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  1. So. Both shoot perfectly. MPX softer, faster I don't know. I decided to buy both, shoot both, make my final decision after months of shooting and experimenting. Them, I sell one and buy a (used) back-up from preferred rifle. It's the expensive way maybe but dealer says there is such a shortage in PCC rifles that I will loose nearly nothing. And I want to be sure, getting older and want the best... Keep you all informed. Tnx to all who contributed, much appreciated!
  2. Tnx! we need a minimum overall length but 14.5 will do!
  3. Anyway. Thursday I report back after shooting them both. It's not cleaning what bothers me, it's reliability and parts availability. Will learn all this on Thursday. Dealer willing to sell me both (has both in stock), shoots them both and lies them both to make it more difficult. So shooting should make my decision easy I hope. If MPX faster (I don't care about recoil) then MPX or the other way around the JP. If JP I only have to decide on barrel length. Dealer has 16" in stock while I think (opinion Josh Froelich in interview!) that 14.5 is way to go? Since I'm new to the game I also wonder if (like pistols) you should stick to one platform and practice until death or if it would be relatively easy to go from a blow back to a sig and vice versa. So many questions if you are new to PCC... Want to shoot Tnx all!
  4. Tnx Neomet! First batch arriving in Netherlands = 16" better wait till the 14" then (with titanium comp and the side charging handle)
  5. Bit off topic but if I choose the JP should I go for 14.5 or 16" barrel? Any difference except that 14.5 is lighter and gas more faster transitions? We shoot mostly pistol like stages here in Europe..
  6. Yeah. Both great. MPX seems to be faster? Or am I wrong?
  7. This is what I will learn on Thursday when I shoot them side by side with my dealer. Also my biggest question. Hope so...
  8. This is not really helping 2 clear camps... so I feel better now that I am in doubt
  9. Yeah, hear bad stories about them being more difficult to clean! (and more often) Parts is also bit more difficult. Hmmm I loved the JP in my hands (16"), and that standard trigger was already good to go. Anyway, 5 more days to make the decision. Shooting session Thursday with both will make me decide. Tnx!
  10. Went to my dealer to see the JP. Amazing quality! Lighter than expected. Trigger (standard) fantastic! Also checked the C-more sight 6 MOA. Like it! Now shooting the new gen Sig PCC against an AR on Thursday, can't wait.
  11. tnx to all. I guess I need both and sell one of my pistols better start saving... Guess I lean to the new gen 3 Sig though...
  12. All good guns, S2 and S1 Orange both superb for production. Choice should be based on what is preferred as for grip / comfort. Orange more expensive though. TSO is fraying awesome for a standard gun. Some (like me) think trigger is too light (can be solved) out of the box! Succes!
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