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Here’s a few printable dryfire targets

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Whipped these up in an advanced photo editor known as MSPaint.exe, based on a few target images I found online.


They’re precisely scaled to whatever distance equals something something yards.


Play with printing them at different sizes:


The side-by-side arrays are good for dryfire in a small room if you print them to a full page.


The single targets are a good size for engaging from 15-20ft if you print those to a full page. If you dryfire in a small bedroom, print two per page. ;) 











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1 minute ago, stick said:

If I ever run into you at a match, I owe you a beer

A friend of mine is building a home in Palm City. It may take a while but I will take you up on that offer. ?


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45 minutes ago, Seldomseen said:

Do you happen to know the scale of the PDF printable targets ?

They were originally from Visio drawings. I scanned the drawings from the rule book and created a drawing layer over the scans. All I can say is that they are more or less proportional to real targets. As for scale, print them and measure them!  ?

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