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  1. Mine has lasted forever. Then again it has been in my closet of unloved gun parts after the first time I shot it. LOL Seriously though, I don't know anyone that runs a stock trigger in competition.
  2. Correct answer. I like it so much though that I just carry a spare. When my first one died at about 13K rounds I sent it in and Hiperfire made it right. Now it is my spare.
  3. Neomet


    One thing to add here is don't be afraid to bump the PF up. There is almost no difference in recoil impulse to me between 130 and 140 unlike with my blowback gun.
  4. I am with you on the JHPs. I experimented for a match or two with molys and the difference was really noticeable. N37 might be a good choice. I was thinking of trying N38 just because I like it so much in my Open guns and have it whispering to me from the closet.
  5. Yeah, the answer kinda depends on what you shoot. Moly projectiles and/or dirty powder will increase the frequency. That said I run PD 124 jacketed rounds and a clean powder and I take mine apart every 800 rounds, clean the snot out of it and change tappets. I have four tappets and rotate them. When one comes out it soaks for quite a while in cleaner, gets a good scrubbing/scraping and then goes back in line.
  6. I have run a 2moa Holosun 510c at high noon in the middle of the desert and have never had an issue with brightness.
  7. Neomet

    My MPX build.

    Nah.... pull the rear pin, hold the receiver/handguard well and give the top of the stock a good whack....... Or pull both pins. LOL
  8. Neomet

    Magma-port ruger pc.

    Agree. Returning to the OP's question, I have a friend with an Sig who has an aftermarket 16" barrel that has been magnaported. It is a very soft shooting, very, very flat shooting MPX. it is a different platform and I can't attest to how much, if any of that is due to the magnaporting but it is a great shooting gun. YMMV
  9. Neomet

    Magma-port ruger pc.

  10. Neomet

    Magma-port ruger pc.

    It doesn't apply because the PCC addendum supersedes it.
  11. Neomet

    MPX mystery

    Washer off of one of the bolts that secures the barrel??
  12. Neomet

    Trijicon MRO Advice

    I like full FWIW, but it really is a matter of personal preference.
  13. Neomet

    Ultralight jp

    The easiest way to drop weight is to take off the thermal dissapator and replace the handguard. This will take a lot of weight off the nose which is where she will feel the reduction the most. if you aren't in love with the SCS replace that with either a Blitzkrieg or Taccom unit.
  14. Neomet

    New MRO mount

    A really nicely engineered/manufactured mount. Quality like that never comes cheap. Heck, half the time stuff that sucks doesn't come cheap. LOL
  15. Neomet

    Pcc recoil?

    I am with L9. I found the .223 produced less recoil and more importantly less dot bounce. Don't ask me why, I'm just here for the ride. :-)