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  1. Rob at In Lead We Trust works wonders with the MPX. I would send mine to him before I would send it to Sig. FWIW, my Gen 2 runs like a swiss watch, and with my CO reloads. Stock gas port, etc. Guess I was lucky.
  2. What primers? When you load the tubes are one or two of them sticking and not going in like the rest? Could be one or two out of round ones are getting hung up. Replacing the blue tip as almost always fixed it for me. Also, might pull the primer mag tube nut and take a flashlight and mirror to see if the assembly is properly aligned over the primer hole in the shuttle. IIRC, it needs to be a little forward of the hole in the shuttle to allow the primer to rock into the shuttle.
  3. - Replace the primer tube tip (blue?) - Make sure primer magazine tube nut is not tight, screw it down to where it just starts to touch. - Make sure the primer tube is clean. - If you havent already, put a 45 case only (no additional weight is needed) on top of the primer rod. - Make sure the primer shuttle area is clean. - Make sure the white plastic case guide is not too tight. Should be a business card's thickness between it and the case. - Make sure the brass guide on the primer shuttle is not worn. This is where the primer arm pulls the shuttle back. - Make sure the primer arm is properly adjusted, business card's thickness between the tip and the press (primer shuttle track).
  4. Federals are well known for being soft and requiring a deep seat for lighter hammers. Next time try pulling trigger again instead of jacking the round out. If it fires, the primer wasnt seated deep enough. I have a CZ 75 with some trigger work. With the 11.5# main spring, it will require a second hit on a high primer (Fiocci). With the 8#, the primers had better be seated deep. My S2 with an extended FP and 11.5# main spring has been pretty solid, but I have made sure my primers are .005-.008 deep.
  5. I have 2 DPP for my CZ S2. Between the 2, they have been back 4 times. Same with Venom, and FF3. Ditto above, whatever you buy, get at least 2.
  6. Agree that handling brass twice can be a PITA. However, I still argue that overall it is faster, and more importantly very brass related stoppages during loading. I process 9m about 3500 CPH, this ensures that when I start loading, the brass is squared away, and will not have to deal with any Berdans, junk inside cases, 380 mixed in, etc, etc. When I load with my AB, it lopes along at about 2500 CPH. I can easily crank it up higher, but dont feel the need to. YMMV. ADD: If you manually load, then yes it is easier to deal with brass issues (Berdans, etc) during loading. However once you automate, using processed brass really makes the loading process less problematic, and highly recommended. I run the primer drop tube into a the lid of a 1 Gal paint bucket, then a hose into the same lid from a HD Bucket Head vacuum (fits on top of any 5 gal bucket). The primers stay in the 1G bucket instead of being sucked into the vacuum. There's lots of ways, mine is just one. It really doesnt take a lot of vacuum force. You also need to make sure you have a good seal between the press frame and the bracket that holds the primer drop tube.
  7. Funny you mention this. During practice yest afternoon I thought about this. It is very easy to really heat a gun up during a practice session, especially if you're running a hot powder like TG. That heat could cause the tape to loose some adhesion, thus allowing the contact to slip on the CB. I use W231, which isnt too hot, and typically shoot 300 rnds in an hour + session. I will try slowing down some and letting it cool off a little more between mag loads.
  8. Another vote for RHT. Suppose those that support the sport.
  9. Shall we start a pool?
  10. Wonder if we started specifying to replace with the new style if they will ????
  11. I've got an AD on my S2 now, and an AE for backup. Between the 2, they have been back 4 times now. The AE just came back a few weeks ago, and they replaced the CB with the old style. Ugh
  12. Never had a problem with the EGW-U die. I process all my brass first. Never used the FCD, never felt like I needed it. After the U die, my Dillon dies work just fine.
  13. This thing is the best money you can spend. Had one right when they came out, works great! I too run a magnet over the brass during sorting, but inevitably one or two will sneak past. This is the last place to catch them.
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