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    Czechmate Recipes

    124 grn Xtreme HPCB, 7.4 TG, 1.145 oal with 10# recoil spring.
  2. mannyc


    I'm running a .225 x .100, the .90 to me is too thin and the stock which is .117 is too thick, prefer the .100 for competition.
  3. Running 147 grn at 890 fps with CGW 11# spring. When I was doing chrono to develop loads it ran with the 11# spring down to around 800 fps fine.
  4. Another vote for the DAA Alpha X, they are great. Just be aware that they have two different model inserts for the Czechmate, one for the standard TS style(thicker) and one for the TSO style(thinner) Czechmate trigger guard. Yours is the standard TS style. The Parrot is a great open gun, it just runs right out of the box.
  5. I agree, if they can release a lighter US version they will sell more of these.
  6. Do you happen to know what is the weight of the OR Shadow 2 version? USPSA CO has a weight limit of 45oz-complete.
  7. My stock barrel works perfectly fine with the 147 grn, but I reload. Using 147 Xtreme RN, with 1.135 OAL. But I tried it with factory Federal 147 before and they worked fine also.
  8. mannyc

    TSO 40SW Rear Sight

    I use Dawson .215T Shadow/SP01 front sight to go with the CZ fixed rear, I like the factory fixed better since you can use it as a slide racker
  9. I'm running a 11# recoil and 11.5# hammer with 147 grn, the 147 runs flatter than the 115 and 124 for me.
  10. Anybody knows who sells the new STI Gen2 2011 grips? Thanks.
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