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  1. Pff already some time back, I try. Gun recalls with a push instead of muzzle going up. This is the most remarkable thing. I was able to shoot a Xmas tree faster then ever before (though I had to get used to sight picture, fs looks low is you are used to Shadow 2 etc.) this was with factory S&B 124 gn ammo so quite hard.. + Grip is amongst the best ever, liked it, lot's + Trigger is good and was set at 3 lbs for production class (factory can make it lighter / heavier) break was crisp, liked it. Most shooters who tried it cam back from training area with a big smile. Hope this helps. regards
  2. Fasthenk65

    Shadow 2

    now 20000 rounds through S2 with one buffer (black one)
  3. Sights do not lift much since push is backwards not upwards... Sightpicture you have to get used to... But... liked it lot's and most did!!
  4. My MPX will arrive in 2 weeks. Question; the Hiperfire Eclipse i tested, it is great! BUT, will it last? In gen 2 hyperfire triggers broke after 10k rounds or so... regards
  5. Thank you all!!±!±
  6. Only shot with the holosun 507c which was ok, they are 2 moa but bright... ... for pcc I use 6 moa More... Not sure what is the best size yet for pistol...
  7. Dear all, An SRO is extremely expensive in Europe but I want one. However, we have to pre-order without having a chance to look trough it. Would you recommend the 2,5 MOA or the 5 MOA for IPSC????? Advice appreciated!
  8. tnx, if only i could look through them to judge... in Europe you have to order and wait 3 Months before arrival. No-one has one yet...
  9. They are great. So great that I planned a trip to US to buy parts from them! Super friendly to!
  10. which moa should I choose for CO production for my shadow 2? 5? 2.5? any help appreciated!
  11. Tnx... you noticed I am a bit nervous Had a chance to shoot gen 2 at CZ Extreme Euro Open and really really loved the gun, amazing. fast hits at a plate at 30 yards.... I have 2 coming in (a sig and a JP) best one stays ... quite some money.... enjoy it all too much. Tnx!!
  12. Pfff my MPX is nearly here... hope I have more luck. What's next Rowdy> A JP?
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