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  1. If that's true I definitely am doing something wrong. Copper brushes after every 500 rounds in my pistol is then also not a good idea??? Ok learned something then...
  2. Super topic... my MPX is nearly here... Wanna know (please only good news)
  3. yeah it's crazy but I want one!!!
  4. RHT for sure! the best!
  5. Nice! it's supposed to have shorter reset... confirm?
  6. Tnx Memphis. Now I have to buy 2 new pouches
  7. Stupid question maybe.. As for glock mags / pouches I am confident (bullets forward same like pistol) I guess But with the MPX mags... How should I do it? Bullets back?? Or??? Please yr recommendations!
  8. Tnx, I have a lot uf stuff to buy when I visit USA this August... Most of what is mentioned is not available in Europe.
  9. Now check how to get this kit to Europe ...
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