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  1. Just got back from the range, 147 grn on 3.6 TG load works great on MPX, not a single hiccup. This Gen3 MPX likes hot factory PF loads, shot it side by side with the Scorpion & compared to the Scorpion it is softer, even though the Scorpion is shooting minor PF load. One thing I notice also is that the Scorpion's recoil impulse is harder but straight back, while the MPX has more muzzle rise during recoil.
  2. Ok, thanks everybody. Will load some 147grn with 3.6 TG that should be equivalent to a factory load. The 147's really shoots soft in the MPX PCC (Gen 3).
  3. Fired my Sig MPX (Gen 3) PCC yesterday for the first time and it won't run my Xtreme 147grn (132 PF pistol loads), same load runs perfectly on the CZ Scorpion, basically turn the MPX PCC into a single shot, FTE/FTF, but recoil was really soft. Tried also some factory WInchester 115 grn white box ammo and that run perfectly but the recoil was a lot more than the 147 reload. Do you guys have the same experience? I thought the new MPX PCC has a bigger gas port opening to run softer ammo better? What load are you guys running on the new MPX (Gen 3) PCC? Using Xtreme 147 grn & 3.0 Titegroup, with 1.135 oal, this load do about 132PF off CZ pistols.
  4. Just installed the NLA handle yesterday, all I can say is wow! what a difference it is from the stock Gen3 for competition. A must upgrade for the MPX.
  5. Try also the CZ 18 rnds mags with TTI +2, they are lighter than the Mecgar 17 with +4/5 basepads. I think the Mecgar setup is close to 1oz more, but not sure. Mine was milled by CZC, it came in at 44.7 oz with all stock factory parts (grips, guide rod, front sight, preferred thin safety) and an intact Leupold DPP.
  6. Thanks guys for the replies, Nathanb the geisselle looks nice but is more expensive than the NLA than it needs to be. NLA looks like a winner. So anybody running the NLA charging handle with the new MPX PCC model? Any issues? asking because the MPX PCC has a minor redesign on the bolt, and handle. Thinking it should be good to go.
  7. Startingover, thanks for the picture, it is really helpful to see them side by side. The Next Level Armament looks like the way to go because of size, which is the main reason to change handle.
  8. In the process of acquiring a Sig MPX PCC(don't have the gun yet), thinking of changing the charging handle. Are these two compatible with the new MPX PCC model? Which one do you guys prefer for competition the Next Level Armament or the Radian Weapons Raptor? How is one better than the other? Also the new MPX PCC charging handle looks like it has been redesign compared to the Gen2, anybody running this on competition? Is it worth it to change them? or are they good to go? Thanks.
  9. mannyc

    Czechmate Recipes

    124 grn Xtreme HPCB, 7.4 TG, 1.145 oal with 10# recoil spring.
  10. mannyc


    I'm running a .225 x .100, the .90 to me is too thin and the stock which is .117 is too thick, prefer the .100 for competition.
  11. Running 147 grn at 890 fps with CGW 11# spring. When I was doing chrono to develop loads it ran with the 11# spring down to around 800 fps fine.
  12. Another vote for the DAA Alpha X, they are great. Just be aware that they have two different model inserts for the Czechmate, one for the standard TS style(thicker) and one for the TSO style(thinner) Czechmate trigger guard. Yours is the standard TS style. The Parrot is a great open gun, it just runs right out of the box.
  13. I agree, if they can release a lighter US version they will sell more of these.
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