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  1. GregJ

    Stripped slide for Shadow 2

    I thought CZC was going an RDS slide cut now, that uses diff plates for the RDS, including a plate for rear sight. Kind of like Glock MOS.
  2. Here is a video processing 9MM brass with the Keystone 2 piece handle, home switch reload. Also with The Judge, finds 38Super, stepped brass, and cases with dented case mouth. Works awesome!! https://fancybrassco.com/products/bro-handle-for-your-ammo-bot http://www.mojoprecision.net/the-judge.html #ProcessSmarter
  3. GregJ

    Winchester small pistol primer issue

    Have you just started wet tumbling? I had similar issues after starting to wet tumble my brass (not decapped, old primers still in). My drying process was not sufficient, and there was still enough moisture in the brass that when I loaded them some weeks later, they primers went flat. Went back to media tumbling.
  4. GregJ

    CZ Shadow w/124 bullet. Recipe?

    I had to load 124 Zeros Jacketed (actually 125gr) at 1.100 to gauge correctly and consistently. They would plunk longer, but not pass gauge. Yeah I know, plunk test is more important, but I run everything through a Hondo and spot check with an EGW.
  5. GregJ

    Another primer issue (1050)

    Did you check the plastic tip on the primer magazine tube? Those are a disposable commodity, should keep plenty on hand. Replace regularly to keep from having issues.
  6. GregJ

    Opening Mpx gas port

    Ditto to above. Run a few thou of OEM ammo through it to break it in, then start messing with stuff. If you still need to open the gas port, Rob Otte at https://www.inleadwetrust.com is the go-to guy for MPX issues. My Gen 2 has run great since I've had it (bought it used). I run my same loads I shoot in my CO pistol, which makes about 140PF in my MPX carbine. 124 gr Zero, 1.100, 4.1gr W231. They do need a little gas to run. Another word of caution, do not lube the piston rings and tappet rings. Keep the piston system free of lube. All else, the MPX likes to be very wet.
  7. Saw this on the AB FB page. Just ordered it. Should be in time for my processing session for the year.
  8. I used to do that. 45ACP plastic round holders works great for 9mm. But man is it a PITA, and slow. The slotted buckets is a much, much, more effecient way of sorting.
  9. GregJ

    Perforation Scoring

    Or a plastic barrel/barricade partially blocking this target, hence the lean? If so, the lack of a ring could been an indication of a shoot through, so it would be a miss. Otherwise, sounds like bogus call.
  10. you basically have ti dismantel the whole damn thing to get to the center bolt. You will see.
  11. Buy a cheap Harbor Freight tumbler. I took mine apart (was a PITA) to be able to bolt a bucket to it, but it works great.
  12. My setup is very similar to the video above. I really like the spacers he added, I will be incorporating that into mine for my next sorting session. Also like the 9mm plate and 380 plate mod. Will be incorporating this as well. RE Nesting, The vibration does a very good job of breaking those up, but it isnt 100%.
  13. No experience with the Berry's. I have a 5 gal bucket mounted to an old HF media tumbler base, and use the same brass sorters you have, but I also have the 380 alum plate. I can sort a 5 gal bucket in less than an hour. I am very happy with how this setup works.
  14. GregJ

    Traveling to Fort Lee, VA

    Matches at VIR would be closer to you. https://strategicmatchdesign.com/ Welcome to VA.
  15. GregJ

    PCC powder--how slow is too slow?

    I'm with you. My CO load is 124gr Zero 1.100 OAL 4.1gr W231 130PF out of my CZC 75, runs about 140-145PF out of my MPX carbine, and it runs like a scalded ape.