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  1. Really like the concept. CZ reliability, 1911 trigger. What more can you want. Pls CZ bring it to Europe also!!
  2. Nice run. I have 2 T and 3 Steel know. Tried 5T calmed things down but felt slow. Will try 4T 1 S soon.
  3. So same experience though I always thought longer barrel increases velocity... Going up from pistol load solved the problem!!
  4. Using 139 PF ammo changed the game. With 3 PCC shooters we shot 20 shots each for each set-up as fast as dot recovered (let's say double taps most). The MBX system had a smal group but 2 out of 3 didn't like the sound of the buffer traveling... it just did not feel good though groups were good. 1 liked 5 tungsten better (all said it felt 'softer' then 3 steel/2 tungsten), me and the other guy had best results with 3 steel / 2 tungsten in terms of speed/groupsize. All by all not so many differences (less then expected) and personal taste is a big thing. Grip does it all. I stay with JP buffer system, feels better. Next is 5 steel... coming in in a few weeks..
  5. tomorrow big test with standard 5 steel JP buffer 3 steel 2 tungsten 5 tungsten MBX buffer report tomorrow night ammo will be factory 115 Geco (PF 150) Armaforce 115 with RS 12 PF 139 115 gn Alsa Pro with N340 PF 133
  6. Rowdy, My pistol load (147 plated RN with 3,4 gn N320) is going down in PF (129 in S2, 125 in JP). Changing bullet and powder (slower) solves it. With 123 gn bullet and a bit slower powder it goes up from 130 in S2 to 139 in PCC (16 inch barrel, like it should). What is your magic recipe?
  7. Dear all, I am relatively new to PCC please keep this in mind when reading. I started with the new Sig MPX and wanted to love it (and loved it for some time) but with 1 out of 50 FTF with factory ammo + much more complex to clean then a JP) I sold it... and bought the JP which has been super reliable and gives this proud of ownership feeling (it's a Mercedes amongst cars..) Today I shot some 600 rounds (all 115 GECO factory at 150 PF) testing 3 buffer set ups for the JP 15-GMR. All shots double tap as fast as sights allowed looking for smallest group / fastest sight recovery at 12 meters (13 yards): * MBX (yellow spring as supplied + blue spring which is softest) * JP Short stroke 3 steel, 2 Tungsten * JP Short Stroke 5 Tungsten My judgement: * JP 3 steel/ 2 tungsten : hardest perceived recoil, fast dot recovery, dot going up a bit and to the right, good group (<5 inch) * JP 5 tungsten: softer feel compared to above but somehow a little bit slower feeling.. Group ok, slightly wider then the above * MBX: softest as for recoil by far (really noticeable even if its only 9mm), group was little better then JP 3/2 system. But... Feeling was more ' sluggish', it just didn't feel right to me... Can't explain it better. And you need a lot of locktite to keep all together, some pieces came loose after only 100 rounds.. Overall: the way you grip the gun does more then the buffer system. For now I stay with the 3 steel 2 tungsten JP system for feeling (and reliability). A blitzkrieg system is underway as a new JP from a friend with the standard all steel buffer. So next comparison will come. Kind regards, Henk
  8. so true, I like the 510 but for EEO in CZ I will use 512 (it always rains there)...
  9. Long I favored SP01 due to ergonomics. Only after adding Armanov 3D grips the S2 shined. Now, no question, with right grips for your hands S2 all the way!
  10. I tried a C More RST2, a C more 4MOA an aimpoint H2 and the Holosun 510c. All PCC shooters liked the Holosun best! dot is crisper then all others, no flare, easy and reliable!
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