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  1. To put this thread on top again, wonder if someone has new information on the performance of the Brekke custom set-up?
  2. Have 500 bullets trough it now. Initially the JP feels a bit harder in recoil now with the same ammo. And maybe dot bounces just that little bit more... But, dot comes right back. So I don't feel it is slower in shooting, anyway nothing I cannot solve with my grip. As for transitions it's a world of difference. The 'handling' is much, much better / faster now. Really happy with this direction! See how it turns out in a real match (when we ever have one again in Europe...). Regards, Henk
  3. E.g. that were 2 stages in Poland Xtreme...
  4. but with the ones which do you are faster with some starts mag placed / not loaded in IPSC!
  5. exactly the same as my smoke HG on my JP 14.5 barrel. Super. Think I wouldn't go any shorter then? Thank you again.
  6. Still have to shoot my 14.5 JP made lighter by removing the cooling vins + new smoke hand guard + lighter comp but... Wednesday I also shoot my friends 8 inch barrel (only) +6 inch Brekke custom comp. This one seems to be flat (with some remarkable 'snriping' noise due to the comp?...) I'll see and report back. Also about the JP changes I made. The Brekke stuff is now slowly available in Europe. Tempted to have a new build. We can order 10.5 barrel + 6 inch comp or 12.5 barrel with 4 inch comp as a choice. I already learned that the best buffer
  7. Hello Eric, So far sights are not liked by me. What is a good (best) replacement?
  8. next week sunday i can shoot it, let you know!
  9. Tnx! Have a chance to shoot next week Sunday so in 10 days, will def report back!!!! Hope it works out fine. It def feels better already!
  10. Tnx all!! Like the gun!
  11. I first shoot it then make adjustments. Sights I already considered (the factory sights just ahh suck).
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