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  1. If you look at the edit logs under the scores you will find there are 85 edits by "stage 5&6". Something was going on there!
  2. Disclaimer: I haven't done IDPA for more than a decade but as I recall, your final score is your raw time + penalties. You seem to be missing scores for stage 5 and 6. I have never used Practiscore for IDPA so I am guessing that a score(s) of zero inhibits the calculation of a final score.
  3. Post the link to your score, please.
  4. I am closing this thread to keep the discussion in one place
  5. You are welcome! But, as I pointed out in the 2003 thread, all I did was flatten the fartknocker tab and the measure worked just like the old one without any drilling. Caveat: I did this in 2003 so the details are a tad fuzzy.
  6. The website no longer exists. But the wayback machine caught a snapshot: https://web.archive.org/web/20170417213944/http://www.ericwesselman.com:80/DillonPowderMeasure/ https://web.archive.org/web/20140911075303/http://www.ericwesselman.com/images/PowderUpgradeFront.jpg https://web.archive.org/web/20140911080014/http://www.ericwesselman.com/images/PowderUpgradeRear.jpg
  7. The OP asked about triggers and received an answer. Closed.
  8. It took a while to find this thread. I think this was the first time powder measure return springs were discussed here. From 2003
  9. Go to a match to observe and question. It will help!
  10. Graf's has some Vihtavuori powders (minus a couple jugs of N320 ';-) ) 18Jul21 1431Z
  11. Oops, I was thinking about the NAZC! In any case, Prescott will do an excellent job!
  12. Prescott Action Shooters were the alternate host for the Area 2 Championship last year and they did an excellent job. AZ state is a very popular match so you may want to be on Practiscore July 19, 2021 @ 6:00 PM
  13. I used the AMG timer at the last Steel Challenge match. It worked excellent but I too had to get a little too close to the rimfire rifle shooters. This design suffers from the same problem as the CED: If the display is pointed at you, the mic is pointed away from the shooter. That is why I prefer the Pocket Pro for quiet guns. You can hold it with the beltclip in your palm, display facing you and the mic facing the shooter. The Practiscore interface is wonderful, especially for multi-string stages like the SC!
  14. This match is at the range in Pala, CA. Here is the initial FB post. " Happy to announce LDF will be having their first Level 2 Sectional in 20 years. The dates are Sept. 17-19th. The Location is Pala Range. Friday Sept. 17 will be staff shooting and the option for shooters to shoot all 11 stages in one day. Sept. 18th and 19th will be a regular schedule of 7 stages on Sat. and 4 stages on Sun. ROs will be stationed at each stage. This is a trophy match. Match shirts will be provided. Weekend shooters will enjoy a lunch as part of the match. Expect Pala's World Famous stages. Big bays with lots of room to move. Staff. If you are interested in working the match as a RO or as a Stage setter please message me. To make this match great any and all help is appreciated. The LDF team is really proud and excited to offer a World Class match. Registration and more details will be posted on Practiscore."
  15. Yup, The measure has to rotate a bit. If you have other stuff like a bullet feeder or something, there may be interference. If not, you should be good to go. Another advantage is that there is only one index cycle between powder drop and seating. One less index for powder spill
  16. You can move the powder measure to #3 and still use the fail safe rod. I did it to make room for the second sizing die. I never had a powder check.
  17. You are welcome, Gary! I used to do something similar when I was shooting a lot of .40. I liked using the "U-die" to help with what we used to call "Glock-ed brass". The die works great but since there is so little bevel on the mouth, it was fairly easy to crush a case that wasn't sitting just right or a weird shape. So, I went to the Dillon size/decap die in station 1, U-die in 2, powder in 3. It worked great until I discovered the KISS bullet feeder. I didn't have the patience to use a combo crimp/seater so the U-die went into the drawer. I am just loading 9 these days and never found a need for anything more aggressive than the Dillon die. Good luck on your 650 hunt. Chuck
  18. My comments are in red and based on a 650.
  19. Your plan may be entertaining for your squad
  20. I used to run a C-more. I found the Holosun(s) to work better for me. More room on the upper also. The mount is a cheap-ass generic 45° mount.
  21. Welcome to the forum. I got to your range for Area 2 last year. You certainly do have a fine range and club! Enjoy the trip...
  22. I just wanted to remind everyone that a month ago, it was stated that the offense happened at the staging table as described in the quote below. When the video showed the guy holding his rifle up in the air, he was already on his way home. The call was "sight picture at the staging table". It would of been either Troy (author of Rule 1) or Carl that upheld the call. Carry on...
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