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  1. Give RHT a shout. They are great supporters, and offer great carry holsters.
  2. I've run both. Prefer the Nickle. Especially if you get caught shooting a match in a rain storm. The coated will rust up pretty quick.
  3. Scott is a local shooting buddy, great guy, great instructor. Love his videos.
  4. ^^ This. Make a 45* angle on the tip, and make sure there are no burrs. Also helps to attach vacuum to primer tube. Primer pull backs are why I process my brass first. Makes actual loading process sooooo much smoother.
  5. Lately I have been enjoying a lot of 1792. Woodford's Reserve is my go-to for on-the-rocks sippin. Woodfords double barrel is very nice too. My absolute fav for sippin is Jack Daniels Sinatra. Expensive ($154 a bottle) but worth it. Now, more important question is what is your fav cigar and bourbon paring? Liga Privada #9 and anything for me.
  6. You probably got some pull backed primers, or ringers, which caused the kaboom. IMHO, The only real fool proof way to avoid this is to process your brass first. Or buy processed brass, or have someone process it for you. I load/process on an AmmoBot driven 1050, both 9mm and 45ACP. Process: Station 2: Lee universal decapping die with AB Berdan sensor. Lee pin ground to 45* and vacuum to pull primers off (these two things alone may help you a lot). Station 3: The Judge sensor, with Primer Pocket Probe. The Judge catches all sorts of bad stuff and tall cases, the probe catches primer pull backs, ringers, etc. Station 6: Dillon size die minus pin Station 8: EGW-U die minus pin Load: Station 2: Dillon sizing/decap die, just in case a non-processed piece of brass sneaks by. Station 3: Lyman Die in place of expander. Station 4. EGA primer hold-down die Station 5: powder drop with MBF PTX Station 6: MBF bullet drop Station 7: Dillon seat die Station 8: Dillon taper crimp die.
  7. Funny how experiences range both ways. I have been very pleased with mine. Much, much, faster than doing by hand. I use a old media vibrating tumbler on mine. But for my next sorting session, I will be adding spacers and fixing the 380 plate to the bottom of the black tray. Like this.
  8. Still looked like way too much flare/bell. Also, did you ever put a rubber band on the MBF? It adds down pressure to seat the bullet better.
  9. Gaffers tape works great for this. Can be tough to find though. https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Grade-Professional-Commercial-Largest/dp/B07DF82KZ6/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1549459782&sr=8-19&keywords=gaffers+tape
  10. Great video from Tim. Loved his class - highly recommended.
  11. Those primer tube tips are a usable commodity. They should be replaced fairly often to prevent these things. Cheap and easy. Replace them when you clean the press.
  12. My experience is opposite, the Hondo is more forgiving than EGW or Wilson. I use Zero 124s for CO/PCC, and found I needed to load them shorter, 1.100. Longer and they would pass the Hundo but fail EGW and Wilsons. Use a magic marker on your case and bullet ogive to see where the interference is. Also use an old bore brush to clean the holes.
  13. https://ammobot.us/ammobot-auto-drive-rev3-for-dillon-cp2000/ I believe they will also be coming out with one for the RL1000 soon.
  14. GregJ

    Accu Shadow 2 for CO?

    Beginning search for new primary CO gun. My CZC 75 Black with SP01 slide with CZC Muliti Optic cut, has been a workhorse. I would like either an S2 or Accu S2, with CZC's RDS cut and plate system. I am sure more lightening would be needed. I understand CZ is coming out with an optics ready S2, but who know when that will be avail. Maybe just stick with an S2? Thoughts/suggestions?
  15. I thought CZC was going an RDS slide cut now, that uses diff plates for the RDS, including a plate for rear sight. Kind of like Glock MOS.
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