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  1. Not sure if anyone related to Blitzkrieg read this but I just got a pending shipping confirmation. Still no other communication.
  2. Get a Phase 5 bold release. That's how I ordered mine and I love it. My gun has run flawlessly in matches. Bought it after winning and then losing matches due to malfunctions with a (sold) MPX.
  3. A little warning... I sold my MPX after shooting it in a match where I was winning and then had a malfunction. I had another one on the next stage too. Afterwards, I literally threw it in my bag and said "I'm done." I came to find out that I'm wasn't the only one who has had issues and frustrations.
  4. I sold my MPX after using it in a match where I was winning and then had a malfunction. And I had another one on the next stage. I literally threw it in my bag and said "I'm done." Can you tell I'm bitter? I came to find out that I wasn't the only one.
  5. I'll be building a PCC off a JP upper and lower and asked through email about using a B.A.D. Lever and Phase 5 bolt release. They said the Phase 5 won't function at all, which has already been covered. The bolt catch/release in it now is proprietary. They said the B.A.D. lever adds too much weight for it to be reliable for last round bolt hold open. I tend to use the Phase 5 on my MBX most for locking back and closing the bolt when making ready. I wanted that same feature on the new build to go along with the addition of side charging. Side charging is highly useful when doing gun manipulations like unloaded starts. Your hand has less distance to travel and the stock can get to your shoulder sooner. Sooner is usually always better in practical shooting.
  6. telligentgunner

    CO Weight Limit

    Can't wait for the Shadow 2 OR to be imported!
  7. You’re entitled to your opinion. There’s a company that makes a similar shotgun and they make one that works well, so I want one. And yes, it’s very much needed to lock the bolt back to show clear.
  8. Cool. I asked him if he'd consider making a Magpul type "BAD lever" device for the VR-80 and he flatty said no. Taylor Freelance said they'd consider it after Shot Show. If I can get one of those and the 45 degree safety lever, I'll have the same setup as my AR.
  9. Where did you hear about this? It's past Black Friday and there's nothing out. I've been asking manufacturers if they intend to make one of these. I'll be at Shot Show next and this is a booth I plan on stopping at to check out how this trigger feels. Maybe I can get video.
  10. Advanced Tactical sells a handguard cover/wrap: https://advancedtactical.com/index.php/ria-vr-80-handguard-cover.html
  11. I have a brand new comp and magazine well for sale if anyone needs one:
  12. I've been shooting Glocks since the beginning. Bought an X-5, dry fired, shot it in a match once, and then sold it. I don't like the grip angle and it feels too "fat" to me. It also feels like it has a higher height over bore. I now shoot a Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS in USPSA and IDPA carry optics division. It's damn near the perfect gun to me with the front serrations, flared magwell opening, no finger grooves, and MOS on the slide. I just purchased a Walther PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame and am hopeful and a bit excited about this one. If Glock made a steel frame 34, I'd be all over it!
  13. I'm thinking about getting both and building an open gun for USPSA and 3-gun. Anyone else considered this? (steel frame, striker fired open gun) The downside is I'd have to buy another gun to do it. I called Walther and they don't plan on selling uppers only (like Glock does). It would be a lot cheaper if I could make a separate open upper and just slap it one when I want to run open.
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