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  1. I have a brand new comp and magazine well for sale if anyone needs one:
  2. I've been shooting Glocks since the beginning. Bought an X-5, dry fired, shot it in a match once, and then sold it. I don't like the grip angle and it feels too "fat" to me. It also feels like it has a higher height over bore. I now shoot a Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS in USPSA and IDPA carry optics division. It's damn near the perfect gun to me with the front serrations, flared magwell opening, no finger grooves, and MOS on the slide. I just purchased a Walther PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame and am hopeful and a bit excited about this one. If Glock made a steel frame 34, I'd be all over it!
  3. I'm thinking about getting both and building an open gun for USPSA and 3-gun. Anyone else considered this? (steel frame, striker fired open gun) The downside is I'd have to buy another gun to do it. I called Walther and they don't plan on selling uppers only (like Glock does). It would be a lot cheaper if I could make a separate open upper and just slap it one when I want to run open.
  4. https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/themes/idpa/assets/match-files/PCC_Rules.pdf
  5. The division is 30-round capacity, not 10.
  6. Damn good tip! I keep bumping the bolt closed on drills and then have to setting it up again. Works with Glocks, why not PCCs?
  7. I just use it. Not every day, which I probably should. I have no data for use vs. non-use.
  8. Can everyone please not assume that everyone knows what your abbreviations of brands, products, etc. mean? I have no idea what ETS is?
  9. Thanks for all the great info. Now let's talk about open minor load data for when I decide to reload myself... Please share load data (bullet weight, powder, measurements, etc.) that worked for you for open minor. Powder and measurements? I don't reload so that is Hodgdon HS6 smokeless powder? And a 124gr bullet too?
  10. No issues with major beating up the sight and causing it to fail? I was looking at an open 2011 from Atlas Gunworks but they suggest not putting slide ride optics on major open guns. Just used it yesterday. Don't plan on competing in any major USPSA matches with it. Only for what I mentioned above.
  11. So I've already built a G34 Gen 4 minor open gun mainly to run in 3-gun with my open shotgun and rifle and to do classifiers in USPSA. It has an SJC comp, KKM barrel, a 10lbs recoil spring, and stainless steel guide rod inside. It ran good for the last half of the day today after I solved a magazine issue but I keep thinking it could run better. I was running 115gr Federal from Walmart but my buddy suggested I try 147gr Fed American Eagle due to the increased power factor. I don't reload so I need to stick with factory ammo for now. My question is for you open Glock folks... would it make any difference if I built it using a G17 upper and barrel instead? All the pictures I've seen of open Glocks have been G17s. I don't mind the length of mine now. The slide weight should be similar due to the cutout on the top but the barrel would probably weigh a fraction more. Thoughts?
  12. I was in the same boat... shot a 34 Gen 5 in carry optics this year but I just sold it to upgrade to the 34 Gen 5 FS for the front serrations and closed magazine well. The half-moon cut out used to dig into my arm. It should also make unloaded starts easier. I'll be getting a 17 Gen 5 FS too for home and maybe as a backup gun.
  13. I'll check them out. I use a Toni System weight and thumb rest. Maybe they can make a custom one for me.
  14. Limited Division allows frame weights on guns because there is no maximum weight. That's what the light is without the bulb... a weight. Carry Optics has a weight limit. The first picture I posted above is a frame weight I've used in Limited Division, which is why I'm wondering if frame weights will be permitted as long as the gun doesn't come in over weight. If it's okay to attached things to the rail, that opens other options for me.
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