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  1. I highly recommend buying the short trim tool head so you’ll have more adjustability.The trim toolhead is half the thickness of the regular tool head where you install the trimmer at. https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl-650-short-trim-die-toolhead_8_8_26197.html
  2. Mark, here my processing setup for .223/5.56 (tool head on the right): station 1 - case feed station 2 - FW Arms popper decapper station 3 - FW arms auto centering Swage foot die station 4 - empty station 5 - empty station 6 - Bosch honey Badger trimmer setup with Dillon .223 carbide trim die station 7 - empty station 8 - Lyman .223 M die
  3. I recommend the endoscope. I actually have two of them. One is used for monitoring powder in the cases while the other camera is mounted underneath so I can see that each case has a primer in it. I had problems of cases not having primers and making a mess once I get in the hang of just pulling the handle. There’s no way to feel a primer is getting installed on a case like the resistance felt on the 559/650/750 since the 1050/1100 primes on the downstroke. My wife actually asked me how come I don’t automate and I told her I like pulling the handle better. At least it gives me something to do and I get my biceps and triceps worked out too . I process a lot of .223 (at least 5k in each session) and I just enjoy pulling the handle. I also tear it apart for cleaning after each processing or loading session.
  4. What sizing die are you using? Have you tried adjusting the sizing die until it touches the shell plate? I process various head stamp .223 cases on my 1100 and everything passes the case gauges I use (Dillon and Lyman) without any problems.
  5. You’re welcome. Glad to be able to help out.
  6. Yes, they are the same. I have a TSO and Czechmate and I interchange parts such as slide stop, slide stop pins, safety etc between them.
  7. I have used that Redding sizing die and it sizes like the Lee U-die. In fact, I have it setup in tandem with my Lee U-die since it was just an extra and it was already on there prior to buying a Lee u-die thinking it make a huge difference but it didn’t. Lee Udie without the decapping pin and Redding carbide sizing die on my 9mm processing tool head on the left.
  8. Yes. With this powder measure setup on my 1100 or 550, the fail safe rod is removed or disconnected because there’s no need for it. The springs do the job of the fail safe rod by making sure the bar always returns to it original position.
  9. Here’s my old powder measure with the return springs. I’m using this setup to load major ammo on my 1100.
  10. The Redding sizing die is the closest you can get in comparison to the Lee U-die. I have both of the in 9mm and can hardly tell the difference after they size the case. I also don’t get any bulletin setback using either one of them.
  11. The barrel is not hardened at all. I had my barrels reamed without any problems. I also chased the threads on both the barrel and comp but be careful. Do it in small increments and test fit often. Before you do any thread chasing, double check to make sure the reverse plug is installed properly and there are not dirt or debris inside. By the way, have you tried threading the comp into the barrel all the way while they’re out of the slide to check if there are enough threads on both?
  12. If you have the 1050/1100 or another brand of progressive press with swaging capability, it’s a non-issue re easier seating of primers. The Swage station (as long as it’s setup properly) will swage the primer pocket making it easier to properly seat the primers. The swage bar tip radius’s the primer pocket to guide the primer into the pocket and making it easier for seating. Edit- it makes sense on a 650/750 because it doesn’t have a swaging capability.
  13. This. I was breaking the ring indexer left and right processing a bunch load of .223 brass. And this was just doing it manually. I could only imagine if my 650 (sold it after getting the 1100) was automated.
  14. Cuz, both dies size almost the same and since I had the Redding at the last station originally to make sure all the primers were removed, I was just too lazy to swap them so I installed the Udie on the 7th station. .001” difference is not noticeable at all. Other than that, no particular reason at all.
  15. You email LOK grips and let them know you want the same thickness of the TSO grips. He can do custom thickness on any style you want.
  16. No, not at all. I have ordered some parts from the IPSC store and Seboweapons without any problems. It took almost three weeks due to Customs and COVID-19.
  17. Just order the mag release from the IPSC store unless you want to grind, drill and tap the stock one like I did on mine a couple of years ago before these became available. Mag release
  18. Every time I remove the primer slide assembly for cleaning, I don’t touch, move or remove it by loosening the nut. Instead, I use an Allen wrench and loosen the set screw instead. Doing it this way keeps the adjustment the same when it’s time to put it back on. I also inscribed a mark on the shell plates and it corresponds to the detention ball spring so it also goes back the same relative position. So far it has been working very well for me. I clean the whole machine after processing either 9mm or .223 brass (roughly every 5k cases).
  19. I put this strap on my feet prior to sleeping to help stretch my plantar. So far it has been good. Copper Compression Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Sock
  20. 4.0 Sport pistol with Precision Delta 124 Gr JHP for 138-142 PF on my MPX.
  21. Oh trust me, I don’t need it. My press is setup correctly, cleaned and serviced on a regular basis. It’s for this reason I don’t also need the threaded shell plate for the primer station.
  22. Definitely go for it if money is not an issue. It’s nice to have a spare.
  23. Just get the Lyman unless you have the patience to wait for months.
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