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  1. I run a TTI +11 and 1 spare 30 rounder modded to 34 but I'm not even sure I know how to reload that thing on the clock I do keep an extra mag pouch in the range bag in case there's a multiple reload qualifier.
  2. If it's going to be a match gun then an aluminum bodied C-More is pretty much impossible to beat. Click switch for positive on/off/brightness adjustment, any dot size you want, huge viewing window, and good battery life. When you're rounding up the spare mags, be sure to grab a couple of TTI +11s. Only downside to the setup is that you may forget how to do a reload As others have noted, a lot of the reliability issues that get talked about were with the non-PCC version and/or are self inflicted. If you run it with factory guts and keep it lubed, it'll be rock sol
  3. If you want to mess around with swapping weights and working up specific loads and all the other "tuning" get the JP. If you want to load mags and shoot and have basically zero dot movement, get the MPX. I had a really well tuned QC10 build. It was nice and accurate, but no amount of tuning made it "soft shooting" because that's just the nature of direct blowback.
  4. Completely relax your arms and hands at your sides. Now slowly raise your dominate arm so it's pointing straight ahead. Chances are pretty close to 100% that your hand is not vertical. In theory, keeping that natural alignment/slight cant when shooting one handed will allow for better recoil control. In practice, the gun still moves, just in a different direction. Would likely take a LOT of rounds down range to re-train and realize any gains from the change.
  5. If you want to use a QD mount for your Sandman, you'll either need to send the barrel to be properly threaded (Class3Machining was about $70 total last time I sent one) or take your chances with a jam nut and just hope the device/suppressor ends up concentric to the bore.
  6. Phantom triggers are supposed to be available this month, so there will be real world reviews by the time you're ready to buy. That being said, if I had to pick today, I'd vote Phantom. It's supposed to be designed to run in the MPX
  7. MPX mags are ~$15 more than factory G17 33 rounders. Yeah, it stings up front, but it's basically a one time expense.
  8. MPX recoil impulse with any ammo will be more "forgiving" than any blowback gun with that same ammo. Does that matter when doing static drills with a perfectly tuned blowback gun? Probably not, especially if you've got thousands of rounds behind the trigger with that blowback gun. Does that matter when you're on the clock, running through a stage changing levels/distances/target types (mixed steel and paper)? Absolutely. Does that make the MPX absolutely superior to a blowback AR9? Nope.
  9. L&M Precision can convert the X5 to RMR foot print for $45. Not sure if that applies to the newer ones, but worth checking out.
  10. I ran a Kaw Valley gen 2 BCG in my Colt pattern AR-9. Only issue I ever experienced was a broken firing pin which was caused by the Hiperfire trigger I was using at the time. Should also note that I never experienced a failure related to the bolt. Discovered the broken firing pin during routine cleaning. It had been ~500 rounds since the last cleaning, so no idea how many it fired wihle broken.
  11. Give the Timney a chance. Mine broke at 4.5 lbs out of the box, but after several hundred rounds it's closer to 4 on the guage and feels lighter than that.
  12. I've used CLP on everything that required oil for the last ~15 years, I have not found a reason to try anything else. I've got an M16 that has been through a LOT of 1,000+ round range days with most of it being suppressed. If CLP was going to fail, I'd have seen it. I will say that after a long day of suppressed full auto, when I'm caked in blowback I do wish it had that minty fresh frog lube smell
  13. I run the Comp-Tac pouches. No issues with retention/removal with 41 rounds of Sig/TTI goodness. Used the Colt mag version of the Comp-Tac pouch last season with 1 on the hip and 1 horizontal in front and never had a problem.
  14. Most of the problems I've seen with PSA PCCs have been related to the ejector angle and have been easily corrected.
  15. "Because I can". If you feel like you have to justify your purchase/ownership of any firearm to anyone (other than a spouse who may be impacted financially), you're doing it wrong.
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