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  1. CZ... bring this gun to Europe!! CZ quality, 1911 trigger.... HEAVEN
  2. From the the Lok's but if you have medium hands like me you can also try Armanov Spidergo 3D grips! Those I like best.
  3. Also tested 147's with N320, strange thing is that I achieve 128 in pistol and only 125 in my JP, can someone explain this?
  4. No wonder it was flat... measured PF and came only to 120... will increase load to 4,8 and make a batch with 5,0 and try again tomorrow.... time consuming our hobby...
  5. Yes. Matter of personal preference. Sig felt softer, JP had faster sight recovery and (for me) an overall better feel. JP works. Sig sensitive for cleaning and ammo.. Just like the Jp a bit more. Sig found a new owner who loves it.
  6. I have the short stroke buffer and set on 3 steel 2 tungsten. Today tried recipe of experienced JP shooter 115 gn roundness (also pro) FMJ's with 4,6 gn VV N340. Not sure about PF but (felt same like factory GECO) but man was it flat. 2 alfa's on 15 pared whilst shooting as fast as I can. spot on at 50 yards. Think I found my load. Love my JP!!!!!
  7. not visible it was in the FP channel.... small piece but enough to get it stuck. All ok again today 100 rounds no problem. Love this thing!
  8. Tnx! That's what I'm going to do. Report back later, now preparing for Dutch Nationals Handgun...
  9. actually there was some brass or primer mess in th FP channel. This with factory GECO ammo... Should I go to harder small rifle primers to prevent this?
  10. Same here, tried Lok (good) Hennings (good) then the standard Armanov (good) then they brought the 3D grips. I love them!!
  11. Fasthenk65

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    Another vote for Armanov SpidErgo 3d grips, tried all and put this one on all my Shadows
  12. Got your message, asap someone goes USA we arrange it!
  13. Today at the range. 30 shots then click, nothing. Rounds chambered but no imprint on primer. At home I took out the bolt and tried to remove the FP, it's stuck. Maybe broken? Will go to gunsmith later coming week. Bit worried. Gun is new not even 400 rounds... My question: what causes FP problems?? Where to look for? Tnx!!
  14. Fasthenk65

    Shadow holster?

    redhil tactical and boss both superb
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