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  1. I have had 2 Vortex Venoms and 1 Vortex Viper fail in over ~50K rounds and 1 year. Vortex was great, they sent me replacements in aprox. 1 week from receiving my broken one each time, no questions asked. They were fast, professional, kept in touch, and sent me some goodies with the brand new boxed replacement sights. I was impressed with their service. Stuff happens, these sights are made to a price and they get slammed around a lot during firing. I had a spare so it was no big deal as they all broke while practicing. I carry a spare just in case but this year no fails so far although C-19 has slowed the # of rounds fired down a bit. Sure, they should never break but if you use your stuff like most of us do, this is not unexpected. For the price I paid for the sights I have no problem with them. This year has been flawless so maybe it was a bad batch..who knows. Bob
  2. Thanks for putting out all the effort. The level that you put into breaking down the variables really reinforces me to continue to questioning all of the facets of shooting. It does seem like the elimination of lots of small "loose ends" has a demonstrable positive effect.
  3. Try some JB (quick) weld and fill in the notch. Hard to guess how long it will last but it should be easy enough to chip out if you want to remove it. Clean the notch, put the JB quick weld in the slot, wrap tightly with some tape, wait 5 mins and clean up the outside when the tape is removed. Easy to put back to stock. Best of luck
  4. The factory mags work well and I consider them a plus ($ notwithstandng). Work well, easy to reload into the MPX, and they hold up.
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