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  1. Thanks, really appreciate your help and input!
  2. OPENB,RJH,Aircooled6racer,Manwithnoname thanks for your inputs. Looks like parts are: Sig tungsten grip with magwell, Gray guns trigger kit, dawson sights, Sig 18 rounders w/ grams follower & spring, Springer SS guide rod, Wolf springs. Manwithnoname that's a nice set up! Want to ask you also, what is the weight of the spring you are using for your major PF load? 14lbs? Nice to know that the 320 runs on1.155" OAL since my EDGE runs that length also. Also are the Sig40 18 rounders w/ Springer pads 140mm?
  3. In the process of acquiring a P320 in .40sw, can they be competitive for Limited? I already have a STI EDGE 40 that I run for Limited, it would be nice to have another setup for backup or alternate, want to ask for those guys that are running one what is your set up? Recoil spring weight?Load?Needed parts upgraded?Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys, will be ordering some 21's then.
  5. Want to ask if the factory Sig 320 21 rounds mags reloadable when loaded to 21? or they are tight at 21 and reloadable at 20 for fast & quick reloading on the move during competition? Will be using it for CO competition with an 320 X5, nice if they are without changing the base pads to Springer or TTI to save on cost. Thanks.
  6. I think it would matter if you are getting the basepads that doesn't add capacity and they use the factory lock plate, but for the ones that add capacity they would fit both(Taran's at least). I use Taran +4 and +2 and they fit both CZ factory and Mec Gar mags.
  7. Here is Taran Butler's opinion on factory loads with different weights, if you haven't seen it yet.
  8. 3.7 Titegroup, 147 grn RN Xtreme's runs great on my MPX PCC
  9. Using the Sig factory ones made by Bladetech, works good, you just have to trim the locking tabs a little.
  10. Reloading for classifiers, same feel as a 140mm pistol mag.
  11. Did TTI magwell & mag ext, Odin mag release, Raptor handle, and Magpul Moe grip on mine.
  12. 147 gr Xtreme, with 3.7 gr of Titegroup on mine
  13. I have used H & M Metal Processing for my CZ TS9 & 40, happy with the work done, they charge $250 to Black Nitride every steel part. About 2 weeks turn around time.
  14. My Shadow 2 was sent for a CO cut, going 8 weeks, called them and they said it should be done before the 11th week!!
  15. mannyc

    CZ CO basepad

    Here is a picture, trimmed the front and back of the follower and beveled the back, without doing this the follower keeps hanging up and could only do 20/21. Now I can start 22+1 , but only 21 reloadable, mag is 100% reliable, you can do 22 if you really slam the reload.
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