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  1. Sorry couldn’t make that one. Hopefully another one down the road
  2. Boot

    Open vs CO

    Figured that would get some good responses going
  3. Springfield EMP is not the one to pick for upmost reliability.
  4. Mine has been running well. Good gun that you don’t see too often in the wild
  5. Thanks for the heads up
  6. Now that is dedication
  7. Was that the second gen or PCC?
  8. Any word when the complete gun will be sold state side?
  9. Would y’all recommend the Banshee/resolute/guard upper as part of a build or the complete rifle? Looking for combination competition and home defense/range fun.
  10. Thank you for the comments/suggestions.
  11. When inserting a new mag from slide lock, occasionally my slide will fall. While not a problem in competition, does worry me little during practice or range fun. Do see some slight wear below feed ramp as well. Any advice appreciated.
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