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  1. Running 124gr JHP Precision Delta, 4.0 grains Titegroup @1.10 oal, does 1150fps out of 14.5 inch barrel, very accurate.
  2. I can only load 47 rounds with a maglula loader. And my bolt will not lock back.
  3. I got the new Samson MPX handguard for $118. It is smaller and shaped differently. It has made a noticeable improvement in handling and comfort.
  4. Just received a Stern conversion with their 8.5 inch upper for my SBR lower. Ran 350 rounds of 124 JHP PDs and 4.0 grains Titegroup. Shot as well as my MPX as far as accuracy at 50yds (1 inch groups with Sig Romeo 5). Had one OEM mag not feed the first round, ran fine after that. Handles extremely fast tgt2tgt. Using H3 buffer, locks back perfectly. Going to use it at a local steel match. Impressed so far.
  5. My Gen shoots Montana Gold 121 IFPs fine at 1.095.
  6. no problems with factory or ETS mags.
  7. 3.3gr N320 Berry's 147 round nose @1.160, 910fps
  8. Go to HolsterOps.com and search for sig MPX mag pouch. They have them with just the fork for $22.
  9. Techwell PCC Magwell's for the Nordic are out. Just ordered mine.
  10. The Scorpion has been very reliable and accurate. Triggers can be lightened, but even my CZ Custom trigger is not as refined as the Hiperfire in my Nordic. Mags don't drop free without mods to the mag. It also has more felt recoil than the Sig (definitely the softest) or the Nordic with a hydraulic buffer, but it still shoots pretty flat. It does run well enough that I use it as my home defense carbine.
  11. I too run a Nordic PCC. I also have a MPX and a Scorpion. The Nordic is by far the most accurate (one hole 5 shot groups at 50yds with Precision Delta 124 JHPs and 4.0 Titegroup). I have a hydraulic buffer and .308 carbine spring in it. Only a little more thump than the MPX. I shoot a lot of falling steel matches and some USPSA with it. The only thing it needs is an enlarged magwell (Techwell says they are coming). I run a T1 Aimpoint on it and have hit steel at 200yds no problem.
  12. I have spent several hundreds of $$ on shell holders. The best by far are the Safariland doubles and quads. I got tired of shells falling out with Invictus and others. Once adjusted for your specific shell you can lay on the Safariland and not lose a shell.
  13. I use Precision Delta 124 JHPs at 1.100 and 4 grains of Titegroup. Velocity out my SP01 Shadow is 1070. Groups average 2 inches at 20 yards.
  14. Take a look at the Steiner P3TR P4Xi. Around $600. Nice optics, simple reticle with BDC holdovers, similar eyebox to zdot.
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