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  1. I just got some +5 TTI for my 17 stock mags. I really like how easy it is to take apart to clean. 2 ranges that host local matches have sand bays so I always end up cleaning whatever mag I drop. I got some Springer for my TSO, they’re built well but a pain to take apart to clean and very easy to strip a screw. oh and the TTI comes with +10% spring which is nice
  2. Eli_a

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    When you get that milled, you mind posting a pic or two? I’d love to see how that turns out
  3. Eli_a

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    Thank you very much for this info. This is extremely helpful. I had no idea that CGW did their cut that different. My plan was to put a rmr but I also would like backup irons. A Glock backup iron wouldn’t be that bad tho. i wonder if CZ will ever offer optics ready SP-01 / P01
  4. Eli_a

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    That does not look too high at all. This should be the same height as on the p01, right ?
  5. Eli_a

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    Are you thinking about using the 507K? Their miniature one I guess
  6. Eli_a

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    I’ve heard great things about them too. What Czs and red dots did you use ?
  7. Eli_a

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    That’s what I’m worried about, with not enough “room” to cut, it might sit too high for concealed carry. For the SP it might not be too bad since it’s not really a CC gun
  8. Eli_a

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    Has anyone gotten their Cz 75 P01 cut for an optic from Cajun Gun works ? Been thinking of getting one but would like to get an rmr put on it. Pics on google make it seem that it sits too high
  9. I put talon grips on mine, that’s about it. In GA summer I feel like they really help. Recently some members recommended the sig armorer trigger job, might be looming at doing that
  10. It’s only rated for 9mm & 300blk. I’ve read a few places of guys shooting 556 out of it but I believe it’s not recommended due to pressure differences
  11. I have an omega 9K that lives on my CZ scorpion attached with a three lug mount. For the size it’s very hard to beat. I shoot 147s subsonic out of it. Even 124/135s shooting outside are ok without ear protection. I haven’t used it on a 300blk but I don’t it will be as quiet as a dedicated 30 cal suppressor.
  12. Oh, I got excited for a little bit haha I really hope they add some more guns to the Gen 5 line
  13. Doesn’t the Glock 19X have those installed from the factory ?
  14. Eli_a

    Preferred grip tape

    I like Talon for how inexpensive they are and how good they’re cut. 20$ for 4-5 months is nothing in this sport. I just put some on my X5
  15. Not many comp guys want to go to slide lock lol
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