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  1. Sorry to hijack a bit but does anyone know if the dissident piece is compatible with a stoeger m3k? The dissident boys haven’t responded to me.
  2. I’ve had zero problems with the sig mags. I’ve got them in 30 and 10rd varieties, they’ve all fed any factory ammo I’ve loaded, they all taken drops on asphalt, they load easily, and now with the TF Goliaths that are out now for them no worries about capacity. I’m using Weber Tactical mpx pouches which are very nice (also costly) but I’ve got friends that bought pouches off amazon for like $20 that are doing the job just fine. If you like how the gun shoots - don’t stress the cost of the mags. They are reliable, and so far durable.
  3. Does the comp really make that much of a difference? Kind of a loaded question I guess, but in comparison to a Hyperion, same factory ammo, same shooter - will you see a worthy difference? I have a Hyperion and I love it. I’m debating adding an Erebus to play in open eventually and deciding if that’s the right move, or saving some coin (possibly) and going with an Athena Slide instead is a valid option. Primarily a 3gun shooter.
  4. Keeping things interesting in the match is a big deal. The last club match of the season at the club I attend was a team match. They were trying it out to see how everyone liked it. It had its issues, but overall was very entertaining. It was a far more physical of a match than the rest of the season and I was shocked at how EVERYONE participated to the fullest extent. I think the excitement of something new pumped everyone up. It was a nice change. Sometimes I think just general repetition kicks in and things get stale. Something new an exciting like a Team season or match or what have you may help reinvigorate things on a local level. As a side note, the guys that want to get in and get out quick befuddle me. When you go to a match why are you itching to leave after 3 or 4 hours like it seems? I guess I’m in the minority but when I go to shoot at a match (or just for an afternoon even) I usually want to keep going and going, not pack it in before a curfew. If you plan ahead to do the event I don’t quite get the focus on the clock.
  5. Political climate has a lot to do with attendance I think. The NJ 3gun community I started in 2 years ago I feel has been pretty beat up as more magazine restrictions and threats of bans and confiscations have taken place. Our bat-belts now need to contain 4x the magazines as most unrestricted states to make things enjoyable, it really drives up the cost. I’ve heard that New York has basically dried up/been dried up in terms of competitive shooting due to their crazy rules. I don’t know what the story is in CT and MA but I assume the same. I’m glad it’s still pretty popular in my local unrestricted states - I’ve shot an Ontelaunee match and it was great except for a few overzealous competitors. I’m looking forward to doing the full season this year there.
  6. Pm’d. I’ve got one I’ll sell you.
  7. In the next week or 2 I should have mine. I’m waiting on the shipping notice as it should be finally back together from coating and such as of last week. I may have some impressions by the weekend.
  8. Just a general question for you guys with AR Golds - does your trigger shoe have some side to side wobble? I bought a flat AR gold a year or so ago And the shoe (not the cartridge) kinda could rattle around, felt like bad build quality for a $300 trigger, is it normal on yours? I wound up returning it and going with something else bc there was a strange issue with it in my rifle as well as the wobbly shoe. Wondering if it was just a dud unit, and ATC didn’t return my emails.
  9. Nice. Same with me. Ordered June 26th. I didn’t ask for a timeline. Trying to forget I ordered it so when I get a call it’s like Christmas haha
  10. How long ago did you guys place your orders? I put mine in at the end of June.
  11. I don’t know anything about the scopes you mention but I will say that my razor has made me very happy...but it just started to get really fishy. My reticle is rotating leading to a shifting zero and now the illumination is on the fritz. I know Vortex has me covered, but it did just start before a big club match and unfortunately I was left shooting a broken optic. I’ll be shipping it out this weekend for their warranty program. They may be robust but certainly aren’t unbreakable.
  12. Good to know. I just placed an order for a Hyperion last week so now I'm trying to figure out what I want to do about the holster/mag pouch situation. Plenty of time to decide. I'm leaning towards the Weber Tactical with a hood as that's what Cat at Atlas recommended. She also said that or Red Hill Tactical. I have a RHT for my TSO and honestly I'm not overly impressed in the retention of their model for USPSA with the thumb rest. I like the Safariland ALS but now they aren't as inexpensive as they used to be it seems.
  13. So did you just get a Nerd for a 5/6inch sti and it was sized right for the nemesis or was there some remolding to be done?
  14. This may be the wrong thread to ask, but I too am very interested in the Hyperion over a titan/nemesis for 3gun work and light uspsa. How’s the holster situation for these firearms given their 3gun focus? I currently shoot a TSO and the holster scenario is bleak tbh, which is very frustrating - especially for retention holsters. Is this easier with the Hyperion? Any knowledge on safariland fitment?
  15. I know you made your choice but I would like to give my input on the AR Gold as I had a bad experience with it. I had a strange issue with mine that ultimately made me return it before getting any really meaningful round count on it. The first time I shot it after the install the first round didn’t go off, but there was no primer strike AT ALL. I loaded the rifle from an open bolt, pulled the trigger and just got a click. I Pulled the bolt and ejected a perfectly good and unmarked round. After that - the rifle shot perfectly. It felt very good, but a rather weak reset imo. About a week later I went back to the range to get some more time behind the trigger and the same exact thing happened to me on the very first round loaded into the rifle, followed by flawless function. I also had a lot of play in the trigger shoe. I’m not talking about the ‘roll’ that they build into the trigger - I mean a lot of side to side wobble of just the shoe. The trigger housing was solid in the receiver and no wobble so it wasn’t that. I emailed their customer support asking about it and nobody ever got back to me. This plus the weird first round of the day issues lead to just returning the trigger vs some kind of support. It’s disappointing bc everyone that shoots them loves the AR Gold, and I will admit it felt great but I wasn’t confident in the customer support or the reliability so away it went.
  16. Hey everyone, my name is Andrew. I'm from the Philly area and looking to get into the shooting sports. I've been shooting for around 7 years but that was primarily range rentals and friends guns. It's only been around a year since I've gone and bought my own gear and of course fallen into the addiction. I'm mostly interested in 3-gun but USPSA looks pretty fun too. Anything is more exciting than shooting in a single stall so I'm sure I will find some fun in either. I'm from PA but primarily shoot in South Jersey, and lately at a pretty sweet indoor place in Warminster. I'm looking forward to learning and having a lot of fun. My wallet is going to hate me ?
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