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  1. To add, OP's question why some rounds do not pass the EGW gauge but do pass a plunk test. Again, the EGW tolerances are pretty tight, and your barrell may or may not be reamed as close to specs as the EGW is. Yes, your barrel is the best test to make sure, but you cannot plunk test every round you load. If a finished round sticks in the EGW but not in your barrel, shorten the OAL a little till it drops freely out of the EGW. The profile of the bullet can make a huge difference, and is probably the point of interference.
  2. I'm convinced. Ordered a 4# jug to test, will order more if I like it. Will keep the W231 for a rainy day.
  3. I have a metric butt- load of WST on hand (used to shoot SS), but I was trying to avoid its temp sensitivity.
  4. Just got a new batch of 125gr BBI as I finished up all my Zero 124gr RN. My load for these was 4.4gr W231, mixed brass, Fiocci primer, 1.100, and about 134PF out of a CZ S2 in CO. I also need more powder, so I thought if I was going to switch, now would be a good time. Read a lot of good things about SP, but nothing that indicates if it would be a better powder than W231 (cleaner, softer, etc). W231 is a great, versatile powder, and I also use it when I occasionally load 45ACP/SS as well. The BBI 125s OAL plunk tests to about 1.12 OAL in my S2 and 75 barrels. To get them to not stick in my EGW gauge, I need an OAL of about 1.095, so I will begin my load testing with this.
  5. It is easy to put the Shockbottle gauge up against a light to see high primers, if you have a hard time feeling them by running your finger over them. Also very each to check for missing, sideways, or upside-down primers. Like others, my EGW gauge is tight. When I first set my press up for 9mm, I used my barrels for plunk test, to establish the preferred baseline. When running my press (AB driven 1050) I will periodically check the rounds with the EGW gauge. Makes sure crimp, etc is still good. Before a match, i will use the Shockbottle to gauge all ammo. Again good way to spot primer issues, or cases that might be a smidge long, etc.
  6. Not a matter of if a dot will break, but when. Between my two DPPs, they have been back 4 times. Seeing now how long the SRO will last.
  7. GregJ

    SRO Dot Size

    I went from a DPP 2.5 to an SRO 2.5. They both look very close to me. The SRO turned all way up seems to flare more than the DPP. A fellow squad mate put his 5 moa and my 2.5 moa SRO next to each other, turned all way up. We could not tell difference between the two SROs.
  8. GregJ

    S2 with SRO

    CZ Customs, their RDS plate milling.
  9. GregJ

    S2 with SRO

    Not yet. Stuart is on vac, but responded on the 20th that they are pending getting back in stock and he would see what the hold up is. Probably all these yahoos that just got SROs!!! LOL I will post up when I get the new one on.
  10. Dang, never knew they were that close! If I hadnt already put an SRO on, I would have considered them. tks
  11. I think they all do. IIRC, the earlier versions had the tabs clocked differently than later versions.
  12. GregJ

    SRO Modes?

    The screws will stretch, and will eventually loosen up, that has been well documented in DPP related posts here on Enos. Suggest the screws are replaced if you pull the optic off. Cheap insurance.
  13. I suspect it has to do with which version DPP you have. Would be interesting to see which one you have that has not had issues.
  14. I believe that center contact needs to move a little, it acts like a spring against the battery. one or two contacts could be soldered, that would also probably fix the issue.
  15. GregJ

    S2 with SRO

    Cool. At a local match sat, fellow squad mate had a 5MOA SRO on his S2. We put them on their brightest settings and looked at them side by side. 3 of us could not see a difference in the dot between my 2.5 and his 5 MOA. Maybe if we turned the brightness down, but we expected to see a major diff and didnt. Maybe he got a 2.5 by mistake?
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