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  1. That is exactly what I'm talking about, never knew CGW has them available, knew about the Primary Machine one but that was a stripped, milled slide only. Thanks for the tip.
  2. The MPX mags works great on my MPX-PCC, also just file down the limiter and you have +5 rounds for free without adding any base pads.
  3. CZ should make the option of just selling the complete S2 OR upper only. I'm sure there will be a lot of demand. You can switch between Production and CO easily.
  4. mannyc

    CO Weight Limit

    Could have save on the slide milling on my Shadow2. It is not cheap.
  5. SIg MPX PCC (gen3), just add a magwell and it is ready to go. I have CZ Scorpion now and a JP GMR-13 before, the Sig is the softest shooting of the three.
  6. mannyc

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    The frame and slide fit would definitely be better than the current X5 & X5 Legion.
  7. #13 on mine runs factory ammo fine.#11.5 needs a extended FP.
  8. mannyc

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    I second this. I also have both, a S2 and a CGW upgraded SP01, very much prefer the grip/ ergonomics / extra weight of the S2.
  9. Check CZ Customs also, they sell a CZC Kydex Holster for the TSO.
  10. My MPX PCC did the same thing. It won't group with Xtreme 147's, though there was an issue with the rifle, have to double check everything. Tried the Xtreme and Remington 124's and it groups really nice. Try a different weight bullet.
  11. Dawson Lo-Pro with IDPA length mag release.
  12. Also the followers are different. The Gen2 flares up and are much wider at the base of the follower.
  13. Nice, check out Armory Craft also for the metal grips, and Cajun Gun Works for the recoil springs. Love my TS they just run out of the box.
  14. Used a Dawson low pro with blue Loctite and it never loosened. Maybe clean the threads with alcohol on both the button and release thoroughly before assembling would help.
  15. I agree, GG has a slightly lighter pull and crispier break.
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