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  1. Gotcha, no worries. With SIG a new optic/slide/frame could be released every other week lol
  2. Shot show wouldn’t be till 2021 right ? I hope sooner than that. I won’t be surprised if they release a full max legion next year too
  3. I’ve heard good things about the max optic. Maybe when they release the max slide I might give it a shot.
  4. I have one legion with about 3K rounds and i wish I can complain about anything other than the optics breaking. Delta point took about 5 weeks to get replaced and one 507c took 10 days. I hope an optic comes out soon that’d extremely durable
  5. I’m half way through the book. This is my second year shooting USPSA. 1) I wish it came out when I first started USPSA 2) I’m glad I got it so early in my shooting adventure.
  6. I bought a PSA complete lower with magpul grip/stock and complete upper for 520$. I already had 6 Glock 17 mags. 250$ for a cmore red dot. I use it in RFRO and it’s pretty decent. Not as nice shooting as JP, Leadstar, MPX, but it’s all stock and it runs
  7. I might have to get rid of my 320 legion and get the shadow 2 OR. Even though I swore off Carry optics after breaking so many optics lol
  8. Eli_a

    shadow 2 optic change

    Delta point pro and Romeo 1 pro have the same footprint. The legion 320 slide takes both of them directly.
  9. How do you like that IPSC Alex thumbrest ? The stock one is a little too small for my thumb but I’ve been just using it with it
  10. Great gun. The only thing I replaced was the grips. I got some lok grip palm swell bogies, made the gun even better for me. That’s the first and only mod I’m doing
  11. Eli_a

    TSO Magazines

    I run Cz custom base pads and springs. Grams springs and followers and are also pretty good. I am not a fan of Springer. If you gotta take them apart during a match to clean them, that little screw is a pain. i have had 0 problems with Cz custom products
  12. I got mine about 3 months ago, I was gonna be pretty mad if they discontinued them lol I’ve had nothing but excellent customer service from CZ. I messed up a p10F, completely my fault and I even told them I did, they still replaced it at no cost.
  13. I emailed CZ today asking if the TSO 40 will be discontinued. They replied and said the TSO is not being discontinued and is still in production.
  14. Eli_a

    Cz checkmate?

    Nice, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. I like to do falling steel or steel challenge and cheap 9mm is easy to find these days. Can you tell a difference comp performance with 9mm minor and major ?
  15. Eli_a

    Cz checkmate?

    Have you shot any factory 9mm minor ammo through it with the comp?
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