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  1. tnx I shoot IPSC guess I leave it as it is
  2. Since some time available in Europe. I am using the 5007 with weight spacer and spring red spring with 124 plated RN @ 132PF and it is super. Now dealer also has the 5015 HD in stock, following Kynshot website this one is better suited for 16" barrels? Can somebody tell me the differences? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Is recoil softer / do sights return quicker on the Alien compared to Redback??? If not I would opt for the Redback..
  4. The obvious questions: reliability? cleaning? How does the alien compare to the(great) Phoenix? Still in doubt choosing Alien (they are available now in Europe) or Redback... Thanks a lot!
  5. and you guys are lucky it takes another 6 Months for Europeans to get one as usual...
  6. saving already anybody wants to buy a GMR 15 ? but seriously this could be something!
  7. s#!t you're right still I want one!! If it's as soft as an MP5 + reliable (??) then they have gold
  8. Softer, flatter, faster...bold statements. Guess I have to save some money (again).
  9. or never... announcing a new gun and over year nothing? worst marketing ever...
  10. yes, but how does it shoot and compare to S2?
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