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  1. They are the same. SO should be more accurate I can't notice...
  2. Yigal Let us Europeans wait for the same product but then CZ branded, I am pretty sure they will make it! What do you think?
  3. Not bad!!! You guys have to wait but what do you think of us in Europe.... pffff I want one!
  4. don't say that i just bought one
  5. ha I have the exact same feeling, strange what guns can do to your mind I hope I like it, permit underway, grip felt soooo good.
  6. Fasthenk65

    Loading mags

    Stuff them (full = 17) and release 2 rounds... always works. Then count your shots or remember the spot where to make the mag change.. It's easy.
  7. These parts are hard to get, guess I have to visit USA asap Or find someone who does ship to Europe..
  8. I have the RHT for my shadows and STI Edge. I found out 10 minutes ago they make them for the X5 legion to and ordered one
  9. My LGS imported some P320 Legions to Europe and called me today. Been visiting him. I was basically not prepared at all to buy one but I did... Coming from a Shadow 2 I really liked the grip, the weight (not nose heavy), the sights and to my greatest surprise... I really liked the standard Legion trigger. Some take up, clear wall...click. Nice. Now I need a dot (DPP I learned should fit) and a holster. Really looking forward shooting this beauty. What have I done
  10. Same here. I had some light strikes with 10 FP spring so went back to CGW 11 lbs. Also the reset is to ' soft' for my liking (also with the CGW TRS) so I put the original one back in.
  11. Try the 147 Frontier FP at OAL of 27mm! Try it with 3,5 gn of Lovex D032 (if available in Sweden) this load is the best out of My shadow 2 and is recommended by German magazine Caliber! I like it lot's! PF 132, soft and accurate!
  12. No probs with primers? Only federal??
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