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  1. Are you saying my "rack the bolt" spring measure is out of calibration??
  2. Remember now that the Gen 3 has a pivoting bolt carrier and as best I can tell stronger recoil springs. There is more at play here than just the gas port size.
  3. Just an observation on the Gen 3 MPX reliability. Remember that the issues with the first two gens didn't surface after thousands of rounds, they started right away and the first answer was to run hot ammo in them until they were broken in. That does not seem to be the case here at all with the gen 3.
  4. Thread winner!! And thanks for reminding me of my ex-girlfriend. Where did I leave her number.........
  5. Kevin, we need you to get a Gen 3. You are a round count monster!
  6. Hahahahahaha... Oh, how the painful truth can make me laugh. It is why the GMR 15 is still in the safe.
  7. Okay, a question for all you bleeding edge of technology folks who have racked up some significant round counts on your Gen 3s. How reliable have they been? The cautious members of the herd want to know.
  8. Any noticeable difference in dot bounce??
  9. Get ready for the phrase "Yeah I decided to mount a $500 Glock 19 to my SRO."
  10. ^^^^^^ This. Of course I may be in a bit of a mood since I just sent a RTS2 back to Cmore for the 6th time. (Two different units if I am to be fair but still).
  11. One thing for you to remember when listening to opinions here, specifically about reliability issues with the MPX. The Gen 3 is not a Gen 2 or a Gen 1. At a minimum, it has a different bolt carrier assembly, different gas port dimensions and a different barrel all of which play into the issues some had with the MPX. Put the most value on input from those with a Gen 3. That said if both are reliable as a rock I think the MPX is significantly better and I have a JP GMR in the safe as well. I have a Gen 2 and when I quit trying to find the perfect 125.1 PF load and just shot either factory or reloads at 140 PF or so I quit having problems and the gun still has far less dot bounce and recoil than any blowback. but again, this is with a Gen 2.
  12. To really minimize the amount of buildup spray Dillon case lube in the comp as the last step of cleaning the gun. It really helps keep crud from accumulating in the comp.
  13. Agreed. I would not consider the use by a top shooter as proof that one brand or design is better than another. Max L crushed us all with his Frankengun. Max L crushes all of his with his Limcat Tron. I would not bet against him with a Kel Tec Sub 2000. Sponsorship opportunities are normally the deciding factor for them. Don't believe me? Go ask Eric Grauffel at his new EG/CZ training facility in France.
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