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  1. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/mr-bulletfeeder-dropper-ball-bearing 5.56/.223: 6mm ball bearings- 7.62/.308: 5mm ball bearings- 9mm/38: 4.5mm ball bearings- 10mm/0.40: 4.0mm ball bearings- 0.45: 3.5mm ball bearings
  2. Start with the Area 8 page, some of the local matches are posted there as well. Other FP Pages: Delmarva USPSA Section (many area matches are/will be listed there) Fairfax Practical Shooters - NRA range matches Fredericksburg Practical Shooters - USPSA GRB USPSA @ Cavalier Shadow Hawk Defense Southern Maryland Practical Shooters Quantico Shooting Club (USPSA, 2gun, 22 tactical rifle matches) This will get you started.
  3. Welcome to the party! There are several great matches in the area. Best place to find them is on FaceBook, and Practiscore. Shadow Hawk, Glengary WV, steel challange and USPA matches NRA HQ Range, USPSA matches monthly Fredericksburg, USPSA matches monthly Greater Richmond Blasters, Cavalier, Va, Steel Challange and USPSA monthly matches Southern Maryland Practical Shooters, Leaonardtown, Md, great USPSA matches. There are more, but are escaping me at the moment. You should probably also join USPSA. Here is a link to the local clubs. Expand out as your driving limit allows. https://uspsa.org/find-a-club Hope to see you at a local match soon.
  4. Talked to Area Director. Dont hold your breath on this happening.
  5. Have you marked the rounds with a sharpie to see where they are rubbing on the Hondo gauge? When I started reloading 9mm on my 1050, I had similar issue. Turned out the Zero 124s I was using, the ogive was rubbing on the gauge. I loaded them a little shorter, problem solved. Using EGW-U size die, I get probably .5% failure rate, if that many.
  6. Have both. Much prefer Anderson's.
  7. Eric, I use walnut media with polish, and had several cases with rubber chunks (probably brass from a shoot house) stuck inside that tumbling did not dislodge. The Lee decapper punched right through with no issue, but The Judge caught it!!! It will also catch 38SC, and even 7.62x25 brass (processing 9mm) that pass by the sorting process. I process all my brass, and load, on an Ammo Bot driven 1050, so The Judge has really payed for itself to me. No affiliation, just a happy customer.
  8. Charlie, For some reason, I just came across this video. I used it in my last two range sessions. Very helpful indeed!!! Especially when rotating from T1 to T4 and one shot. 2 shots really does drive home the visual patience needed to see the sight/dot lift on the second shot before pulling it off the target!! Thanks Also have your book on the way. Looking forward to it.
  9. Should probably add The Judge die to your processing. I love this die. It catches garbage like this in dies. It has caught 22 cases, rocks, and pieces of rubber stuck in cases. https://immortobot.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=33_42&zenid=k1cggv3pa5qruae8ub47limuh1 Immortal Arms also sells an alarm for this die for manual presses. Trust me, money well spent.
  10. Should be. I used the 3rd for my barney, and 4th for my start mag. This gives me 23+1, +19, +19, +18. Plenty, unless it's multi string classifier with reloads, then I just need mags.
  11. GregJ

    CO optic

    I like DPP. The new SRO from Trijicon seems to be the new hot thing.
  12. Between my two DPPs, they have been back 3 times. First one lasted over a year, CZC multi-optic cut. Will see if the DPP on my S2 with CZC plate system lasts longer. Just had to send my Venom back too, it probably had 6K rounds.
  13. Get cans of canned air, and use them frequently. Besides blowing away excess powder, brass shavings, etc, it blows away any residue primer compound in the slide track that could result from smeared primer, etc. From what I have read, primer residue is one of the culprits leading to primer stack going off.
  14. Feedback I have seen from commercial guys favors the TNT.
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