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  1. biggulp

    Which Romeo1 for X5?

    Just mounted a 6MOA Romeo1 last night. It's **B-R-I-G-H-T** In case anyone was curious, the SOR11600 also comes with the correct mounting screws.
  2. biggulp

    How was your 320x5 trigger?

    My first 320x5 had a 6 lb trigger out of the box and I installed a Gray Guns kit in short order. Just picked up a second 320x5 to play in carry optics and was borderline shocked to find a 3 lb trigger right out of the box.
  3. biggulp

    300 caliber suppressor

    Compared to the Ultra-7? There aren't many that are lighter, but I'd give up the ~3 oz of weight for a ~5 DB noise reduction for a "range use" can.
  4. biggulp

    300 caliber suppressor

    SilencerCo Omega is the answer to your question. Light, strong, quiet, and priced right. I own 2 of them, one set up for direct thread, one set up for QD. My QD Omega has been run full auto repeatedly on a couple of hosts and it's taken a lot of abuse on SBR uppers. My DT Omega w/brake end cap makes my 6.5 rifle feel like a .223 and it has zero POI change when installed. Thunder Beast cans: Spectacular for precision rifles because of the minimal poi change when shooting suppressed or un-suppressed. If you aren't buying a can to dedicate to a precision rifle though, you sacrifice a lot going with Thunder Beast. They're not the most quiet, not the lightest, and definitely not the least expensive. Surefire cans: Great if you hate money and don't care about performance. Q cans: Not a pile of real world reviews compared to others. Company owner is a great engineer, but that's about it. Dead Air: A good alternative to the Omega. If I didnt own a pile of SilencerCo cans already, I might have gone that route.
  5. biggulp

    Cold weather clothing

    Top: A long sleeve compression shirt, a tight fitting zip up hoodie, and gloves that I can put hand warmers in. If wind is bad or it's below 40, I wear a jacket as well. Bottom: Long johns, wool socks, and Tru-Spec or 5.11 pants. For the compression shirts: Grab on of the "Tesla" branded ones from Amazon. They run about $10, fit well, and don't fall apart. Just get 1 size larger than you normally wear.
  6. biggulp

    Best PCC trigger?

    I run Magtech 124 ammo in the pcc, it's not excessively dirty, but it isn't clean either. Biggest issue was that the crud liked to build up under the trigger frame, so without tearing the trigger apart after every match, I couldn't get it all out. Worked out well though, the Hiperfire now lives in my 3gun rifle and seems quite happy there
  7. biggulp

    Best PCC trigger?

    I'm on the lookout again.. Hiperfire 24c: Susceptible to gunking up. Just about every match, I'd end up with hammer down on a live round towards the end of the match. Basically, after the 24c got gunked up a bit, it got easier to beat the reset. Also, not real friendly on firing pins. Timney 667: Not susceptible to gunking up like the 24c was, and after ~1,000 rounds, I don't see any sign of odd wear on the replacement firing pin. Unfortunately, it started doubling on me so it has to go.
  8. biggulp

    STI Base Pads

    I went with the Dawson base pads and have not been disappointed. Easy on/easy off, and enough weight to speed up the mag drop.
  9. Slight change of plans... I just fell into another stupid deal a few minutes ago and the Marauder is being replaced with a DVC Limited.
  10. There is as much or more prep work involved with cerakote, the parts have to be handled a bit more, and I'm guessing the material cost for cerakote may be a little higher.
  11. $370 total for a 100% brushed finish on a Marauder: $265 for the finish. $65 for disassembly/reassembly. $40 to remove the cerakote as it has to be bead blasted
  12. Welp.. I'm sold. Brushed it is! It will be matched with an Extreme Shooters DVC grip once I settle on a color combo. Once the order is submitted and the Marauder is on it's way I'll start a thread to document the process. Btw, feel free to keep the pics coming.. They're looking fantastic!
  13. Beautiful! Got ahold of Bob at APW to discuss options. Very nice guy and very reasonable pricing. Leaning towards 100% brushed finish.
  14. Would you happen to have pics handy?
  15. Got a very good deal on a Marauder with a lot of holster wear. Since there isn't much in the way of matches in this area until ~March, I want to get the gun re-finished. I like the look of hard chrome and it's durable, so I'd like to go that route. Search didn't show many recent reviews of APW's work. Are they still good to go for hard chrome? Thanks!