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  1. So the short tower on the Glock version looks like it might not work with large add on magwells?
  2. Hope you like the Bravo. I just ordered the 3.0 version for my Glock 19 with RMR.
  3. I suggest getting a Fat wrench and check the torque on the screws (40 inch pounds). Also check your muzzle device to make sure it is not loose. My Gen II MPX with the welded Flash hider Was loose. Groups under an inch at 50 yards with 124gr Precision Delta JHP and 4gr titegroup now.
  4. I love my Nordic as well. I also have a Stern Defense conversion that runs perfectly in my 5.56 SBR lower and with their upper.
  5. For dual range/carry I like a good kydex pancake or low profile outside the waistband holster (such as Bravo Concealment OWB or the Raven Concealment Perun OWB). They hold the gun close to the body, but not as much as an inside-the-waistband, so you can still get a full grip without digging your thumb behind the gun.
  6. So my original Gen 1 Glock 21 ran 200gr swc's great. I had a Wilson barrel with conventional rifling that shot into an inch at 25 yards. Then the extractor broke and I was told Glock had a new design. I had to send it to Glock to have the slide milled for the new style extractor. When I got it back, it would no longer feed 200s and did exactly the same thing shown in the pictures. I was very disappointed. Since then I have had multiple 21s and 30s, and none would feed 200 swc.
  7. I run 124gr Precision Delta JHPs with 4.0 grains Titegroup @1.10 OAL. Getting sub inch groups at 50. Top load in all my pcc’s, MPX, Scorpion, Nordic, Stern, and GMR.
  8. I have found that out of several PCCs (Sig MPX, Nordic PCC, CZ Scorpion) that I get the best accuracy and performance with 124 JHP Precision Deltas and 4.0 grains of Titegroup. Nordic gets 1200fps and Sig with 14.5 inch barrel gets 1150. I have shot this load out to 150 yards and get sub inch groups out of all my PCCs at 50 yards.
  9. I had my Stock II chamber reamed by Bevin Grams. I now load 147 round nose Blue Bullets at 1.160 without issue. 3.3 grains of Titegroup or N320 and I am getting superb accuracy, like 1 inch groups at 20 yards. Better than most other bullets I have tried (115, 124 coated and jacketed and 135 Blues). Super soft shooting, cleans up easy.
  10. I have a Stern conversion for my SBR lower. With their 8.5 inch upper it shoots as accurately as my Sig MPX. It runs perfectly with 125 Precision Delta JHPs. I started off with a H3 buffer, but went to a 7. 5 ounce heavy buffer which seems to shoot flatter. I also use their add on mag well, which helps greatly with speed loads. With practice the release is not an issue.
  11. 9 lb in my Trojan for exactly the same load. 8 lb felt sluggish in cold weather.
  12. I find 4 Advil taken 30 minutes prior to the start of the match helps tremendously with my severe arthritis in my ankle (due to shattering it in my youth (56 now)). I also have started to wear a Ritchi brace, which has given me a renewed ability to move like I used to. Warming up also is critical, as is sitting when possible.
  13. Running 124gr JHP Precision Delta, 4.0 grains Titegroup @1.10 oal, does 1150fps out of 14.5 inch barrel, very accurate.
  14. I can only load 47 rounds with a maglula loader. And my bolt will not lock back.
  15. I got the new Samson MPX handguard for $118. It is smaller and shaped differently. It has made a noticeable improvement in handling and comfort.
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