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  1. +1 on what Inertia stated. I am still running a gen II and have no real complaints other than the stock trigger which I changed to a Hiperfire. If I ever get truly serious about it I will also replace the hand guard with a smaller lighter one. I have the early mag-pouches made by blade tech for sig with tech-locks which so far have worked well.
  2. Assaulter, do you have any time behind the original 1301 comp and do you think there is that much difference between it and the new comp pro? Thank You, Jeff
  3. When you look into the ejection port on the lower edge you see a little hole in the side wall of the receiver. Within that hole is the interceptor latch pin or as Winchester calls it "carrier latch pin" There is also a little Hair Pin "carrier pin retainer" that keeps it in place. This is the pin that the carrier latch/interceptor latch/shell stop pivots on. If you go to Brownells.com and look up the Winchester SX 2 shotgun (basically a FN SLP) and select the schematic view you can see and exploded view of all the parts and then select the SKU tab to get a little more information, SKU #, cost, etc on the specific part. Like I previously mentioned above this may not be your issue but I had similar symptoms when this pin broke in my SLP. Hope this helps, Jeff
  4. If you have not already checked, see if your interceptor latch pivot pin is broken. I had this happen a couple of times when I still ran a SLP. When my pin broke it would still allow the interceptor latch to look like it was working until it had the pressure of a round against it. The broken pivot pin would allow the interceptor latch to move just enough out of alignment that it would not operate with pressure against it. Both halves of the broken pin in place still kept the interceptor latch basically in place. Hope this helps. Jeff
  5. When you say "Long Range Matches" are you talking about Precision Rifle Series, NRA High Power or something else? Google, Precision Rifle Series and select bolt gun or gas gun and you will see a selection for the rules. If it is NRA High Power, Google NRA High Power Rules. Hope this helps. Jeff
  6. gerritm, if your running adjustable gas and have it turned down to minimum it can also cause this but if it is running fine with a heavier buffer and spring and you did not increase the gas then it sounds like you found the problem. The top round in the mag can rub on the bottom of the bcg and slow it down a little and it gets worse when you monopod. I use heavy monopoding as the acid test for my adjustable gas level. Jeff
  7. So I ran an SLP for a number of years (basically wore it out). The SLP is a very well built and rugged duty type shotgun. Then I had the opportunity to try a demo 1301 at nationals and fell in love. The 1301 just seems to fit me very well but it is also lighter and quicker handling than the SLP, IMO. I have never shot any other shotgun as well as I can shoot the 1301. Try and find someone with a SLP/SX2 you can try and the same for the 1301 and go with the one that suites you the best . Best of Luck, Jeff
  8. I have not heard of anyone else running a DIY JP trigger (not the EZ) in their MPX with the MPX hammer but I have been with out any issues other than when I first installed it I used KNS anti-walk pins and the hollow trigger pin bowed in about 1K rounds. I replaced that with JP anti-walk pins which are not hollow and it has been running great for about 3K rounds so far... It seems like I end up with a JP trigger in everything. Jeff
  9. Burt, Hello, usually you can run a hotter load in a bolt gun of the same caliber than you can a gas gun. If your bolt gun load is pretty hot and you try it in a gas gun you may start blowing primers in the gas gun unless you have some way of delaying the bolt opening in the gas gun until the pressure drops some, (pigtail gas tube, reducing the gas with a variable block, etc.). I ran into this with some factory 6.5 CM ammo that worked fine in a bolt gun but same lot occasionally popped primers in a gas gun and had ejector swipes etc. Same with hand-loads you can usually run hotter in a bolt gun than a gas gun. Hope this helps. Jeff
  10. At this range are we allowed to drive our vehicle to the stages or do we have to park in a parking lot and carry gear to the stages? Thank You, Jeff
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