Tron. I would not bet against him with a Kel Tec Sub 2000. Sponsorship opportunities are normally the deciding factor for them. Don't believe me? Go ask Eric Grauffel at his new EG/CZ training facility in France.
  2. The only advantage to the 16" is you can change comps easier. I've shot my 14.5 out to 200 meters with no issues.
  3. Henk, you did bring up something that may be unique to you which is parts availability. Those of us in the US can rely on In Lead We Trust for quick access to many Sig parts. Importing them into the Netherlands would probably not be an option for you. Perhaps there is someone similar in the EU you could use?
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... I laugh because it is so true.
  5. My first question would be if you are looking at a Gen 3 MPX or an older Gen 2. If a Gen 3 I will tell you that one of my main shooting buddies (GM) Just switched from years of shooting JPs exclusively to the new Sig and he is amazed by it. Not just the recoil/dot movement but the balance of the weapon as well. My personal experience with a Gen 2 MPX and a JP is that above any other weapon, in any division the MPX leaves me giggling like a child at the end of every stage. If it runs. I went down the dark path of trying to find the softest, flattest, 125.1PF ammo. The people around me whose MPXs ran were running hot or factory ammunition. The MPX at 150PF is flatter and softer than the best tuned AR9 at 130 PF. It is just a function of their designs. I have gone back to stouter loads and my problems have gone away. I will say I have not heard of anybody having reliability issues with the Gen 3s but they haven't been out long enough for a large sample to have a significant number of rounds through them. The Sig cleaning is more involved and if you put a decent number of rounds through them you will need to replace gas rings, extractors and springs much as you would with an AR. Many will also want to change the trigger and the stock. Some are okay with them though. The JP is the energizer bunny. It just keeps running. It is utterly reliable other than an occasional firing pin breakage but the carbine still works fine even with it broken. You will just find it when you are cleaning the gun. the JP is noticeably heavier and more specifically feels more nose heavy to me. The handguard while feeling, great carries a lot of weight. You can tune these to shoot pretty flat and there seem to be a couple of options on how to do that. The trigger on the JP is light years ahead of the Sig. The Sig Gen 3 has a 4 1/2 lb Timney trigger that I found heavy and did not like at all. The regular JP trigger is probably a little over 2 - 2 1/2 lbs and has a great break to it. On the flip side, I think the MPX magazines, while far more expensive than Glock mags, are also much better suited to running 40 plus round magazines. If you are happy with a 33 round magazine this would be a non-issue. In the end, they are both great choices. At this point I would say the JP has the proven reliability record as the Gen 3 MPXs are still new to market. The JP is easier to service and all you would need to do if you bought one would be to put an optic on it. All that said, I have both in the safe but for our local match tomorrow I am definitely bringing the Sig. If this was a major match that I was traveling to...... I would grab the JP. I am interested to see how the Gen 3s hold up though! I hope this helps some and of course, it is just one man's opinion.
  6. Further proof SBRs are wrong. Lefties use them! (fellow member of the club)
  7. Interesting! Max is always playing with variables. A bright and talented young man. I think we agree that in the end it is whatever works for you.
  8. Mainly what Richard said above. A significant number of PCC competitors, particularly in the upper ranks run their support hand out at or very near the end of the handguard to help drive the gun to the next target for faster transitions. Look at photos/vids of the top shooters in this division and you will see what I mean. Doesn't mean you can't rock a 10" particularly since you are so familiar with shooting that length.
  9. But at least a kind and benevolent one. Also to your point I run an 18" with a comp in 3gun and haven't once felt slowed down by the barrel length on the tight COFs in the pistol bays.
  10. Some, like me, really fall in love with the division. I have seen others go back to pistols. All very much just a matter of preference.
  11. Rounding back to the OP's question I think the answer is that there is no discernable evidence that a SBR is better overall at our game than a non-sbr carbine. Personally, I only see very, very few times where a SBR has an advantage. Almost always our stages are open enough to easily allow movement with a full-length carbine. I'm not third man in a stack clearing a room. Out in the open I shoot a full length better/faster/more accurately than I do a SBR. Others here have said much the same thing. I'm not saying someone can't do really well with a SBR or that if you like SBRs for whatever reason you shouldn't use them. That is part of the fun of this division. I just don't see a compelling reason to compete with one. I am sure the top dogs who need every slight advantage to beat other top dogs would be using SBRs if they were the better tools. They wouldn't care less about the aggravations of SBR ownership.
  12. Yeah... If it is a Gen 3 I would toss a different trigger in and see if you like the stock. Some do, some don't. Odin Gunworks extended mag release for those silly mandatory reload stages.
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