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  1. tested a 145 plated RN 0,356 today with Lovex D036 (like N340) 4,2 gn. PF 130,6 and supersoft. Very accurate at 50 yards. 300 rounds, no troubles.
  2. No it's the STI 9mm Trojan 1911
  3. I have the same with my Shadow 2's, so seems normal? I have 129 PF out of one and the other, same ammo, same day, makes hardly 125.....
  4. The 124's felt softer and dot was faster on target (less movement). Must be amazing around 140PF... We will see.
  5. Today testing at the range (waiting for slower powder to arrive): My pistol load 147 Frontier + 3,3 VV N320 made only 124 PF? (128 out of Shadow 2). Factory Geco 115's made 156 and factory Geco's 124 mate 159...
  6. Yeas that's the general consensus. Being in Europe still difficult which powder RS12? RS20? VV N340 with 115's?
  7. That was 9 shots at 20 yards, I like this thing, lot's!
  8. After seeing the Isler 15 CF hand guard I bought it. It's not definitely better but a bit lighter and grips awesome. Like it. And it looks good
  9. He likes the 147's... most are shooting 124's though... I tried 124's GECO factory today next to my pistol load 147 plated with 3,25 gn VV N320. GECO fine. My pistol load (128 pf out of my Shadow 2) felt like I was shooting .22 Scary and somehow it felt too soft. Man I like the Sig.
  10. PD not available in EU but Berry's yes! Checked the HBRN-TP on their website. Never seen such a hollow base before. But if it works it works will buy some!
  11. Sport pistol is not available in Europe... VV N320 = same as for powder??
  12. Searching the forum but couldn't find the answers. Like to speed up the proces of developing a perfect load for my new MPX PCC. I like to hear opinions on what is considered as a good load for the MPX PCC. So heavy bullets? Or lighter? Fast powder or slower powder? any help appreciated!
  13. Exactly what I felt. Smaller (better feeling) then the palm swells, bigger (just a bit) then the Hennings... I like them. Lots.
  14. any more news on the S2 Orange? They're still not available in Europe...
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