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  1. Wow. Exactly what I am looking for. Changed TRS and sear spring for softer ones, trigger is amazing at 925 grams (under 2lbs) but do not like the mushy reset. Will order a Tanfoglio sear spring and install!!! Hope I experience the same!
  2. Do you shoot factory ammo? Just out of interest, seems Alien likes hotter loads and shoots flatter with 115's? Man I really like this pistol!
  3. I would consider for that price! Just have to be sure about reliability...
  4. In my country Skoda'a have a good reputation... have to change my mind ...
  5. all S2's orange have a very short reset...
  6. 4,4?? I need 5,4 to come to PF 130 with a 16" JP GMR-15..?
  7. Interesting... consensus in EU seems bullet between 115 till 140, not so many shoot 147's and factory 147's impossible to buy over here...
  8. At our range we have a pcc group and are in search of the perfect ammo, as we all are... We settled a bit on 115's plated (or FMJ same result) with slow powders (N350, N340). IPSC rules however state a minimum bullet weight of 115gn... Measuring all brands available in Europe they are most of the time a bit out of spec. Officially at a L3 match you can be disqualified if yr bullet doesn't meet 115 gn. So we went to 123 gn and 124 gn bullets plated and fmj's. Somehow plated bullets are always a bit faster (they expand in the barrel??).. Powder changed into faster ones (N320 / RS12 style). Basically where the slower powder gives more push the faster powders feel snappier. Sight recovery is in essence the same, if rifle gripped real hard maybe the faster powder / heavier bullet combo has slightly faster sight recovery. As for accuracy up to 50 yards no real differences between 115's and 124's. Just liked to share this experience since we are stuck to our houses in Europe, all ranges are closed (like all shops) so everyone is bored to hell... Stay healthy!
  9. What is  situation in the country? We no longer have sports and are probably going to be closed throughout the country in a few days without restriction

    best regards


    1. Fasthenk65


      all ranges closed until end of May... terrible. Normal shops closed from tomorrow...


      Gunshops closing now since police stopped giving permits..


      I was in time buying powder and bullets so at least am making 200 a day 🙂 s#!t situation for all and huge financial burn-out will follow...


      Stay healthy!!

    2. yigal


      thank u too.


  10. Just bought an edge with the Cheely E2 grip, once papers ok and gun in my house / range I'll report back to you
  11. Tnx. If only we could get E3 (Alliant) in Europe
  12. Would love to shoot it! About to buy one and held them at Drummen Would be really interested to make some shots!!!!!!!! Super tnx!
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