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  1. Sorry, just saw this. My CED Millinium 2 unit would not give me consistent readings, constant errors, etc, so I really was not interested in comparing the velocities, I just wanted something that would work and be reliable. I will say the velocities from the G2 has been consistent with those from the few majors I've gone to since using it.
  2. Anyone use SW Ultimate Pistol powder in their MPX? I just had the port on my Gen II opened to .060 so need a little more gas than Clean Shot that I had been using. I understand it is slower than CS and faster than Major Pistol, and on par with Autocomp and CFE-Pistol. So far 4.5gr of UP with 124/125 gr is about 130-135 PF, and I get consistent last round bolt hold open. Seems like the MPX will run well with it.
  3. You do realize this post is 3 years old?
  4. Check out https://mojoprecision.net/ He just had a 55 gal of 40 on his FB page.
  5. Looks like a new powder. https://shootersworldpowder.com/d036-07/
  6. Anyone using SW Ultimate Pistol? Looking to try it specifically for my MPX as it needs a little more gas than Clean Shot. Supposed to be comparable to CFE Pistol.
  7. From my research here, a LOT of guys are running coated bullets in their MPX. Maybe they have just been lucky. Anyway, I will have some plated bullets and new powder to test. The new powder is not an open powder, just a little slower, comparable to N340. I can easily load some plated with my current load and see how/if it functions better.
  8. My pistol handloads have a PF of 143-145 in the MPX, yet they cases dropped 6-8 ft away at approx 2 o'clock. I am very anal about cleaning my guns. I really think the Clean Shot is not producing enough gas, but will test more soon and see. LOL, that was the bullet catcher, it's like a belt that takes all the projectiles away to a collection point. Gets a little noisy at times.
  9. @2011BLDR I think I have verified what is going on, the Clean Shot just does not generate enough gas, even though PF is about 143-145, which unto itself is very interesting. I tried the single round in mag test to see if it would lock the bolt open. My 3.7gr and 4.0gr of CS did not lock the mag back using a good 30 rnd mag. I then did the same with PMC, Winchester, and WWB, and all 3 locked the bolt back. I then ran about 40 rounds of PMC and Winchester with no issues. I ran about 15 rounds of my 4.0 CS thru, and it jammed on the 12th round, with the empty case sticking out of the chamber. Enough proof right here!!! Another interesting item, the ejected brass from my CS loads were about 6-8' away, where the factory ammo was 12-14' away!! Further proof the CS isnt producing enough gas. I have some Everglades 124 plated and Shooters World Auto Pistol (supposed to be close to N340) on the way. This combo should easily produce the gas needed. Thanks!!!!
  10. I hear ya, and I hope its as simple as this.
  11. I agree. However I just came back from the range, rounds with 3.7 gr Clean Shot with 125gr Blue, it was a single shot for the first 4-5 rounds, had to rack bolt to chamber next round. 4.0 gr CS same bullet had usual FTExtract jams. The piston exp chamber is absolutely clean. Now it seems like maybe the gas port is partially clogged?!?!? I have some factory ammo I plan to see how it runs with (Winchester, WWB, and PMC) that I've had stashed away. If it runs ok with these, then it's time to work up a new load. Maybe CS is just too fast a powder? The last hand loads I recall that I ran consistently in it were 124gr Zeros with W231. Oh, and I have a new MPX PCC on the way from Sig, but I need to get this one squared away. TIA
  12. Pic of the crap scraped out.
  13. Yes. I soak the plug and tappet in kerosene for several days, then run them in an u/s cleaner for an hour or two. After taking out of the u/s I make sure rings turn freely, and the chamber in the plug is clear. EDIT: @2011BLDR I think you are probably spot on. I thought I had been cleaning the expansion chamber out enough, but apparently I have not been paying close enough attention to it. Below are a couple of pics of cleaning a plug out, that I believe had been giving me the most issues. When I started, the pick went halfway down the chamber. Adding gas (higher powder charge) to this shortened chamber, would have exacerbated the problem. Correct? Thanks very much!
  14. Why I went back to stock extractor & spring. Will see if that helps. Ejector is tight. They are supposed to be better. There are a couple of good guys involved that are trying to do good. Will see at the next one.
  15. Need some help from the collective. MPX Gen II, upgraded BCG (with fp spring) from Sig (couple of years ago). I've owned this for a few years and have played with it off and on, but decided this season to go full PCC. Just lately it has really gone down hill, and I cannot pin point reason. Current load is 4.0gr Clean Shot with 125gr RN Blue Bullet at 1.100, PF 143-145. Last two matches were DNFs because it FTExtract so bad, there was no point in going on. Each time, it would happen 3 or more times per stage. Each time, I would take same loaded mags, go out back of the house when I got home, and dump the mags with no problems!! When the FTEject happens, the fired case is still in backwards with the next round or two jammed up under it. I can go to the range and blow through 2-300 rounds with no issues. Go to a match, and it chokes on me. No change in my grip, how it's mounted, mags used, etc. Pertinent info: - Mags are GenII as is the MPX. 1x20, 1x30, 1x34, 2x30s with Springer +10 extensions. Springs appear in good shape. All mags have been used numerous times during life fire practice with no issues. - Local match last night it puked on stock 30rnd mag. - I had been running 3.7 gr CS, it was suggested that maybe not enough gas was being generated, so upped to 4.0 at 143-145 PF. 3.7gr CS was 139-140 PF - I have 3 sets of "open" gas plugs and tappets from ILWT, that I rotate when cleaned. - Gas port is still stock. - Piston/tappet is NOT oiled, installed dry. - Deep clean (swap plug/tappet) every 750 rounds or so. - Each deep clean I take a wire and ensue the gas port is clear, and take an old barrel brush to clean out where the piston goes. - Been running with the SSI billet extractor and extra power spring. It was suggested the e/p springs are intended when running suppressed. Swapped back to the stock extractor/spring last night, will see how it runs this weekend. - Match a couple of weekends ago, it DNF on me, I may have had the rotating pin 180 out, causing the pin to hit on the ejector. When I got home from match, pulled it apart to see if anything was wrong (saw marks on round end of pin making me think it may have been 180 out), put it back together, and ran 50 rounds through it with no issues. Yes, I know the dots need to line up. - Ejector is not loose, and does not appear to be damaged. - Recoil springs were replaced with stock weight probably about 2K rounds ago. - It is possible the Clean Shot is too fast, but it is supposed to be very close to W231 and Sport Pistol, both of which I have used in the past with no issues. I may pick up some OEM 9mm ammo as a test for this weekend's match. Will update after more testing. TIA Choking session last night.
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