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  1. I found out that mine functions perfectly with two.
  2. The screw isn’t present on the UBR 2.0.
  3. Has anyone tried to install a Magpul UBR 2.0 stock on a MPX with a KAK adapter? If so, how did you prevent it from spinning on the buffer tube? It comes with a piece that would prevent it from spinning on an AR type rifle, but here is no where to mate on a KAK adapter.
  4. Aric

    Bolt- MPX

    Is it possible to buy a gen 1 bolt from SIG?
  5. Aric

    3N38 vs WAC for open

    A 9mm case full of 3n38 has a nice recoil in my gun. A zip tie in my 1050 stopped powder spillage.
  6. I have this same failure. However, my rate is lower than yours. When everything is clean, it seems to happen less often. Debris from de-priming finds its way into the priming arm and the primers don’t sit flat any more. I am fairly sure this is the culprit as my 1050 is 99.99% on priming.
  7. Aric

    Sti mag stick in SV grip

    That is a 140 mag.
  8. Aric

    Sti mag stick in SV grip

    I have two that don't fit and they barely go into the grip before I hit resistance.
  9. Aric

    Sti mag stick in SV grip

    I have two STI magazines that do not fit into one of my SV steel grips. They work in my other SV steel grips. I think it weird that they fit in three other steel SV grips, but not the fourth.
  10. Aric

    Uspsa load...sort by headstamp?

    I couldn't notice a difference between sorted and un-sorted in 40 major or 9 minor. However, I could feel a difference with sorted brass in 9 major. If you can't feel a difference and they all make power factor, it isn't worth sorting.
  11. Aric

    Sti mag stick in SV grip

    Has anyone been able to fix STI mags that stick in steel grips? If so, what did you do?
  12. Aric


    I have more 170's than 140's. My logic is: I drop 170's and they are more likely to get damaged or dirty. My 140's almost never touch the ground.
  13. Aric

    Excessive "extreme spread"

    When I am done loading, I stop leaving brass in each station. That way when I start loading again I don't have shorter arounds until all the stations are loaded.
  14. Aric

    Excessive "extreme spread"

    How consistent is your oal? Are you using the same head stamp? I was loading my 40 at 1.20. However I was getting a large velocity spread. I changed my oal to 1.185 and my velocity spread came down to 10fps+\-. I chambered Several rounds and then measured their oal. The oal's were all shorter after clambering. I think at that length, there wasn't enough purchase on the projectile.