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  1. Any new Range Reports???
  2. Fasthenk65

    Maria Gushchina limited edition

  3. So, today I had to pick up my SP01 (...) and gun store appeared to be a big Walther dealer also. The SF model is expected within 2 Months from now (and we are neighbors to Germany..). Got my hands on a Poly Q5 and grip is nice. Trigger seems to be 5 lb+ range but actually felt really nice! If trigger pull can be reduced further by springs as sales man told me it will be great!! Liked it. I will get an invitation to test shoot it once they are in. Might change my whole idea about the ' ideal production gun' . In the meantime, bring in the range reports
  4. Tnx. I check them out when they arrive in my small country!
  5. Thanx! Do you have any comparison eg to CZ's?
  6. Fasthenk65

    CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    haaaa makes me feel better! tried everything, LOK grips, Henning grips etc.
  7. Fasthenk65

    CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    Tnx! Then I'm not alone on this . Had a great Shadow Orange. Sold it since thinking Shadow 2 would be nicer... Sold it. Went to Standard class. Missed production and.. bought another Shadow 2 (stupid me). Today at the club I borrowed a Shadow SP01 and tried it side by side with my Shadow 2. Same groups. Feel of SP01 much more natural. Transition faster with SP01... And for some reason FS recovery better on SP01 (that's with the factory recoil spring on SP01 and standard trigger vs race hammer etc on Shadow 2). Oooo should not have asked. Now I want a Shadow SP01 again. I hate this sport Tnx MoRivera, tnx John!
  8. Fasthenk65

    CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    bit off topic but you prefer the Shadow Sp01 over the Shadow 2?
  9. Don't see much difference... Desperately anticipating first guys coming in who actually shot it to share opinions.
  10. Fasthenk65

    IFG sneak peek

    Doesn't make sense? I expect a production gun with bull barrel... what else can it be?
  11. Fasthenk65

    JP GMR-15 for PCC what to add?

    Tnx guys appreciated. Seems like it is pretty good out of the box that's what I wanted to know.
  12. I can buy a standard GMR-15 for a reasonable price here in Europe (you Americans would be shocked still Nevertheless. Was a long search and choice was between MPX or GMR-15. Already decided on Holosun 510 c as red dot. What else is a " must" to make the gun a better performer? Your input is highly appreciated! regards, Henk
  13. Fasthenk65

    Lok Grips - Thin Bogies or Thin Full Checkered? Thoughts?

    They're bigger at the palm of your hands...
  14. Fasthenk65

    40 minor load for stock 2?

    220gn coated with 2,3gn VV N320, PF 135 feels like .22
  15. Fasthenk65

    COL differences

    Ok, picked up some new S&B brass. Tested again. Main differences gone Amazing how different brass makes can make a difference in COL but it does! Tnx guys.