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  1. See if you can find someone local with a sight pusher. Removing sights isn't rocket science, but I've seen to many "slips" that resulted in nasty marring.
  2. I'm a big fan of the CompTac PLM pouches.. They're well built and did a great job holding fully loaded Colt pattern mags horizontal on the belt while my uncoordinated ass plodded along.
  3. I have that buffer with a carbine buffer tube and ~2,500 rounds through my build with no buffer related issues. ETA: Check the QA section of the Brownell's listing.. It's designed for a carbine tube. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/recoil-parts/recoil-buffers/ar-15-fm-9-heavy-buffer-sku100024850-105914-203715.aspx?rrec=true
  4. I.D. is 1.95 x 1.4 O.D. is 2.2 x 1.6 (not including the height of the short section of rail at the muzzle end) ETA: that o.d. was from the bottom of the muzzle end which has a short protrusion. O.D. not including the section of rail or the protrusion is right at 2 inches
  5. Measuring from the lower half of the muzzle end: To the far end of the hand guard is 15.75 inches To the point where the top of the receiver ends is 12.125 inches I don't have a scale, but in a other thread I saw the weight listed as 11.2 ounces
  6. Made it to the range on Saturday afternoon and ran 250 rounds though the MPX and I'm pretty well thrilled with the way it handles. Double taps were unfairly easy, and a 30 round mag dump as fast as I could pull the trigger resulted in a ~2 inch hole in the target at 20 yards. Of the 250 rounds, 200 were S&B 115 grain stuff and the rest were Magtech 124. In my AR9, the 115 grain stuff caused significantly more dot bounce, but with the MPX even when I mixed them up randomly in the mag, I couldn't tell a difference. Next stop is ILWT to pick up some spare parts. Is there any reason not to go with their spare parts kit vs. buying individual bits?
  7. Quite a bit, actually. For ~$1,600 street price, you get a 4.5 lb Timney trigger with no creep, a handguard that weighs 11 oz and is comfortable, and a useful stock. It's something you can buy, clean, throw a red dot on, and go shoot a full season of matches with. Or, you can buy a gen 2 for ~$1,400 street price, get a trigger that most feel has to be replaced, a handguard that isn't exactly suited for competition, and a stock that definitely isn't built for comfort. Most definitely not something you will want to throw a red dot on and shoot a full season of matches with. On the barrel thing: If you want to play with brakes/suppressor mounts, it's fantastic and that wasn't something you could do with the pinned/welded barrel. If you absolutely HATE the extra length, you can select the exact brake you want and have the barrel cut and the brake pinned/welded.
  8. Thanks for all of the information! Got my hands on the MPX last night and it's pretty darn nice out of the box. Hitting the range this weekend, but here's my observations/opinions so far: - Feels a little front heavy compared to my AR9, but I expected as much as that's a 5.25 lb build with a ~19 oz barrel. - Trigger is exactly 4.5 lbs over a 10 pull average and no creep - Stock is surprisingly comfortable but I'll withhold judgment until I've put a few hundred rounds through it - RTS2 was to low, C-More on AD-QD mount was to high, and C-More on the factory base is perfect - Love the ease of disassembly Ordered an Odin mag release and some TTI +11s. A magwell is on the list, but I want to practice reloads for a bit to figure out if the Springer will work or if I have to go with a full sized. On a side note, Sig must have run out of oil the day they built mine, it was pretty much bone dry. A good cleaning and lube and she's ready to go!
  9. Last season, I ran a QC10 Colt pattern build (QC10 upper/lower, KVP barrel/bolt) and after switching from Hiperfire to a Timney drop in, it became boringly reliable. I'd clean it, run a practice session (~200 rounds), then a match (~250 rounds), then repeat. Over the entire season, I never had a failure that wasn't related to the Hiperfire. As much as I loved it, I wanted something a little softer shooting and didn't want to fight with tuning which always seems to introduce function issues. For some reason, the new MPX PCC has really grabbed my attention. With matches starting in about a month, I decided to go ahead and grab one so I could get some range time with it. From you guys who have run the MPX platform in matches, is there anything I should know or look out for? I've got the MPX and 4 extra mags coming. It will wear either a click switch C-more (currently on the QC10) or an RTS2 (spare). Any other gadgets/gizmos I should grab? Thanks!
  10. Did they do a market survey, see that everyone else is (finally) getting away from finger grooves, and decide to be different?
  11. Just mounted a 6MOA Romeo1 last night. It's **B-R-I-G-H-T** In case anyone was curious, the SOR11600 also comes with the correct mounting screws.
  12. My first 320x5 had a 6 lb trigger out of the box and I installed a Gray Guns kit in short order. Just picked up a second 320x5 to play in carry optics and was borderline shocked to find a 3 lb trigger right out of the box.
  13. Compared to the Ultra-7? There aren't many that are lighter, but I'd give up the ~3 oz of weight for a ~5 DB noise reduction for a "range use" can.
  14. SilencerCo Omega is the answer to your question. Light, strong, quiet, and priced right. I own 2 of them, one set up for direct thread, one set up for QD. My QD Omega has been run full auto repeatedly on a couple of hosts and it's taken a lot of abuse on SBR uppers. My DT Omega w/brake end cap makes my 6.5 rifle feel like a .223 and it has zero POI change when installed. Thunder Beast cans: Spectacular for precision rifles because of the minimal poi change when shooting suppressed or un-suppressed. If you aren't buying a can to dedicate to a precision rifle though, you sacrifice a lot going with Thunder Beast. They're not the most quiet, not the lightest, and definitely not the least expensive. Surefire cans: Great if you hate money and don't care about performance. Q cans: Not a pile of real world reviews compared to others. Company owner is a great engineer, but that's about it. Dead Air: A good alternative to the Omega. If I didnt own a pile of SilencerCo cans already, I might have gone that route.
  15. Top: A long sleeve compression shirt, a tight fitting zip up hoodie, and gloves that I can put hand warmers in. If wind is bad or it's below 40, I wear a jacket as well. Bottom: Long johns, wool socks, and Tru-Spec or 5.11 pants. For the compression shirts: Grab on of the "Tesla" branded ones from Amazon. They run about $10, fit well, and don't fall apart. Just get 1 size larger than you normally wear.
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