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  1. Just a reminder, if you have an opinion about the match locations, pass on that opinion to your area director. That will likely have more effect than posting in this thread
  2. How did you do this? Reach over, around , under, ambi... ? TIA, Chuck PS: When a friend showed me the COF, I figured I would reload with my "normal" hand (the one that knows how to reload ) but manipulating the mag release was not obvious.
  3. This is the dialog box that pops up with download (PC Windows 10): I guess Mac's are special...
  4. I just did an experiment. I downloaded a stage model from the 3D Warehouse (in 2021 format), read it into SketchUp Web and then downloaded it back to my computer. The download menu gives you the option of saving the file in 2017 format.
  5. If you want, I can send you a 2017 compatible set of USPSA props. LMK if you are interested...
  6. 4800' elevation guarantees chilly mornings! But the squads will only have 2/4 early starts.
  7. Yes, you can use your left hand but consult with the RM/MD to avoid any drama on the stage. From rule 10.2.10: Exception – In a weak hand/strong hand stage, a competitor who has physical use of only one hand may use the same hand for both weak and strong without penalty. As for your other question, if you keep the opposite hand away from the shooting hand and arm, you should be legal. It does seem that going to your left hand would be a better idea since sighting would probably be easier.
  8. I have been racking what is left of my brain and I am still not sure if I actually met this gentleman. Perhaps at Rio Salado after his move? I tried to check the Area 2 records* but no joy. In any case, I communicated with him frequently before his move. I hooked him up with my realtor friend Debbie Keehart to help him find a place when he was looking in the PHX area. In any case, this is sad news. I hate it when kids our (or at least my) age move on. RIP AT. * In my search I tried to look on the old area 2 webpage where Jerry Mallard had been keeping records since HTML was hand coded. He had match scores from at least the mid-90's. He was fierce in getting match results from the most tech-backward clubs. Well, the URL (uspsa2.org) now redirects to a page on the USPSA website. I am fearing that Jerry may no longer be with us as I recall he has had medical issues for a long time.
  9. Download the Practiscore Competitor App and you can compare anything you want.
  10. ChuckS


    dupe threads merged...
  11. Main match April 9 & 10. I will post more info as it comes available...
  12. ChuckS

    McCarbo parts

    I used their spring set for the CW9 and they worked as advertised.
  13. 10.3.9 Holstering a loaded handgun without the external safety applied or on a revolver, with the hammer cocked. Perhaps not the best sentence structure but I'm thinking from the lack of mass production shooter DQ's in the past, the "hammer cocked" applies to both type of handguns
  14. There is no 10.4.6 in the SC rulebook.
  15. Hey, I have 2 hours and 20 min! I just don't have a flame handy... (other than Limited Minor)
  16. Uh, guys, the second picture in my above post was just something I found on the net to show the OP what kind of picture would help us understand his problem. He has not replied yet
  17. See if you can take a picture that shows the cartridge and the feed ramp like this one:
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