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  1. I run a Comp Tac 2 o'clock IWB. https://comp-tac.com/2-oclock-iwb-right-hand-holster-appendix-holster-comp-tac/
  2. I have over 12 thousand round on a Timney MPX gen 1 trigger with no excessive wear in my Gen 2 MPX. I do use captured pins. Failure to eject can be extractor spring related, I use a BCM spring and insert with no donut. I tried A standard spring and insert and got failures to eject before installing the BCM. The donut caused too much tension and would not snap over cartridge case Causing a failure to go into battery.
  3. Ordered a cased of 124 JHP on March 30th, shipped 24 April.
  4. Ameriglo sights are very soft. You might try peening the bottom or use a punch to create a little extra material on the sight.
  5. grsdoug

    Sights for old eyes

    Been running Hackathorn’s on my 17s and 19s for years, same issue, although I recently found out I have cataracts in both eyes now. Lots of light visible with the wide notch, orange stands out well. They do cover small plates and distant targets, but they were made for another purpose. That said, over the last six months I have switched to a Trijicon RMR on my 19 and it is superior to any irons (I do have backups) for my eyes, even with my glasses off. RMRs are pretty street proven. Dots are not just for games anymore.
  6. Peacemaker (WV) canceled all matches until further notice.
  7. Peacemaker in WV still running matches, limits to squad size, no entrance to offices.
  8. Compete with CK Arms 9mm 2011, carry Glock 19 with Brownell’s slide and RMR.
  9. Yes, jacketed only. I have almost 10,000 through my gen 2 MPX, all JHP, with no failures. Clean it, lube it like an AR, change gas rings and extractor springs.
  10. I have heard of issues in some guns with the heavy extractor spring. I run all stock. Other issue could be a loose ejector. How are the matches at Blue Ridge or whatever it is called now?
  11. I have run nearly 10,000 rounds through a MPX with the Romeo 3. I find the lens body almost disappears when in use. I do nothing special other than replace the rubber cover between stages to keep dust and rain out. I turn the sight on at the beginning of the match and off at the end. I changed the battery at the beginning of the year. I could see where heavy rain or snow could cause an issue with the exposed emitter, but in use have not had any issue. Plenty bright. I agree the mount looks a little fragile, but I blue loctited it and it has not loosened in 2 years. It is made in Japan and I think a step up from Holosun. I do recommend being careful prying the battery tray so you don't scratch up the body. I use a small screwdriver with tape on the blade to open it.
  12. Nice PCC. I have ran a Romeo 3 for a couple years now with no complaints. Shot a lot of falling steel and USPSA in all kinds of weather.
  13. With PCC, finding a good jacketed bullet (PD 124 JHP) with a covered base (especially if you have a comp) and relatively clean powder with modest charge gets the best accuracy (ideally sorted brass). It helps with small steel at distance and long shots, but for close targets, it doesn't matter much as long as it functions. I shoot one load for several PCCs. 124 Precision Delta and 4.0 grain of Titegroup and am getting one hole groups at 50 yards. Does it really matter? Most shooters won't notice the difference between a 3 inch load or a half inch load in a match.
  14. I run KNS pins with my Timney to keep the hammer pin from walking out. No matter how tight I kept the set screws on the trigger, the hammer pin would walk. Now with the pins, no problems.
  15. Close to 10,000 trouble free rounds through my MPX. Not a single issue. Keep it lubed and don't run powder puff loads.
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