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  1. I used to use lizard bedding, then started ordering media from Home Depot. Seems to work better. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Agra-Grit-Walnut-Shell-Sandblasting-Medium-Grit-25-lb-per-Box-BGM25/204068198
  2. After smearing a couple of primers, not keeping the primer area clean of the priming compound. Which is why I keep canned air on the bench, blow everything clean after each 1K rounds.
  3. GregJ

    Texas star

    Another vote for Red Stitch.
  4. GregJ

    Winchester primers.......

    Been using Win SPP for many years. Never culled one due to color, never had a primer related misfire (that I recall). Dont sweat it. Load em & shoot em.
  5. GregJ


    Just put a Magpul K2+ on my MPX. Feels great so far.
  6. GregJ

    CZC Mec-gar Magazine Basepads or Others

    The MG mags with MG base pads from CZC, and the follower/spring, were the only combo I found that gave me 23+1 that I could reliable reload. And would still fit in mag gauge. Mag Base Pad Follower/Spring Rnds Mec-Gar 17 MG CZC 10522 23+1
  7. This is my go-to. Plus he is a supporter/sponsor of several matches. http://www.immortobot.com/
  8. http://www.immortobot.com/ Mark was one of the sponsors of the DelMarVa Sectional match. DM me if you have any questions. I can process brass over 3K CPH, load 2800 CPH easy. Awesome setup. Primer Pocket Probe
  9. This. Yet another reason why I have started processing all my brass prior to loading (9mm and 45ACP). Having a 1050 with an Ammo Bot and Primer Pocket probe helps.
  10. GregJ

    Delta point pro issues

    I must have jinxed myself. Shot a local indoor match tonight, and my DPP kept shutting off halfway through each stage!! Arrrgh Looking inside, the silver center contact shifted. On its way back for the 2nd time.
  11. GregJ

    Delta point pro issues

    Actually my Phantom has a FF3 on it. I decided to leave it as is and get a Venom for a backup optic. I used it for about a month till I got my DPPs back. The Venom is ok, but its not a DPP. As much as we shoot these guns, things are going to eventually break or fail. Optics incl.
  12. GregJ

    Looking to upgrade a CZ to CO??

    This. I have a CZC Shadow Black, with an SP01 milled slide. Easily makes weight.
  13. GregJ

    DPP still having problems?

    My primary DPP starting shutting down within minutes of putting in a new batt, after about a year of constant use, probably 10K rounds. I picked up a blem from Natchez and within a week it was doing the same thing. Sent both in to Leupold, got them back in about a week, replaced the circuit board. Both are still working fine. This is one reason why to have a backup gun. Things break.
  14. GregJ

    Powder spillage

    Another vote. I use them not for stopping spillage, but to reduce wobbling that induces bullet tipping over. Works better than zip ties. The owner is very responsive to emails too.