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  1. biggulp

    Have you seen the MEAN Arms Endomag yet?

    I'm going to pick up a couple of these.. I have a registered receiver that I've been wanting to run in 9mm but didn't want to mess with installing my conversion block.
  2. biggulp

    Eat your Wheaties!

    Last stage of the 2018 NRA WSC for my squad was the DMR stage. We had all shot well, and everything was going smoothly until: I saw the business end of a JP LRP-07 headed my way! Watching the shooter ahead of me transitioning between the 2nd and 3rd barricades, I saw it happening and moved back before the RO ever had a chance to act. During his first transition, he let the muzzle drop a bit far, then on the 2nd transition, it swung clear down between his legs. RO called for the stop and announced the DQ. Shooter handled it well, but he was very unhappy with himself. That was a fairly heavy rifle, and for some reason, he chose to try to move while holding it up by the pistol grip.. Of course gravity took over and his day was finished. Felt a little bad for the guy as he was literally 4 rounds short of finishing the 3 day, 12 stage match and had been very safe all match long. Moral of the story: If you're going to carry a ~10 lb rifle by the pistol grip while also carrying sand bags, make sure you eat your Wheaties.
  3. biggulp

    45acp in PCC

    I was going to joke about buying a gun because you have a set of dies for a certain caliber, then I remember I've bought guns because I found half a box of ammo in a caliber I didn't own If you are actually looking for a PCC in .45, go get a Kriss Vector (preferably an SBR). The G21 mags + extension are supposed to be 25 rounds, but most of mine hold 26 or 27. A little thump, but accurate and oddly well balanced.
  4. I run PCCO and something else. This past season, that "something else" was RFPO, Open, and Limited. This coming year, I'll run PCCO and RFRO exclusively.
  5. biggulp

    MGW Sight Tool

    I know the full size does 1911 slides, but I did have to modify mine to handle the Sig 226 X-6 slides. From the looks of it, there's probably enough meat that you could trim a bit if needed and still have a solid tool.
  6. biggulp

    MGW Sight Tool

    I have the MGW "universal" and just about every block made for it. That 5 lb chunk of metal has saved me more time and money than I can count. I also have a couple of eBay specials and similar that have cost me time and money. That Wheeler tool looks pretty stout. If you really want to test it, grab a Kimber Ultra CDP. If it can break those sights loose, you've got a winner!
  7. biggulp

    CZ slide lock not working

    I spend a lot of time tuning/building CZ pistols. Most of the time when I have a customer complain about the slide not locking back, it's the thumb on the lever. Next time you hit the range, set your phone up and record as you draw/fire.. If the slide doesn't lock back, you'll probably see your thumb on the lever
  8. biggulp

    Rifle Build Help

    First guess would be gas block alignment. As HRider mentioned, on most barrels, the gas port is drilled to account for a handguard retainer. If your gas block is sitting against the shoulder, it's about ~.030 to far back. If you don't have calipers to measure, a gas block dimpling tool, or gas block alignment pins, then pull a credit card out of your wallet and use that as a spacer.. It'll get you close enough for Government work.
  9. When it comes to 2011s and open division in general, I never really "got it" til I tried it. You spend $3,500+ on a gun and $75+ per mag knowing that none it is really designed to work out of the box. Then you tweak and tune and fix until you get it *just* right with that one particular hand load. Then after a couple thousand rounds, you have to respring a mag or replace a recoil spring and hope that the entire system isn't jacked. Sounds crazy, right? Well, then you go out and point and click your way through stage after stage, shooting well above your ability, then it's totally worth it!
  10. biggulp

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    I use a Ziplock bag. Doesn't take up any room when it's empty, and it's easy to move around in the range bag. Also nice to see how low I'm getting on ammo (be nicer if I didn't miss so much, though)
  11. biggulp

    STI "minor tuning package"

    Just curious if anyone knows what's involved/included in the STI "minor tuning package"? I've seen it mentioned a few times, but no details other than "for $285+ shipping, we'll swap recoil springs and some other stuff to make the DVC Open run minor ammo". Wondering what they do for the money to increase reliability with minor ammo.
  12. biggulp

    Sig 320 x5 question

    I tried 11-14 lb ISMI springs with 124 grain MagTech and 147 grain Speer Lawman. After testing 300 rounds of the MagTech and 100 rounds of the Speer, I found that the factory recoil assembly actually got me back on target fastest. It should be noted that my testing was with open sights. Using a red dot and depending on your particular ammo, you may find that a lighter spring works better for you.
  13. Solid plan! A lot of guys who are much better than me and who have their choice of equipment choose to run the ULW upper. As far as the lower, while the PSA lower isn't top notch in fit/finish, it's really hard to beat the price for a complete lower. One word of caution, I've heard of a lot of folks having ejection issues with the PSA lowers. Most of the time, the issues are corrected by adding a slight bend to the ejector.
  14. biggulp

    MBX magazines

    I just picked up 2 almost new MBX 140/9 mags that were sold as very lightly used and appeared as such. Was excited to get mags that I knew would work for my DVC Open without a ton of tinkering. Well, that excitement was short lived.. One of them needed a minor feed lip tweak (no biggie), but the other is useless. Haven't put much effort into it, but either the tube is out of spec or (more likely) the mag catch is cut wrong. It doesn't feed and it doesn't drop (has to be physically pulled out). Going to call MBX and see if they want to take care of it, but I'm not impressed at all. If they were $5 more than factory STI mags, they might be ok.
  15. biggulp

    NRA Headquarters Matches

    https://nrahqrange.nra.org/event-calendar/ eta: a lot of the matches fill up very quickly.