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  1. All that drama and hate over a division with 8 whole shooters in the match??? I like a good argument, but that is a tempest in a teapot if you ask me. More people choosing to yell at each other than shot the division or will ever be edged out of their mid-pack finish by someone with a one-off. Then again, it is SH....
  2. Hell of a man. Hell of a life. Hell of an example for all of us. Well played sir. Very well played.
  3. Somebody stayed awake in their statistics class!!
  4. I use a Blitz with a heavy spring and SS. in my GMR-15. Muy bueno. Faster splits and to my mind a better recoil impulse.
  5. Quick sidebar here. You can stack two 357 batteries in a Cmore. Every bit as bright as the standard photo battery. They don't seem to last quite as long but are cheap as dirt and you can get them at any drugstore. Getting two batteries in the compartment takes a little dexterity.
  6. I have a Gen 2 MPX, a MPX PCC, and a GMR-15 short stroked with a hydraulic buffer. My Gen 2 started becoming a problem child at @ 20K rounds. My MPX PCC, with all of the upgrades that it came with from the factory, has been absolutely reliable, but I don't have 20K yet on it. My JP has been as reliable as the sun rising in the east. Even after fiddling with the JP short stroking, hydraulic buffering, and more load combinations than I care to admit, my MPX PCC is still softer/faster to shoot at the 145PF I run it at. I actually prefer the feel at that level as opposed to the tripl
  7. Because nothing looks funnier/more ironic than someone who went to the expense of a 5lb PCC shooting with a 60 round (loaded) mag on a 30 round COF??
  8. Oh, one more thing. If you are a lefty the JP does not have a LH mag release.
  9. You should probably define what better means to you. I own a GMR-15, a Gen 2 MPX and a MPX PCC. I don't think it matters one bit which I bring to a match as to how I finish. They go about their business differently but that is just the nature of their designs. My Gen 2 became quite finicky after about 10K rounds. My PCC has run like a champ and is actually softer shooting than my Gen 2. My short stroked and tuned JP is dead nuts reliable, beautifully built and accurate. It is also infinitely easier to clean. It is certainly the easier PCC to own and you will get better resa
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^ This. The point is to flatten the curve to attempt to keep the number of sick lower than the number of physicians, and more importantly the limited number of ventilators to treat them. If we outstrip those capabilities TP will be the least of anybody's worries.
  11. Helps if I actually read the post accurately before I comment, 'eh?? Right you are. Can you show a closeup of what level you are cutting at?
  12. The only caution to filing the follower down is that if you screw up the follower going nuts with the dremel you can not just buy a new follower. You have to buy a whole new mag. Sig only sells the complete mag and as part of their agreement with Sig, Lancer will not sell mags or components directly.
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