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  1. " According to Speer/CCI Technical Services - Both the CCI 550 Small Pistol Magnum and CCI 400 Small Rifle primers are identical in size. Both primers use the same cup metal and share the same cup thickness. Both primers use the same primer compound formula and same amount of primer compound."
  2. not when you try to add them to the cart...
  3. I run the Stern Defense magwell conversion and their 8.5 inch upper on my LMT SBR lower. Super reliable and accurate.
  4. Definitely do not loosen the mag release, could cause mags to drop out under recoil. As suggested download a couple. Also practice loading with the mag full (at whatever capacity minus two) to get used to seating a loaded mag. Also watch the angle of the mag, keep the front level as the can be a tendency to drop the front. I use the “beer can” grip on the mag, it’s not like a pistol mag.
  5. I run TTI +11 for most things. I use the 30s for reloads as there is more to grab than the 20s. I have only used the 20s for benching loads.
  6. Over 15,000 trouble free rounds though my Gen II MPX. I have shot nothing but 124 PD JHP and 4.0 grain Titegroup. runs like a sewing machine. I have observed most troubles are with people running super lite loads, coated bullets, or messed with the springs/ports. I ran with the original extractor/spring for the first 12,000 rounds. I run a BCM spring/insert. The donut added too much tension.
  7. I put together a Spike's lower with the SBA3 brace and a Stern Defense conversion and Stern 8.5 inch upper for a home defense pistol. Using an Aimpoint T1, Crimson trace laser and light. I currently run Winchester 147 Silvertips, which are low recoil and low flash. Unless you run suppressed, pistol caliber works fine, look at the millions of subguns used effectively for decades.
  8. 124gr Precision Delta JHP, 4.0 Titegroup, 1.1 OAL. 5 inch 2011 1070, 14 inch MPX 1150, 16 inch Nordic 1200.
  9. I run a Comp Tac 2 o'clock IWB. https://comp-tac.com/2-oclock-iwb-right-hand-holster-appendix-holster-comp-tac/
  10. I have over 12 thousand round on a Timney MPX gen 1 trigger with no excessive wear in my Gen 2 MPX. I do use captured pins. Failure to eject can be extractor spring related, I use a BCM spring and insert with no donut. I tried A standard spring and insert and got failures to eject before installing the BCM. The donut caused too much tension and would not snap over cartridge case Causing a failure to go into battery.
  11. Ordered a cased of 124 JHP on March 30th, shipped 24 April.
  12. Ameriglo sights are very soft. You might try peening the bottom or use a punch to create a little extra material on the sight.
  13. Been running Hackathorn’s on my 17s and 19s for years, same issue, although I recently found out I have cataracts in both eyes now. Lots of light visible with the wide notch, orange stands out well. They do cover small plates and distant targets, but they were made for another purpose. That said, over the last six months I have switched to a Trijicon RMR on my 19 and it is superior to any irons (I do have backups) for my eyes, even with my glasses off. RMRs are pretty street proven. Dots are not just for games anymore.
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